Superspalnik. How to optimize?

There's such a deviceMora Companion to Compare ] But: Pros 1. Fur;2. Proven time;3. Even in the stifling heat to sleep in it - comfortable; 4. Pro cold - I do not say.Question by a flood - couple pobiznosilas fabric top. We ought to change. Offers consider carefully the answers to the questions - evening "> Read more [...]
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" .. he was glad the snow as a child. No More than a child For him, the snow meant Life itself: Now I will always have water, and means I will be able to survive, moving hereinafter thought about it, in a hurry to leave this "jail" where himself and concluded, due to the proximity of the only in the whole district stinking puddle-well, among a large scorched earth... So Winter came... "Helen Adeyewa Read more [...]
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Super impenetrable tent for survival. Looking for an alternative? …

Caught the eye of such badsome tent, that want to share information with all readers. Frankly, alternatives such tent - a lot. But I'll start with it, and afterward have (with your help) we can expand the list, comments are more than welcome.So, consider the tent, U.S. Marine Corps Extreme Cold Weather Tent (ECWT).Tent designed for occupancy and survival it to 4 people. By the way, there is nothing stopping her stay in five of us, plenty of space, and even a little more left.Of course all sorts of colors: Woodland Camo (Lelistaya area), Arctic White (Arctic White).Tent is dvuhtentnoy and Read more [...]
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Epidemic can be halted. WAR - PREVENT diplomatic efforts. ASTEROID - astray MNOGOMEGATONNYYM charge. HERE COMES THE THROAT foreclosing volcanoes, and even SUCH, WHICH EVEN CLOSE TO VESUVIUS LOOKS LIKE ANY "Manneken Pis" AMID fountain "Friendship of Peoples", is unlikely. According to scientists explosion of such a supervolcano awaits us in the near future. VALERY CHUMAKOV The author does not but I think everyone will be intersno. Recently, scientists from the Australian Monash University said that two powerful earthquakes that occurred in Southeast Asia on 26 December last year (9 points, led Read more [...]
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Great lantern! Title Peli 2400

Shock-proof heavy-duty construction, the maximum luminous flux. Full waterproof, IP-67 certified Lantern made from a proprietary polymer polycarbonate. Full otsutvie heating during operation - ATEX technology. Certified for special conditions. Xenon lamp module with the adsorbent. In the lantern's structures there is a valve to release pressure. PROFESSIONAL-bright flashlight. Heavy-duty patented Shock-proof design. Heavy duty flashlight - 25 Lumen light output, light intensity 10000 Kandell. Polycarbonate lens is protected from blows thermoplastic rubber. Can be attached to special headgearBought Read more [...]
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You wanted about this whole autumn.. Well finally the 1st snow just for the weekend and the weather is suitable..just something -10 a day.. and tomorrow is kind of like warming..and escaping from the house, taking with him Gladkova and everything you need, you left..went long and in places where there were previously never wander far from all, to see the first snow animal tracks.. to open the latest Lambushka.. eh.. what can be cooler?? the fire, the stars romance.. But the romance ended... and another has begun.. when you, after 3 hours on the road, 2 hours on a deserted dirt road , and as much Read more [...]
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super shirt!

All residents of the forum and common good day! About 2 months ago, inspired by the idea or even true to say a serious desire to buy a reservation! The question became, what? Prior to that, thinking about the self-manufacture of compact personal unload with pockets and adding armor-plates, and basically desire EEC has not disappeared! But the question became compactness socks this item ...-everyday! And I stumbled on here such zhiletik and basically he interested me! Moreover, it is possible to add plates and subsequently, depending on the situation! I would like to know you guys opinions on this Read more [...]
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Russian military super weapon, military bayonet knife AKM (6×5)

Hello ladies and gentlemen! I bet that each registered on this site have a knife. And not one, not two ... and I am no exception, I have the knives for all occasions, but nostalgic at times in the Navy, wanted very much to have a bayonet knife from AK. Obsession, so to speak! I know that in fact useless thing, and the desire to add-ownership rather a tribute to the service time. And so, more to the point. Yesterday the opportunity poyuzat this device. It turned out that, since my service, something changed in the structure. Plastic handle, black or plum-colored with three transverse ribs for Read more [...]
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Bag for primus and all than can be diluted kosterchik

I got a gift in an old primus "Tourist", after studying information about this miracle of Soviet industry, came to the conclusion that his bust and take on various forays outside the city. Primus has its own container in which it actually is, but I thought it a little, because in principle, it can shove everything you need, except for the additional fuel capacity, and carry them in a backpack separately is not very convenient. Came to the conclusion that all these bags prichindalov.Basically experience sewing small bags I have. Quickly nakidal circuit patterns, estimated the size of the old Read more [...]
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The fate of our little brothers in case of an emergency

Already encountered a couple of times in the network (on projects with similar themes) for publish-questions about that the hosts of friends pets (And not only tetrapods) will do in case of an emergency with pets?Despite the apparent "snotty" this issue, it is very wise (in my humble opinion) and more than relevant.Well first of all there is a rule - be responsible for those we have tamed. Second - there is a saying "Prepare sleighs in summer, and in winter the cart." This I mean that you need to think about many things in advance.I, as the owner of a fluffy cat (1 piece, this wonderful), Read more [...]
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Souvenir bayonet AK-47

Accidentally bought at a local pawn shop for a ridiculous price of 300 rubles initially mistook for a souvenir, but in practice it turned out great thing characteristics (guard, handle, kreplenie.zatochka, metal) on souvenir weapon did not pull. Razor blade perfectly tochitsya and holds an edge, hard and durable metal handle of the blade (the real sin-bayonets) sheath like homemade.Any stamps except Ak-47 USSR was not country manufacturer is unknown but judging by the quality is clearly not China. Read more [...]
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WHEN will the HUNGER (2013, Our homeland)

about the Movie : disaster Movie about the collapse that awaits the inhabitants of the earth almost 50 years ( if not earlier)What will happen, can seriously change the map of the world and become a prerequisite severe wars. Scientific society warns that by 2050 the Earth's population due to the so-called States "third world" will increase to critical characteristics. There will come a sharp shortage of food, and the population of the earth will fight for food. Now the most advanced agriculture and food production in Europe, the population is evenly reduced, and means decreases and the Read more [...]
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Sublimated meat

I want to offer sublimated meat recipe at home. As I consider it a necessary product of the same, as well as qualitative stew, only an order of magnitude easier. And on our website yet nowhere are not directly mentioned only indirectly. Ideal for drying oven with modern cookers blowing and thermostat, capable of keeping the temperature of 50-70 degrees. Door slightly opens. Usually dried for a couple of nights (night not to hob buzzing).You take the good beef (sirloin), and lived without fat. As you cut slices Beef Stroganoff. Well, that is a box with sides 7h15h70 mm. You put in an enamel pot. Read more [...]
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Sublimates Leovit

Sublimates value for survivalist overemphasized. Not do without them, if you want to collect a complete diet, which, moreover, would be minimal load backpack. Today in the market, dozens of companies and hundreds of names and each is guided in the selection of their own experience and intuition.For those who seek to use Russian (I do this not out of some patriotism there, for it is ridiculous to feel patriotic feelings to food and to the capitalists producing them, but only because the menu contains the usual course) for a long time did not have much choice. Making sublimate complex process in Read more [...]
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So what? Mishan awoke and decided to spend the day ... A little on the HSC, a little trip! After feeding and riding a horse, he came to the cottage ... Knock together with Batya Sarayköy-Went traveling aimlessly! I was traveling alone, and pictures from the first person. I took the road NAZ VAZ (mobile emergency rations)Well, basically it is clear that it lies on ... All raincoat ... Besides, there is still, clothespins (for pinched any hoses) and slightly money, just in case ... dumb- That's the first turn, with a stop ...Postrelushki here, apparently, regular! Results shooting guard.Somewhere Read more [...]
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ATTENTION Mortally fearful kit AI-2

The hive mates, be careful , and if someone got - check the composition, not blindly trust your life to a negligent pharmaceutical companies.. And better - Collect the Indus. first aid kit for yourself.The video is narrated and illustrated history of the personal first aid Kit 2 (AI-2), its membership in the past and real (and this is a very different thing ) Now follow the annotations embedded in the AI-2 may be unsafe for health and even for life ..Mortally fearful kit AI-2 7:50Helen Adeyewa Read more [...]
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Saturday exit the forest!

Finally had the opportunity the first time in the winter to go out with his wife on the nature (that work, then the weather did not allow). Order to enter into the forest was checking me recently converted an ax and just relax in the fresh air. From evening bag collected: an ax, a knife viktorinoks, salty bacon, smoked bacon, They made mackerel in foil to her then cook on charcoal, bread ... and of course tea. We decided to go as light path was coming not close. Morning at 10 o'clock came out of the house, the weather outside was -20 ... weak sun breaks through the clouds. First walked along Read more [...]
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Student described the Internet as he dies in the forests of the Novosibirsk region …

Hunter Kargat district (about 200 km from Novosibirsk) has stumbled into the forest to camp. Hut somehow constructed of twigs, next - a mobile phone, a student ID card. And the guy's body, which is cold and wind turned into a mummy.- Yes it is the same student Grudtsinov that from Moscow to the taiga from the girl ran away! - Whistled by looking at the document, Kargat Opera, which brought a hunter on that meadow.Igor ... Grudtsinova in Novosibirsk region really learns to face almost every second policeman. Unsuccessful searches of Man led the whole year.In late November 2010, the fourth Read more [...]
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Called ranks that add that to remove?

Goal - to survive in the woods alone for a period of 30-35 days.Note: 1) The rope will do nettle 2) Health is good, so the drug is not included, instead breathing simulator, which increases on a long distance adaptive capabilities and reduces the need for food. 3) In the backpack fits all. 4) Wear appropriate there 5) I know how to make a spear, it will go on the hunt 6) I will build a storage shed at the camp as a means of salvation, observation and bird hunting and as a warehouse.For some reason I can not post the picture ... I wonder why?, Read more [...]
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* 1st step sformirovyvali basic ability of shooting without visual control tools on the basis of sensory perception of its position in space. Trainees formed a clear concept of the base rack and the mechanism of action of the forces at the shot. Permitted visual control of body position in the rack. The focus should be concentrated on the development of precise and specific sensory perception of the own body in the rack position of the gun relative to the body.To do this, the learner becomes the basethe rack with the position of the guns to fire from his feet. The axis of the bore parallel to the Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

Site structure "Survival in the wild nature" is simple and logical, selecting a specific section, you will find information. You will find on our website recommendations and practical advice on survival, unique descriptions and pictures of animals and plants, turn-based scheme to trap wild animals, tests and reviews of travel gear, rare books on survival and wildlife. The site also has a large section devoted to video on survival survivalist-known professionals around the world.

The main theme of the site, "Survival in the wild nature" - is to be ready to be in the wild, and the ability to survive in extreme conditions.

The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).