Secrets of the world — Resurrected from the dead

Lethargy and death — where the line between the two? Whether the death is reversible? Whether the resurrection of the dead?
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Loan against the soul

"Sold his soul" - so say the people without honor and conscience, which, despite their dirty work, for some reason all luck. Is it possible to actually dispose of his soul, receiving any real benefit?Strangers in black Friedrich Gustav Schlick. "Faust and Wagner for a walk." 1847-1850 years.In its original meaning of the phrase connotes a contract between man and the supernatural. This agreement (which, according to mythology, was supposed to bind blood) took into account the interests of both parties. "Client" offers certain benefits (wealth, eternal youth, love, Read more [...]
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After the restoration of the church a man cured of cancer

A man from Minnesota, who suffers from a malignant brain tumor, and saw a dilapidated church and decided to rebuild the temple.Upon completion of the reconstruction of an abandoned building, a cancer patient to see a doctor, who reported the disappearance of all signs of the deadly disease. Three years ago, Greg Thomas of Montgomery, Minnesota, was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor grade 4. The doctors told the family 57-year-old man, unable to help it, and advised to prepare for the upcoming funeral. At work, Greg said that free him from his post, to terminally ill man could spend the remaining Read more [...]
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Supernatural. Reckoning

Superpowers — a gift or a curse? Why each of the people who have these skills, paid for his gift terrible price?
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Scientists investigated the deadly virus of unknown origin

European scientists have published the first study of coronavirus, which killed 12 people and was first seen in 2012 in the Middle East. Reviewed the records of dozens of patients, biologists suspect that in front of them is just the tip of the iceberg. The study, published in the journal of the American Association of Microbiologists mBio, shed light on the possible ways to treat patients.New coronavirus NCoV belongs to the same family as the common cold or SARS. In the human body it can penetrate through the respiratory tract, and then attacks the immune system in the lungs.Developed symptoms Read more [...]
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Good evil

Many people believe that ghosts cause only harm us: provoke bad things and bring down the right path. But is it really?In 2002, the family Adams began a new period. They moved to a large house, and their youngest son, Robert, who grew introverted and reclusive, has finally found a friend. Robert made friends with a boy named Sean, which is often played in the street. From communicating with one another, Robert was ecstatic. When parents offered her son Sean to invite a visit, he refused, saying that Sean is not quite an ordinary boy, and is unlikely to agree to come. Later it turned out that Read more [...]
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Secrets of the departed

Mysterious disappearances according to scientists in fourth place among the most misunderstood phenomena our planet. People disappear all ages, often without a trace, sometimes in front of many witnesses. Much less a person opens a gift spatial teleportation, which he could control at will. For example, Zhang Baoshen, Chinese descent, often demonstrated a unique ability to teleport, and could dematerialize small objects, which then appear in another place. Experiments to study this phenomenon were conducted in 1982-1983, in the most severe conditions. Specialists stocked all kinds of modern Read more [...]
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Secret power tattoos

Birthmark on the human body has long been attached special importance. It was believed that the location of moles and their combination affect the fate of a man in any way, determine its future. They say that a mole in any case can not be removed - it is violating its own energetic background of the person. But it also happens that people are deliberately trying to change his fate by artificial application of magic symbols and marks on the skin with tattoos.The engineers working in this field say that tattoos are really able to change the destiny of man, and, moreover, sometimes not for the Read more [...]
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This terrible darkness

In 1957, the French newspaper article appeared. It told of one case, which occurred with a 54 - year-old woman, whose name was Mireille Genet. This woman was a professional nurse, so she was invited as a carer for young children and how patronage nurse. The townspeople of Arles, where she was a woman, thought her calm and balanced lady. Therefore, surprisingly reacted to her story about what happened to her event.July 16, at about noon near the wife came to the house of the family Cotillion, who invited her as a carer for a newborn baby. This day was a beautiful sunny weather, so she decided Read more [...]
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The park is inhabited by the ghosts of Nizhny Novgorod

Nizhegorodka Natalia Bukleeva share stories that happened to her in the park "Switzerland."I love to walk. "I often spend time in the parks, - says Natalya. - I love to walk in nature, even in winter. Abstract from sedentary work, enjoying nature. And since I live on Gagarin Avenue, it is often in the park "Switzerland. I like the park, nice and clean, lots of trees. Sometimes I ride it on skis. "Curiosity. "Not long ago I went in the evening walk in the park. As I passed down the staircase that leads to the river, near the bus stop, "manor", I saw Read more [...]
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Anomalous, unexplained and frightening — Poltergeist

Poltergeist find some harmful effect, sometimes evil, under the influence of such forces are beginning to move objects and heard strange noises. The word "poltergeist" comes from the German language from words - rolter, which means noise, rumbling and pounding and geist, which means spirit. For the first time this phenomenon has been seen in ancient times. And since 1890 the phenomenon of "poltergeist" began to explore different methods of parapsychologists and researchers of psychic phenomena.Talked earlier about poltergeists as a force in people hurled mud, stones, can Read more [...]
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About damned roadways drivers should warn a special sign

Samarets Sergei Skoroumov sure: geopathic zones of the Earth directly affect the amount of terrible traffic accidents. It offers equipped deadly place has patented a special sign, saying that at times it will reduce the risk of death of pedestrians and drivers.- Sergey, at the end of last year you have patented Rospatent unusual road sign to warn road users of geopathic zone.- Accident on formal grounds of "driver lost steering" in the field occur every day. Traffic cops say, due to carelessness. Drivers blame bad roads. Scientists also give an explanation, "strange" accidents Read more [...]
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Healing properties of trees

Many herbs and trees have healing properties. If you kiss her back to "his" tree, your mood improves, and from anger and stress will be over. In addition, with the trees of the healers can get rid of many ailments. Each tree - either energy vampire or a donor. Do not be scared of this statement, because trees vampires are also important for healing, as well as donors, simple tasks are slightly different. They relieve stress, take away the negative energy, soothe and relax. The trees will give the donor body the natural energy will add strength and positive impact on the reduction Read more [...]
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The human brain

The human brain, despite the fact that the development of medicine has made a huge leap forward, is the most mysterious region of the human body. Composed of billions of neurons, it controls all the activities, and thus has unique and mysterious properties. As you know, the human brain has two cerebral hemispheres - right and left, and a few structures such as the midbrain, corpus callosum, and several others, which are important for the normal functioning of the body. Until recently it was believed that each of the areas of the brain can perform well-defined functions. However, recent research Read more [...]
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Clay Golem — truth or legend

Man is so constituted that he always wanted to be like God - is also to be the Creator, Sozdatelem.V Basically, this is probably inherent in the very nature of man, for it is said that God created us in His image and podobiyu.V holy books like the Bible, the Koran's It is very detailed. For example, in Sura 32 "petition" states that God created Adam from clay, "He - he who knows the unseen and the seen, the great, the merciful, who made all things beautiful, that did, and created the first time a person from clay "(32:6-7). Apparently, so the man all the way and tried to Read more [...]
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Mandy Carr — to understand the language of animals

Do you think people are able to understand the language of animals only in fairy tales? 39-year-old Briton Mandy Carr, whose specialty - Grooming cats and dogs, says that it is able to read the thoughts of its four-legged customers. And it shows the makings of a medium - even communicates with the dead animals. Owners pay her for diagnosing pets and seances.For the first time it happened with Mandy at 20 years of age. She will cut off one of the dogs, and I heard a "voice" to beg for a treat. Realizing that it "speaks" to her client, she thought that she had clouded his Read more [...]
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Actor Alexander Galibin found in the souls of the underworld

Actor Alexander Galibin agreed to play a role in the mystical series "Master and Margarita" by reason of the fact that he had interest in all things otherworldly. At one time he was interested in "palmistry, Kabbalah, Nostradamus and the preparation of horoscopes." And this actor well succeeded. Only once he realized that his passion is addictive, as the abyss. Therefore, I decided that enough is enough, he tied up with mysticism. Only his passion began to resemble many years currently. To him be the ghosts are the people whom he had to play on the stage and in movies. Read more [...]
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Moles — Coming from a past life

Each person on the body have specific areas of skin, containing a large amount of pigment. Usually they have a person from birth, so they called them accordingly - moles. People have long begun to pay attention to the location and shape of these structures, a result there was a science that studies the relationship of the nature and destiny of man to the location and form of birthmarks. This science is called moleosofiya.The origin of nevi at different times to different interpretations. For example, in the Middle Ages they were considered "the devil's marks", and therefore accused Read more [...]
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The curse of

Many people, according to psychics, the curse kind. Is the title of a certain power influence of supernatural forces on the human body.This is the punishment for murder. Payback is not easy. Means the curse of death in this life, or accident, or from a terminal illness. But the worst thing is that the murderer inevitably doomed his race to degenerate. His descendants seriously ill, drink too much, go crazy, commit suicide.Concurrence of circumstances or the fatal predestination?Fully felt the curse of Count Fyodor Tolstoy. Earl was a consummate adventurer, a desperate gambler and duelist. Read more [...]
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The phenomenon of the invisible demons

In 1976, in the Chinese city of Nanjing citizens have experienced terrible panic. They believed that in their town appeared invisible demons that have cut their traditional urban pigtails. The townspeople were trying to save their hair, covering their heads with hands, but it was all in vain. Then there was panic in Shanghai and later in the rest of China, where unseen forces started killing people in their sleep. This mass hysteria lasted about three years, and during this time the mysterious creature who cut their hair, it was relentless. Meanwhile, this case can not be considered the first Read more [...]
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