Interview with creator of HAARP

The possibility of control the weather, earth's magnetic field and the impact on the human psyche, says one of the creators of HAARP technology.
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Can a single tornado produce 200 megawatts?

Canadian company declared intention to build a prototype of a new kind of power, or more precisely - Dispose of low potential heat power plant, capable of lifting the global energy efficiency in general.Efficiency of conventional thermal power plants only in ideal cases to 40-50%. If it is added by the centralized water supply networks using low potential residual heat - waste heat turbine, its total efficiency can be higher. But that's just the majority of countries do not have centralized heating systems in any significant quantities.Efficiency of thermal power plants equipped with Read more [...]
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Clone people begin by mid-century

JONS Gerdon, Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2012, speaking on the radio in the transmission of BBC Four Scientific Life, expressed confidence that within fifty years we will see the first cloned human. When in 1958 John Gerdon delivered the first successful experiment on cloning frogs, he predicted that scientists will learn to grow mammalian embryos from the cells after 50 years. What was even a little earlier: Dolly the sheep appeared in 1996. According to biologists about the same time need to get healthy human embryo outside the womb. So far, the cloning techniques are not perfect, most Read more [...]
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Scientists have released a new humanoid robot

Nine months later, Boden developed a humanoid with a fundamentally new types of limb movements. As a rule, the best solution is not a humanoid robot, as "non-human" forms provide a much better performance of tasks. But scientists at the University of Zurich has created a fundamentally new type of humanoid robot Roboy, which will help people in everyday tasks. The main feature is its new robot system movements. Management system Roboy created by analogy with human limbs - the robot is controlled by motorized tendon, eliminating him from the traditional robot sharp ratcheting. Read more [...]
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Plastic house will create using the 3D printer

London-based architectural studio Softkill Design plans to introduce a new building that is printed using the 3D printer. Individual sections of the design can create bioplastics for three weeks and assembled on site in one day. It is assumed that a prototype called ProtoHouse 2.0 will be available this summer, according to Dezeen.Building will have a length of 8 m, a width of 4 m details of the construction will be so small that they can be transported in an ordinary van.According to the Softkill Design, to connect structural members will not need to use fasteners or welding. Instead it is Read more [...]
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Physicists have developed a photonic quantum computer

Physicists have developed a quantum computer processing power which is capable of scaling with greatly exceed the capabilities of classical computers. The results of four independent groups of researchers to build similar devices appeared in the journal Science and the archives of Cornell University, briefly recounts the essence publications Nature News and Science Now. The device consists of a microchip located on several glass fibers, several times crossing each other. Single photons are fed to the input of the device and are detected at the output.Then, what conclusions will get photons depends Read more [...]
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Invisible objects become reality

Scientists tend to deny the opportunity to create something that will allow the subject to become invisible. But that did not stop the young scientist who tried to understand the principle of converting the visible to the invisible. Janos Perczel, a student of the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, described his invention, and new projects.In 2011, a young scientist published a study that talked about the "invisible sphere", which shield the light, thus turning the object into invisibility with a colorful background.- Janos, before we get into the detail of research, could you tell Read more [...]
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Extremely powerful laser system in the U.S. could not ignite a fusion reaction

American physicists at the end of 2012 recognized that one of the most ambitious projects brought them no good. The scientists could not start the fusion reaction with super lasers. The news that the National Ignition Facility project did not justify it invested in capabilities, especially unpleasant due to the fact that this project was previously required additional investments. Now, the authors ask Congress for money for another three years, for which plans to sort out what is not allowed to do the trick. And although it is difficult to blame the physicists that they were unable to pre-calculate Read more [...]
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Four-legged walking robot with incredible technical abilities

In early December, started field testing robotic device infantry support "Legged Squad Support System" ("Walking platform support group"), or in short "LS3", which took place in the training center of the U.S. Army Fort Pickett. Robot with four legs showed excellent results, demonstrating the incredible maneuverability in the forest and the city, excellent stability when climbing ravines and rugged terrain, the ability to understand spoken commands and precisely follow the party leader, and quickly return to the interrupted due to the drop operation. "LS3" Read more [...]
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Mind games and neurons

Says Christoph Hintermuller / Project Management and Research, g.tec Guger Technologies: "We have developed a neuro-computer interfaces that let you control electronic devices and gadgets, using, in effect, thought-transference." Austrian company starts selling a device that can read thoughts, using a kind of system of computer telepathy. This new product can take advantage of people who have lost their opportunity to speak and move. Christoph Hintermuller / Project Management and Research, g.tec Guger Technologies, continues the story: "The interface is able to read and decode Read more [...]
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Irkutsk Technical University scientists create reasonable camcorder

Surveillance camera, which will figure to pay attention to suspicious people and things that create in Irkutsk Technical University. This development is expected in Singapore, Irkutsk authorities are also interested.This motherboard is really powerful computer. Make him the latest security system - a "smart camera" - try to researchers ISTU. Creating a program for the program, they give the intelligence mechanism.- It is necessary that the camera will make a decision, what part of the image is more interesting - the project head Denis Sidorov.Irkutsk scientists have long wanted to Read more [...]
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SpaceShipTwo getting ready for the first flight on their own engines

Passenger ship company Virgin Galactic makes first gliding flight with thermal protection, power plants and fuel tanks on board.Company Virgin Galactic, owned by Richard Branson, continues to test spacecraft SpaceShipTwo, which is to perform commercial suborbital passenger flights.SpaceShipTwo in gliding flight (photo by Luke Colby / Virgin Galactic).SpaceShipTwo test systems are on the rise program. Today, the unit has made a number of flights in coupling with the carrier aircraft WhiteKnightTwo, and more than 20 runs in a separate planning.As reported in the Virgin Galactic, SpaceShipTwo Read more [...]
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Artificial tornadoes — a new word in the alternative energy

19/12/2012 Imagine an energy source, which is characterized by a zero-emission, does not require a separate energy storage subsystem, you can turn on and off at will, and the generated electricity costs only three cents per kilowatt-hour. Canadian engineer Louis Michaud believes this - somewhat utopian scenario is quite possible thanks to the creation of artificial tornado. Michaud is building a prototype of such a system, in partnership with scientists from Lambton College in Sarnia, Ontario (Canada). The project began to develop thanks to the fact that based startup AVEtec Michaud received Read more [...]
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New 3D-printer can print drugs using synthetic DNA molecules

This allows you to quickly and accurately design the structure of any drug and still be completely sure that every atom is in a special place of manufactured moleculesSynthesis of new drugs, even conducted in laboratories with the latest equipment, employment is very time consuming and leads often to the results are strikingly different from required. To solve this problem, created a new system Parabon Essemblix Drug Development Platform, which is a combination of specialized software-aided design (CAD) inS? Quio production technology at the nanoscale. This combination enables the production Read more [...]
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Unexpected source of energy for new lamps — Gravity

Kerosene lamps are still used in remote rural areas. But they are a serious problem, as harmful to human health and the environment. In one of the other start-ups are encouraged to use, environmentally friendly resource that is available to all in abundance - gravity. GravityLight - an invention to its name: it is supported by the energy of light gravity. During the fall of the attached load (about 9 kg) pulls the cord running through the device, and starts the generator, which converts the energy of the incident light energy to the load. (Similar to the principle of hand generator, but only Read more [...]
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Universe and memory

18/12/2012 By the end of the first quarter of XXI century in the Southern Hemisphere should see the largest in the history of scientific instruments. Colossal terms of area radio interferometer, already known as the "square kilometer array," will look deeper into the times as far away as possible. Construction megaradioteleskopa Square Kilometre Array (SKA), which will be attended by 20 countries, will begin, as scheduled, in 2017, and the construction of its planned capacity will be released in 2024-m. This is not such a distant future, but the creation of the "array" - not Read more [...]
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Control the robotic prosthesis with a thought: take a new height

The woman, in which the brain electrodes implanted twice, than participants in previous experiments, was able to move the artificial arm with unparalleled skill.Completely paralyzed from the neck down she regained the ability to interact with the world thanks to the most advanced interface "brain - the computer."In February, the patient's motor cortex were implanted two chips dimensions of 4 × 4 mm to 96 electrodes each. They are going through the skull leads to a computer that translates thoughts into signals for the robotic arm.Participant in the previous experiment Katie Read more [...]
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Laser drill will open access to the U.S. geothermal energy

In the United States, researchers are testing a new development - the laser drill, which will provide access to an inexhaustible source of geothermal energy of the Earth.The scientific community has long been obvious need for the utilization of geothermal energy of the planet, because the resources of fossil fuels eventually run out. But finding a way to the development of this power was the work of an expensive and slow. After test drilling for the source of costs a fortune and is associated with serious risks. Mechanical drills easily pass only soft rocks such as sandstone, usually Read more [...]
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Samsung Smart TV became a weapon of spies

Security company ReVuln released a video that shows how the company programmers easily cracked security Samsung TV and have access to its settings, widgets and remote control. The hackers were also able to control the camera's built-in display and microphone and quietly observe the owners of vehicles, the latter did not even notice it. "We can install malicious software and get full access to your TV" - say geek. However, this can be done with only one model. As it turned out, the most vulnerable are the "smart" TV set by Samsung, which in many respects are similar to Read more [...]
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Scientists can create genetic and biological memory

Scientists at MIT again made the discovery. Using recombinase enzyme to change the sequence of DNA serving as logic elements, the researchers developed a cellular circuit that not only mimics the same silicon, but also has its own built-in memory.Living cell - a miniature molecular computer designed by nature. Genetic engineering can manipulate these processes - creating, for example, new organisms with desired properties or to use DNA as a memory device, recording them nonbiological information, though such carriers can be either living cells.The simplest biological "logic" - a genetically Read more [...]
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