DARPA is a strange way to survival of soldiers with blunt trauma

Medical care on the battlefield at the first request is often crucial to the survival of the wounded soldiers. However, in the case of an internal abdominal injuries and internal bleeding is little that can be done to stop the bleeding until the patient is taken to the hospital. As a result of blood loss often leads to death with wounds, with which to survive. Technology-based foam, developed as part of DARPA Wound Stasis System (system preservation injury or something like that) has shown promising results in testing. In the test model, the foam showed the ability to stop the blood for Read more [...]
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Scientists propose to transform the sun into a killer asteroid

Events associated with the convergence of the Earth Asteroid 2012 DA14, drew public attention to the protection of mankind from dangerous space objects, the trajectory of which can cross the path of the Earth. In this favorable soil then "went up" some projects and ideas, among which the most interesting is the project DE-STAR, the proposed Californian scientists who propose to use the energy of sunlight to deal with asteroids and other potentially dangerous space bodies. That is, scientists propose to turn our sun is a killer asteroid.Project Name DE-STAR stands for Directed Energy Read more [...]
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Chinese man builds a spherical Noah’s Ark

Liu UAS from Hebei Province, south of Beijing, creating fiberglass spherical "Noah's Ark" for the creation of which was inspired by an apocalyptic Hollywood movie "2012".

Liu hopes that his work, consisting of glass around a steel frame will be adopted by government agencies and international organizations to use in case of a tsunami or earthquake.

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Humanoid robots on the complexity of the man chosen to

Humanly universal robot needed and rescue workers and soldiers. That's just beyond it is very difficult, while more and more difficult and awkward original. Still, there is hope.What did not happen at these Web sites: robokolibri and cases and even robobelki ... But the robot reproducing human movement (and reproducing in full), while the problem. It is very difficult Homo: both can run and climb, and even swim, and the number of degrees of freedom of the little people is enormous. However, researchers from the University of Tokyo (Japan) led by Yuto Nakanishi (Yuto Nakanishi) leave Read more [...]
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U.S. drone work out in the taxi on the aircraft carrier

USN conducted the first successful test of an unmanned aircraft taxiing on the aircraft carrier that is in the open sea.Prototype testing X-47B UAV passed, according to a report on the flight deck of USS Harry Truman in the Atlantic Ocean on Sunday.With the arm fixed to the remote control device test participants moved along the deck, the cable arresting gear, catapults to and from them."These tests have shown that we can do the X-47B taxiing to the precision required on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier," - said one of the operators control the device, Gerrit Everson, transfers ITAR-TASS. Read more [...]
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Invisible soldiers now a reality

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Chileans have learned to cook in the solar oven

In one of the cities of Chile, where the sun shines almost all year round, the energy orb decided to send in the right direction. There is a restaurant, where dishes are prepared on solar energy.
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Contact lenses can display text messages

10/12/2012 You probably did not even dream of the possibility of reading text messages or respond to e-mails in the shower - it's too risky for your smartphone. However, to solve such problems may soon be possible thanks to a new technology that will allow you to see the information on the special contact lenses.A team of researchers from the Belgian Institute of Technology (Ghent University Centre of Microsystems Technology) are developing a spherically curved LCD display that can fit on a contact lens. While other attempts have failed scientists say the least, this technology allows Read more [...]
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Liquid metal remembers its original form

Scientists at Cornell University have created organic metamaterial that can flow like a liquid, and then "remember" their shape and become a solid three-dimensional structure.Under an electron microscope, the new material is similar to a tiny bird's nest and a hydrogel containing synthetic DNA strands. Certain sections of DNA size of 1 micron are used as building blocks of a kind of Lego and can be assembled into structures of various shapes. At the same spaces in "designer" creates many tiny cavities that are filled with water. Thus, scientists have created a metamaterial Read more [...]
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In Japan, the commute to work will be on a roller coaster

10/12/2012 Japanese scientists have developed energy-efficient train Eco Ride. The principle of his actions - the same as that of a roller coaster. For every ten meters in height, where the train climbs a special automatic lift, he can travel four hundred meters only through gravity. Speed Eco Ride - 60 kilometers per hour (in a roller coaster of 200 kilometers per hour). Scientists attribute this to the fact that after 60 miles per hour on the track friction starts an avalanche.In the train, no engine and transmission, which makes it much cheaper. No need to buy more land and because the rails Read more [...]
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A new theory suggests the possibility of nuclear reactions without splitting or fusion

While on cold fusion in the form in which it is presented at the end of 1980, over the past decade have not laughed just lazy, some issues with the whole epic, remain unanswered. And these questions are largely unchanged since the 1960s, when they were first raised. This strange ability of chickens to lay eggs with a hard shell with no access to calcium, but with access to potassium, and the presence of carbon monoxide in the blood of people who do not inhale the gas, and the emergence of millions of neutrons after each lightning strike - with no apparent physical cause. .. And NASA is already Read more [...]
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Robots learn to deceive each other

Scientists at the Georgia Institute of Technology have developed a robot that can deceive each other. They got the idea of developing a model of the behavior of ordinary squirrels and birds. The practical application of research will in future military development. The work is published in IEEE Intelligent Systems. A team of scientists led by Professor Ronald Arkin started with biological research - they studied the behavior of squirrels collecting acorns and concealing them in their hiding places. When another protein can peep cache animal changes its behavior. Instead of reaching out to Read more [...]
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In Chinese desert to build a hotel

In Chinese desert 800 km west of Beijing hotel to be built under the name Lotus, said Archdaily. It will be assembled from prefabricated parts of the plant in March 2013. The total area of the construction of 30 thousand square meters. m Lotus Hotel - project of PLaT Architects, which is specially designed for the hotel special steel structures that support the construction of the sand without a concrete foundation.Lotus Hotel - the first building in the desert Xiangshawan. In the future it is planned to build a number of similar facilities for tourists. In PLaT Architects believe that the Read more [...]
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Computer virus has infected the human brain

Scientists warn that soon may appear so called biohakery that will not break into computers, and the brain cheloveka.Amerikanskie experts fear the consequences of the development of synthetic biology. They can be both positive and extremely dangerous. Given that science is always "evil genius", all can lead to "biological terrorists.""This is one of the most powerful technologies in the world. Cells - a mini-computers, and DNA - a programming language. Already created a simple computer program based on it. But do not forget that DNA - a "key" to the human Read more [...]
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The inventor of the French Alps, has achieved energy independence

This chalet in the French Alps - the shelter of the inventor, who undertook to prove to themselves and to the world, that can go to the full energy self-sufficiency. Knowledge of the laws of physics, good hands and wit: Fabrice Andre - an engineer by training and an inventor by vocation. Fabrice lives here, in the French Alps for 10 years. His home - his castle. And instead of a horse, a special tricycle with a speed of 50 kilometers per hour, and offline for 270 kilometers, "the technology is that while one battery is discharged, the second charging. Thus, we provide maximum autonomy Read more [...]
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Man-Machine. Special Feature

First fiction invented many decades, as if the human body connect with something inhuman. Then science ripe to seriously think about it. Then we stopped to wonder pacemakers and artificial kidneys ... Bionic prostheses - one of the most promising areas of modern medicine. Already developed an artificial eye and an artificial ear. Recently, Russia's first artificial heart transplant domestic production. All this and much more - in a special report.Category: Technology Read more [...]
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The Chinese authorities are planning to grow vegetables on Mars and the Moon

12/06/2012 China's leadership is prepared to grow four kinds of vegetables on Mars and the Moon for the establishment there of "ecological life support system" for the astronauts, according to local media citing the Center for Research and training Chinese astronauts in Beijing. According to reports, have already passed the required tests in Beijing, and now plan for a tank volume of 300 cubic meters. m, where it is expected, will grow four kinds of vegetables (which is not specified). With their help, the astronauts will be able to produce its own supplies of air, water and food Read more [...]
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Augmented reality in a single eye

Belgium has developed an innovative curved LCD display, which can be incorporated into regular contact lenses. This modest achievement may be the first step towards a full-lens displays, augmented reality. Unlike the built-in contact lens displays based on light-emitting diodes (LED), which are limited to only a few pixels in the center of the screen (in the main optical axis), an innovative LCD-technology, developed at the University of Ghent in cooperation with the Center for Microsystems Technology (both - Belgium ), allows you to use the entire surface of the display. This fact leads to Read more [...]
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Particles created from two-faced self-organizing and dynamic system

Earlier particles such as colloids, has been used for self-assembly of structures such as nanotubes, but in dynamic or non-equilibrium systems, such processes have not yet been able to organize. The term "synchronization" to date was a simple mathematical abstraction. Structure similar to microtubules in living organisms, scientists have created the first American Northwest and University of Illinois. To do this, researchers have been involved oscillations supendirovannyh silica gel particles in the liquid, covered on top of nickel (only on one side). Scientists have come to the dynamic Read more [...]
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Presented flying robot spy that can stay in the air forever

This soaring kopter-drone with a screw located in the ring. Unlike their colleagues in the shop, it does not take any navigation system - just a pair of optical high-definition cameras, the difference in the images from which the UAV is used to stabilize the situation in the air to the ground. Optionally there infrared camera (for observation at night), an electric motor, a screw ... all. Stop. And where is the battery? He is not. No, really: states that the robot lives even without batteries on board this dramatically reduces the weight and allows you to fly on a single charge up to Read more [...]
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