Test number 1 NGR-5 crash diet

Well 10 am late for work, and it is fine. Take out packaging NGR-5 and try to open it by hand as indicated in the figure box, opened but with the efforts of the knife would be easier. Inside the sealed package observe 9 briquettes each wrapped in foil. I think that is comfortable. Briquettes have a size of 6.5 to 5.5 and 1.4 centimeters.We estimate the appearance of the color which I did not even know what to call probably sand color. Reveal packaging briquette strong smell no chemical smell, too, do not feel there is a faint smell but I do not understand what kind of something familiar if Read more [...]
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broadsword — a tool and weapon

Some time ago on the forum discussed the bad, in my opinion, cleaver. I promised to put pictures. Belatedly, on what are truly sorry, fulfilling a promise. The purpose of this publication - to show different types of comrade cutlasses, to help you choose something and order-buy-do exactly what the soul is. Ask to upload photos of their pets, share experiences, criticize, etc. Swords and sabers waving in the case is difficult. Well, if only to fall at last into the portal and get somewhere. Oh how I wandered the forest, until he discovered portals. But the short version waving sword - saber - Read more [...]
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Thermoelectric schepotnitsa.

Vem hello. That bothered me to turn the handle and wait dinamofonarika sky clear of clouds. And all this for the sake of charging the phone, portable speakers, etc. That's what the Internet naryl there is such a thing it is called a Peltier element. Tipo so this device can output electricity at a potential difference of temperatures (hot, cold). Then I trembled that I have such a thing only domestic production, êàî pulled from refrigerators. So decided to use it for the benefit of phone batteries, etc. I I found an aluminum radiator, then put it on one side of this element, and put on another Read more [...]
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survival note vyginalnye stuff

Without documents the fate of a person in our country unenviable. But, at the coming of the emergency about them often separatebut. For example, there are cases when during earthquakes or fires people, leaving the house, managed to capture tools, furnishings, tableware, but about the documents completely forgot.Under the current government documents will be useful for the location of temporary housing, from time to time to receive aid. The refugees, who fled their home due to military action, the documents will be asked when crossing the border, or, again, for admission to the place of deployment Read more [...]
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Thermos ….. Need reviews

Summer is coming and it is not known what the weather will be in our area. Often at work have long to spend time outside the office and in places where the problem quickly find water or other liquid to pitiya.Zimoy tried to carry a 1 liter thermos of coffee, but it is even being in the bag a long time kept the temperature and had to drink coffee poluholodny or tea. Can someone tell me the brand and good quality liter thermos? I would be very grateful. I understand that all the wood brothers , but many think there is such a situation at work or when you want the service and the need to keep warm, Read more [...]
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Thermo, Thermos beer aluminum cans.

For the manufacture of this product you need: 1) Bank of beer aluminum, capacity 0.5-1pc.; 2) Bank of Coke under al-hand size 0.25 1pc.; 3) Silicone 1 t 4) A sharp knife. So your actions: 1) The bank (B 0.25) smaller capacity (0.25) cut top.; 2) The bank (B 0.5) larger capacity (0.5) vyrezhte top and about 1-1.5cm from the bottom.;3) B 0.25 B 0.5 is inserted in to the neck so that B 0.25 B entered into the neck of 0.5 and fix their pre-silicone lining on the bottom of them. We reserve the resulting module is 12 hours alone for the polymerization of silicone. 4) Events By 12 hours from the bottom, Read more [...]
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Thermal underwear Miltek (fleece)

Dear colleagues! Good day! I would like to share with you the following experience Gear. Until NG purchased here such a set of clothes from Mil Tech:Price - 1100 rubles. Since our region (Kaliningrad) in winter stingy, so the New Year's holiday traveled to the Arctic Circle, more precisely, the Nikel.Oochen glad handy and checked. I can tell right away - great underwear. Wore it constantly. Heat holds wonderful. Sr.temperatura = - 10 - 17C (with no problems) With sweating - did not feel discomfort. The only negative - statics, because sintetika.Potom accustomed. I can recommend to wear. By the Read more [...]
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Drying fruits and berries, and vegetables is one of versprochenen methods for their conservation.Dried fruits, vegetables and berries become in a couple of times easier, significantly decreasing the weight. They are highly resistant to storage and transportation.Drying as procurement type has its advantages. In the 1-x, we obtain stable food products, which can guarantee to use throughout the year. In-2, in their perfectly preserved vitamins and valuable substances. In 3, the relative caloric content of the dried products is very high. In the end, they dried very lose in weight and volume, so they Read more [...]
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Thermal underwear, the final analysis.

To set foot on all the New Year!Thermal underwear, about how much we errors difficult to bestow enlightenment spirit!How much is written about it, but our inquisitive mind continues to seek a universal relation between price and quality, as well as operating conditions!Personally, I had the opportunity to check for yourself and compare the work of dozens of various models of the following brands - x-bionic, odlo, norveg, marmot, liod, Brubeck, guahoo, craft and arcteryx.My friends also had the opportunity, and we exchanged impressions. And although there are individual characteristics of Read more [...]
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Thermal dehydration, the first experience

Good day, comrades! Read articles respected SurvivalPanda decided to try the thermal dehydration. The first experience was the soup. Was used zazharku from "stationary" borscht cooked wife. Zazharku washed in a colander before loading ovoschesushilku that would remove excess fat. We sold a good horse meat stew. Because horse meat itself is not fat, I decided to try to sublimate horsemeat soup. Generally, the first pallet put zazharku and garlic, the second pan stew with fried onions. Set a maximum temperature of 60 C and left to dry for ~ 10-11 hours. Here's what happened:]The next day, Read more [...]
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Termite key

Decided to share their expertise so to speak. In his forge, I often use it for work, and I advise you all to get too for Nazan, namely thermite pencil. It is suitable for welding metalditaley and burning metal or requires no electricity anything, just to look like a normal electrode, but just not the same. Make it simple enough. To do this, take a piece of wire (and the lowest possible quality), an average thickness of it should not be more than 5 mm. Top wire is covered with termite, for its preparation mix sawdust aluminum (not silumina) and iron in the ratio of 23:77 akaliny respectively. Dimensions Read more [...]
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Dried foods are weigh less , take up less space and longer stored.. well in the campaign so hunt human food, and sublimity precious pleasure, and not very useful.. exit - learn to make products for comfort and long-term transportation. In this clip we dry the potatoes.#vizianagaramThe lessons of survival How to make dried potatoes? 2:14Helen Adeyewa Read more [...]
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Warm clothes in NAZ

I do not know how you do, we have on the southern Ular (Chrysostom), and in summer the temperature drops to 3, hail, and snow is not uncommon. So thin knitted cap (170r.), knitted gloves (50r.) kraynyak ordinary workers dragging around with him, even in summer. It may be useful compact styling jackets, roll from overcoat as a sleeping bag. It turns hiking cushion posidushka :)(Jacket outdoorsy tabochaya) Read more [...]
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Heat balance and temperature regimes sleeping bags

Science has long infiltrated all areas of human activity and, of course, the industry development and production of equipment for extreme conditions. In this article we will focus on such an integral and important part of the equipment such as sleeping bag: on the temperature regime for which it was designed, the applicable standards.] Heat balanceTo the man was warm, it is necessary that the following condition: the amount of heat it generates itself, must be equal to the amount lost by heat or exceed it. The process and the amount of heat generated in the human body depends primarily on Read more [...]
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Converge with one another, the same "young" hunter like me, on this same hunt, I realized that Nathaniel Bampo from me if you get a very long time, so I decided to decided to turn its attention to the imager, because in the winter forest through it all can be seen, but looking at the prices, amphibian immediately strangled even attempts to dream. But my "not dormant genius" started googling and found out that for this purpose you can use a regular digital camera, provided that he can take a picture of the light from the remote for the TV, and then using filters photocurrent in the infrared range, Read more [...]
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Polycarbonate greenhouse with their hands.

Good morning to all comrades and propose to reading the following article. Greenhouse after B n irreplaceable thing, because with the loss of infrastructure no you vegetables all year round will not bring, and this thing significantly reduces the harvest)))). And if God forbid fallout that maybe it will not only muddy grounds on which you can grow anything. But all the positive cut into the root as soon as I went to look and how to buy ready-made greenhouse thought. 3 * 4 for 9200 ... yes you went all tumor, I rendered a verdict and decided to make the greenhouse itself. What came of it look and Read more [...]
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Theory and practice of demining and folding shovels. A short guide (Many photos!)

Friends, this topic has recently placed a publication on a knife-shovel, machete, I broke out interest about ordinary sapper shovels. You can not even very much folding, but skillfully performing its main function: to be lighter than conventional shovels, be leaner, be as reliable and easy to use and carry. That and the only way I for themselves see standard entrenching folding blade. Who agree - support. Who do not - refute. To do this, I'm here, actually, and I write :) go ...So we come to the market to purchase MPL. Why do we need it, everyone decides for himself. I personally, to dig a hole. Read more [...]
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survival hunger aunt

BREAD FROM ACORNS IN the Criteria of SURVIVALThe nutritional value of acorns have long been known, they are very rich simply digestible and simply digestible carbohydrates, mainly starch (40%), tannic substances (5-8%), fatty oil (up to 5%), sugar, essential oils and other beneficial substances.Not counting the fact acorns contain tannins, which give them an astringent and bitter taste. The main working part of the tannin - tannin, has astringent, fixing, antiphosphotyrosine and antiseptic action, accelerates blood clotting, improves stomach, heals wounds. Mature acorns in late September - early Read more [...]
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Theory and practice falling Tomahawks

Theory and practice falling TomahawksTo drown out the beat signals using satellite GPS, enough to radiate from Earth unmodulated frequency 1577 MHz (civilian channel) and 1230 MHz (Military Channel). Moreover, the power transmitter can be of the order of units of watts like a flashlight! One watt that would be enough to jam on the line of sight distance up to 500 km.As of protection from detection - mirror film, reflecting the surrounding landscape. The press had reports on the application of such a film bags filled with water. Such a system long enough to keep the temperature of the environment, Read more [...]
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SNOWSHOES (do yourself)

Snehotáp (tabs [Russ.], progressive skis) is the oldest device for moving on snow. The larger the surface area, the less the pressure on the snow, and, accordingly, persons less falls when moving on the snow crust.The most common snowshoes - pair of branches with oil bound in shoes. Let's look more sophisticated , comfortable design, which is offered by the Creator. good video..#vaivanneeseenThe lessons of survival, make sagastyr 9:27Helen Adeyewa Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

Site structure "Survival in the wild nature" is simple and logical, selecting a specific section, you will find information. You will find on our website recommendations and practical advice on survival, unique descriptions and pictures of animals and plants, turn-based scheme to trap wild animals, tests and reviews of travel gear, rare books on survival and wildlife. The site also has a large section devoted to video on survival survivalist-known professionals around the world.

The main theme of the site, "Survival in the wild nature" - is to be ready to be in the wild, and the ability to survive in extreme conditions.

The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).