Medium from the UK described her communion with the angels

UK resident Jane Morris told reporters about his unusual abilities: A 32-year-old woman claims to be able to see angels, and even talk to them, writes Daily Mail.According to the medium, she began to see spirits and angels as a child, but learned to communicate with otherworldly creatures just a few years ago. According Dzh.Morris, angels live among the people and it is almost every day, and several times a day."They do not have faces and human bodies, their" voices "can not hear, but I can talk to them and understand how they feel, noting the brightness of light emitted by them", Read more [...]
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Expanding our paranormal possibilities — biophysical and clinical approaches to parapsychology

Despite the fact that most of the current debates about the existence of the paranormal arises in research psychology and culture, in fact, the background investigation of psychic abilities as much, if not more, is based on the physical sciences and clinical medicine. In a recent article for Reality Sandwich researcher Paul Devereux examines biophysical experiments of Dr. Michael Persinger and Dottie Blake of the Lavrentiev University in Ontario, and, as can be seen from these experiments, they carry our attention back to the physical characteristics of phenomena: "Parapsychology usually gives Read more [...]
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Favorites of angels

The average person does not foresee his fate. The future is hidden from us in the encircling fog of uncertainty. But there are the lucky ones, which reliably protects the guardian angel is likely, then, that these people could perform some mysterious mission that they have a higher power. That was then, so it is in our time and, most likely, will happen to the inhabitants of the planet Earth in the future.SAVES repeatedly Claude Joseph Vernet. "Shipwreck". 1763English sailor named James Jones, who lived in the XIX century, was famous for always escaped the most terrible shipwrecks, Read more [...]
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Live more than once

Despite the impressive achievements of science (particularly medicine), still do not know exactly what it is - the human brain. The greatest mystery? Yes. Huge universe with tens of billions of nerve cells-neurons and countless meaningful relationships. How are the thought processes - is unclear. And in the way of their own knowledge of the human brain offers startling discovery ...Help to remember Scotland. It "saw" himself one of the heroines of this articleIohannef Buttlar, known in the West, a psychologist and hypnotist, gives his patients a trip to the past. It's amazing Read more [...]
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Chronicles the end of the world. How will the 2012-th?

In Transcarpathia still find crosses cut down a tree

Manifestations of religious miracle, which can be termed as "wonderful face in the trunk of the tree of the cross" is mainly distributed in the western Ukraine. Photo by Alexander Ivanovich: Orthodox cross cut the treeTranscarpathia, 2005Such is the story (though belated) told "Ukraine anomalous" (in January 2013), one Alexander: in 2005, a forester collect fuel wood at home razkolke found Orthodox cross on both halves, in mirror image. Now this piece of wood with a cross, located in the village Kostylivka in the Holy Transfiguration Orthodox Church (Transcarpathian region, Read more [...]
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The clouds — a rare phenomenon?

Message of Hambo Lama Etigelova

Dashi-Dorzho Itigelov - Pandito Hambo Lama XII (that is, the head of the Buddhists of Buryatia). He was recognized as the reincarnation of dam-Dorzho Zayaev, first Pandito Hambo Lama.According to existing sources of Itigelov, is highly likely to Dashi-Dorzho Itigelov was born in 1852 in the locality Ulzy Dobo (now the territory of the village administration Orongoyskoy Ivolginsky district of the Republic of Buryatia).According to legend, June 15, 1927 XII Pandito Hambo Lama Dasha-Dorzho Itigelov sat in the lotus position and gathered disciples. He gave them their final instructions: "You Read more [...]
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Russian science is in ruins

Electromagnetic karma

Nature must be designed in the likeness. Therefore, for the description of, say, the physical level can use the analogy of water. All space must be filled with some medium through which transmitted vibration. Therefore, for the description of, say, the physical level can use the hydraulic model. Only difference in the frequency of vibration. If we look at the float in the water, when the fish are biting, there is a vibration, and float on the surface and swinging from it in different directions diverge around waves. Fig.1. Waves on a water surface. If we stick to the analogy, on the psychic Read more [...]
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My child has a six sense

The "My child has a sixth sense" will allow viewers to get to know sverhodarennymi children and their families. Show psychics are very popular in our country, but we can see there are already professionals, people who have learned to live with his special gift. But how hard it was to realize his childhood otherness, to cope with their own abilities and not lose touch with family and friends are often skeptical of their gift, we do not know. One of the children is able to predict the future, one sees the dead, someone treats hands, they all have different abilities, but all of them Read more [...]
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Mysterious Raudive voices

In 1969 he published a book in Germany Latvian émigré psychologist Konstantin Raudive "Making inaudible signal to audible." It outlines the public learned his method of communication with the other world with electronic devices.In his work of K. Raudive citing numerous facts mysterious radio messages and justify the theory that, as a means of radio receive messages "from the world", though before it worked only mediums. However, the Latvian psychologist was not the first to discover the phenomenon of mysterious radio signals. In the decade prior to the publication of the Read more [...]
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Farmers a Serbian villages for fear of vampires carry garlic and crosses

Always, keep the garlic, the cross and be on the lookout - vampires can be next. That, at least, consider a remote Serbian village peasants nucleation, lost between the slopes of the mountains and forest jungle. The local council has warned residents to carry in their pockets and put garlic in rooms wooden crosses that protect from evil spirits. All of these "precautions", of course, are intended to attract visitors to one of the poorest regions on the border with Bosnia.Many local farmers are aware that Sava Savanovic, the most famous vampire in the country, is a fictional character. Read more [...]
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Most ghosts are tied to the place where they accepted death

It is believed that most ghosts are tied to the place where they are (ie - the people they once were) was premature, often painful death. And if it killed several hundred or even thousands of people, then it is possible the emergence of entire hordes of ghosts.This occurs typically in the areas of bloody battles. And then, in dozens, if not hundreds of years, the witnesses with amazement and horror watching the battle ghostly soldiers again and again come together in mortal combat ... The phenomenon of phantom battles known since ancient times. Ancient authors reported the appearance on the Read more [...]
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Jumping through time: eyewitness

In early autumn 1971 white Ford pickup pulled up to the pasture near Ponca City, Oklahoma, and stopped at the gate. Carl, Mark and Gordon, three employees of a local company selling fodder, came to this remote place to pick up the trough. And then in '41, they did not tell anyone about what happened. "We opened the gates of the barbed wire, the castle they were not, and we stopped," - begins the story Carl. - "Circle - private land, grass - above the hood of the truck." Through the tall grass they reached the trough, which stood next to the red barn, and then got out. Read more [...]
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Journalists looking for 34 channels in the devastated ghost Dnepropetrovsk hospital

Dilapidated buildings - and their in Dnepropetrovsk - dozens - attract and fascinate. Almost every city of ruin, you can write a book or script for horror films. And even if there is nothing terrible happened - the historical truth still few will install ... - and the city will continue to go Xia legends and mystical traditions. The journalists of the "On The Road" reveals the secrets of ancient ruins. Hospital "Red Cross" in the street Korolenko looks ominous even in broad daylight ... Homeless, strange sounds and ghosts - the most innocent of what attribute this building. Read more [...]
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Mystery of life and death Yevgeny Petrov

One of the literary fathers of Ostap Bender - Evgeni Petrov (Kataev) was his original hobby - he collected stamps from his own letters. He did this very intricate way: send a letter to some non-existent address in different cities and countries. And the envelope back to him, decorated with exotic stamps and postmarks with the "wrong address." In April 1939, he sent a letter, which led to a series of strange events. Cathay Petrov decided to disturb his persona far New Zealand. He invented a town called Haydberdvill, street Ratbich, 7, and destination - Merrill Odzhina Ueyzli. The Read more [...]
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Secrets of the World with Anna Chapman. One-way ticket

Curious Ghost Train, which does not adhere to the schedule, does not stop at the station, do not take passengers. He appears out of nowhere and be straight to hell …
Category: Supernatural
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Fatal paintings by Russian artists

Fine art has always felt ties to the mystical realm. After all, any image is an energetic imprint of the original, especially when it comes to portraits. It is believed that they are able to influence not only those to whom written, but also to other people. The examples are not far to seek: turn to the Russian art XIX - early XX century.We take away the soul In the portrait of Vladimir Borovikovsky - early deaths from tuberculosis Maria LopukhinOn the portrait of Mary Lopukhina Vladimir Borovikovsky told horror stories in the days of Pushkin. He wrote was from early deaths from tuberculosis Read more [...]
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Ghosts, demons, goblins, poltergeists

A small collection of the most acclaimed video

Category: Supernatural

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