Getting the fire in the jungle

Production of fire in the equatorial and subtropical forests – the task is not simple. In the jungle, many opportunities for different ways to get the fire. And kindling and wood material is present in excess. But there is one problem – humidity. AT rainy season to make a fire very difficult. But also in other seasons, under the cover of crowns very humid jungle. Firewood may seem quite dry, but actually – they are impregnated with moisture like a sponge. The problem with high humidity in fact, very difficult to be solved. You either find enough dry kindling material: bark, thin Read more [...]
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Canopy-tent of a fallen tree

While driving through the wild regions of our planet, we can not allow the night caught you by surprise. It is necessary to advance, for 1.5-2 hours before dusk, to attend preparation accommodations, campfire, etc. In this article we will talk about the device is quite comfortable and prefabricated types of shelters – hut at the base of a fallen tree. In the jungle, especially in the forests of the middle band and the taiga, this method of construction of the shelter is very relevant. Thus, we need to find fallen tree (pine, cedar, and the like), which lies next to the standing trees, which Read more [...]
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Without a machete in the jungle or foot

Jungle, as well as wild taiga – dangerous, impenetrable forest. Taiga windbreaks can often be overcome, but avoiding them finding loopholes. Thickets in the jungle – several different matter. The traveler is faced with the so-called secondary jungle – thick bushes and thick tangle of vines. Go through the secondary jungle can only cut a path in front of him. To hack – need machete.Let's face it. Without a machete practically impossible to navigate through the secondary jungle. Thick brush and tangles of vines impassable. Search workarounds – inefficient, takes a Read more [...]
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Apiary — this is a godsend

During Extreme Survival, It should be very careful. The environment is hostile. But at the same time, nature is all that will help a person survive. It is only important to know what to look for and how to use a particular resource to their advantage. Today we talk about a very interesting object, which can be found in the jungle – about termitary.Termites, a special kind of insects like big ants. Termites feed on wood. Actually the house of termites, termitary like a big ant hill, but slightly different in texture.Faced mound in the jungle, do not pass by – this is a whole discovery. Read more [...]
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Liana — versatile raw material

Equatorial and tropical jungle vines abound. It is important to make maximum use of all the resources that are available in the environment. Liana – an excellent resource that allows the traveler to solve a lot of problems and challenges. Firstly, vines – this excellent material from which to make excellent ropes. A rope needed at every step. Of them can make hammocks, equipment for climbing the mountains and trees. Ropes allow you to build rafts and temporary housing. That made from vines really good rope, vine should be heated on the fire, stretch your hands well to fight off the Read more [...]
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Dangers of autonomous navigation

If you are drifting in the middle of the ocean, then get ready to confront a number of threats and dangers. In this article we analyze the main risks faced by a person in distress in the waters of the high seas. The danger of drowning. If there is a shipwreck or other accident, as a result of which a person is left alone with the waves, then there is a risk of drowning. Even a professional swimmer, sooner or later, will be beaten out of the forces. Even in order to keep afloat need to expend energy. And it's still in good conditions, when the water is quite a comfortable temperature. To make a Read more [...]
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Mosquitoes — King of the Jungle

Mosquitoes, gnats – a real scourge for those who found themselves face to face with the wet equatorial forests, jungles (and taiga men know that mosquitoes – this is a serious problem). Today we talk about the dangers that mosquitoes carry. The methods of how to protect themselves from the gnats. In ancient China, even had such a penalty: the condemned were tied to a tree in the jungle, and a horde of mosquitoes literally sucked all the blood during the night, left alone «cloth»And not a man. Barbara, of course, these Chinese. A mosquitoes, midges – it's really big, Read more [...]
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Food in the autonomous navigation

If you are drifting in the open ocean, in addition to the total problem of potable water, it is necessary to solve the problem with the food. Even if you go into the sea from the land and make some supply of food, then it still will not last long. The same applies to the case of a shipwreck. Even if we managed to capture the galley with some products before the ship sank – you still have to somehow replenish stocks. The first thing that comes to mind – this fishing. Still, the sea abounds in different animals. Well, if there is at the disposal of improvised fishing pole: fishing line Read more [...]
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Survival knife

Knife – most important tool, attributes necessary for survival in an emergency situation. Perhaps, many experts survive if they are given in an emergency leave with only one subject – they chose the knife. The knife is really versatile and multi-functional object. In this article we will examine the basic functions that are assigned to the survival knife. And also, we explain the basic requirements, which must have a good knife. Knife – Universal cutting tool. To list that can be cut with a knife and process – a very long and thankless task… Almost everything from Read more [...]
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Survival in cold water

Be in ice water – serious test. Even for the trained organism – it is a huge stress. The water temperature is less than 5 degrees. Celsius, a person can survive for about 15-20 minutes, and then begin to decrease the body temperature. Blood will begin to move more slowly, begin to go numb limbs, straying breath. And then – end. It's one thing if you need to cross the conscious water obstacle with ice water. Other – if you accidentally It was in cold water. If you fall into a lake or river – try, without losing a second, to get out to the beach. If the wave around the Read more [...]
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What good dungeon

The relief of our planet is very diverse. Man in extreme conditions should make maximum use of all terrain features for their own purposes, for survival. Today we talk about natural dungeons, caves, grottos. What value can give the dark places of the person. Firstly, Caves – very shady places where great hiding in merciless heat of a tropical afternoon. Secondly, in caves and grottoes it is often possible get water. It must be said that often the water flow at the time and created these moves in the mountainous, volcanic rock. Normally, the thread is not strong, but it is present. Also, water Read more [...]
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The distress signal at sea

Having distress on the high seas, man is facing a number of serious problems. We humans, as a species, too many branches of evolution back out of the water. Now, our element - land. AND survival on the high seas for a man is much more severe test than if it occurred on land. Many of the techniques of survival at sea are specific and very different from similar practices on land. Today we'll talk about how to feed distress at sea. On land one of the most effective ways to signal a distress signal fire. However, the high seas, light a fire is only possible if you are on a ship. In 9 cases out of Read more [...]
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Sharpening a knife means at hand

It is clear that in extreme conditions, you will not have any special grindstone, or other devices sharpening knife. Knife – the most important survival tool, and it should always be very sharp. In today's article we will talk about methods of sharpening knives using improvised means. The first and most obvious means sharpening knife – stone, ordinary piece of rock. With success you can sharpen knives on the surfaces of most rocks and even on the pavement. In fact, the abrasive grindstone, whetstone – little superior to an ordinary stone, except for ease of use. If you are on Read more [...]
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Production of fresh water

With autonomous navigation on the high seas, acute issue of fresh drinking water. Around literally a sea of ​​water, but all of it is salty – not suitable for drinking. How to be a man caught in the ocean without water supplies? How to get fresh water into the sea? These are the questions we will answer in this article. The easiest and most effective method of desalination of sea water – distiller. It looks like this. Take another bowl or wide pot. At the bottom we put the empty mug. In a bowl, pour the salt water. Cover the bowl with polyethylene, cloth, etc. Fasten tape to the Read more [...]
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Psychology of Survival

Somehow, a great samurai said: «I do not know how to win others. I know how to win yourself». The victory is the basis of any self-conquest. These theses fully fit the psychology of survival. If a person is discouraged, discouraged, lose faith in what saved the situation, seeming desperate and hopeless – then he will not survive. And whoever does not matter what fights to the last – It has a chance. And even if it dies, the hero in the struggle, and not as a weak-willed beast. Actually, Psychology in an extreme situation at times more important than knowledge, and physical Read more [...]
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Weather sign

«There is no bad weather» - This proverb to the townsfolk and the romantics… For someone who struggling to survive in the wild, the weather is usually a bad or very bad. Very important to predict the weather, to prepare for various eventualities: frost, storm, snow, rain, thunderstorm. And here need high-quality weather forecast, and not the lazhovy as we usually transmits weather bureau. After all, your life is on the map. In this article we will touch on a number, which can make short-range weather forecast. In the fall, spring and winter, when it was cloudy and cold, and in Read more [...]
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Natural rope

In extreme conditions often require different cordage, ropes, cables. Ropes need during the construction of the raft, the home; to overcome obstacles, rock climbing; to create traps, snares for hunting; for the repair of clothing and equipment. You can enumerate a long time. Fact – rope needed. But they are not always in stock. This is good if you have a parachute straps; large ship line, which can dissolve into smaller rope; or a lot of fabric, clothes, raspolosovat which can be woven rope. But often, nothing like that is not available. You have to improvise and make rope from scrap materials. Liana. Read more [...]
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The importance of personal hygiene

Even if you are Into the Wild, struggling on the brink of survival with the nature around dirt, bad weather – do not neglect such a ritual as guidance personal care. And how it would not seem absurd to brush your teeth or wash, if you can be a few hours perish – it is still worth doing! After all, the importance of traditional morning procedures, significantly higher than many believe. At first, purity – is health. Agree, shame will get sick from unsanitary conditions, or even die from some bacillus, very sad when your life is constantly threatened by the mass of a much more serious Read more [...]
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Gifts of Water

Water – life itself! In conditions of extreme survival, water – It is not only a source of drinking water. Water Strider is able to provide many valuable things for survival. That may give the water and most importantly, how to take – we'll talk today. You were at the pond. The need for drinking water, is satisfied. With more or less effort, but satisfied. Now let's see what food you can get in the water and around it. In different regions of our planet, ponds inhabited by different animals. Firstly, you need to try and catch a fish, crayfish, crabs, shrimp. At the bottom and Read more [...]
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International distress signals

Exist system of international, conventional signals and codes disaster, which are the same for all countries, languages, the armed forces and emergency services. Knowing these signals, lifeguards never confuse: a tourist is drunk and hamming vytantsovyvaetsya, waving his arms, or do you actually need help. Signal S.O.S. – translated to English «Save our Souls» - Means «save our souls». Such a signal can be laid directly letters from stones and twigs on the beach sand, paint or draw on the deck of the ship. You can signal S.O.S. and transmit Morse code using the radio Read more [...]
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