Created 3D-handle, which you can paint objects in the air

3Doodler device is 3D-printer in the form of pens. With 3Doodler can create 3D-models of plastic pen drawing on paper or in the air. To start the model, just plug into an outlet on the handle - additional hardware or software is not required, according to the description on kraudfandingovoy site Kickstarter.3Doodler «writes" hot plastic. In the handle integrated cooling system, thanks to which the plastic coming out of the pen sets quickly. The invention can be used in design and architecture to create 3D-models, art and jewelry. With 3Doodler inventor, the company WobbleWorks, offers Read more [...]
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The rotor is made of two turns of DNA

A group of Japanese scientists has designed nanomotors working by changing the conformation of the DNA molecule - the transition from the double helix pravozakruchennoy (B-form) in the left-twisted (Z-form). "Run" is the motor by changing the concentration of ions in solution. Securing the motor in a rigid frame that fixes it to the substrate, not interfering with the rotation of the rotor, the scientists managed by atomic force microscopy to monitor the operation of the engine in real time. They fixed two turns of the rotor, which is one BZ-transition.Fig. 1. Top: scheme of rotation Read more [...]
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Seven ideas that could change the world

This is not fantasy, but almost a reality. By mid-century, all as described herein may be embodied: the cheap diamonds, and digital contact lenses. Image of Carl Detorres.1. Electric AircraftTesla. Prius. Volt. Shortage of new cars, which drastically reduce the adverse impact on the environment, no. Aviation industry for many years consistently improves fuel efficiency, but the potential of current technology is almost exhausted, and the designers, whether they like it or not, will have to look towards born crawl. A time for transformation is not enough: by 2031, the number of passengers Read more [...]
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150-kilowatt lasers will be installed on U.S. destroyers in 2014

The program HELLADS, supervised by the agency DARPA, is to create a 150-kilowatt laser weapon system, which will be ten times smaller and lighter than existing laser of the same capacity, and can be integrated into tactical aircraft for defense and attack ground targets. Aiming to get a device with a specific gravity of less than five pounds per kilowatt of power, and volume of three cubic meters, HELLADS can be integrated into the aircraft, significantly expanding the radius of defeat compared with terrestrial systems. As part of the laboratory tests were a key element of the system - the laser Read more [...]
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Scientists have created a prototype of a humanoid robot

Scientists have created a prototype of a humanoid robot. Its purpose — to help people in a variety of everyday situations. The first invention can assess users with disabilities.
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NASA creates a robot to extract water on the moon

It seems to supply a lunar base in the U.S. is preparing thoroughly: robots that support its operation, recently advertised one by one.Besides the "lunar porter", NASA engineers, as it turns out, are developing lunar miner and gruntovoza.The problem is the same: low gravity, indicating a weak grip. Regolith Advanced Surface Systems Operations Robot Excavator (RASSOR Excavator) designed in a somewhat unusual way: to solve the problem of friction, it uses something closer to circular saws (or front roller MTT), than the wheels. They are a single unit mounted on three pairs for each Read more [...]
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Swiss scientists have 9 months nurture humanoid

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Supply water to the lunar base will be a comet

Future lunar base should be provided with water by means of "hunting" on the small comet, each of which may contain hundreds of tons of water ice - it's easier and more efficient than production of ice in the polar regions of the moon, according to the Institute of Astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Bagrov and head of the St. Petersburg KB "Arsenal" Michael Kislitsky.Data obtained with robotic probes in recent years have shown that in the polar regions of the moon, which is almost never looks the sun, can be hundreds of millions of tons of ice. This Read more [...]
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Scientists have invented a vaccine in the form of a patch to the DNA material

Adhesives, coated with microscopic needles 250 microns wide and 650 microns long, can introduce a DNA vaccine into the body. Such vaccines can help develop immunity against several diseases.The meaning of such vaccines is to familiarize the body with the genes of pathogens. The cells produce molecules grafted human pathogen, which signals the immune system of the aliens. DNA vaccines are more beneficial than usual. For example, do not need to spend time on the production and purification of proteins from pathogens. In theory, all make the body itself. Scientists have tried many times to increase Read more [...]
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High fashion guard the privacy of Americans

In the next seven years at the disposal of U.S. authorities go 30,000 drones that will monitor citizens. In order to keep people's privacy intact, Adam Harvey, a designer from New York, has developed a new line of clothing, which helps to hide from surveillance.
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A new method for the study of mysterious paintings by Rembrandt

Scientists are one step from being able to identify portraits that hide behind the visible image on the canvas of Rembrandt. The painting "" Portrait of an old man in military costume ", painted by Dutch artist Rembrandt is in the Getty Museum (J. Paul Getty Museum) in Los Angeles. Scientists have noticed that the painting is a portrait of the other tracks, hiding behind the surface of the ground. Initially, the researchers tested the picture using infrared, neutron and X-ray conventional methods. But they could not see what is behind the main layer as Rembrandt used a paint with Read more [...]
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Invented tattoo vaccination

A new method of vaccination, similar to a temporary tattoo, allows you to enter the DNA vaccinated absolutely painless and with long enough to immune cells learned about pathogen.Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA) to develop a vaccine that does not need to stick a syringe and stored under certain conditions, and in addition, it does not cause a person any discomfort.This vaccine, in contrast to most of today, uses no viral proteins or bacteria that you want to teach the immune system, and DNA. DNA vaccines in recent years have increasingly attracted the attention Read more [...]
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Kosmolayner 2050: Project or inevitability?

SpaceLiner, presumably, be able to throw fifty passengers from Europe to Australia in 90 minutes - or 100 passengers from Europe to California in an hour. To do this, it must accelerate to M24 - more precisely, up to 25 200 km / h, and at altitudes up to 82 km. The passenger cabin is fully concentrated in the bow. (Here and below illustrate the DLR.) "Maybe we better characterize SpaceLiner, saying that it is a kind of second generation Space Shuttle, but with a totally different challenge," - says Martin Zippel, Project Coordinator German aerospace center (DLR). German developers Read more [...]
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Deep Space Industries shows how the drill asteroids

Imagine a future space station, which allows astronauts to get energy from the sun and produce minerals from asteroids, then to use them to sustain life. As it turns out, is not just a dream but real plans of Deep Space Industries. It plans to start production of hydrogen, oxygen, iron, and nickel from space objects, to provide fuel and satellites in orbit to conduct building. Its first task - to 2015 went into orbit vehicle "Firefly." The device will land on one of the near-Earth asteroids, and within six months will be to conduct research and collect data. [Rick Tamlinson, Read more [...]
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UK police get guns with bullets DNA

Application of DNA technology are gaining momentum. In fact, why not take advantage of this unique material that can store large amounts of data at a negligibly small amount? And now the police and the military, too, were attached to the latest achievements.A few days ago a British company Selectamark showed new to the police and the security services - non-lethal weapons marking SelectaDNA High Velocity System. Pistols and rifles shoot balls with synthetic DNA. Each store contains 14 cartridges weighing 1 gram each. Range is 30-40 meters.No, no. This weapon is not for corporate paintball Read more [...]
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Sensors sleep learn to read not only the biological data

The new development takes into account everything that is going around, and even pictures of the sleeping owner. Devices that monitor sleep now in vogue. Gadgets are offered in the form of headphones, bracelets, flash drives (for example, Zeo, Basis, Fitbit), and even under the mattress pads. Recorded a constellation of factors: the temperature of the body, movement, the electrical activity of the brain, etc.Prototype Lullaby, developed by the University of Washington, is a little further. He does not just tells you slept badly, but it helps to understand the reason.Image developers.The Read more [...]
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UK residents have established a unique bionic arm Michelangelo

The night before, on January 24, the British agency Assosieyshn Press reported that a Briton Christopher Taylor became the first resident of the United Kingdom, who was lucky enough to try out the unique "bionic arm" has revolutionized the field of prosthetics. Named in honor of one of the greatest representatives of the Renaissance, "the hand of Michelangelo," not only "greatly simplifies everyday life, but also allows its owners to return to duty" - ITAR-TASS.Several years ago, Taylor lost his arm in a motorcycle accident the water. The accident threatened to put Read more [...]
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Chinese scientists have tested a new type of engine livitiruyuschego

Chinese scientists have announced the successful testing of a conceptually new engine. Unusual power plant called "EmDrive" can be used in space technology and flying cars. China's development is based on the invention of a British engineer Roger Shayvera, whose home country ridiculed for pseudoscientific fraud. Engine creates a craving unusual way: without combustion and without any moving parts. "EmDrive" is a closed conical container which resonate under the influence of microwave radiation and creates a craving with a wide side "nozzle". Chinese prototype Read more [...]
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Craziest projects Pentagon

The Ministry of Defense in the late 1950s in response to the creation of the Soviet Union first space satellite appeared DARPA projects (DARPA). Over the years, the agency entrusted to design for the needs of the Pentagon's most risky, unconventional, and at times fantastic projects - from flying saucers, "robot-eating" and "zombie soldiers" to insect cyborgs and even immortal organisms. In January, DARPA announced a program to develop autonomous deep storage to replenish Navy ships with the necessary resources and spare parts. Deep-water storage So far, the program UFP Read more [...]
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Cadillac WTF — the first car with a nuclear engine

Appeared first kotsept car that runs on virtually waste-free and environmentally friendly nuclear fuel. According to the creators, the materials used and the technical help filling the car owner does not take care of the maintenance of his "favorite" for 100 years, and it is in daily use!As fuel, the development team used a low-level radioactive metal thorium (Thorium (Th)). For the first time the idea of using this element voiced American inventor Lawrence Kulesus in 2009 at an exhibition of cars Chicago Auto Show. Well, the engineers at Laser Power Systems, led by inventor Charles Read more [...]
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