In 2013, marks 105 years since, as in the taiga at Stony Tunguska River dropped something on the ground

It is something called the Tunguska meteorite, but not all of today adhere to the version that it was just a meteorite. The fact is that after 105 years after the strange events there is no consensus about the true causes of the disaster of 1908, which fixed everything existed at the time the observatory in the world. For those who do not believe in the existence of the Tunguska meteorite, has its reasons. They say that if it was a meteorite, it is the first expedition to the crash site was found at the crash site the space object. However, neither the first nor the subsequent expeditions Read more [...]
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Unique mummy Omsk

Unique Omsk mummy. Embalmed body is kept in the anatomical museum of the Medical Academy - this year marks the exhibit for 80 years. Scientists still do not know the composition of which was used for mummification. One thing is clear - for those years, he was unique.In a glass coffin lies the body of an elderly man. Lies here for 80 years. It is the fruit of a unique anatomical experiment, which in 1933 had not the light of science, and ordinary laboratory assistant Andrew Romodanovsky. This is, perhaps, the world's mummy, which, if conservation is not lost any internal organ. The Read more [...]
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Zodiac of Dendera

In the world there are many places where the ancient sages used different tools to describe the motion of the sun on the zodiac. Most of these devices have been destroyed by time. But, fortunately, we have kept one, the clearest, the most mysterious and the most beautiful artifacts - stone zodiac disc in Dendera temple on the banks of the Nile."Performing in detail in high relief, the ancient astronomical card contains all the information necessary to calculate the Earth traveling from one zodiac sign to another in the course of 25,625 years *(Author's error, the complete cycle consists Read more [...]
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Thief heavenly electricity

In any modern encyclopedia, even devoted entirely to physics, not the name of the Russian scientist Nicholas Myshkin. It was a very talented and prolific researcher, inventor and designer. His scientific work and discoveries are almost always controversial, and sometimes bitter controversy.For the benefit of humanity Scientists have been trying to draw the lightning to benefit humanityAs a physicist and meteorologist, he knew that in the Earth's atmosphere contains a wealth of power, regardless of the weather, cloud cover, time of day and year. Intuitively, this occurs during thunderstorms. Read more [...]
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The anomaly detector with many automated instrument record,

Anomaly detector with many automated instrument record was set in 1970, with a purpose - to check for electromagnetic and magnetic perturbations, committing the UFO, as well as to demonstrate the reality of UFOs, capture not only witnesses, but also the equipment, which can not eyewitnesses - hallucinate.   Detection system itself, which was later named MADAR, was developed and L.G.Blevansom F.L.Ridzhem, back in the 60s. This system consists of electronic and mechanical devices. A total of 13 monitoring sites are deployed, away from man-made sources of interference in the countryside. Were Read more [...]
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Mahendzho Daro Hiroshima or 3,000 years ago?

"Hill of the Dead" - that is translated from an Indian name sounds ancient ruins of Proto-Indian Harappan civilization Mahendzho-Daro. For over a hundred years since, in 1922 the Indian archaeologist R. Banardzhi discovered ancient ruins, excavations with only one purpose - to find out that it was destroyed this city and its residents to have disappeared. Mahendzho Daro was founded by one of the oldest and most advanced civilizations of the time, managed to survive for nearly three millennia.Why is it dead city? Archaeologists have tried to find something that could give an answer. Read more [...]
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Earth Story: Legends of two suns

Since then, as a man consciously looked at the world, he began to ask the question - how did life originate on Earth? Even in ancient times people realize that in itself did not arise, so they looked around in search of God, who gave them this life. Not surprisingly, many primitive people gave this role brightest heavenly bodies - the sun, because human life is closely linked to the cycles of solar activity. For if the sun angry at the people and begin to burn crops merciless rays - to be drought and famine. Or hidden behind rain clouds - then, too, do not wait for the harvest. It was impossible Read more [...]
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Secrets of the Decembrists: America sponsored a military rebellion in Saint-Petersburg?

The participants of the mutiny on the Senate Square during the life of the martyr's crown and found depicting martyrs for the people. But were they so in reality? Let's try to figure out who was behind the backs of those who led the soldiers deceived the monument to Peter I December 14, 1825.The leaders of North and South of the secret societies are actually for the common people to do almost anything good did not intend. The peasants, however, really wanted to release. But no free land, turning them into laborers. That is giving them the sole right - for pennies stick to the same Read more [...]
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In Moscow, found a building with Masonic symbols

If you carefully examine the old buildings of Moscow, it turns out that it is very much in their design can be interpreted as signs of secret societies such as the Freemasons. Architectural expert Elena Podshivalova publication provides an overview of the five buildings of the capital with such signs. Freemasonry has always been closely connected with architecture (maconnerie - literally from French - "masonry." - Ed.). It is no coincidence lodge members to call God the great architect or architect of the universe, and of the main characters are a pair of compasses, trowel and plumb. Read more [...]
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The mystery of John VIII or woman on the papal throne

At the coronation of the future Pope procession moves strictly on a particular route, unchanged since ancient times. By surprisingly, if you look at it, we can see that it could be much shorter process of conscious skirts one small Roman street, while making a hook. However, that was up to the tenth century. But the events that unfolded on this little street, about 857 years forced the Catholic clergy delete it permanently from the paved road.What happened in those days?Pope Agnes gave birth while on a business tripReferring to the "Chronicle of Popes and Emperors", whose author was Read more [...]
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When the parallel lines intersect?

Everyone knows his name and heard about the great mathematician. Nikolai Ivanovich Lobachevsky in his scientific works have shown that there is another geometry, and other laws of space, not just the ones mentioned by the ancient mathematician Euclid. Lobachevsky developed and mathematical analysis, and some sections of algebra. He proved, in particular, that in some spaces parallel lines can converge. Many amazing discoveries made this man ...The mystery of birth Nikolai Ivanovich Lobachevsky (1792-1856 years)Nikolai was born December 1, 1792 in Nizhny Novgorod. It was the middle of three Read more [...]
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Rupkand — Lake skeletons

This is an unusual glacial lake is located in the Indian state of Uttarakhand is at the base of two Himalayan peaks - and Trisuli Nandghungti. The lake is located at an altitude of 5029 meters above sea level. For the first time, officially, in the lake were found skeletons in 1942, the year, and have suggested that in the lake were Japanese soldiers.Since the yard was the Second World War, it was sent to the lake a group of scientists to determine the origin of the skeletons. The British suspected that it was some sort of syllogism Japanese army. Through time version was denied, because the skeleton Read more [...]
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Antikythera mechanism: the first analog computer

This item was found in 1901, and he still remains one of the greatest mysteries ancient civilization. Thanks to him, was debunked the myth of the primitive techniques of antiquity. Antikythera mechanism clearly demonstrated that even in ancient times, science was at a very high level, and forced to reconsider opinion on the then technology.How it all beganLike many other artifacts Antikythera mechanism was discovered quite by accident. In 1900, Captain Dimitrios Condos waited out bad weather near the island of Antikythera (north of Crete), as part of his team is looking for a marine sponge. During Read more [...]
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Greatest inventor of Antiquity — Hero of Alexandria

Ancient Greek culture is unique for several reasons. Its carriers were able to take over, and in a way to realize the greatest achievements of previous civilizations - the Sumerians, Egyptians, Babylonians. It is the earliest civilizations, before the Greeks had made important discoveries in the fields of human knowledge, such as mathematics, astronomy, natural history, architecture. With this knowledge, by the way, and we use, as the heirs of the medieval and ancient civilizations. Just a small example of our knowledge of the archaic world, that is, knowledge, bearing the imprint of something Read more [...]
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Strange stones in the mountains

Category: Mystery stories

Traces of the crash flying saucer preserved in coal?

Vladivostok residents found a metal rack, like a piece of the microscope. Scientists determined its age - 300 million years Heated the stoveThe plot, which will be discussed, started more than ordinary. Vladivostok resident Dmitry ordered some coal for the winter. Whether in his place by someone else, maybe just casually all the coal would be burned. But then, throwing fuel into the fire, the man noticed that one of the common pieces of coal pressed into something resembling a rod either, or rail.Having decided that the most with this task is not to manage, Dmitry called famous Read more [...]
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Aliens and world government

Category: Mystery stories

Shocking recipes rejuvenation: Bathory blood bath and the method of King David

< ![endif]-->People have long dreamed of beauty, youth and immortality. And every people their own recipes rejuvenation. And in pursuit of the elusive young all the facilities were good. For example, in Russia legends say about apples and rejuvenating swim in boiling milk. In the second case, however, was a prerequisite  - "Was a good man." This is from a fairy tale about Little Humpbacked Horse known. A fairy tale, as we know, is often a reflection of the beliefs and events of past ages ...After the discovery of America in Europe, it was rumored that it is near  Bimini Read more [...]
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Writing Yukagirs. Women’s love letter on birch bark

nikalnaya writing yuagirov - women love letters in the pictograms, writing on the bark. Yukagirs the oldest population in the North-East Asia, occupying the territory of the Lena River and the Bering Strait. In this article, we will focus on the unusual writing Yukagirs related to ideographic writing Paleo people, the language itself has Yukagirs resemblance to the Altaic languages. Script, owned mostly by women, they used it for declarations of love, sometimes Yukagir icons used for the journey, a kind of maps on birch bark. First writing of this northern nation was discovered in 1892 by an Read more [...]
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Finders. Rostov treasures of the earth. 15/02/2013

Rostov region is considered one of the richest in all sorts of treasures. War and crop failures forced residents from their homes to act, they hid their treasures in the belief that one day come back for them. So it was in the V century, with the treasure of the Alans - Sarmatian people - fleeing violent attacks of the Huns. They hid the gold, the assurances of scientists, weight treasure could be up to 2 tons! Treasure could become extinct and the golden horses of Batu Khan: Cossacks, stolen relic, fearing pursuit, drowned them in the waters of the Don. Here, in the Rostov land, according Read more [...]
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