Tornado struck Moscow 29 years iyunya1904

June 29, 1904 in Moscow flew unprecedented, bizarre and destructive tornado, which passed through the town, heading north-east, captured in their first suburban town of twists along the Moscow-Kursk Railway (Podolsk, Klimovsk, Hryvnia, etc.), then , metayas, mutilated Lyublino Kapotnya, Chagino, Lefortovo, Izmailovo, Cherkizovo Sokolniki and other areas. Jumping out of the city, he came right up to Mytishchi, almost without losing a crushing force. It looked awful invasion. The sky has spread huge black cloud hanging so low that it was dark as night. From the bottom of Quaking, if alive, dark Read more [...]
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What famous Wall of China?

Europeans call it the wonder of the world of the Great Wall of China and the Chinese themselves - Wan Li Cheng, which means "a wall in a 10 000." "10 thousand li" is translated from the Chinese language - is 5000 kilometers. But in reality, the wall is much longer. According to some reports, initially the length reached 10,000 km, height - up to 7-10 meters, and the width was 5 meters. And if you take all the materials used in the construction of the Great Wall of China, and to build one wall thickness of 1 meter and a height of 5 meters, its length will be enough to circle Read more [...]
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On the threshold of hell — Kola ultradeep well

"Dr. Guberman, what the hell you dug down there?" - A replica of the room interrupted the report of the Russian scientist at a UNESCO meeting in Australia. A few weeks earlier, in April 1995, around the world, a wave of reports of mysterious accident at the Kola super-deep borehole. Soil testing proves: Moon broke away from the Kola Peninsula Allegedly on the way to the 13th kilometer instruments recorded a strange noise coming from the bowels of the planet - yellow newspapers unanimously claimed that since sound can only cries of sinners from hell. A few seconds after the terrible Read more [...]
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For years, the venerable Lee

Chinese martial arts master Li Tsinyun was born in 1677. In other words, he was five years younger than the Russian Emperor Peter the Great. "Well, what is so surprising?" - You ask. But only one thing: Lee died in 1933, having lived a little more than two and a half centuries. He lived in the mountains of Sichuan province and mainly dealt with the special exercises and collecting herbs. Of them to cook the broth, method of preparation is kept in the strictest confidence. About where the recipe came from Lee himself, history is silent. Be that as it may, when the master turned 250 Read more [...]
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Climate and the course of history

Between the laws of nature and the social form of the motion of matter there is a constant correlation. But what is its mechanism and where the point of contact between nature and society? This question was asked Lev Gumilev, creating his theory of ethnogenesis. He was criticized and historians, geographers, and biologists. But the question posed by Gumilev, continues to excite researchers. As the planet Earth itself influences the course of history? Participants: Corresponding Member of RAS, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Senior Fellow of the Institute of Laboratory energy Read more [...]
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In the world of the past. Pots and gods.

Today it is easier to send a man to distant planets than to fully understand the meaning of the legends in the veracity of which firmly believed our ancestors. The ancient philosophers said that those who do not know their history, are like children. And humanity is still maturing. Legacy of the ancient gods are more interested in designers working on secret military and space projects. And when we played enough wonderful trinkets, suddenly will discover the legacy of forgotten civilizations, what do we find? Maybe that will surpass wildest fantasies and then the whole history of our civilization Read more [...]
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Heavenly crocodile spits a large portion of water — the Mayan calendar can be seen in Dresden

22/12/2012 The legendary Mayan calendar, which like writing about the end of the world, kept in Dresden. However, scientists have never believed in the prophecy. Maya just predicted rains and floods, the researchers said. Proof that the end of the world will not be, hidden behind heavy metal doors Dresden University Library, which are painted with hieroglyphics. They are in the room, which holds ancient manuscripts. For example, a clay disc used for printing and which is almost 4000 years, the Hebrew prayer book or the Mass in B Minor by Johann Sebastian Bach. However, the greatest treasure Read more [...]
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As Silver Bird became the phoenix

Of spacecraft, conceived in the Third Reich, as if out of Gogol's overcoat, rose not only projects, and remained on paper, but the real spacecraft. And why by the Nazis and failed to use it to bomb the U.S.?When in 1941 in Germany, was shelved project "Silver Bird", it seemed like a logical failure of something insane. Judge: conceived in the late twenties, Eugen Zenger bomber rocket-powered spaceship, dispersed on the ground on a rocket sled on rails up to 500 m / s (1800 km / h), was to fly at altitudes of up to 280 km (ISS orbit ) up to 6400 m / s (23 000 km / h). And all this Read more [...]
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In search of Aratta

Researchers ancient history unfairly overlook Turkish Anatolia, in which, according to historians, there were no major civilizations previously III millennium BC. Meanwhile, in yet earlier Sumerian texts referred to a mysterious country Aratta, the location of which is associated with modern Turkey. There are traces of highly developed technologically civilization "gods", the evidence Godswar, the Flood and the antediluvian civilizations. The film is based on the material collected during the expedition of the Science Development Fund «III millennium" in Turkey in August Read more [...]
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Secret Mission. Hand of Moscow

In the twentieth century, the two largest of the people of Europe, Russian and Germans, were thrown into the fire of the two world wars. And in the XXI century, Germany has become the most active and reliable partner of the new Russia. But few know that the real turning point in relations between the USSR and Germany came after the signing of the Moscow Treaty in 1970. In addition to the first persons of high politics, in which there is a convergence of great merit of people whose names deserve remained in the shadows. Then, at the height of the Cold War, on behalf of the KGB chairman Yuri Read more [...]
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What was actually in an Ottoman harem?

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan said that the television series about the court of Suleiman the Magnificent Ottoman grandeur insults. However, historical records show that the palace has come to do the complete collapse.Around forbidden places often go very different rumors. And the more they are shrouded in mystery, the more fantastic assumptions put forward mere mortals that is going on behind closed doors. This applies equally to the secret archives of the Vatican, and caches the CIA. Harems of Muslim rulers - is no exception. So there is nothing surprising in the fact that one of them was Read more [...]
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Concentration camp for the Aleuts

In the first special report of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the situation of human rights in the United States, delivered at a hearing in the State Duma, October 22, 2012, were given the numerous cases of discrimination based on race and religion in the lives of American citizens. The same was said, and the recently released film "Aleut Story" dedicated nightmarish events in 1942 - deportations of the Aleutian Islands and the Pribilof Islands. Most Americans today unknown to the story so far ... On the deportation of Japanese American public more or less informed. In the 1940s Read more [...]
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The truth about the French Revolution

The French Revolution gave the world a lot. "La Marseillaise" is still the anthem of France, and the slogan "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity" is popular, like 220 years ago. But this revolution has brought happiness to the largest European country?And who was behind the greatest shock in its history? Was Robespierre sadistic maniac, and Louis XVI - smug and talentless exploiter, as is their traditional historiography? Try to understand.Poor, poor French Jean-Pierre of Wales. "Bastille July 14, 1789»Shortly before 1789, France was perhaps the richest country in Europe. Read more [...]
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Wonders of Russia. Tobolsk Kremlin

On the territory of the Tobolsk Kremlin are unique examples of Siberian art from different times. In the 80 g XVII century there erected a stone-Sophia Cathedral of the Assumption, in the XVIII century were built the walls and towers of the Kremlin. In 1712, rebuilt stone tower DMITRIEVSKY gate. From XIX century inherited the castle at hard-transit prison. Here sat FM Dostoevsky and NG Chernyshevsky.Category: Mystery stories Read more [...]
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Crystal skulls — a vicious circle

From the ancient Mayans, we are bound not only to leave the city, a calendar, which is said to have predicted the end of the world, but the crystal skull. The most famous of them - finding Mitchell Hedges, or "Skull of Doom.""Skull of Doom" One of the thirteen skulls gather knowledge otherIn April 1927, the daughter of an archaeologist Frederick Mitchell-Hedges, Anna found during excavations of Mayan Lubaantun handmade skull. In 1964, she showed the find art critic Frank Dorlandu, and he gave it to explore in the company "Hewlett-Packard". It was found that the Read more [...]
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Second mention Maya about 2012

Found a second mention Maya about 2012 scientists already tired to explain that the Maya did not predict the end of the world in 2012. Like, the coming apocalypse - only one (not very correct) interpretations of a single stone tablets from Tortuguero, in the Mexican state of Tabasco. The plate with the first referenceSuddenly, the National Institute of Anthropology and History of Mexico made a statement that There is another reference, Regarding our 2012. It is in ruins Komalkalko near Tortuguero. It is a line, cut or stamped on the brick (yes, Komalkalko differs from other Mayan temples that Read more [...]
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Riddle Oetzi

September 19, 1991 on the border of Italy and Austria, in the Tyrolean Alps, after extreme ice melting on the glacier Similaun at 10 500 feet group of climbers found the body of the old man who lived about 5,300 years ago. Amazingly preserved mummy still conceals many mysteries, though since finding enough time has passed. Dozens of scientists have studied the remains, but prehistoric man continues to hide the secrets of modern researchers.In honor of the village of the Ötztal, around which the climbers found the mummy of the deceased stranger lovingly dubbed Oetzi. Now it is also known "under Read more [...]
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What do we really know about Jesus?

In September, Harvard professor Karen King (Karen King) found a fragment of the Gospel, which she called "the Gospel of the wife of Jesus." This piece of papyrus, made a lot of noise, and once again raised the question of what we know about the historical Jesus of Nazareth, as well as to whether the gospel, not included in the New Testament, is a source of valuable information. It is difficult to find a more suitable time issues, as there comes a time when we celebrate the Nativity of Christ.This fragment is just a small piece of papyrus - the size of a credit card - and its inscription Read more [...]
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Mystery white god Viracocha

For the South American's fifteenth-sixteenth centuries have many questions, among them why one main conquistadors in some areas did not meet any resistance, but instead were greeted with offerings? The answer is simple Spaniards were skinned and bearded, and some of them are blonde - exactly as the deity who landed on the same land for hundreds of years. From the notes of Francisco Pizarro: "The ruling class in the Peruvian kingdom was light-skinned, the color of ripe wheat. Most surprisingly nobles were like Spaniards. In this country, I've met a fair-skinned Indian woman that was Read more [...]
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Who are trying to imitate the ancients, deforming their skulls?

In Mexico, the skull was found by considering that, one might think that this is the remains of alien head. Exactly as we see from the screens of the head alien, elongated, elongated shape with a large eye sockets. In the Mexican state of Sonora, the staff of the National University studied anthropology Prehispanic grave, where it was found the skull. Age burial was estimated at one thousand years. Such a finding in this area is found for the first time. This skull, demonstrates the desire of Indians to follow some cult or imitate some creatures. In pre-Columbian times, it was believed that Read more [...]
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