In Poland, they found huge meteorite

In Poland, they found huge meteorite, a find made near Poznań, stone weighs about 250 pounds and is one of the huge meteorites found on Earth.Astrophysicists believe that the meteorite fell to Earth about 5,000 years ago, discovered it by an electromagnetic detector in the forest at a depth of 2.5 meters.   It is believed that the majority of meteorites leyaschih to Earth burns before fall to the ground.Category: Space Read more [...]
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Does the moon dust flying?

Some phenomena, vision and terrestrial observers, and down stations, and astronauts "Apollo", due to the presence in the tenuous lunar atmosphere dust particles. But no one can explain how they got there. May shed light on the probe LADEE, which will launch in August 2013.You have heard about the new restaurant on the moon? Lovely food, but no atmosphere.This joke for decades, and, admittedly, it is outdated. In the future, NASA sends probe to orbit the Moon, which will gather information about the atmosphere of our satellite, including the situation near the surface and environmental Read more [...]
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On Mars, the safe level of radiation

Exact figures are not known, but they say that there is about the same as the ISS. Apparently, the local atmosphere protects the planet yet. But it certainly does not help the problem of the three-year flight there and back, during which astronauts would protect only covering the ship.Mars rover Curiosity has shown that the level of radiation on Mars is about the same as in low-Earth orbit, where brave guys and girls hanging out for months on the International Space Station. But a visit to Mars, this does not become less dangerous, as will fly a long time (and I would like to go back).Unlike Read more [...]
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A strange flash in the Milky Way

Orbiting telescope "Hubble" has helped astronomers to observe a strange scene on the edge of our galaxy, "the Milky Way." Amazing and bright flash was seen onboard camera space telescope "Hubble". Photo taken by this telescope, captured 14 light-years of space.In the 20 000 light-years from our Sun is a variable star V838 Mon (V838 Mon). In 2002, this unusual star suffered a massive explosion, and the light of the outbreak is still visible to the telescope.Scientists are still trying to determine the cause of a strange outbreak of the star. They associate it with Read more [...]
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To dwarf planet Makemake astronomers have found the atmosphere

While Kepler telescope almost every day offers new planets around distant stars, our own planetary system still has many mysteries. People go to Mars and Venus entire research stations, but there are still many unresolved issues. What to say about the most distant corners of the solar system. Recently, astronomers were able to lift the curtain on one of the most neglected items. They used 16 telescopes at once to watch one of the five officially recognized dwarf planets - Makemake. It was opened by astronomer Michael Brown (Michael Brown) only in 2005 and named in honor of the god of fertility Read more [...]
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Mars dust storm raging

The first time since the 1970s, the development of events observed and from orbit and from the surface of the Red Planet. None of the rovers while working there was injured.Martian dust storm, followed by a probe Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter watched from last week, led to changes in the atmosphere, seen rovers on the surface of the planet. Mosaic images from Mars Color Imager instrument on November 18, covers almost the entire Mars. White arrows indicate the dusty area. (Image NASA / JPL-Caltech / MSSS.) With the Mars Color Imager instrument on board of the company, Bruce Cantor Malin Space Read more [...]
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Europeans instead fly to Mars Moon

After a 48-hour meeting of the Naples twenty European countries participating in the European Space Agency (ESA), all of them approved a five-year budget of the department and outlined the main directions of its activity.Budget equal to € 10,1 billion ($ 13 billion), by the standards of the same NASA small. However, the critical issue to be expected were specific priorities when sharing out. Recall that for years the French insist on immediate funding the development of the launch vehicle Ariane 6. If the decision was made, says France, already by 2021, with a total investment of nearly Read more [...]
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The scientists want to get into Mars as far as possible

With the Red Planet has not brought a single pebble, and scientists are already dreaming of how an autonomous robot spider descend into the lava tube and find there a frozen mammoth. Or at least a bacterium.NASA has plans for delivery to Earth rocks and soil from the Martian surface, but the most attractive designs, according to some, are in the caves beneath the surface. The fact that the analysis of the material in the laboratory is considered as the best way to search for signs of life, and the chances of finding them higher, if the material from the ground. Entrance to the lava tube, located Read more [...]
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Mars got its water from the same place as the earth

Study on the search for water on the Martian surface shows that Mars was originally formed from similar units, as the Earth, but subsequently developed differently. This finding indicates that both planets got their water from chondritic meteorites, although no water on Mars has been treated and development in the deep interior of the planet. Scientists from NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston, came to this conclusion after studying the water concentration and isotopic composition of hydrogen trapped inside crystals in two Martian meteorites. In addition, one of these meteorites were rich Read more [...]
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Russian lunar odyssey begins in 2025.

Since its first flight into space in 1961. Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin's leading role in the difficult fate of the world manned spaceflight played financiers and politicians. In many cases, the political will and economic factors, and not the technical complexity of the task, depended the fate of extraterrestrial grandiose projects.Contrary to the long crisis that shook the world economy, the space race continues. Studies in orbit in extremely hostile and dangerous to the human environment in which the most trifling mistake can cost a life, do not stop. The other day another long expedition Read more [...]
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Distant star swallowed a planet the size of Jupiter

Sized planet about 1.4 times larger than Jupiter, is absorbed by its own star for a dense veil of gas, according to new observations made space telescope "Hubble".The planet WASP-b is a gas giant, spinning dangerously close to its parent star so that its evaporation created a dense cloud of gas that does not pass light. This cloud is rich in magnesium, which makes it difficult to follow in the near-UV region of the spectrum, and makes the system almost invisible in the optical range.A new study by scientists and members of the British consortium Wide Angle Search for Planets (WASP) in Read more [...]
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Scientists have discovered a gas bridge connecting the two galaxy clusters

Astronomers have discovered a giant strip of hot gas, only between two galaxy clusters, lying at a distance of about 10 million light years away from each other and about a billion light years away.Using the space telescope Planck, astronomers recorded the interaction of the relic radiation of the universe with the fiber of hot gas, stretching between the galaxy clusters Abell 401 and Abell 399, containing hundreds of individual galaxies.Launched in May 2009, Planck telescope designed to study the cosmic microwave background radiation - the microwave radiation, which is the residual effect of the Read more [...]
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The rover Curiosity did a terrific find. Scientists: it gets into the history books

During the experiment, the analysis of the Martian atmosphere the first measurements showed the presence of methane. "We knew from the beginning that there is a risk to bring to Mars air from Florida (where the rover was launched.) Therefore, we measured again," - said the scientist. Repeated measurements methane disappeared.Mars rover Curiosity during the analysis of samples of Martian soil found something very interesting, but scientists refuse to say what the rover found - specialists intend to double-check everything again and eliminate errors, according to the American radio Read more [...]
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Astronomy: What is the parade of planets and whether it will in 2012

In this paper, collected scientific information about what are the parade of planets as seen in the sky. Parade of planets (The exact term - connection) - astronomical event, during which a number of planets in the solar system is built close to the same line. In this case, the objects are visually close to the sky. If the difference between the ecliptic latitudes while also small, there may be events covering more physically distant object, inferior conjunction (in the case of connecting the inner planets and the Sun) and the eclipse of the sun (in the case of a compound of the Moon and the Read more [...]
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And the big stars are planets

About hot young blue stars have found a massive object, which can be as heavy planets and light brown dwarf. But whatever it was, the debate about whether or not to form a blue-giant planet, apparently, should be considered closed.U.S. astronomers led by Joseph Carson (Joseph Carson) from the College of Charleston Space Telescope Subaru found a method of direct observation of the planet HD 222439 b. It revolves around a young star HD 222439 of spectral type B9, also known as Kappa Andromeda. Luminary removed from us at 170 light-years, with very HD 222439 b shares with the star of more than Read more [...]
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New photos of the super-Jupiter

Not having found an unusual planet in Andromeda, the researchers again make it new pictures. Most recently, astronomers from the Japanese National Observatory discovered an unusual gas giant orbiting its parent star bright Kappa Andromedae, which is located in the constellation Andromeda, the constellation of the northern hemisphere of the sky. This planet was named Kappa Andromedae b or abbreviated k And b. It is a gas giant and is classified as "super-Jupiter", because it has something in common with the planets of our solar system. This giant exoplanet exceeds our Jupiter in somewhere Read more [...]
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Astronomers have found the origin of the road signs of expansion

A new study using a unique tool set on the world's largest optical telescope, has established the probable origin especially bright supernovae that astronomers use as easily distinguishable "road signs" to measure the expansion and acceleration of the expansion of the universe.In the new work, scientists describe observations of a supernova that occurred recently 2011fe, which they captured by the telescope Large Binocular Telescope (LBT), using a tool created at Ohio State University: Multi-Object Double Spectrograph (MODS).After the observations, astronomers have found that the Read more [...]
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Mars and Earth were formed from the same building blocks

A team of Carnegie investigated hydrogen dissolved in water from the Martian subsurface, and found that Mars was formed from the same building blocks as the Earth, and the changes in the chemical composition of the planet began to occur in the course of its subsequent evolution. This indicates that the terrestrial planets, including Earth, the same source of water - chondritic meteorites. However, unlike our planet, Mars rocks, which contain volatile components such as water, can be processed deep in the bowels of the planet.The researchers examined two types of meteorites - one of them reflects Read more [...]
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On Mercury found five kilometer door

Rectangular recess 5.6 kilometers in length found in the photographs of Mercury.
Category: Space
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Mars seen giant spiders

HiRISE camera apparatus Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) captured on Mars formations resembling spiders. According to astronomers, the dark spots in the south pole of the Red Planet are the result of seasonal changes: with the onset of spring and the temperature increases CO2 subsurface layer of ice had melted, exposing the dark Martian rock. The picture shows one such "Spiderman" has a diameter of about 100 m was obtained photo HiRISE camera on September 26, at a distance of 262 km.Universe TodayCategory: Space Read more [...]
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