Tunnels and traps Vietnamese guerrillas.

Tunnels and traps Vietnamese guerrillas.Cu Chi (Cu Chi) - countryside about 70 kilometers northwest of Saigon, which has become a pain in the ass, first the French and then the Americans. Is the case when "the earth was burning under the boots of the invaders." Defeat the local guerrillas and failed, despite the fact that close to their base put the whole American Division (25th Infantry) and a rather big part of the 18th Division Army of South Vietnam. The fact that the guerrillas had dug a network of tunnels multilevel total length of over 200 kilometers, with many disguised outcrops, foxholes, Read more [...]
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TASER , as a means of self-defense.

What is a Taser?This pin is the highest performance device, which is comfortable to hold and to carry. It can be used not just to pause, and to neutralize the attacker, without causing irreparable harm to his health. These defenses are not used for maiming or killing, therefore, relate to the level of human tools. At the current time are used intensively and police officers, and citizens.THE DESIGN OF THE TASERThe electronic instrument is a portable small-sized (small) device made in the form of a cylindrical "batons" (tube) or a rectangular parallelepiped for comfortable holding it in Read more [...]
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slim look for equipment, and is called

Good day, dear survivalist! nomym year with you all! I'm new here, and immediately wanted to share some thoughts inspired by personal experiences (and not so sad) about survival tools and objects with a handsaw for naza.nachnu derevu.sredi numerous lineup thereof, as a rule, we have often chosen more compact and light products such as chain pila.ee main advantages start at a low weight and razmerah.i they also probably saw zakanchivayutsya.takie shamelessly stuck in the wood and often torn (my hands torn 2 pieces). based on this, I'm not thinking long become happy owner (and remains so to this Read more [...]
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Fine line of life and death.

Yes you will arrive with force comrades! Reputation rotten thoughts and minusik spodvigli me inject vitality into the web history. (Lots of pictures) At the request of adding a photo where I'm going (filmed a year earlier)It all started Zamechtatelno, priblezhavshiesya three day weekend decided to dedicate the mountains ... No sooner said than done, and I'm on my way. Route length of 30-40km. two passes, elevation 800-4000m, lazily prochapat plan for three days. True, I love otnositilny comfort and loaded 25 kilos in my backpack ... The city remained downstairs, weather-whispers ...July, delight Read more [...]
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Tonic, restorative supplements

Here I am ready to contribute to a good cause and start writing about your vision and how to survive. And I want to write about the topic or about BPshnoy BPshnoy in its infancy, but since 80% of the site's content is acceptable to real-peaceful life, finish the refrain and start my first topic - "Tonic, restorative dietary supplements."1.Pantokrin - is used as a tonic in fatigue, neurasthenia, neurosis, asthenic conditions after acute infectious diseases, heart muscle weakness, hypotension. It is prepared from the extract neokostenelyh horns (antlers), red deer, red deer, sika deer or. Sold Read more [...]
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Good all zdorovya.Predstavlyu you one known tool, namely bushhammer. Rather, the question here about how good and necessary things acquire a different form and purpose. Tomahawks fans might be interested. Everyone knows how many dead presidents can get same-SOG. In this case, the same amount of money will be a minimum of wood. Where do we start? Well of course shop tools, flea market, garage ... or who what and where there was stashed. Vyberaem currently bushhammer (who what soul) My initially looked Next, a little harder for will have to cut in fantasy and not pretend dead beetle. Roll up their Read more [...]
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Only this was not enough

Hello. Now here came across this news. And now I think that going for nafig not whether now fear to go outside at all? The news startled, and a few questions. What for, and how to walk through the streets of losses? Although I hope in the next 15-20 years do not implement IT. But in general the news.********************************************** Moscow authorities want to start construction of roads on the roofs of low-rise buildings-shtrassenhausov. This concept will be developed by order of Mayor Sergei Sobyanin. To implement the project is considered, in particular, the area that will be attached Read more [...]
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the survivalist note (in light of recent events.. )

FAMILIARITY WITH A POLICE BATON.The club is one of the oldest types of percussion instruments. Providing an invaluable service to the population of the earth in the struggle for survival on Raneem step of its development, through the peasant war, batons at the current time were only armed police and law enforcement.They are policemen, watchmen. They are used for non-lethal self-defense, support the troublemakers, in the dispersal of the crowd at mass shambles. Using batons are made kicks, blocks, painful and suffocating receptions.Systematization:1. By type. Unlike stick with uniform cross-section Read more [...]
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Bebut Toli — Toli Corvo

There are curves daggers with names bebut (Arabic or Cossack)and Corvo (Chilean)That something like this and I wanted to. I took a couple of forgings - 5 mm steel billets H12MF 50mm wide and 230mm long (longer was not). Scraped on sandpaper cuppingStripped slopes on both sidesSlightly shlifanulAnd propylene valleys grinderShlifanul cleanerAnd in the mirror polirnulOne made birch bark handle typing PCB and securing nut on the welded titanium stud M12.But with the second and perverted Navariya stainless steel blade for making a kind of bolster and welded pin M12 to Read more [...]
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TOZ 106.Neplohoe weapons or bullshit?

Hello comrades. My lack of firearms greatly saddened. But there is nothing I can not do, it is necessary to wait a couple godkov.No be possible even when there is a problem, the name of her money. On average, to buy used / gun should have 15,000 rubles. But on the internet I came across a curious instance, his name TOZ 106, a similarity with edges trehlineyki nicknamed "Death to the chairman"Weapons are not for hunting (of course you can hunt but gemorroyno) and for self-defense. Length 530 mm this miracle in a difficult position (do not shoot), 810 mm in the unfolded. 20th consumes ammo caliber. Capacity Read more [...]
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Tourist trip is not just an interesting journey in merry company with guitars and tents. Any, even small and light, the hike is, first, the test. Test yourself, your own physical and spiritual strength.1. Not solarwise.You are not a superhero. You man. And man is essentially social. In the campaign the most fundamental is his friend's shoulder. In nature, without "armor" Urbana, everyone thinks, as he is vulnerable. And specifically it helps to make a truly strong spiritual connection. Even if you, as Christopher Johnson McCandless, decided to test himself and went into the forest alone, remember, Read more [...]
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TOZ 106 (a little review)

All welcome! In this article I want to tell about the basic in 'rifle' TOZ 106p, which possess more than a year. At first glance it seems that too meek trunk no good for nothing(At Tosa he just 32cm), but it is not so. From a distance of 60m target A3 usually arrives about 2 kartechin 6.5 mm (chuck them 16shtuk 20k) which, in principle, enough for sure defeat. At a distance of 100m bullet cartridges can confidently hit the target chest. So for self-defense (or rather small war) it will be enough for the eyes. Not so long ago it acquired for 4 round magazine, after crimping pliers he even began Read more [...]
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TOZ 34 a few words about the operation

All welcome! In this article I want to tell you about the gun TOZ 34. Four years ago, issued the license, I bought my first gun. Since then, it has remained a favorite, and for good reason: excellent accuracy, sharpness battle, and of course reliability (despite what the gun over 35yo it works like a clock).Total operating time I only had one seizure: a shot broke the trunk, that would pull the sleeve, and one of the sleeves rolled into the rim and jammed all the ejector shotgun.It so happens that you can not take it apart, and trunks close (to make a shot from a nearby barrel impossible) Read more [...]
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Famous American preacher Harold Camping has finally admitted that he did not know when in fact come to an end. He promised that no longer make such predictions. "We humbly recognize that mistake with the determination of the date (end of the world). We bow before God and humbly ask Him for forgiveness for sin statement, "- said in a statement Camping and radio Family Network, through which it distributes its preaching. The statement said that the Family Network will no longer return to the topic of doomsday. "We got a very hard lesson and realized that everything in God's hands and that he will Read more [...]
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Comrade steel

One recurrent raised on the site is the same theme hand-made knives. Reading materials dedicated to meet this issue as minor errors that are an integral part of understanding the new and candid obscurantism (making knives first got glands, cold forging, attempts to temper R6M5, training in the snow, etc.). I myself have worked for some time as a blacksmith art forging weapons and even to forge a direct relationship had not, but the properties of steel and common areas of metal processing understand and think I can give advice on this matter. In order to save his comrades from spoiling blanks and Read more [...]
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That it is not necessary to touch

Search did not find below links to topics discussing seemingly ordinary objects that emit dangerous to life and health background radiation.Hello dear audience. That's decided to start a topic where we will share experiences on handling etoj muck. I believe that this will help to avoid trouble and save not only our lives. Well start slowly. Usually walking through abandoned objects, we will sooner or later encounter the products that could be dangerous, usually devices containing radioactive stuffing specifically labeled horakternymi characters. But this may not be such as fire detectors (rid1-rid3) Read more [...]
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on September 29, 1957 in the USSR happened the 1st radiation tragedy in production. The incident was published in the closed town of Chelyabinsk-40 (Ozersk) at the Mayak chemical combine. The explosion took place in containers for radioactive waste, which was built in the 1950's.This tank contained about 80 cubic meters of highly radioactive nuclear waste. As a result of the failure of the cooling system was an explosion.Radioactive particles were released at a height of 1-2 km. For 10-11 hours a radioactive substance fell in 300-350 km in a North-easterly direction from the explosion.In the zone Read more [...]
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What no one has to know.

Watched the video and the story slightly for x … eaten. Recommend for common development.
This work — look at the history of the Earth, shown at 1 month to 1 second. Do not use the letters to bring the promise of work to the viewer without the language barrier. Flickering light, sound and the numbers are displayed on the map of the world — when, where and how many experiments (meaning the use of nuclear weapons) was carried out by each country.

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What you dream about, but were afraid to ask. Overview of Satellite Phone Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro.

Good time of day, dear survivalist and sympathizers! Well, maybe not even dreamed of, but interested.  Continues the story of his Japanese tourist life. About six months ago, I became the owner of the satellite phone Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro. For several years I have been thinking about buying this device, but until recently, its price was quite expensive for me. (Average satellite phone cost 1000-2000 dollars) But recently the situation has changed. Satellite phones are much cheaper. Fell and the price of the call. If you've had to constantly pay a monthly fee, regardless of whether you use Read more [...]
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I then saw a nepil

concocted such a thing here very easy and convenient! Then he looked in the net and found that I did not like the first who invented so do not claim authorship! Earlier (chtoli was younger) in the forest without costing somehow saw seven years ago and moved into the category of armed tourists yes esche and wife with me to the mountains napovadilas - had to invent a "bicycle". Manufactured this thing is pretty simple, from ordinary hacksaw sawed balgarkoy cutting edge 2-3 cm, drilled from both ends bolt holes 5 m, and produced a pair of buckles diameter of about 25 mm they also drilled a suitable Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

Site structure "Survival in the wild nature" is simple and logical, selecting a specific section, you will find information. You will find on our website recommendations and practical advice on survival, unique descriptions and pictures of animals and plants, turn-based scheme to trap wild animals, tests and reviews of travel gear, rare books on survival and wildlife. The site also has a large section devoted to video on survival survivalist-known professionals around the world.

The main theme of the site, "Survival in the wild nature" - is to be ready to be in the wild, and the ability to survive in extreme conditions.

The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).