Lykovs 40 years old Russian family lived, not communicating with the outside world, not knowing about the Second World War

Summer in Siberia long. Snow melts in May and the cold returns in September. He turns the frozen taiga still life, leading to thrill its cold desolation and endless miles of prickly pine and birch forests of soft where sleeping bears and wolves roam the hungry, where there are mountains with steep slopes, where the rivers of clear water streams flowing through the valleys, where hundreds thousands of frozen marshes. This forest - the last and most majestic in the wild on our planet. It extends from the extreme northern regions of the Russian Arctic south to Mongolia itself, and from the Urals Read more [...]
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Snakes Voloshinskii places

In January 1936, in the Black Sea off the Crimean coast in net fishermen got a living creature with a horse's head. Frightened to death people immediately broke tackles and release him, and themselves returned to shore.But the story of the famous writer Vsevolod Ivanov about what happened to him in Koktebel. "Dolphins flock moved along the bay to the left. It must be moved back mullet. I turned my eyes to the right and just in the middle of the bay, in 50 meters from the shore, noticed a large, 10-12 m in circumference, stone, overgrown with brown algae.Smoking a pipe, I started to Read more [...]
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Secret book atharvanov

Why this book, one of the four holy books - the Vedas of ancient India, so restrained perceive themselves Hindus? That are looking for in the text of other religions - Buddhists and Jains? Why these ancient writings translated into modern languages, and why to use the knowledge enclosed in a book called Atharva Veda ("Veda spells"), can only people with a pure heart? For three thousand years of dedicated use magical spells Atharvaveda ...Wisdom of the Rishis "Let me go, evil force, please, let me go, the unfortunate victim of your anger! Get rid of this trouble, so I was happy Read more [...]
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The mystery death of the expedition Willoughby was not disclosed until now

459 years ago off the coast of Murmansk lost ships of the English expedition led by Hugh Willoughby. On this day 459 years ago - January 29, 1554 - according to some sources, the Murman coast killed ships English expedition led by Hugh Willoughby. The exact date of the death of the expedition is not known, but the last entry in his diary dated Willoughby who was just the end of January 1554-th. It all started a year ago, when English merchants, spending a lot of money, outfitted three ships - «Bona Esperanza», «Confldenza» and «Edward Bonaventure». This expedition, sent May Read more [...]
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Mystery of the crash Maxim Gorky

Category: Mystery stories
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Unknown ancient structures

Modern archaeologists say that they know almost everything about our past. But all the new discoveries and finds more cause to doubt the statement. So every year there are reports on the findings of some unknown ancient buildings whose construction dates back to tens or even hundreds of thousands of years, but the most important thing is that even scientists from around the world can not answer the question of who built these unknown ancient structures.Category: Mystery stories Read more [...]
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Knights of the Great Scythia

In the most interesting stories of the nomads of the Eurasian steppes of Scythia history - one of the brightest pages. No accident that since the release of the Scythians in the 7th century. BC. e. the arena of world history, they serve as a powerful military union, took an active part in the most important historical processes of the time, originating in the vast expanses of the Northern Black Sea and to the depths of the East.The memory of these campaigns, the horror, came upon the inhabitants of the East, from the Caucasus to Palestine, preserved for centuries. Enough to read the line contemporaries Read more [...]
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Secrets of the Sumerian civilization

For this once densely populated fertile land were countless troops of the Persians of Cyrus and Darius, pylili Greek armies of Alexander the Great, a band of men rode the Prophet Muhammad and the Ottoman Janissaries, centuries wandering Bedouin tribes, not knowing what is under their feet.Forgotten Schumer As the years passed, adding in the century and the millennium. Europeans considered rare in a desert land only strange hills lit merciless sun. But, apparently, it is time to learn about completely forgotten past. In 1869, a French archaeologist Jules Oppert found cuneiform inscriptions of Read more [...]
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In Germany, awarded the Russians, to prevent a nuclear war

The organization "Friends of Dresden in Germany" presented rossiyaninu Stanislav Petrov honorary award for a heroic act, done in 1983. Because of the failure of the Soviet system warning of an attack could start a nuclear war, but because of the actions of Colonel Petrov was avoided. In the night from 26 to 27 September 1983, Stanislav Petrov was on duty at the command post "Serpukhov-15" near Moscow. At 00:15 at the headquarters was declared alert: alert system has demonstrated that the U.S. launched missiles. Colonel, relying on the expertise and intuition, leadership reported Read more [...]
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Secret of Skull Taung Child

1924. Near the village of Taung (South Africa) found "skull Taung child", whose age is estimated at 2.5 million years, and is credited with an extraterrestrial origin.One day a young woman from South Africa saw the fireplace in the house of his friend something to remind her skull extinct baboon. The lady was interested in fossils and could not get past the strange "exhibit." She asked her friend where he got the remains of a baboon. He said he owns from the quarry, which is 10 km from Taung, which by then was in the Bechuanaland Protectorate. When blasted limestone in Read more [...]
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White Gods — the early founders of the Egyptian state

In China, Egypt, Central and South America, in different historical periods and under different names, they suddenly came and just as suddenly disappeared, giving birth to himself in legend. They ruled the tribes and nations, and gave them their knowledge, taught them to cultivate the land and build cities, and then the mysterious white gods left, promising to return when the time comes.Helicopters, tanks, fighters, bombersThese old white-skinned people in South and Central America became the prototype of the Indian myths of Quetzalcoatl, the other light-skinned gods who came from overseas.Menkor Read more [...]
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Landmarks in Adygea — peers Pyramids

Worldwide remains unexplained phenomenon of ancient stone structures. This Hendzh Stone and the Egyptian pyramids, and the mysterious sculptures on Easter Island.Who built them and whyOf course there are many opinions, but which one is right? Such interesting architectural monuments is in Russia. In the Western Caucasus, is about 2,400 dolmens - stone structures very ancient culture. Scientists suggest that they are about 5000 years old. - Dolmen is a megalithic structures of antiquity, which served as burial crypts. They perform various rituals. As a rule, they were built by hundreds in Read more [...]
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Sayan megaliths. Ergaki

Megaliths (from Greek.?? - Big?? - Rock) - prehistoric structures of large blocks. Megaliths distributed throughout the world, except for Australia, mainly in the coastal areas. In Europe they are mostly date from the Eneolithic and Bronze Age (3-2 millennium BC. E.), Except for England, where the megaliths are the Neolithic. Megalithic monuments are particularly numerous and diverse in Brittany. As a large number of megaliths found in the Mediterranean coast of Spain, Portugal, parts of France, on the west coast of England, Ireland, Denmark, on the southern coast of Sweden and Russia.Ergaki Read more [...]
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Megaliths Karelia. Mount Vottovaara

Vottovaara (Death Mountain) is the highest point in the West Karelian Hills (417.3 meters above sea level) and is located approximately 30 kilometers from the village Gimoly and about 20 kilometers from the village Sukkozero, east of connecting them with each other roads.That's for sure no one will say that here nature tried.But the tourist sites and the official guides together as a blueprint report one and too. Copy and I have for you the standard "zavlekuhu" for tourists: -"The top Vottovaara, an area of about six square miles, there are huge rectangular stones, amazing buildings Read more [...]
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Star map aliens

Strange characters and engraving on two stones, found in Indonesia.

Category: Mystery stories

That killed the last wild crocodiles in Russia?

About Russia - home of elephants is not even funny. But what about the country crocodiles will be less obvious. Quite reliable written records suggest that perhaps the end of XIX century in the west of the country were carried crocodiles. Not to say that everywhere, but still, as they say, have been seen. Read the famous Englishman Jerome Gorseya notes, dates from the end of the XVI century. In 1589 he once again goes to Russia. Keep in mind that 100% of foreigners visiting Russia, and later Russia, were not only merchants or ambassadors of the documents, but foreign agents. Spies, to put Read more [...]
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Mystery vilui boilers

For many years, local hunters bypass the remote area of the Yakut tundra. This place is quickly left the military, who built a number of bases and depots. However, the local open spaces attract professional researchers of mysterious. The name of this place "Elyuyu Cherkecheh. "A translation from the Yakut language means"Death Valley. "This name, as you can imagine, do not come ...So where do I start a story? Of course, from the beginning of history, namely, the ancient legend. In ancient times, this area was inhabited by nomadic Tungus. Once distant neighbors noticed how Read more [...]
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Has the Charlemagne merging black holes?

What exactly was the reason many times growing up level of cosmic radiation in the 774-775 years? Maybe the collision of two black holes?In 2012, it became clear that in the years 774-775 BC. e. Earth survived a huge temporary increase in gamma radiation. The question of his nature aroused with serious disputes. Version of the supernova was almost immediately rejected: for such gamma radiation it would have to be a month arhividimoy in Earth's sky. Neither the Chinese astronomers or other representatives of the peoples of written no such notice can not remember, did not manage.The probability Read more [...]
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Riddle of the ancient gates of Tonga

In Polynesia, there is a unique stone structure XI century - the Gate of Tonga. According to local legend, in a certain time of the year, after passing through the gate, you can go into the habitat of the local god and the same road back. According to other legends it - the burning of dead rulers, a symbol of kinship ties. Ufologists believe that not without aliens. Tonga gates are in the eastern part of the island of Tongatapu, known as the treasure of the past Polynesia, its cradle. At present, it is an archaeological reserve. This part of the island is wild and deserted. Stretched for Read more [...]
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The mystery of the old church: What do the magical runes on the walls Kolozhi?

Usually say that the church was built around 1183 as a monastery. But there were those who thought like Kolozhu put on the site of a pagan shrine. According to them, near Grodno today is a sacred grove, known in Lithuania, where the sacrifices to the ancient god Gardunitsisu or Garduntisu.For a long time remained the last frontier Kolozha Christianity on the way to the Baltic. Then begins the impenetrable forest, where unrestricted right pagan priests. To protect yourself, Grodno church may have decorated inlaid in intricate patterns cross-charms, along with imbedded into the ground sacred Read more [...]
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