Scientists have counted in our galaxy and 400 thousand civilizations

In our Galaxy, there may be about 400 thousand civilizations whose signals could be seen in the future of humanity. This is the conclusion to U.S. researchers.The basis for such a statement was an experiment that had a group of astrophysicists from the University of California, under the direction of Andrew Berskli Seeds. In its course, scientists have searched in space signals of artificial origin.The experiment lasted from February to April 2011. During this time, astrophysicists with a 100-meter radio telescope in Grinbeke "heard" 86 stars, next to which according to the telescope Read more [...]
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By the Earth is approaching a dangerous comet with poison gas

C/2012 F6, which astronomers call Lemmon, close fly up to the planet, and scientists hope, will fly far from its orbit. Most clearly it will be able to consider the northern hemisphere. This comet has a very unusual green color. It moves very smoothly and almost silently. It acquired a shade on it due to the abundance of cyanogen gas, which is highly toxic. According to scientists, now Lemmon is located 92 million miles from us. If it does not change its trajectory, then, as we are assured by astronomers earthlings is not threatened. But it's worth it to change course a little bit, and Read more [...]
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Mysterious mini-satellites: how many of them at the Earth?

Perhaps the gravity of the Earth and is not as powerful as gravity of Jupiter, but our planet regularly pulls into his orbit small asteroids that pass by her. These mini-satellites will not stay with us for a long time. For about a year they renew their motion on loop-like, curved path around the sun. But in their place with the other space guests arrive.Simulation shows that the two asteroids the size of the machine dishwashing detergent and about a dozen half-meter rock orbiting the Earth at this time. Every fifty years to orbit the Earth comes asteroid the size of a truck."We would like Read more [...]
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Panorama Mars Curiosity passed

NASA published a panoramic photo made on the bottom of the Martian rover lake. Rather the former Martian lakes.

Panoramic Images High Resolution

Panorama was taken in November 2012, but only now published for some reason.
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NASA Statement of Curiosity — January 18

Justin Maki with the next update of the rover Kyuriositi

Category: Space

Scientists have discovered that the ionosphere of Venus swells like a comet's tail

Venus Express spacecraft will allow experts to the European Space Agency to conduct unique observations of Venus during the reduction in solar wind pressure. As it turned out, the ionosphere, located on the shady side of the planet is inflated like a comet's tail. Ionosphere is called the region of ionized gas that surrounds the main part of the atmosphere. Shape and density of the ionosphere depends on the magnetic field of the planet. For example, at the Earth, which is characterized by a strong magnetic field, the ionosphere in the relative degree of stability. Venus is the self-magnetic Read more [...]
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Astrofotografichesky masterpiece by professionals and amateurs

In the image of the spiral galaxy M 106 combines data on an equal space telescope "Hubble" and observations from Earth.Image of NASA, ESA, Hubble Heritage Team (STScI / AURA), R. Gendler, J. GaBany.Known astrophotographer Robert Gendler by employees Space Telescope Science Institute (U.S.) combined data orbiting observatory "Hubble" from ground-based observations and was told this magnificent illustration of a spiral galaxy M 106."Hubble" was not interested in the entire galaxy, studying mainly its center and some other areas, so that the pictures of the Robert Read more [...]
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Astronomers in search of life appealed to the satellites of exoplanets

Due to gravity-powered satellites planets outside the solar system remain vibrant throughout the existence, not only in the initial period of origin of planetary systems. This means that stars of different ages could have planets with satellites, "glow" that can be registered with the Earth."Unlike traditional direct exposure to a new approach to photographing any star would be a good candidate," - says the researcher Mary Ann Peters (Mary Anne Peters) from Princeton. As long as the satellite moves around its planet, the larger the body tries to make a circular orbit of the Read more [...]
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Flyby of asteroid 2012 DA14 View from Earth through a telescope

2012 DA14 View from Earth through a telescope
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Deep Impact photographed the Russians open a comet

Russian astronomers recently discovered comet ISON become the new object of observation for the device Deep Impact. Experts from the University of Maryland used a camera probe for multiple images of a comet from which they later made a little movie. ISON is going to be the brightest object in the night sky in November 2013, when it is close to the Sun. "The comet makes its first trip into the inner solar system. Expected that it will approach closer to the Sun most comets. From her star will separate a few solar radii," - said Tony Farnham of the University of Maryland. - "The Read more [...]
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Curiosity on Mars found a mysterious structure

The rover Curiosity again surprised the researchers. On one of the images from the device, a small structure visible, reports Universe Today. In the picture it looks like a metal object. The photo was taken 30 January 2013 instrument Mastcam. Unusual structure saw an amateur astronomer from Italy Elizabeth Bonora in the study images taken Curiosity.Mysterious object in the image rises above the surface: clearly visible shadow cast by them. The unusual structure is different from the surrounding rocks. It has a smooth surface, and appears to be more resistant to erosion. The surface structure Read more [...]
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Betelgeuse supernova birth

08/17/11 The word "Betelgeuse" - Arabic origin. The history of its origin is not completely clear, but experts agree that the second part of the word "elgeyze" comes from the Arabic "al-Jawzi" (???), It is so called in ancient times, all the constellation of Orion, is the name of the heroine wearing one of the old Arabic tales. How are supernovas? "The birth of a supernova" - this phrase is itself carries a sense of joining something amazing, incredible. And this is really a very interesting and complicated process. In this article, we will discuss Read more [...]
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Land astronauts eyes

Astronauts on the International Space Station have made some amazingly beautiful pictures of the Earth. The photos were published in early February 2013."Soyuz"The Earth's surface is sometimes similar to problem skin. Sand over Libya and the MediterraneanIndonesian Volcano PaluvehGlaciers flow into the Atlantic. South of ArgentinaAfrican mountains like melting ice creamU.S. in snowMorning clouds over ChinaCategory: Space Read more [...]
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Scientists proposed solution to the mystery belt Solar System

U.S. astronomers have developed a model of the solar system boundary, which explains the existence of her mysterious "zone", found one of the probes NASA scientists published an article in the Astrophysical Journal. Probe IBEX (Interstellar Boundary Explorer) in 2009, found on the outer edge of the solar system, the heliosphere, the unusual "belt" - a long, narrow strip on the map, which is formed by the flow of particles with abnormally high energy. For three years, astronomers have proposed a number of hypotheses to explain its origin, however, as the authors of the new study, Read more [...]
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A binary star system may be suitable for habitable planets is no worse than single stars

The planets orbiting binary stars, are influenced by not one, but two full radiation sources. But a new study shows that a close pair of stars can be as good as a single star, when it comes to the hospitality extended to potentially habitable planets. A binary star system consisting of small masses of the stars are best suited for this role, as the combined emission of two stars significantly expands the habitable zone of their total, compared to the habitable zone of a single star.After modeling a large variety of binary systems, two astronomers: John Clark of the University of New Mexico, and Read more [...]
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Astronomy: What can you see in February

Jet Propulsion Laboratory says that you can see in our sky in February.
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Curvature of the light of distant galaxies

The new series of the show "Zdes.Tam. Everywhere" is trying to find analogies bending the light of distant galaxies in gravitational lenses.
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Where are the dwarfs?

Observations of high precision made in recent years have shown that the universe is composed of 75% Dark Energy, 20% - dark matter, and only 5% - this is normal baryonic matter. Galaxy, as we all visible matter concentrated in a complex network of filaments and voids, which is sometimes also called "cosmic web." Computer models show that in such a universe must be distributed throughout the formation of dwarf galaxies of about one thousandth of the mass of the Milky Way - that is, in our immediate surroundings dwarfs should be very much. However, observations show that this is not Read more [...]
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Asteroid 2012 DA14 — they whistle of the bullets at the temple

Astronomers say: our planet is accompanied by celestial body the size of a 14-storey building. Asteroid 2012 DA14 discovered by astronomers from La Sagra Observatory in Spain last year. And they were amazed at what he saw. Fast-moving bright point like haunted planet, has attached to it in a ponytail. Watched the strange companion. And it turned out that the body is moving around the Sun in almost the same orbit as the planet, and almost to the same period of revolution around our star - 365 days. And while revolves near-Earth twice. The asteroid will fly close to Earth - February 15, Read more [...]
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When galaxies out the light

In the life of the galaxy, formed by the merger, there comes a time when all the gas is exhausted and new stars are not born.The farther into space, the farther in time. This fact allows astronomers to study the evolution of the universe, comparing the characteristics of neighboring and distant galaxies. The space telescope "Hubble" is very well suited for this work because of the high resolution of its equipment and the lack of atmosphere around it. With it, many have found the most distant galaxies and to obtain detailed images of very faint objects.Comparing galaxy, astronomers Read more [...]
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