Curiosity will drill Mars

Rover Curiosity, engaged in search of organic life on the Red Planet, set a new task. In the next few days, the machine will drill 2.5-cm surface drill Mars in Gale crater and take rock samples for chemical analysis. The aim of the experiment is to try to find water in the crater of a flat plate, writes The exact date of the start of drilling will be announced later.The rover will drill the plate, John Klein. It got its name in honor of the former deputy head of the project, who died in 2011. According to experts, the board will provide unique interest from a geological point of Read more [...]
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Russian missiles will explore the mysteries of the moon

Russia expects great progress in the field of space exploration. In 2015, an automatic interplanetary station "Luna-Glob"Must be launched from the Baikonur East. Informed today chapter Roscosmos Vladimir Popovkin.According to the head of the agency, the lunar model will become the first spacecraft launched from the new cosmodrome in the Amur region. At the same time, "Luna-Glob" will be Russia's first lunar probe. "We have every reason to believe that the timing of the start of operation Baikonur East - 2015 - will be met. Roskosmos has determined that as a payload Read more [...]
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Moon — the facts, theories and myths

Despite the centenarian studies, Moon began to reveal its secrets only in 1960-1970's, when its surface sat Apollo. Scientists studying the pieces of rock, brought the astronauts found that the moon was formed about 4.6 billion years ago, when one small planet crashed into the early Earth and disintegrated into millions of fragments. But is it really, and what other secrets hiding lunar surface - read in this article.Moon - the fifth largest satellite of the solar system, the second - the density, and the only satellite of our planet. It is the brightest object in our sky after the Sun, Read more [...]
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Kepler telescope discovered the micro-sized exoplanet Moon

Telescope "Kepler" has helped astronomers find a new exoplanet, whose mass and diameter smaller than that of Mercury, and is comparable with the same characteristics of the moon, making it the smallest planet outside our solar system, according to a paper published in the journal Nature.Over the past few years orbiting telescopes, "Kepler", CoRoT, and their terrestrial counterparts opened over thousands of exoplanets and thousands of possible candidates for this role. Most of them belong to one of the "hot" Jupiter and Neptune, but new techniques allow us to find Read more [...]
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The solar system has its own matrix

At the end of the last century, scientists have pleased the world a new discovery. Outcomes can be stated as follows: "There is the matrix of life in space." The Observatory Arizona Sovern Chang in an interview Irwing Natural said: "I saw it, it was God." A huge education in the solar system, code-named Matrix BQI-33087 claims to be the world demiurge. History of the discovery of thirty years, when at that time young scientists laboratory astrophysics Seattle Denil Robbins, Ron Jeremy and Sovern Chang began to gather information about an unknown material scattered within Read more [...]
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Opening a huge group of quasars may result in the revision of the cosmological principle

For the first time astronomers have detected an object for more than four billion light years. A team of astronomers led by Roger Klouesa (Roger Clowes) of the University of Central Lancashire (UK) has discovered a huge group of quasars (Huge LQG), which has not adjusted for inflation measures in 1240? 640 × 370 Mpc (4.044? 2.087? 1.207 billion light years).Such gigantism does this group not only the largest known organized structure in the universe, but also the most significant challenge of the isotropy representation of the universe and the cosmological principle of Albert Einstein.Black Read more [...]
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Scientists study the orbit of planet-zombie

Star Fomalhaut planetary system, which is in the constellation Pisces South 25 light years from the Sun continues to surprise astronomers. Now they are very puzzled by the strange orbit "planet zombie" Fomalhaut-bi. In the next 20 years, scientists expect more surprises.Beginning of the "saga of Fomalhaut" is 2008. Astronomers from the University of California at Berkeley, the processed images of the familiar star and its surrounding disk of gas and dust, obtained with the Hubble Space Telescope. The conclusion was: right on the background disk is moving planet, dubbed Read more [...]
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NASA released the results of years of research into the evolution of the Universe

About 24% is dark matter. Most (71.4%) accounted for the "dark energy" - is also a kind of matter, apparently, some physical field. The rest - more or less familiar to us matter.After a series of interim reports NASA experts have published the final results of a nine-year project to study the WMAP cosmic background radiation. The studies were conducted from 30 June 2001 to 6 October 2010. Two and a half years it took to complete processing of the data.The most dramatic and amazing period of the universe was the first fraction of a second of its existence. For a negligible time the Read more [...]
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Scientists have found the oldest stars in the universe close to the Sun

The most ancient luminary of the universe was the star, located in the neighborhood of the solar system, astronomers have come to the conclusion that it was formed soon after the Big Bang. Star, HD 140283 to get index, is only 186 light years from our solar system, and more than a century known to astronomers, reports "Vesti.Ru." It has long been known that the object is composed entirely of hydrogen and helium, and thus formed in the Early Universe. More recent stars are composed of heavier elements. Not long ago, Howard Bond (Howard Bond) from the University of Pennsylvania and Read more [...]
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Does it make sense to run an asteroid in orbit around the moon?

The seminar, held under the auspices of the Institute of Space Research Keck (USA), has been given a rough estimate of the capture capabilities of the organization flying near Earth asteroid with a further placing it in orbit around the moon and further exploitation of its resources to other uses.Estimates are as follows: sending robotic missions such cost can be compared to ($ 2.6 billion), sending Curiosity ($ 2,5 billion) to Mars. For this is proposed, as is the case with Curiosity, use the rocket Atlas V (her first step, we recall, are equipped with engines made in Russia). Following the Read more [...]
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NASA telescope discovered mysterious bright black hole

NASA Space Telescope captures a picture of the two new species rather strange black holes, which are located in distant spiral galaxy, which are extremely bright at X-ray spectrum of the electromagnetic field.X-ray Space Observatory NuStar (NASA) said bright black holes during galaxy observations Caldwell 5, at a distance of 7 million light-years from Earth in the constellation of Camelopardalis. Black holes are presented in a picture in a purple color, superimposed on the picture in the same galaxy in the optical range of the electromagnetic field produced by the telescope NuSTAR. These objects Read more [...]
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In California, a meteorite fell

The night before, the people of California have witnessed how quickly pierced the night sky flying luminous object. This point is fixed camera DVR. Broadcaster NBC issued a record recorder installed in the car of one of the local residents. It is reported that on Friday at about 19:45 local time, the driver hit the road near San Francisco. Within seconds, the dark sky is visible a small glowing object. He flies toward the ground, almost without leaving a trace, and disappears. "He was a light green color, when was born, then became light yellow. It was awesome! "- Said Candice Read more [...]
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Physicists have found evidence that the universe — a giant brain

The idea of the universe as a "giant brain" offers scientists - and science fiction writers - for decades. But now physicists say that there may be some evidence that this is in fact true, writes huffingtonpost. In a way. According to a study published in Nature's Scientific Reports, the universe can grow like a giant brain - with electrical discharges between "mirror" brain cells in the form of an expanding galaxy. The results of computer simulation show that the "natural growth dynamics" - the path of development systems - is the same for different types Read more [...]
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On magnetic strangeness Venus

Despite the lack of obscheplanetnogo magnetic field, the ionosphere of Venus, interacting with the solar wind, can form magnetic rope.Venus Express spacecraft observed in the upper atmosphere of Venus, the so-called magnetic rope (flux ropes) - great education for hundreds of kilometers over the poles.Something similar was observed on other planets, including the Earth: on these routes passed superheated plasma. Why they appear on Venus, as long as the hold and dissipate, remains a mystery. Their mere discovery was a surprise.Image NASA / Magellan.Magnetic rope - the result of a joined Read more [...]
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NASA will launch in January, the first Climate drone in the tropopause

NASA will launch in January drone, which will allow for the first time to study the chemical composition of the upper atmosphere, scientists rely on these data to create a more accurate prediction of the future climate of the planet, according to the website Space Agency. The main objective of the mission ATTREX (Airborne Tropical Tropopause Experiment) will be measurement of molecules of ozone and other gases and water vapor in the tropopause (the transition layer between the troposphere and the stratosphere at an altitude of 12.8 km in the polar regions, and 16-18 kilometers above the equator). Read more [...]
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Star SN 2009ip — exploded and become a supernova

Astronomers are authorized to state that a massive star, which they repeatedly was caught in 2009 for simulating a supernova exploded yet to really (contrary to some doubt).The results of observations are of particular interest because they provide important information about the throes of massive stars in the years immediately preceding the explosion.Joseph Brimakombom."Height =" 308 "width =" 600 ">Image of SN 2009ip, received September 24, 2012 by Joseph Brimakombom.Bright variable SN 2009ip was in the spiral galaxy NGC 7259, which lies 67 million light-years Read more [...]
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Not far from the Earth can live mysterious creatures

Near the star Fomalhaut in the constellation Pisces South, found a planet that can be populated by mysterious creatures. Mysterious exoplanet, called "planet-zombie", U.S. researchers have found using the new telescope Hubble Space Telescope, invented in NASA, writes Daily Mail. Who exactly can dwell on it, is not clear.Externally, the celestial body resembles the famous "Eye of Sauron" from the trilogy "The Lord of the Rings", based on the novel Tolkien. Scientists attribute this to the fact that the gravity of the planet, apparently, formed around a unique disk Read more [...]
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Large spiral galaxy discovered by accident

A team of astronomers discovered the largest known spiral galaxies in the universe. In length, it is five times higher than the Milky Way. NGC 6872 is located in the constellation of the Peacock at a distance of 212 million light years from Earth. Its length is 522 000 light-years. The fact that it is the largest known galaxy in the universe, it was clear by accident at a time when scientists analyzed data space telescope GALEX. Astronomers have long known about the existence of NGC 6872. But to assess its true dimensions have only now, when there are new pictures of the cluster of young stars Read more [...]
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Russian scientists suggest discourage other asteroid Apophis

It is about the direction of small asteroids dangerous at large. Scientists propose disperse asteroid "shell" with gravity assist and knock Apophis with the "dangerous path."Russian scientists have developed a new method to protect the Earth from asteroid strikes - they offer to shoot down dangerous celestial bodies at an alarming trajectory strikes the other asteroids. "This is about the direction of small asteroids dangerous long. Trick is that in order to change in the desired direction, the trajectory of the asteroid" shell "is used gravity assist from Earth. Read more [...]
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The unusual orbit planet zombie shocks scientists

Unbalanced orbit so-called "zombie world", located in a dusty star system was a complete surprise to astronomers.New observations of the planet Fomalhaut b, conducted by NASA space telescope "Hubble", opened its unusual orbit, for which the closest to the parent star and most distant from her point of the orbit are separated by a great distance, in addition, during the passage through this orbit, the planet has to break through broad "minefield" of dust and debris.According to one theory put forward by astronomers to explain the strange orbit of the planet around Fomalhaut Read more [...]
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