«DISTURBING BACKPACK or a list of things that must be you in the event of a drape from unsafe areas.

Actions of recent months have shown us all that we live in a world that we do, in fact, do not know. We do not know how to behave, if the machine will refuse to give funds, that is, if the shops will be closed for a week, what to drink, if the tap is water, and where to run, if a city is captured by the enemy. Military people about to ensure they taught. What to do civilian people? Where to run? And most importantly - what to take? The latest issue is devoted to the post below.Critical or alarming haversack is a generic title basic set of things that can be useful for you in any critical situation. Read more [...]
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Burdock oil is obtained from the roots of various species of burdock plants of the first and second year of life, as they are equal. The roots are dug in autumn, when the above-ground part will dry up, or Renesmee in the spring at the time of regrowth of leaf rosette and the absence of the stem.Chemical composition:Burdock oil contains a natural polysaccharide inulin (up 45%), protein substances protein (about 12,34%), sieve-Sterol, essential oils (0.17%), fatty acids (palmitic and stearic), tannins, bitterness (about 20%), mineral salts (chromium, cobalt, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, Read more [...]
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SOLAR HEATING. The wall of a blood CLOT.

Solar wall of a blood Clot is a bulky concrete structure on the southern facade of a building, enclosed on the outside by glass and painted in a dark color or covered with a selectively absorbing foil. Assembled within a day or outer surface of the wall heat of the sun with a certain delay is passed at night in the room. This design was created by French doctor of Thrombus and called by his name.Typically, the conductivity of the walls of the blood Clot does not provide a suitable heat transfer, and to transfer heat inside the premises of heated air, it expanded through special holes in the top Read more [...]
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I'm not a hunter, because the suit did not so much for wearing much for their enthusiasm and just to occupy yourself with something in the evenings after work. Viewed in the web of various production methods such suit and wanted already had to slow down on the method which looked on YouTube where South American fighters just put a camouflage net on everyday green jumpsuit some super glue, and it already imposed strip of fabric. It seemed to me that not looking at the ease of manufacturing such a suit is not very reliable and I was going to do on your... For starters took the old work jacket and Read more [...]
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HIKE WITH the Least WEIGHT of Knapsack

Often do you think about what to bring in your pack, if you go for a little hike for a number of days? Usually, I grab the satchel up to 45 HP, write down everything that comes to hand and rammed.Another thing, when you are going on a long trip, or even weeks. The pack is completed neatly, the weight of each item is calculated to grams. In the second step, the contents of the knapsack is moving in new ways and unnecessary items that are not essential, are removed from the pack in General. What would be available in your knapsack was not, he usually still goes languid. This is a problem for many Read more [...]
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• Correct cleaning of teeth 90% allows you to keep your teeth awake throughout life." Need to brush your teeth at least 2 times a day during the day and evening. " The angle that must be brush during the cleaning of the teeth is 45° with respect to the junction of the tooth and gums. " Keep your toothbrush, so there was less damage to the gums, it is necessary as a ballpoint pen, and not as a tennis racket. " Motion toothbrush up and down and left and right is excluded, instead you need to move the brush in small circles, cleaning for 1 radial movement 1-2 teeth. " Must be brushed and the front Read more [...]
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How to train your sense of time and to Wake up without an alarm clock

At all times and in all intelligence agencies valued the ability to awaken fit without an alarm clock. For inner bio clock is a need to develop a sense of time. Workout of the ordinary. For this you need to have at least some constant source of at least some of the sound.Determine without the aid of a stopwatch, what time (how many seconds) continues some constant sound. Now test with stopwatch in advance is enabled. Quite rapidly you will start to determine the playing time to a precision of 2 - 3 C.To achieve more or less important results allow a period of silence equal to the duration of sound. Read more [...]
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REACTIVE FURNACE (Rocket stove, Rocket Stove), a family of furnaces, representing a generator of pyrolysis gas and combined with it the combustion products of pyrolysis,

with all this blowing of fuel is not a fan of either engine, and thrust, which makes the mutual location of the firebox and combustion chamber which commemorates Dakoske Hearth.From Decodage Focus differs in that the thrust is oriented away from the mine with fuel towards the free mine and thrust is provided from the fuel to another cell due to the greater height of the camera in which burning occurs.The advantage of such furnaces to high efficiency heat efficiency and virtually complete combustion of fuel.read more http://raiar.ru/novosti/pech.html#vigilanciadelasalud@sv_bunker12 rocket stove Read more [...]
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EMERGENCY Supplies of Goods FOR Long-term STORAGE IN the APARTMENT

Anything can happen anytime.Will adapt and you can live in all criteria. Fuel for heating can look, the clothes - the subject of long use, and hunt there every day this cheap human nature.On the web sites of vyryvalsya often discussed question progerias, and you know it all.No pretending, just want to share with you what was shared with me my "prosharenyy" in this issue the other.specifically :his approach to creating a food supply in case of emergency, On his behalf :Procurement variants progerias mass. I will talk purely about your own experience, on the basis of their own reasoning Read more [...]
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The Economical CONSTRUCTION a country HOUSE with THEIR own HANDS

We decided to get a summer holiday house.but in almost all system companies already formed a queue for the construction of the frame holiday homes, because we all thought and decided to do a little economical frame house with their own hands.AND DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE CONSTRUCTION AND INTERIOR DECORATION, YOU WILL SEE UNDER EACH PHOTO in the photo - album [ ]SIZES AND Costs : The size of the house of 2.7 * 5,4 m Area: 14,54 kV/m or approximately 14 kV/m inside. Taking into account the fact that the frame house is on our site temporary structure, we have essentially preserved when building Read more [...]
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Friends, waiting for the photo of your attacks with the beauty of your country in the Source

The source of survival 16 APR 2014 16:27April 13, 2014. After a couple of unsuccessful attacks overnight, where we built the machinations of the nasty weather that's on its last legs internal "battery", decided to go to walk to studied and loved us places, kept the local reservoir. Water during the winter went on a good 20 meters from shore rock band, and this allows us to comfortably sit under a mountain, make a fire, enjoy the sea waves, to monitor how in the blue heavens chase a string of young jastrebski...EDT April 13 19Went to kept the Yenisei, stood under the slide, burned Read more [...]
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CHUFA — ground ALMONDS (or Syt edible)

Friends, I Wish to direct your attention to another exciting edible tuberous plant, with a nutty taste that success can be grown and stored.Chufa (lat. Cyperus esculentus) - long herbaceous plant of the Sedge family (Cyperaceae), cultivated as a food plant because edible nodules-nuts on the roots.In the Russian Federation chufa has been known since the end of XVIII century under the names of the apiary and syt.Homeland it is considered the Mediterranean and North Africa.Some researchers believe that chufa was base ration of Sagintayev, who lived about 2 million years ago. Chufa one of the first Read more [...]
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If the accident happened in the town or on a busy highway, the possibility that You will rapidly find and contribute (qualified or not is a question of Your fortune, chance.Will consider the situation, when it came back from the slopes, but on a good paved two-lane road? And now moving from point a to point b, You feel like singing a motor that is rich in oxygen the air of the vast expanses of our majestic homeland, knowing that the middle merchant striped sticks in the middle of nowhere - why not "to extenuate? And at this time, the tractor dude, after graduating from one field to plow, at the Read more [...]
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OPTION IISlow moving on the way from mother-in-law home, in the rear view mirror You saw rapidly approaching headlights. And now, not including the turn signal sweeps past You kind of car and after 2-3 minutes hiding behind nibleheim turn - let's call it, for example, "Fedin rotate.So You got to turning, beheld a wide traces mighty "Kirovets", shifted to a lower gear and here, a clear trail brake, perecherknuty Mus and passing over the edge, made me think about You, and in memory floated car:a) go past face lighted with pleasure over dashing "horseman"?b) to slow down, to look, to assist, but You Read more [...]
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And if You have any new cases or generally, You don't understand, where naiblezhayshie clinic, you do not need to take the man out of the car. After the impact he has already made yourself the most comfortable position, perched under a roof and not in the rain and Your rush him out of the car, the only damage him. Now put the car on the handbrake, if it works, and if not, poke a couple of wheels to a machine where you do not need not pulled off, disconnect the battery by removing the two terminals - this need. Later to try to lower the back of the seat and push the seat itself is also necessary. Read more [...]
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Semyon Slepakov: Patriotic-erotic 2:3116 APR 2014 14:30|I like1266 commentsEugene Demikhovsky Ah Yes krasavella you need to look for his work. cool16 APR 14:35|3Igor Nasty AI malades As well said-sang16 APR at 15:07|1Alexey Berkut Song Russian bureaucrat he is correct. Read more [...]

The SOLAR AIR lock and load

In this case, the collector was made along the entire length of the house, and since the collector is very impressive sizes, and materials are chosen more powerful. As a framework targeted to use the Board with a width of 30-40 mm, the rear wall of hydrostone plywood (OSB Board) - width 8-10 mm.As absorber used duralumin drain pipe of rectangular cross-section. So how, specifically, aluminum is the best heat conductor. But alternatively, you can use pipes of tin round cross-section.To retain heat in the manifold, the back wall should be insulated with mineral wool, and the side walls of EPS. For Read more [...]
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UKRAINE, Announcements ..15 April 2014

Turchynov announced the beginning of military operations in the Donetsk region, in the region of troops and military equipment of Ukraine's armed forces. According to 1 of correspondents life news by phone from the scene - at checkpoints Donetsk region and already behind them, are fighting (?) .. people in dark form shot in the militia..according to unconfirmed reports, more than 20 injured..People of Donbass is preparing for the upcoming assault on the army of Ukraine.. According to unofficial data - the night is expected Stripping.Turchynov has received an ultimatum from the Right sector to deal Read more [...]
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The addition of SOLAR AIR COLLECTOR OF downpipes

The main drawback of solar air collector that needs to be installed on the wall of a house on the South side, and often times, just South side of the house is the front. Accordingly, to the solar air collector did not spoil the facade of the house, you must do so to fit in with the appearance of the house.In this article we will talk about how to make a solar air collector with their hands, so that he rushed to his eyes and mingled with the Foundation of the house.The main material for the production of solar air collector with his hands, was iron drain pipe of rectangular cross-section (which Read more [...]
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"Where the dog lay down, says one of the Proverbs, - story home. where forty-sat - Roy well"The dog is a mammal, and all mammals, including people react to bad zone deteriorating health. Even in feral cold dog never will be in the cage if the cage is above the fault.With Jay, too, everything is simply explained: it searches for insects, and they prefer geopathic zones, usually, wettish.So our observations protcol helped them just to find where the person will live simply and dangerous.Modern scholars on countless examples is satisfied that these observations are correct. Here are some Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

Site structure "Survival in the wild nature" is simple and logical, selecting a specific section, you will find information. You will find on our website recommendations and practical advice on survival, unique descriptions and pictures of animals and plants, turn-based scheme to trap wild animals, tests and reviews of travel gear, rare books on survival and wildlife. The site also has a large section devoted to video on survival survivalist-known professionals around the world.

The main theme of the site, "Survival in the wild nature" - is to be ready to be in the wild, and the ability to survive in extreme conditions.

The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).