In the Ural apartment bred ghost

Kamensk-Ural residents claim that in one of the apartments has lodged a ghost. Kamenz even photographed it. The footage shows a blurred bright spot, which is called a real ghost. See the residents of the city at night. According to residents, the creature emits a cloud of smoke. And on the visor already discovered human footprints.
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Fairy ring

Nature at its pantries holds many secrets and mysteries. One of them is with the mysterious phenomenon as witches ring.Do not be mistaken if I say that the amazing community of fungi seen virtually everyone who has ever chosen with a basket in the woods. You come out to the edge, and before the eyes of the following picture appears: mushrooms like lined circle as kids around the Christmas tree, and inside that circle the grass is not growing.Folk superstitions attribute this location representatives mushroom kingdom action witches. Mushrooms grow on the site outlined witch magic circle. Getting Read more [...]
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Phantoms — who are they?

< ![endif]-->Man has the ability to create mental images, but often do not realize that these images are, under certain conditions can be visualized, that is, become visible. This process underlies the formation of phantom - power copies, not only inanimate objects, but also of animals, people and even towns. It is assumed that the water long gone legendary Russian City of Kitezh left a kind of phantom - just not in the form of an image, but in the form of sound waves. So far, according to many witnesses, can be heard from the ground the bells and church singing. Clarity created phantom depends Read more [...]
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Man for 14 days suffered 68 deaths and visited the other world

54-year-old Yuri Fedak says that all this happened to him in 1996. The man was working as a driver first deputy head of the regional police. Seen enough dead bodies and grief - that's why, according to Yuri, heart, and could not stand ... First zakarpatets "Disable" for 4 minutes. He was transported to a clearing, where everything was green and white, and on top - blue sky. Fedak felt amazing relief, but when he raised his head - Glade has disappeared and in its place came the doctors. The next two weeks a man's heart stopped several times a day. As a result, he learned Read more [...]
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Tbilisi museum visitors saw a ghost

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Reincarnation. Flight of the soul in time

< ![endif]-->Is there life after death, and what is it? This question interests of people for generations. At different times and in different ethnic groups were made up of their own religious beliefs about what happens to a person after his soul leaves the corporeal shell. One such belief was reincarnation of a deceased person in a new body. Ancient religions that were founded upon the situation, and now confess to many people, and they are based on reincarnation. Reincarnation - a Latin term that means "re-entry into the flesh and blood." The most common beliefs about the transmigration Read more [...]
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The British found the ghost man on the ruins of the demolished village with Google maps

Google continues to stir the image of Internet users: using its services, as it turned out, not only can virtually visit the Grand Canyon or looking at "gulag" in North Korea, but even to see something like a ghost. Briton from Bristol, on the wave of interest in local history are considered in Google vicinity of his office, found in the ruins of an ancient village of the shadow of a human figure. "I am very sensitive to the fact that for the ghosts, and this may be one of them" - said 38-year-old Fiona Powell The Post.Fiona Powell lives in Bristol and is very interested in Read more [...]
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Unexplained coincidences

In everyone's life a match more silt less visible, but history is replete with mysterious cases that do not fit into the framework of the theory of probability - so unusual and unpredictable there are such cases. Find the answer to strange phenomena, many experts have tried, but to no avail. And yet unexplained stories with coincidences keep happening in all corners of the globe.For example, this story received wide publicity. In 1990, he died the King of Italy Umberto I, his death was premature and not so unusual for a king - he was shot by an anarchist. However strange incident happened Read more [...]
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Telepathy — a conversation without words

< ![endif]-->The ability to transmit mental images or messages to another person located at a considerable distance, long been of interest of humanity. In fairness it should be noted that, despite the combined efforts of the best experts - analysts study this phenomenon is still a unique phenomenon remains beyond reach. However, many scientists believe that the ability of telepathy inherent in every human being, but it is in "sleep" state.The scientific study of this phenomenon began not too long ago. The term "telepathy" used the Frederic WH Myers 1882godu, and he Read more [...]
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Reincarnation — Reality

Many people often experience feelings of deja vu, recognition of any events or things. Modern medical science treats such conditions as mental disorders. However, by this interpretation, even the very educated people, scholars, human psyche, there are many questions, the answers to which the concept is not. These people share a different perspective. They refer to the wealth of evidence, which states that any deja vu or spontaneous recognition of the events are based on the experience that person has received in past lives. And although this interpretation is not acceptable in the modern scientific Read more [...]
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House-owner of the house

This being much  name: the owner, himself, a small, old man, but usually prefer to call it brownie. According to the beliefs of our ancestors, the house - this is the essence of the invisible energy, spirit living in each dwelling. However, if you want sometimes old houses may appear strong. It is always treated with great respect, because a good house has always been a reliable assistant owners of the house. If a family harmony reigns, harmony, and order-by all means it will try to help tenants: turn off the lights, look after young children, drive out evil spirits. So always "grandfather" Read more [...]
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Rules of reading conspiracy

How to prepare for reading the plot? How to read the magic words that they begin to act?Problems in his personal life, the lack of money, failure at work causes some people to seek the help of a magical ritual. There are many different charms to help establish family relationships, advance their careers, to bring stability to the financial issue. However, not all cases they give a positive result. Why is that? It turns out that a reading of the plot a little. Its effectiveness can be felt only correctly reading the magic words. Before the scheduled ceremony for 3 days you can not indulge Read more [...]
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Mechanisms have consciousness?

Do you ever feel like your favorite car or a vacuum cleaner as if guess your thoughts and desires, or on the contrary, are contrary to you. Today you will learn about these, documented, what is going on, and around the world. We will explain the strange behavior of the car, John F. Kennedy, Albert Camus, were present when the key events in their lives, as well as some of the other countries, but the confirmed events.We begin our story with the case of what happened with the popular Hollywood actor James Dean. James Dean died tragically on September 30, 1955. It happened on the track when the Read more [...]
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Coming out of the coma, the retired English speaking in Welsh

81-year-old Alan Morgan of town Batvik, in the English county of Somerset, threw another medical mystery and once again proved that modern medicine is still very poorly versed in the mysteries of the human brain. After recovering from a coma following the heart attack, he was surprised to find that speaks Welsh. Although earlier linguistic abilities for a not noticed and spoke only in English. As a child, Alan, however, lived for several years during the war, my grandmother in Wales, but he remembers that never learned Welsh, though, of course, a little understood it. Now, suddenly spoke briefly Read more [...]
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History Olga Kanev: My mother witch

Maria Yakushina: Olga, I know for a long time: we are friends, they say, with the nursery pot. All my problems, its problems and vice versa. In general, the friends do not spill - water. The story of her 31 - year life very tragic. Died early all the relatives. Survived by his mother, Helen Kanev. Olga is married and has three children. Olga fears for the lives of his family, in so far as, according to her, her mother was a witch. The first opening for girls "There was something in it not that such black eyes and angry. Apparently, the Witch, and the strong. " Grandma Helen Read more [...]
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Sleeping Beauty … Communicate with ghosts

17-year-old schoolgirl monthly sleeps soundly asleep. But okay she was sleeping - an unconscious girl manages to do incredible things. Shannon Magee because of his illness wakes Christmas, birthdays, family celebrations, and even examinations to obtain a high school diploma. Strange things are happening to her once a month, baffled and herself, and her parents.Man just "cut down" for a long time, and it is not just sleeping, and can walk around the apartment naked, of course, not even knowing it. Also manages to communicate with ghosts, who come to her in hallucinations, and even Read more [...]
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Who is a fagot?

Dummy - widely known folk character and at the same time insulting nickname that we sometimes in the hearts of his chief reward, regardless of gender. Kikimora marsh called unprepared students with lessons our class teacher. Now, few of us will be able to answer a simple question: "And who is this fagot?" Tradition says that cursing children carried off evil spirits in their possession immediately after they were born, where, exactly seven weeks they are called dummy. In a frail woman turns and unbaptized babies. Growing up, they again returned to the village pakostnichat, terrify Read more [...]
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Secret of Bigfoot

< ![endif]-->Bigfoot, Yeti, Sasquatch, Bigfoot - as they call this elusive resident uninhabited places, or distant from our predecessor, or a stranger from other dimensions. Judging by the fact that the name of the creature made by representatives of many nations, it is found almost everywhere, but people see him mostly transient and accidental. In ancient Russia illiterate peasants called him "goblin" or "master," and ended up at him more often in the woods, and in the winter it is being could move closer to people's houses to find something to eat and sleep in a relatively Read more [...]
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Riddle twins

< ![endif]-->Birth of a child from ancient times was surrounded by an aura of mystery. In many cultures there are special ceremonies held for this event, but special attention has always been given birth to twins. In the dark period of the Middle Ages the birth of two or more children of the same mother explained very simply: man entered the no contact with unclean, and therefore poor mothers with babies cruelly burned at the stake. Gone furthest in this direction fanatical clerics Spain legitimized XV century, the process of burning of "witches" and their newborn children.However, Read more [...]
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Dormant for years

< ![endif]-->The dream of eternal youth  captivated the minds of people for centuries, and is reflected in the stories and legends, when asleep for years people feel young and full of energy, while his peers were decrepit old man. But is it really enviable fate of sleeping beauties and handsome? And what is this strange phenomenon - lethargy, which allows you to save the youth through the years?Lethargy - this is a rare pathological condition of the body (also called the "little death") in which the human mind is usually preserved, but no, all reactions to stimuli from outside. Read more [...]
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