Our Sun — it may merger of two proto-stars

According to researchers at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, at the beginning of the solar system, when our sun was still in the stage of active formation in the system are prerequisites for the development of the two stars and our Sun could well under certain conditions, be a binary system. It did not happen. That led scientists to suggest the probable binary system? The fact that the planets in the solar system are not on the same plane, but with some deviation relative to each other and the Sun's equator. Says physicist and study author Constantine Batygin, such deviation Read more [...]
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NASA’s giant outburst in the Sun reach Earth tonight. May have a serious impact on the infrastructure of the Earth

NASA reports that the explosion was truly a giant in the sun yesterday, November 16, 2012. Release was so big that it could fit in the frame of the picture Observatory (SDO). Scientists say that the strength of this release is comparable to the 2010 outbreak which turned the idea of the science of solar activity. A huge number of solar material is moving at great speed towards the Earth. C1 outbreak lasted about 3 hours and 40 minutes and was followed by a break and double fiber solar coronal mass ejection. Outbreak in 2010 The great mass of highly-charged particles emitted huge eruption Read more [...]
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Today the Sun there was a strong flash

SOHO and STEREO satellites recorded violent eruption of solar material. LPI awarded this outbreak class C, but satellite photos show a more powerful release. The flash is not directed toward Earth, but it has such a wide range that touches the edge of the planet ejection, causing magnetic storms next. Strange to read of scholars about the "lack of activity of the Sun," when satellite photos tell a completely different story. The sun is literally burning emissions over the entire circumference, throwing into space billions of tons of plasma and highly-particles in an amount such Read more [...]
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Yesterday’s release of the Sun to reach the Earth on February 12

NASA on Saturday, 9 February, about 0640 UT, magnetic filament in the northern hemisphere, the sun broke out, a coronal mass ejection (CME flash) toward Earth at a speed of 800 km / s. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory defines the class of emission at C2. Emission reaches the ground by 12 February.According to experts of NASA except for a geomagnetic storm and the appearance of the Northern Lights, is no danger of this outbreak can not be held for Earthlings.Category: Sun Read more [...]
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On the Sun, an outbreak directed toward Earth

Occurred on the Sun released in larger, directed precisely toward Earth. If you believe the data LPI class flare S2.4

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Scientists warn — coming Sunny supershtorm

Release of energy from the sun can damage electronic equipment. The flash and it is not the scientists no doubt, but the exact date is unknown supershtorma science. In this matter, it all depends on the sun.Category: Sun Read more [...]

As many as three top-edition UK: BBC, Independent and Guardian warned of solar superstorm

Guardian, Independent and BBC 7 February 2013, at the same time, an article about solar superstorm that threatens Earth cataclysms.Solar "superstorm" could hit the Earth by satellites, communications, lead to dangerous surges in the national network and disrupt air communication, destroying equipment at airports and on planes, we find in most reports. It is inevitable that the most powerful solar storm, from the release of the Sun billion tons of high energy particles, which move at a speed of a million miles per hour, will hit the Earth in the near future. The event can not be predicted Read more [...]
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The active area AR1667 in the Sun today threw flash directed toward Earth

The active area AR1667 in the Sun today threw flash class C9 (as NASA) aimed at Earth. Above is a picture of the flash STEREO satellites and NASA published the video below showing the emission of more approximate version. Flare to reach Earth on February 8-9.Category: Sun Read more [...]
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Magnetic storm, magnetosphere-4 — 5 February 2013.

Magnetosphere-4 — 5 February 2013. Magnetic storm. The excitement of the magnetopause-5 — 7 — 9 to 11 points on 12-point scale. Cosmic impacts. Anomaly. The magnetosphere is tense on the one hand releases on the Sun, on the other hand cosmic waves, gravity-magnetic disturbances near and far space.

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Huge coronal hole opened up in the solar atmosphere

Coronal holes opened in the northern hemisphere of the Sun, and they spew streams of solar wind into space. Coronal holes are places where the sun's magnetic field opens and emit solar wind. Flows off from this hole today should reach orbit Earth 8.7 February .

Category: Sun
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Powerful solar radio flux recorded on February 2

If you believe the claims of NASA our star this weekend behaved "quiet", but the facts suggest otherwise. In fact, it was a very "loud". Amateur astronomer Thomas Ashcraft recorded strong solar radio emission reached Earth 2 February 2013. "It was really loud. February 2, there were some strong currents of solar radio emission, including one super-strong thread. I took him on a wave of 28 MHz and 21.1 MHz, it completely killed the short-wave radio transmission," says Thomas. Comment NASA The source of the radiation spike was spot AR1667, which threw a flash Read more [...]
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Solar activity was accused of provoking hunger

Scientists have found a correlation between solar activity, weather, wheat production and periods of hunger and loss of population, analyzing the European historical record for the period XIII-XVIII centuries. Work accepted for publication in the journal Astrophysical Bulletin, it is laid out in the pre-print archive at Cornell University. Summary of the article can be read in the blog Technology Review. Detect the influence of solar activity on the availability of food could search through specific areas where this effect is most noticeable. According to the authors, the ionization of the upper Read more [...]
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On the Sun were three outbreaks

Today the sun was 3 flashes of class one of which did not have quite a bit of class to class M. emissions from: one of which is directed towards the Earth.
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Alan Friedman. Unusual photos of the sun

When viewing pictures of amateur astronomers, there is always a legitimate question - why amateur using 25-centimeter telescope "Cassegrain" makes images far superior in clarity and quality, the official NASA pictures that make telescopes worth millions of dollars.Eddington once said that there is nothing simpler than the stars. But our sun, as well as any other star - not just a giant ball of hot plasma. Sun - Miscellaneous. This fully demonstrates his work an amateur astronomer and part-time photographer Alan Friedman (Alan Friedman) from the U.S.. Beautiful and unusual images of Read more [...]
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In February, we are waiting for a record number of magnetic storms

Every month this year meteodependent people harder. We had not time to go through all the January "excitement" of our luminaries as meteorologists have promised that in the last month of winter and the shortest of the year will be solar flares most. As many as 10!So now is the time to pay attention to their health. This is especially true cores, those who are prone to extremes of pressure, migraines and depression. Peak hours of magnetic storms:- February 8 - from 8 to 10 am. - February 10 -? 7 to about 11:00. - February 13 - 6 º to 9 am approximately. - February 14 -? 20 to Read more [...]
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NASA released video flares occurred on January 31

Unstable filaments of magnetism over the north-eastern limb of the Sun exploded yesterday flash class C1.1. Ejection is directed towards the Earth and reaches its February 3. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded the explosion on January 31 at about 0515 UT
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On the Sun, an outbreak of class C1.1

On the Sun, an outbreak of class C1.1 directed toward Earth. Emission reaches the planet on February 3 2013.

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