Mongol invasion of Genghis Khan in the XIII century by real climate change

According to a new, but quite controversial research, the Mongol invasion prevented from entering the atmosphere about 700 million tons of carbon.Mongol invasion of Genghis Khan and his successors in the XIII century was so huge that it may have first caused a real change in the climate. This conclusion was based on data from a new study of Global Ecology at the Carnegie Institution. However, unlike the current impact on Earth's climate, the Mongol invasion is not warmed and cooled the planet, effectively not allowing the release of 700 million tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. So how did Read more [...]
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Scientists have discovered the best cure for a hangover

Several shoots of asparagus eaten before meal can save you from a hangover. This is due to a high content of amino acids, which accelerate the decomposition of alcohol.Amino acids and minerals contained in the leaves of asparagus, can alleviate the symptoms of hangover.Scientists from the Institute of Medical Science and Jeju National University (South Korea) studied the mechanism of action of components of this plant on the human body, according to Fox News.Fact- From dehydration that occurs when a hangover, save carrot soup.These DNA.It was found that an extract of asparagus Read more [...]
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Scientists have discovered a new form of magnetism

Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have found in practice is a new type of magnetism that existed before only in theory. Generally magnetism known to all the people from childhood. Ordinary magnet or compass - are manifestations of so-called ferromagnetism. Less well known form of magnetism, antiferromagnetism, is used in magnetic hard disk platters and heads due to this effect can read the information written on the plate. And in both cases, magnetism, materials acquire their magnetic properties when their temperature is below a certain critical value. Research conducted Read more [...]
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Is it possible to treat PTSD with Ecstasy?

MDMA eases the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder - in both the short and long term.Several years ago, a group of scientists from the Interdisciplinary Research Association psychedelic effects (USA) established the experiment to answer the question of whether to treat post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD) with MDMA.The drug MDMA, or ecstasy, as you know, is included in the number of illegal drugs. However, this does not prevent the researchers assigned to it some hope in the sense used in clinical practice. The experiment involved 12 people with post-traumatic stress syndrome, which Read more [...]
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Sex-2012, or the inhabitants of the earth Courtship

"That's when Mrs. death suit noiseless feet to our head and saying" yeah ", will take the precious and still sweet life - we are probably the greatest of all about a sense of regret that we have to lose in this case. Of all the wondrous events and feelings, sprinkled with a generous hand of nature, we must have, I think, just naizhalche to part with love "- written by Mikhail Zoshchenko chapter" Love "his" Blue Book. " Perhaps many would have acceded to these words, especially in view of the recently passed the end of the world. Many have pondered whether Read more [...]
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The invention of the future. Part 1: 1900-1910

In the first series of essays about the era of the rapid progress in human history we have with the magazine Wired remember how changed our notions of space and time, as was established by the FBI and the invention of forward pass saved football from extinction. The fact that we love today, tomorrow will be in a landfill. But there are some things that will continue their life in museums and in textbooks. And then there are the people who invented it all.Wired Magazine set out to capture a retrospective gaze past 12 decades of scientific, technical and socio-cultural progress and each allocated Read more [...]
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The invention of the future. Part 2: 1911-1920

In the second series of essays about the era of the rapid progress in human history, we, together with the magazine Wired remember as machine guns synchronized with the propellers were invented as a conveyor and finished building the Panama Canal.The fact that we love today, tomorrow will be in a landfill. But there are some things that will continue their life in museums and in textbooks. And then there are the people who invented it all.Wired Magazine set out to capture a retrospective gaze past 12 decades of scientific, technical and socio-cultural progress and each allocated 12 most-most Read more [...]
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A simple test to evaluate the risk of premature death

Scientists have determined that the ability to sit down and get out of it just points to the health of older people. Those who rely on the hands or knees, are six times more likely to die in the coming years than those who are able to do it without support. State of the musculoskeletal system is a significant indicator of health in the elderly. The scientists tested the 2000 Brazilians aged 50 to 80 years and were surprised at how the ability to sit down and get up from the floor, predicts mortality. Live longer are the people who can pass the test without using your hands to support or helping Read more [...]
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Scientists have discovered tropical shellfish off the coast of Scotland

This is a newly discovered wonder of nature, a living natural reef, which has 100 million outstanding clam-like carpet. But at the time, as a fascinating colony of fire shellfish can look quite commonly in tropical waters, this has been found off the coast of Scotland, near the Isle of Skye. Scientists believe that this could be the largest population of clams in the world. Scallops length of about 4 cm have multiple neon orange tentacles, which are located between the two shells. Colonies create "nests", tying stones together by thin threads. Discovered colony covers an area of Read more [...]
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Scientists have found that the ancient saber-toothed cats died out not from hunger

Scientists said they lived in the ice age saber-toothed cats died out not from a lack of food. Previously it was thought that about 13,000 years ago, many of the animals have disappeared from the face of the Earth, including predators because of competition with man for food.Studies recently found remains of saber-toothed cats, it was found that this assumption is not entirely correct. The scientists checked the teeth of these animals. This suggested that the cause of the extinction were the very different circumstances that have yet to be determined."We know that when food becomes Read more [...]
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Scientists believe that the major disasters in the community are able to increase their interest in religion

Natural disasters, according to scientists, are able to stimulate the growth of religion in society. His conclusion, scientists have made an example of what happened in 2011, the earthquake in New Zealand. Recall that in February 2011 in New Zealand, the South Island was a great earthquake, whose magnitude was 6.3 points. Element has claimed the lives 185 people, several thousand injured.Even before the earthquake, many residents of the island have given their consent to participate in the long-term case study, which makes the University of Auckland. Scientists have set a goal to find out what Read more [...]
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Scientists: frank avatars are more characteristic of women

Canadian psychologists have decided to turn their attention to the expanses of the Internet and found that women choose more candid avatar to your profile than men. Their article about it was published in the journal PLOS ONE. 400 participants have proposed an experiment to select the sex, appearance and clothing virtual characters. As a result, 71% of male characters appeared with a closed body of 75-100%, whereas such austerity was observed in only 5% of female avatars. Specialists have long considered that the main purpose of the avatar - a graphical representation of a public member of Read more [...]
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Anthropology anthropogeny 2012

Anthropology 2012-th brought many discoveries. For example, continues to confirm the suspicion that the person is the result of a complex evolutionary process, involving inter-species breeding, and for the main part of its history, co-existed with other Homo. And this is not the fun part!Where did we come from and what are, strictly speaking, does the word "such"? Here are questions to try to answer anthropology - a complex, diverse, rastekshayasya discipline on the tree, which "Kompyulenta" tried to give a little more definite form, concentrating on anthropology (not just Read more [...]
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In the Milky Way, there are conditions for the existence of millions of intelligent civilizations

Berkeley scientists are now using a telescope «Green Bank» in West Virginia to search for radio signals from intelligent planets around 86 of these stars. Although traces of life have not been found, the researchers estimate that less than one in a million stars in the Milky Way has a planetary civilization advanced enough to send signals that we can see.And even with this possibility may exist in a galaxy millions of advanced civilizations. "Mission« Kepler »has shown us that the Milky Way is about a trillion planets in their galaxy than stars," said physicist Dan Virthaymer Berkeley, Read more [...]
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Keep evolutionary step, or What were the evolutionary biologists in 2012

The origin of life, the origin of multicellular grandmother as a means of survival, splicing as a tool of evolution and other theories and hypotheses of evolutionary theory, which attracted our attention in the past year.The modern theory of evolution is a complex fusion of different biological disciplines, from the oldest and most respected systematics of plants and animals to the latest molecular biology. Whatever may appear new in the concepts, theories and methods, evolutionary theory tries to apply it to his subject. The object of evolutionary theory is extremely difficult, because the theory Read more [...]
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We each have about 400 potentially dangerous DNA variations

Man is not perfect - so say the sages of all times. And this is not a metaphor, but the most that neither is true. Scientists have found that every inhabitant of the Earth carries genetic variations, implying a predisposition to diseases and abnormal development. However, these defects cause disease is much less common than they should be.Researchers from Cardiff and Cambridge Universities have found that a healthy person has an average of about 400 potentially dangerous DNA variations. But in the study, published in the journal Genetics, says that in reality, a genetic disorder will develop Read more [...]
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Forget the three phases of matter. Them 500

Everyone knows that there are three phases of matter - solid, liquid and gaseous. But now, as described in the new issue of Science, held a grand reclassification. Phase was not 3, as many as 500. Condensed matter physics - the area described by the majority of phases of matter - traditionally classifies phase, as the fundamental building blocks according to the arrangement of atoms. A key factor is the symmetry, and it is on this basis to classify the phase states. Water, for example, can be considered a model of matter with very high symmetry. If we imagine that through it "flies" Read more [...]
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The list of the most anticipated events of 2013 in the world of science.

In the coming year, scientists may be able to see for the first time a black hole or even a "wormhole" to get crucial information about the possible existence of microorganisms on Mars and in the Antarctic Lake Vostok, learn to decipher the genome of a single cell, create a map "lines" in the brain, and will bring number of open exoplanets thousand.Radioastron look into the wormholeParticipants of the Russian astrophysical Radioastron project in the first half of 2013, try to see a black hole, or rather its "shadow," and possibly "wormholes" - going Read more [...]
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Monkeys do not become people, because they have no gene humanity

The outgoing year was marked bynumber of notable discoveries in the field, which can be called research mind: thinking, mathematical skills, emotions, self-awareness.The first discovery is related to the previously unknown molecular genetic causes that underlie human intellectual breakthrough. According to researchers from the University of Chicago (USA), a prominent intelligence Homo sapiens, most likely, is the result of an incredibly long process that began even before the appearance of vertebrates.Scientists have found that the system of molecular signals that control the development of the Read more [...]
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Leafy vegetables sometimes lead to heart failure, doctors warn

Brussels sprouts may not be as useful if you exceed the norm, writes The Daily Mail. The paper talks about the Scotsman, who was hospitalized due to an overdose of vitamin K. And cabbage, just, it is rich.This vitamin acts on blood thinning medication. In this case, the victim took such drugs. Overdose trigger the development of heart failure, which had to be treated in the Hospital doctors Golden Jubilee. For a long time, experts could not determine the cause of failure. But then they noticed the patient's diet. It appeared shortly before hospitalization man eating Brussels sprouts. Read more [...]
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