Holographic TV: MIT revolutionized optics

Specialists MIT first time could create an optical phased array antenna (PAR). Among other things, it will allow you to create holographic video in which the object can be viewed from all sides.Control a beam of light in two ways: with mechanical drives, turns the light bulb, as well as varying the phase of the light. In the latter case the interference of light from two emitters can create directional light beam. Put simply, the light rays emitters cancel each other out in some areas and increase in others, results in a directed beam. PAR principle is well known and is used in radar stations, Read more [...]
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Can I create loriensky cloak?

Do something completely invisible until it turns with only a few defects. Is it possible to replace the "optical lie" on half-truths?In recent years, we often hear about the opening of the "cap of invisibility" - that of visible light, IR radiation, and even magnetic and electric fields.Schematic diagrams of the new method of masking (here and below illustrate Tie Jun Cui et al.) ...All of these "Deathly Hallows" still limited in their effectiveness, visibility of the masked object is actually reduced, but since this is achieved by metamaterials, often requiring Read more [...]
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In the U.S., low vision patients will bionic eye implant

The U.S. officially allowed to implant a bionic eye. This is a highly artificial visual system to restore lost vision.This technology allows the implementation of the eye with a damaged retina special implant, which is a retinal prosthesis. It complements the very retina c remain there intact neurons.The technology is different in that the glasses embedded camera with which information is sent to the video processor, which the patient wears on a belt. The processor converts the image into an electronic signal and sends it to the special transmitter is also built into the glasses.Then, the transmitter Read more [...]
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Scientists have recorded the information on the DNA molecule, like a USB flash drive

Bioengineers at Harvard have learned to read and write information from DNA, like the stick. Scientists have managed to write an e-book on the DNA volume 5.27 MB, includes 11 pictures, 53 426 words and even Java-script. Experts believe that the future will not replace hard drives and a USB flash drive will come of the DNA molecule, which, despite its tiny size, can store huge amount of data writes «ScienceMagic.ru».In the molecules of DNA information is recorded using a binary code consisting of guanine, cytosine, adenine and thymine. Harvard bioengineers first wrote the e-book chain codes Read more [...]
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Mankind has jumped into another world

Printers using parts for coffee machine, electric car with a removable battery, the things themselves mixing together and are responsible for the comfort host - the reality of the new world that appears before our eyes. The main thing - to be practical innovation, experts say. We discussed with the director of the Foundation "Center for Strategic Research" North-West "Vladimir Knyaginin. "Utro": Vladimir, you regularly talk about that in the world there are three global technological revolution. What is that process? What kind of innovation because they are born? Read more [...]
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Scientists have made more energy efficient teleportation

An international team of researchers received an important theoretical result in instant transfer of technology studies. Scientists have found that quantum teleportation - the process of moving quantum information at light speed, which in theory can be used to teleport macroscopic objects and even people - can be much more energy efficient than previously thought. How does teleportation?Throughout most of the twentieth century, scientists have denied the possibility of teleportation, seeing it only as a pipe dream of science fiction. The problem was in the way. Scientists believed that the only Read more [...]
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U.S. company will present a draft mining resources on asteroids

The new company will compete Planetary Resources, another private start-up, which in April 2012 for the first time in history, announced plans to asteroid mining of platinum group metals, as well as water for life support systems and the hydrogen-oxygen rocket fuel.U.S. space startup Deep Space Industries on Tuesday presented its project for exploration and mining operations on asteroids, the company said. The new company will compete Planetary Resources, another private start-up, which in April 2012 for the first time in history, announced plans to asteroid mining of platinum group metals, as Read more [...]
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The Chinese have created roses with chameleon effect

Unusual roses presented to the opened flower exhibition in Beijing. Say what color they are, it is impossible - it is constantly changing. Enough to touch the petals or lightly blow on the flower - and it is in front of others. Affect the color of the temperature fluctuations. There are those roses that can be enjoyed at night. During the day they accumulate sunlight and after dark glow.Category: Technology Read more [...]
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Chinese scientists have created an invisibility cloak

Chinese scientists have developed a "cloak" that hides the object of observation in the electromagnetic range. Development belongs to researchers from the Southeast University in Nanjing and Lanzhou University. Her description was published in English-language peer-reviewed physics journal Applied Physics Letters in January 2013. The article says that the researchers tested the experimental hyperfine device thickness of 10 mm, which can "almost perfect" hide static electric and magnetic field of an object with a diameter of 30 cm The authors emphasized that the earlier one Read more [...]
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A new type of planetary rovers for Phobos

Traditional rovers are not suitable for small satellites and asteroids, but the study of their surface is essential for understanding the history of the solar system. Obviously, you need a new solution ...Gravity on the moon six times weaker than the Earth, Mars - three times. So clutch luno and rovers with the ground always left much to be desired, which causes them to move at low speed. But on some celestial bodies lunar gravity is much weaker, which further aggravates the problem by eliminating the possibility of even a caterpillar drive.Long attracted the attention of scientists Phobos Read more [...]
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Mona Lisa was sent to the Moon

NASA engineers conducted a trial transmission in space with a laser beam. They went to the moon a digital image of Mona Lisa. Encoded with a laser image sent from Earth, "caught" an artificial lunar satellite LRO (Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter), rotating in its orbit since 2009. Total signal crossed about 384 thousand kilometers (240,000 miles). Today, communication satellites using radio signals, but, apparently, is not far off when they will replace rightfully laser communication. "This is the first time managed to carry out a one-sided conversation interplanetary laser communication Read more [...]
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Scientists have developed a prototype of the Tractor Beam

A group of Czech and British physicists developed a prototype Tractor Beam, which can serve as a prototype for a similar system from the TV series "Star Trek." To pull objects used "twisted" in a certain way a laser beam. Scientists say they have managed to capture the relatively large particle size of 300-400 nm.Physics, according to them, set a record move, pulling the ball at 25-30 microns from its original position. Distance can be increased, it is necessary to increase the power of the laser beam, according to "RIA Novosti". Lead researcher Paul Zemanek and Read more [...]
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On the way to the UFO technology — plasma aerodynamics

Scientists from the Samara branch of the Physics Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences received a revolutionary data modeling of shock waves in nonequilibrium gas environment, which, they believe, will greatly promote the plasma aerodynamics.Emerged a few years ago plasma aerodynamics (the term was proposed by Russian scientists) studies the interaction of the plasma with subsonic or supersonic flow. One of the main issues of interest to most researchers now - is a shock wave in a nonequilibrium gas-plasma medium. It is a surface of discontinuity, moving relative to the gas. At its intersection Read more [...]
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Power panels for spacecraft — not fiction

NASA plans to create an analogue fantastic "power panel" to protect the skin of spaceships - and based on clear and real-world technology.Extreme skin fragility spacecraft science fiction writers often make up a kind of "force shield" that protects the brave space explorers from meteorites, radiation and alien blasters. NASA wanted to turn fantasy into reality. It is a deployment in spacecraft protective magnetic fields, such as those that protect the Earth from deadly cosmic radiation. This will allow for long-term space travel without fear for the health of people. Today, Read more [...]
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Identity of the anonymous donor DNA can be easy to learn, say scientists

The authors evaluated the safety open database of genomes, prepared within the project HapMap, aimed at drawing up a genetic "map" of the world.The identity of people anonymously donated his genetic material for research, you can easily calculate using publicly available information from the banks of genomes and genealogical "social networking", which puts at risk the safety of secrets, say scientists in a paper published in the journal Science. Scientists often attract volunteers to participate in genetic studies in the search for genes associated with the development of congenital Read more [...]
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They developed a molecular motor

According to the site EE Times, an international team of researchers reported in the journal Nature Nanotechnology on the establishment of a multi-component molecular motor that can rotate back and forth. Rotate individual molecules could before, but this unit is the first complete molecular motor, made of many parts. The new achievement is an important step in improving nanodevices - quantum machines based on the principles of non-classical physics. These mechanisms can be used in a wide variety of purposes, such as to power of quantum computers or to remove blood clots in the arteries. Motor Read more [...]
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Scientists have learned how to make jam from fish scales

Russian scientists from Kaliningrad State Technical University, announced the development of technology of any kind of marmalade and jelly fish processing waste. As reported by Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, University of Olga Mezenova, this technology is presented for the first time in Russia. "This scientific discovery is of great importance for the development of the food industry. It gets a new type of natural product that can be used in various sectors of food production, "- said Mezenova.Category: Technology Read more [...]
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U.S. intelligence IARPA, invited scientists to develop new theories of artificial intelligence

The scientific community of American intelligence, IARPA, offered scientists to develop new theories of artificial intelligence, which could seek valuable information and help people make sense of the complex and abstract concepts. In a way, the scouts want to get a set of algorithms, the amount of which will be an artificial intelligence (AI), a performance superior to man. Application IARPA (IARPA-BAA-12-05) - is a proposal to develop and test theories that explain how the human brain processes different types of conceptual knowledge and changes in this pattern of neural activity. Studies Read more [...]
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DARPA drones hide on the ocean floor

U.S. military agency DARPA launched a program Upward Falling Payloads, providing for the creation of rapidly deployable systems on the ocean floor. These systems will include a variety of equipment for data collection. If necessary, hidden on the bottom of the "nodes" will be activated. After receiving the signal, they will have to come to the surface and begin to convey information.UFP centers will be placed in special containers in which they can stay for many years. Since the system will be hidden in deep water, it would be difficult to identify. Currently, DARPA began accepting Read more [...]
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Whether to negotiate a sinister valley?

Humanoid robots make us fear the supernatural, psychic mechanism is not fully understood. Maybe we remember that this is not a man, refusing to sympathize with the robot.Eight years ago, Carl Makdorman stayed late at the Osaka University and about in the morning received a fax from a colleague with an essay in Japanese, written in the late 1970s. Since Makdorman busy creating giperrealistichnyh androids reading was extremely curious. The author claimed that people are afraid of artificial creatures, too much like a man. This phenomenon is known as "sinister valley» (uncanny valley).Makdorman Read more [...]
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