Construction hut screen

Greetings! We immediately went to comrade holiday taiga forest, near the river Chusovoi that the Middle Urals. Our goal was to build shelters from natural materials only, without the use of ropes, polyethylene, etc. Originally planned to make each Shelter heated length fire, but because it gets dark early, we have not put two and counted only one hut screen.To start we chose the place. No need to fill the vertical supports - it is better to use already existing in the form of trees. Then dragged young trees, on the branches chopped off with them. As the rope used spruce rootsAt first Read more [...]
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Construction of the hut with his hands. Or survival without a tent

Agree, does not always work in this life as much as we wanted to. That can happen with survival ... pad. Cover, what kind? Yes simply we will not be able to take all those wonderful gadgets for comfortable survival in extreme conditions wildlife that we previously distributed into the house, in the country, in the car and other "control points."And how to be in this situation? For example, we in the wild, with us (the pockets) the bare minimum is not the most useful in terms of survival of things, but nevertheless live-eat-sleep we need.Oddly enough, let us remember childhood. Many of you liked Read more [...]
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Construction seekers — Equipment basement.

So, in the previous article in this series we examined commercial varieties shelters decided build their own house and pondered basic requirements to it. Well, let's start! Any home begins with area. On location we have already determined that 30-40 km from the big city, away from the dangerous man-made objects, high above the water. Geographically, the territory of Russia is somewhere beyond the Urals up to Lake Baikal. In fact, many will not go so far only in order to be safe, "in which case". So apparently, the best option become neighborhood Perm, Yekaterinburg and Chelyabinsk.With Europe Read more [...]
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Construction seekers — yard of the house.

Underground part we built a shelter, it's time to move on to ground. Here everything is very individual, as different variants dream of own house there are countless. So I will show only those options that allow you to build not just a house, a shelter in case of emergency. And so the house shape, its size and number of rooms you choose without me. A basic principle of construction should have an idea about autonomy residence. From this it follows that the house should consume as little as possible of our limited resources and do not consume (or be able to give them up) external. These homes in Read more [...]
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In both cases, the grip in the base rack axis of the gun should be parallel to the horizon and is zero starting angles to control guns in height (and therefore referred to as the "zero level"). Develop initial hours with the instrument in the "zero level" is more labor-intensive and sour part of the training system tactical shooting. But it is unrealistic everything else. In this step,when you need regular daily exercise in dealing with his body for developing skills monotonous unchanged rack with tool, very handy laser gun simulator, enabling Troitsa in all the criteria - at home, in the office, Read more [...]
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Construction of the dam

Good day, comrades. In YouTube has one channel dedicated to single hikes through the taiga / user / abvgat / featured Soon the channel will vremyani materials on a very interesting event, the joint construction of the dam comrades from across the country will be a lot of fun  small cutting his video made by one of its subscribersYet that year abvgat muddied here such dvizhuhuAt that time he did not even think that people will subscribe and come thousands of miles to build a dam stranger guy. But still the world is not without good people building occurred in late May. Read more [...]
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Construction and Rafting number 13

Binding obstacles. With sufficient accuracy can bind only obstacle in the diagram or map scale not smaller than 1: 100 000. But in this case as a result of numerous redraws scheme thresholds sometimes displaced hundreds of meters. Therefore possibly tie them also to reference points on the ground (for example, <200 m below the right tributary of the> or ). If the small scale of the map (5-10 km 1 cm), the major obstacles to implement multi-have binding. Taking the landmark that can not be missed (for example, a major tributary), tied to a chain it less significant landmarks, which is easy to Read more [...]
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Construction and Rafting number 12

Plums thresholds because of their small length and large waves rarely move significantly raft rowed, so the threshold is very important visit. The main thing that is required to solve during the inspection - which part of the drain enter and how to deploy the raft, so he came out of the drain in the right place. The task is difficult, it is not always handle even the most experienced pilots. For this reason, perhaps before you start to pay attention to the approaches and their results. If special requirements for exit discharge not dive into the middle of it. This is safer and more fun. If the Read more [...]
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Construction and Rafting number 11

Swim on the rocky areas with high sun better: if seen from a distance, not only surf, but the stone itself. In cloudy weather, or closer to dusk, when the brightness of the sky brightness is much higher ground, difficult to navigate on the river: water, reflecting the sky, the light becomes monotonous. Difficult to have a raft before sunset against the sun - shines any small wave river gleams across the width, and impossible to understand anything. Hard water and rain, especially strong. He knocks down all traces of foam breakers, smoothes small waves, and remain visible only large stones. Therefore, Read more [...]
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Guys,anyone usal?????

11 Mar 2012 21:04|I like149 commentsIvan Tolmachev Usal, high quality bag, only padla expensive11 Mar 2012|5Sergey Vladimirovich Speak normally, fully one original pack. just too small.11 Mar 2012|5Konstantin Smirnov said Sergey Vladimirovich Sergey, O_o Read more [...]
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Construction and Rafting number 10

Fig. 31. Jet entranceTurns of the riverAt the bend of the river the centrifugal force pushes the water to the outer bank. With the increasing speed of the centrifugal force increases. The lower layers of water due to bottom friction have a lower rate than the surface, so that the latter are pushed to the outer bank stronger. There they go down, yielding place to new masses pile on surface water, etc. As a result, at the turn of the longitudinal component of the flow in addition there is also a transverse component, which drags the outer shore everything floats on the surface. Raft is no exception, Read more [...]
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Construction and Rafting number 9

Enclose under some backpacks waterproof material hardly worth it. Full containment can not be achieved, and if once water gets into the bale. already will not be spilled, and backpacks will get wet there all day. Lay on top of things, too, do not need a tent: it prevents climb into backpacks, and in the event of flooding over the raft inflates, burst into pieces and will not interfere with pull things. When it began to rain, and backpacks dry, and then cover them with a tent and better plastikatovoy film, tied it around corners.To reduce the size of the trunk of the things are not afraid of Read more [...]
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Construction and Rafting number 8

Sea on a raft Crew and cargoRaft crew should consist mainly of the rowers. On> challenging rivers should never shun extra pair of hands, so make oars so that they could all work. However unlikely to consistently and in full force to act on the lust rowed more than 4 people, so if people in the group over 10, it is worth doing 2 rafts. All the people on the raft commanded by one person, which is called a pilot. Management based on a majority vote, the loudest voices in the moment and other forms of collegial leadership on difficult rivers persist. The principle is suitable head is good, two Read more [...]
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By the time that happens, vigilantly will be all, so that war will not)))

11 Mar 2012 19:36|I like612 33 commentSergey replied Konstantin Smirnov Constantine, not associyoy their load of combat))11 Mar 2012|2Konstantin Smirnov said Sergey Vladimirovich Sergey, I'm here worse combat experience from time to time)))11 Mar 2012|2Sergey replied Konstantin Smirnov Constantine, for example?)11 Mar 2012|3Konstantin Smirnov said Sergey Vladimirovich Sergey, ahhh,FL personal11 Mar 2012|2Alexey Ivanov Tell me what all like h for me so I better. So subsequent Gladkova plan h12 Mar 2012|2Alexander Read more [...]
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Construction and Rafting number 7

ContinuationOars carved out from a single tree trunk, or do constituents by making the spindle and blade separately.Tselnotesanaya rowed the best in quality, but laborious. With the average person spends one qualification for such Grebe. 6-8 hours. It is made of raw wood, preferably made of spruce (can larch, but it in its raw form more brittle). Diameter in the butt by the height of the blade. Not to weaken the timber oars, at the appropriate hole section should not be thick boughs. Tree on the length of oars should not have a significant curvature (small curvature can be corrected with the Read more [...]
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Construction and Rafting number 6

ContinuationRowGrebe - very responsible and usually the most time-consuming parts of the raft. Maneuverability, have fun and safe navigation to a large extent depend on the reliability and rowed on how to operate them conveniently. In addition to its primary purpose oars are often used as gangways, walkways, etc.Main dimensions oars - full length, the ratio of the outer and inner arms (ie the ratio of the distance from the middle of the blade up to the distance from podgrebitsy podgrebitsy to handle), the size of the blade cross-section of the spindle (bar connecting the blade to the handle).Length Read more [...]
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Narrow ICE .

The air temperature was around -20 degrees below zero Seminar on "Narrow ice".was held in the School of basic tourism training club "Satellite" (Ufa), together with Sector security Bashrc.Video and installation: Ruslan UsmanovThe results regarding getting wet:75 sec (Max) Ramp was soaked to the thread, flicka, Terma and anorak with the press of Oxford68 sec (Erastov) Insulative jacket perfectly kept afloat. The feeling is that in water, it is not very wet, but when he went through, he realized this was not the case. Most interfered with mittens (top Cordura, the heat insulator Read more [...]
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Construction and Rafting number 5

ContinuationFun way to bond logs proposed by Moscow rafters. You must have 2 cable. At the ends of each welded or otherwise attached two rod. One rod has a head, the other - a male thread and screwdriver slot (or crown turnkey, which is smaller than the diameter of the rod). Protesyvayut logs slightly along the sides, tops and butts in auger drill bit or hammering holes into which cables are threaded. Screwing on the nut bars, logs are drawn together. Under the head and nut need to put a washer. When relevant, the rigidity of the raft ing tightening enough to make it not warp under the weight Read more [...]
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Construction and Rafting number 4

Assemblage compositionThe most common ways to connect logs becoming - the bond dowels and their mating vitsami. In the first method in the grooves near the ends of the sawn timber, put the cross bars - the key - and there wedges. The design gives a very tough and durable. Most rafts for navigation on challenging rapids rivers collect so. In the second method the longitudinal logs tied vitsami (twisted trunks or branches of young trees) to two thin cross logs - Ronzhin. Raft on vitsah less reliable than keyed, but is faster. Fixing keyed. Hew out of key raw eating. You can use and larch, but it Read more [...]
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When traveling in the mountains special equipment is used dependent on the nature of the terrain, meteorological criteria and tasks assigned to the intelligence division. Appropriate and timely use of equipment ensures the safety of scouts and increases movement speed. Items of special equipment are hammers, rifles, axes, rock and ice hooks, and most fundamental, the rope.• LinkClosed glaciers, steep snow and firn slopes, mountains, and other difficult to pass the relief areas in the Alpine zone, you can only move in tandem. The bundle usually consists of 2, 3 or 4 people. Huge bundles usually Read more [...]
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