Found a unique photo explosion in Hiroshima

Japanese journalists published a rare black-and-white photo that captures the splits in two atomic "mushroom" after the bombing of Hiroshima during World War II. Specifies that a unique photo was taken unknown witness about 10 miles east of ground zero after half an hour.Historians have always known of the existence of this photo, but before it is referred to only in the history books of the country, the documentary evidence to date has not been. Photograph found in a Japanese elementary school in the middle of a variety of materials and books, according to Kyodo News.Phenomenon Read more [...]
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New mysteries of the famous Antikythera Mechanism

Antikersky mechanism consisting of 37 gears, used to calculate the motion of heavenly bodies. This technology was invented again only after the millenniumAncient Roman ship found in 1901 on the ocean floor off the coast of Greece, was much larger than previously thought. More than a century ago, there were found several bronze statues and mysterious Antikythera mechanism. In October, marine archaeologists have again descended to the ancient fragments. An international team of experts have found out that the ship was twice as long as previously thought. New findings suggest that the wreckage Read more [...]
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Theorem, which came up with the genius of the Indian death, was proved in 100 years

Puzzle, which came to a brilliant Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan in his sleep at his deathbed, was solved almost 100 years after his death. The data thus obtained can now be used to explain some of the properties of black holes. Near death in 1920, Ramanujan wrote to his mentor, British mathematician Hardy, a set of new mathematical functions, which no one had ever before heard, and wrote their guesses about how they worked. It was only decades later, researchers can say that they have proved that Ramanujan was right, and that this formula can explain the behavior of black holes. "We Read more [...]
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Huge ancient acoustic resonator found in Peru

In Cusco you can stretit precise cutting of hard stone surfaces, as these objects are located in the Sacred Valley and other areas of Peru, and Bolivia. Their number reaches hundreds, to thousands of units. The idea that they were created by the Incas, or any other culture, which has only a bronze chisel and stone hammer, as the majority of archaeologists, just looks ridiculous. According to the researcher, Brian Forrester, people who lived in the previous period, were the builders of the ancient Cusco. Forester is now visited many of these places with 4 engineers, including Christopher Dunn Read more [...]
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10 important witnesses, who died in mysterious circumstances

In this article we describe the ten known witnesses, sudden death has led to new theories of conspiracies. 1. David Uirli ml. Witness the U.S. response to the events of September 11, 2001 September 11, 2001 the commander of the 113th Fighter Wing Air Base in Maryland David Uirli ml. received orders from the Secret Service to send planes to defend the White House and the Congress building. Since Uirli was among the key witnesses in the case 9/11, his name is mentioned in many reports. June 22, 2009 Uirli with his wife Ann sat in the subway car, which crashed a few minutes later another train. Read more [...]
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The most mysterious book, the Voynich manuscript

The story began in 1912 when the Jesuits from Italy needed money to open his college. Provided for this building was in need of restoration, and therefore it was decided to sell some of the ancient manuscripts preserved in the collection of the monks. To this proposal willingly responded Wilfrid Voynich, known in Europe antiquarian and bibliophile. The monks sold him 30 books, but on the condition that he would not disclose the place of purchase. One of the books was purchased by an ancient manuscript, which was later named after its owner.VoynichIn an ancient manuscript was invested message, Read more [...]
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Personal taster Hitler: Hitler was a vegetarian

95-year-old Margo Wolke was part of a special group of tasters, which checks if the food is not poisoned Hitler. The woman admitted that for two and a half years, it has conducted in the "Wolf's Lair" Fuhrer eat only vegetarian food. Margo Wolken and several other women were taken to the main rate Fuhrer - in the command center, "Wolf's Lair". She joined the group of 16 people. After the removal of a sample of their health, doctors have observed, revealing the slightest signs of poisoning. "I was told that we need to sample the food, served Hitler - admitted Read more [...]
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Historians have learned about preparing Nazis orbital bombardment of New York

Nazi Germany planned to drop on New York "dirty bomb" that would carry low-orbit bomber. This writes The Express referring to aviation historian David Mihr (David Myhra).According to the scientist, the "Silver Bird" was designed by the Austrian inventor Eugen Zengerom (Eugen Saenger) commissioned by the head of "Luftwaffe" Hermann Goering. The commander of the German Air Force was required original and effective way to increase your ranking in the eyes of Hitler.Goering was looking for a way to cause substantial damage to the U.S., which entered the Second World Read more [...]
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Strange children of Vulpita

< ![endif]-->In English folklore is quite common theme of "little green men", but, as you know, many fantastic characters has its real prototype, and the event that took place in England in the XII century, it could be the impetus for the creation of a series of fictional stories. Legends about the appearance of unusual, strange people are quite common among many nations, but this story has not yet been recognized by scientists nor a fairy tale or true story.Foundlings.It happened in England, in the county of Suffolk in the village called Woolpit. The peasants who worked in Read more [...]
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Secret Files of the Inquisition: the shocking true stories

The Inquisition lasted 600 years, much in the form of a powerful military enforcement of orthodox Catholics. Its archives kept in the strictest confidence, a powerful lock, so the time has turned them into legends and myths. But that all changed in the 19980m, when the Vatican decided to lift the veil of secrecy over the archives of the Holy Inquisition.Category: Mystery stories Read more [...]
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U.S. and New Zealand during the World created a bomb, causing a tsunami

During the Second World War, the U.S. and New Zealand have conducted joint testing underwater bombs, capable of producing a powerful tsunami. The resulting blast wave could wash away at least a small coastal town. Tests were conducted in the waters of New Caledonia and Oakland and the possibility of creating such a weapon. A series of ten large explosions were potentially capable of creating a tsunami up to 10 meters. During the undercover operation, code-named Seal «Project Seal» was tested weapon capable to rival a nuclear bomb. Only managed to blow up the bombs, first in 3700 to Read more [...]
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Phenomenon Bonilla

In 1883, the head of the Mexican Observatory observed multiple UFOs. What was it really? August 12th, 1883 at 8:00 Zacatecas Observatory director Jose A. Bonilla was preparing to study the solar corona when he saw a surprising phenomenon. He found a few distant objects, which were close to each other and crossed the solar disk. Within two hours, until the sky was clear, he was able to observe and count 283 celestial bodies that intersect at the corner of them drawn by the lens design. Between 8:00 and 8:40 on August 12 August 13, 1883, Bonilla counted a total of 447 sites in 3 hours 25 minutes Read more [...]
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Angels Leonardo predicted the future

Leonardo da Vinci painted the most beautiful in the world of angels. And because of these angels do not exist, the images of angels that he has written, are the most credible, the most luxurious, the most magical and enchanting of all the other images.All this is strange, because Leonardo was not a particularly religious man. Although the exhibition of his work in 2011 at the National Gallery, he was presented as a religious painter, in his writings about there is nothing that would indicate that the Christian religion was a part of their daily personal lives. Shopping lists in his notebook, Read more [...]
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Christian Friedrich Heineken — the child of mystery of the past

< ![endif]-->The genius of man is often perceived as the greatest gift of God, especially when unusual abilities manifest in a child from an early age. These children have always been surrounded by an aura of mystery and mysticism, and the admiration and awe. Information on birth  children - geniuses put to us, and from time immemorial, rather vague, and certainly the most flamboyant of the child prodigies past eras is Christian Friedrich Heineken, known as the world as "Baby of Lübeck." Fate rarely favorable to such wonderful children, and short, like a flash of life star Read more [...]
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Giants road

Coast of Northern Ireland (UK), 3 km from the town of Bushmills covered 40 thousand basalt (rarely andesitic) columns. This place is called "The Road of the Giants" (Trail of the Giant). The road, as well as the coast of Causeway Coast, where it is located, was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1986. Most of hexagonal columns, although some four, five, seven, and eight corners. The highest tower height of about 12 meters. According to a scientific hypothesis, these whimsical stone pillars formed 50-60 million years ago, when the eruption of a volcano-hot and very fluid Read more [...]
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What have we learned about humanity in 2012

This year has been found controversial extinct branch of the human race called "hobbits." This project has shed light on the history of modern man and his family. Other discoveries include the earliest known use of controlled fire and suggested that Neanderthals and other extinct human birth once plied the Mediterranean. Let's see what we've learned this year about ourselves because of our ancestors.We are not alone Valuable discoveries this year revealed previously unknown extinct relatives of modern humans. For example, researchers have learned from the ground fossils of Read more [...]
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American Holodomor 30s that the U.S. erased from their history

We talked a million times about the Soviet or Communist genocide, the Holodomor of all colors and shades, which now serve only to accuse Europe, the former Soviet Union and Russia as its successor. And America is against this background that looks like a holy land, sent to all outlying curse and drones. I will not comment on these facts.However, I was surprised by the wealth of the fatal event-date - 1933. As my readers know, the number 33 contains the prophetic symbolism, it is associated with Dallas, Damascus, Los Alamos and many other places. In January, we will celebrate the eightieth anniversary Read more [...]
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Recording of a Buddhist monk

At the end of the XVIII century, the famous French sinologist (sinologist) Joseph de Gin found in ancient Chinese chronicles record the story of a Buddhist monk named Hueyshan that it is very surprising.Fabulous country on unknown shores What a mysterious monk, visited Hueyshan?Chronicle called "Liang Si Gong Ji" ("Notes of four rulers of the Liang Dynasty") talked about the fact that in 499, the mendicant Buddhist monk named Hueyshan returned to China from the deep sea, and began to talk about some faraway country called Fusang. It is, in the words of the monk, is 20 thousand Read more [...]
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Joulupukki — Christmas goat

And, did you know that a good Christmas Santa Claus, who lives in Lapland, in fact, angry character in mythology and his name - Joulupukki or "Christmas goat".It now it has become a good-natured, rosy-cheeked old man in a red coat, and in XIX century it was being portrayed evil in goatskin with horns, which came into the house to scare the children. Naughty he cooked alive in a cauldron, and deer just eat. Gradually, with the advent of Christianity, this pagan demon folklore gradually mellowed, become more humane and turned into the kind-hearted old man, whom we all know.And how do you Read more [...]
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What is the Mausoleum Lenin

Mausoleum with the latest instruments and apparatus for managing all engineering systems. The first (temporary wooden) mausoleum was opened January 27, 1924 near the Senate Kremlin tower on Red Square. Mausoleum of the first step is a truncated pyramid, to which the two sides joined L-shaped extension with stairs. Stone is the Lenin Mausoleum was already in 1930. Founder and leader of the Bolsheviks, Vladimir Lenin (real name - Ulyanov), died January 21, 1924. Discussion about the burial of his body erupted in Russian society almost every year on the eve of anniversaries related to the leader Read more [...]
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