Replace U.S. Navy dolphins on robots

The U.S. Navy plans to replace some 2017 trained to look for mines dolphins on robots. According to the military, to use for this purpose the machine is technically more efficient and cost-.According to North County Times, unmanned submarines can detect mines worse than marine mammals. The machine can be made relatively quickly, while the training of animals takes about seven years. In the end, it was decided to forward to other works of dolphins trained to search for mines.80 bottlenose contained on the U.S. Navy base in San Diego, in 2017 will "convert" 24. They will be used, for Read more [...]
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A biological cell that is capable of producing laser light

A team of scientists from the United States has created a living biological cell capable of producing laser light, scientists report in the current issue of the scientific journal Nature Photonics. The new technique has created a cell capable of generating a light-emitting protein that was previously obtained from luminous jellyfish that live in the oceans.As a result of these genetic manipulations, the researchers got the living cell, which produces directional light emission in the green light range. In the future, based on similar techniques, scientists plan to improve the quality of microscopes, Read more [...]
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Future Technology

Five films: Robots, Clothes, Cars, Safe City, HealthCategory: Technology Read more [...]
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Pentagon: robots will be able to kill people

The U.S. Army, which is armed with the most advanced fast military robots, said that every time the robot will kill people, the decision to open fire will be taken by another person.According to the Pentagon's plan to send Americans into battle fully automatic military machine, which would independently decide: whether to live or die, or a particular person. Numerous organizations for the protection of human rights and citizens fear that advances in robotics will lead to the fact that instead of a machine will be the main instrument of war. This will facilitate easy initiating the conflict Read more [...]
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Scientists have invented a virtual brain to the eye and the hand

A team of scientists invented Chris Eliasmita Spaun - the largest functional model of the brain that has the 2.5 million neurons organized into subsystems of the prefrontal cortex, basal ganglia, thalamus, and other cognitive components of the brain. He has a model's eyes that can see and move your hand."I realized that the only way to convince people - demonstrate this knowledge into practice," - said a neuroscientist at the University of Waterloo.Spaun can recognize numbers to memorize lists and record them. As the team reports in the journal Science, he is even able to take the Read more [...]
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Scientists have created the most realistic artificial brain

Canadian researchers from the University of Waterloo announced the creation of the most realistic model of the human brain - SPAUN (Semantic Pointer Architecture Unified Network), news agencies reported. Artificial brain based on a supercomputer, which simulates 2.5 million neurons. For comparison, the human brain there are about 100 billion neurons. Canadian invention is equipped with a camera with a resolution of 28x28 pixels, which is a "conduit" of information in the digital brain. SPAUN also has a robotic arm, which on paper records the results of data processing. The main feature Read more [...]
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Presented entirely new propulsion for exploding robots

Controlled explosions at the feet of "soft robot" of silicone make him jump thirty times higher than its own growth. Scientists led by the eminent George Whitesides (George Whitesides, leading Hirsch index of living chemists) of Harvard University (USA) have created a three-legged ... device (otherwise you could not tell), moved by something like a jet propulsion engine. In soft robot legs there are channels (one per course) with a soft flap on the end. Each of the channels is pumped methane-oxygen mixture (1:2). The inlet gas mixture and ignition timing is controlled by microcomputer Read more [...]
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America is preparing to attack the pulse weapon

William Forstshen (R. Forstchen) is Professor of History and member of the college in Monreate (Montreat), North Carolina. He received his Ph.D. from Purdue University (Purdue) with specialization in "Military History of the American Civil War and the history of technology." Some time ago, his book "one second after" was presented to the Congress and to the Committee of the House of Representatives Armed Forces, Congressman Roscoe Bartlett (R.-MD). Chairman of the House Committee instructed to assess the threat of electromagnetic pulse weapon (EMP), and to provide a realistic Read more [...]
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The new word in bioengineering and transplantation. Biorobot-meduzoidov

One can argue whether this is a jellyfish living being or a robot, or any quasi-living organism. But she's definitely shown great promise for medicine. This piece of material made from animal protein, heart muscle cells of laboratory rats and silicon can be reduced by the action of electricity and literally float in the water like a jellyfish. Researchers at meduzoidov big plans: using such technologies as expected, you can create artificial implants and treat severe heart disease.Category: Technology Read more [...]
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Lockheed Martin has experienced a laser to destroy drones

The company Lockheed Martin announced the successful testing of the ground mobile laser device called ADAM, capable of striking short-range missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles. Tests of the system were carried out in August this year. In tests ADAM successfully put down the UAV from a distance of 1.5 km and destroyed four small rockets from a distance of 2 km. ADAM is equipped with 10-kilowatt laser, designed to hit targets up to 2 km. The system is capable of providing precise target tracking at a distance of 5 km and can work with data outside the radar.Category: Technology Read more [...]
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Tomsk scientists have invented a device that allows to search for stealth aircraft

This is a radio scanner, which allows, in particular, to "see" through walls, look for anti-personnel mines and archaeological sites, and even people under the rubble. Scientists have developed a device of the TSU. Radio scanner allows you to remotely "see" even the smallest hidden objects. For full scan subject is now required only 10 seconds. The development of our scientists in several times cheaper than foreign analogues, and costs no more than 2 million rubles. The range of application of radar imaging is quite extensive. For example, university researchers developed Read more [...]
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Humanoid robot for the first time rose to 32 km in a balloon

Why was it necessary to drag robogumanoida into the stratosphere? Well, for example, in order not to risk another protein-and-arrow ("Where are you now?"). In fact, the organizers of this action plans are not so simple.Spanish company Zero 2 Infinity fulfills a kind low-end-sector space travel, planning to put on a stream turpolety to stratospheric heights of up to 36 km, where the sky is black, the world is round, and the stars in brightness almost equal space.For these and similar species can pay much more than $ 143 thousand, unless, of course, use a missile. (Here and below the Read more [...]
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Izhevsk scientists have created the first Russian robot-ball

In 2010, the Udmurt State University has won a grant of the Russian Government, and soon began to create robots. Not being in the initial stage of the necessary technical capacity, appealed for help to colleagues from Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod and St. Petersburg universities and together understand mobile robotics, which is primarily in Russia has been neglected. His contribution to the creation of a unique technology also made St. Petersburg "Transmash", based on which he made the first lunar rover, and enterprises in Hong Kong. One of the first results of the hard work has become Read more [...]
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Ural scientists decided to create a three-dimensional projection of the circus

In the process of using Austrian laser, which measures the volume of mining.Category: Technology Read more [...]

Fenoment three-sided pyramid

Pyramid of toothpicks placed first for a few hours at the antenna, which is nothing more than a concave mirror, which concentrates energy at one point (in this case on the pyramid). Then the pyramid starts to distort the Earth's gravity.
Category: Technology
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Pentagon aims to create a grenade with the principle of electromagnetic pulse

Capable of producing an electromagnetic pulse grenades have long been part of the genre of computer games, movies and books. Now, the U.S. military decided that she wanted to move EM grenades from science fiction to the real world in the form of a device for the destruction of the rebels laid bombs (officially). In particular, consider the establishment of military grenades microwave high power capable of generating an electromagnetic impulse to destroy used to activate roadside improvised bombs and improvised explosive devices electronics. Army placed a request for a public company with an offer Read more [...]
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Construct a nuclear reactor the size of a soccer ball

Plutonium-238 has long been the only practical source of power for the spacecraft beyond the orbit of Mars, where solar radiation is low. However, its reserves to a close, as the once over and gave rise to the Cold War. And even today no alternative supplier - Russia. The U.S. completely dependent on this source, there is something in stock, but before the end of the decade and these stocks are exhausted.Demonstration reactor strikes ... its miniaturization. (Photo by LANL.)There are different deployment scenarios of production of plutonium-238. However, even for NASA, they are expensive. Read more [...]
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Funnel to concentrate solar energy developed at MIT

The reality is that today most of the commercially available solar panels are not very effective - photovoltaic cells, which make up the panel can convert less than a fifth of sunlight into electricity. But researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed a new pattern of cells coated in a special "funnels" that allows you to concentrate the flow of incoming photons, which in the long term will give scientists the opportunity to design a more efficient solar cells.During the study, the results of which were published in the journal Nature Photonics, researchers Read more [...]
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Scientists have turned into a source of electricity plants

The new technology promises a revolution in the "green" energy - the whole house can be supplied with electricity, just smashing on the roof pitch. Dutch scientists have discovered a way to get electricity from living plants. According to experts, marshes and wet meadows cover about six percent of the earth's surface. Thanks to a new technology developed Maryoleynom Helder at the University of Wageningen in the Netherlands, these areas can be an important source of energy. In contrast to the biogas produced by the anaerobic digestion or fermentation of biomass, a new technology Read more [...]
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Scientists from Cambridge afraid Rise of the Machines

Cambridge scientists plan to deal with an issue that is central to science fiction, but would not a science and technology development in the death of civilization.Center for the Study of existential risk analysis exposes the risks posed by the development of biotechnology, the same researchers at the Centre said that it would be dangerous to also disregard the danger of a robot uprising.Films like "The Matrix" and "Terminator" represent enslavement of mankind by robots and artificial intelligence systems.Not long ago, the U.S. military has developed a similar system to Read more [...]
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