Military Secret of Igor Prokopenko

The planned revolution. Why the U.S. smashed "Arab hive"? Afghan Breakdown. Why did the Soviet generals cry, remembering the war? Ten feet below the keel. The newest ship in France and Italy. Winged monster. All the Arms of the eleventh century. Bikini ashes. As the Pacific atoll became a swimsuit?. French "Leclerc". The firstborn of the new generation. Baalbek. Who owns an architectural marvel of ancient thoughts?. Fury Revolution. Rosa Luxemburg and her love affairs. Sensation. Weapons of "Star Wars" in the service of special forces. Encrypted Read more [...]

Cartilage able to print on a hybrid 3D-printer

Bioprinting or three-dimensional printing of living tissues is a new method in medicine, which is still in the early stages of development. But his consistency in the production and availability of viable tissues and organs is widely recognized. The basis of this technology is the layer deposition of living cells from the hydrogel, which acts as a specialized ink printers. However, these printed design consisting only of natural biomaterials, not too strong. Scientists from the Institute of Regenerative Medicine, Wake Forest (Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine) found a way to solve Read more [...]
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Nano-technology in action: a hydrophobic coating

Nano polymer allowed into production. This substance can repel almost any liquid. Hydrophobic coating — one of the first nano-technology to enter the market. The substance can be applied to many types of surfaces, including clothing and building materials.
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Robot mirror, reflecting our emotions

Everyone has a friend who sympathize with us in case of any trouble, which shares our feelings when we are filled with joy. Friends always notice our frowns when we are upset or offended. Scientists and psychologists have long been aware that these types of sympathy and empathy is one of the main components of building social relationships. Now, researchers tested whether it can bring together people with robots. Gonsayor Barbara (Barbara Gonsior) from the Technical University of Munich (Technische Universitat Munchen) carried out a study of whether the effects of "reflection" Read more [...]
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Spaceship, not limited to the need for transportation with a fuel invented in China

Spaceship, not limited to the need for transportation with a fuel - that's what the authors promise us another miracle engine. Moreover, they claim that the working patterns of such a facility has been created and they are experimenting.You can not make a missile that moves things forward while not moving anything back, tells us the third law of Mr. Newton and experiences.But, it seems, in Chinese, both spoken less clearly. And that's why in China built its own version of the magnetron scheme Roger Sawyer (Roger Shawyer). And momentum in it, as we are told, is created, provided no Read more [...]
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Underground boat: the secret development

Almost from the very beginning, people would then take to the skies, then down into the earth, and even reach the center of the planet. But all these dreams are translated only in science fiction novels and tales: "Journey to the Center of the Earth" by Jules Verne, "Underground Fire" Shuzi, "Hyperboloid of Engineer Garin" Alexei Tolstoy. and only in 1937 G.Adamov in his book "The winners of the subsoil" described as the achievements of Soviet power structure underground boat.Even create the impression that the description of this was based on real figures. Read more [...]
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Human hand as the Internet channel

Scientists from Korea University (Korea University) used the man's arm as an internet channel. Data flow between the two electrodes fixed to the skin at a distance of 30 cm was 10 megabits per second. In the study, researchers used a low-frequency electromagnetic waves with a frequency of 45 MHz. These waves pass through the skin with a low absorption coefficient. Moreover, the skin protects the signal from external noise. Scientists have managed to achieve a 90-percent reduction in energy consumption compared with wireless data transfer methods, such as Bluetooth, writes device, Read more [...]
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People will charger for smartphones

It is possible that in the near future, users will not have to worry that their smartphones will discharge. American scientists have developed a cheap and effective nanogenerator that can be converted to mechanical energy of the small movement. The device created by scientists from the Institute of Georgia Tech, one of the leading research universities in the United States. It should be noted that the possibility of the use of technology is much more than just charging smartphones. Excess energy produced by walking and breathing, can theoretically charge medical implants and other medical electronics.Shong Read more [...]
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Software upgrade Israeli missile defense system can change the face of modern warfare

A new conflict in the Gaza Strip, as always, subject to numerous attacks on Israeli territory with primitive missiles (in fact, rockets). But their results at this time is unlikely to impress even the Palestinians.November 17, 2012 The "Iron Dome" (???) Received from its developer Rafael Advanced Defense Systems upgrades, including new algorithms to predict the trajectory of missiles and rockets. According to the IDF, it allows you to shoot down missiles at a distance of 15 km is not as it was before the upgrade, and 75 km (!) From the nearest launcher "Iron Dome" (there are Read more [...]
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U.S. scientists raised the dog from a frozen embryo

The photo shows the Klondike - the first in the Western Hemisphere, a puppy that has been grown from a frozen embryo. He is a cross between a beagle and of Labrador, and although none of these species is not under threat of extinction, the existence of the Klondike is already good news for endangered members of the family dog, such as, for example, the red wolf.Nine months ago, Klondike mother became pregnant using artificial insemination. The resulting embryos were collected and frozen, and then placed into the womb of a surrogate mother Klondike. As can be seen from the photo, the experiment Read more [...]
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Physicists have created vserazmerny microwave invisibility cloak

In recent years, physicists have created a lot of devices that allow hide objects in a given range of radiation. Typically, the functionality of such invisibility cloaks are extremely limited - some of them can hide only two-dimensional objects, while others work only with a limited viewing angle.Korean and American physicists have created a special metamaterial that can hide an object of any shape and size of the eyes in the microwave range of electromagnetic radiation, and issued instructions for its assembly in an article in the journal Nature Communications.In recent years, physicists have Read more [...]
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Rada approved the introduction of biometric passports in Ukraine

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted a new version of the bill "On the uniform state register of demographic," which provides for the introduction of biometric passports. It is reported by UNIAN. For a document 243 deputies voted for the minimum required 226 votes.Deputies approved the bill with amendments that are made on November 19, President Viktor Yanukovych (they were mostly technical in nature). According to the passage of the bill in Ukraine on the basis of biometric will be transferred to several types of documents, including the passport of the citizen of the Republic, a Read more [...]
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U.S. scientists have created nanogenerators, converting human motion into electricity

Georgia Institute of Technology created a device that uses the principle of static electricity to convert motion into the energy required for the mass of practical application. Theoretically, any excess energy produced by the body when it goes, breathing, working, can be captured and sent to, for example, medical implants and other electronics. However, collecting energy of small movements - a very difficult task, and researchers from Georgia working on it for several years until it achieved the desired results based on piezoelectric nanogenerators. Today nanogenerators developed by scientists, Read more [...]
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German designer invented the helmet controlled reality

"Helmet slowdown» (Deceleration helmet) - German designer Lorenz invention Potthasta. The man, who had put on the head of this construction, we can experiment with their sense of time, watching everything in slow motion, or, conversely, an accelerated mode.Helmet device is no less interesting than his round and shiny appearance. Inside his bicycle helmet, to which are attached the front glasses with displays, and the top is a netbook, and even found a place for an external battery. Front in the helmet display to an observer can see the same as the test subject.To the device attached Read more [...]
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NGO is to desist from fighting robots.

The human rights organization Human Rights Watch, with the support of Harvard Law School published a 50-page report about the dangers of using a fully autonomous (robotic) arms. As the author of the report, military robots will not be able to distinguish civilians from soldiers. The report, called "Losing Humanity: The Case Against Killer Robots" (literally "Losing humanity: The case against killer robots"), in particular, noted that the machines have no compassion and are not liable for damages. On the one hand, according to the report, the presence of military robots will Read more [...]
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Scientists have created artificial muscles

New artificial muscles of nanotechnology yarn impregnated with paraffin, can lift the weight more than 100 thousand times their own, and generate 85 times more mechanical energy than the same amount of natural muscle. By this view, the scientists came from the University of Texas at Dallas, and professionals from their international teams from Australia, China, South Korea, Canada and Brazil. The filaments are made of artificial muscles seamless carbon nanotubes. These hollow cylinders made from the same type of graphite, as usual slate pencils. Themselves nanotubes can be 10 thousand times Read more [...]
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British scientists including 61-year-old computer weighing 2.5 tonnes

In England, completed a three-year restoration of one of the oldest in the world of computers - Harwell Dekatron, also known by the acronym WITCH. Prior to 2009, the size of a machine room and a weight of 2.5 tons disassembled gathering dust in storage for 20 years. Harwell Dekatron first planned for the year to recover, but in the end the whole process took three times longer. Create WITCH began in 1949, and in 1951 he was commissioned, writes Daily Mail. Computer, which is used as a component of multielectrode discharge lamps, cold cathode (decatrons) was used for the calculations in nuclear Read more [...]
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China has built a 157 meter long Ring of Life, which the Chinese consider themselves Stargate

China has built a structure superficially resembles some "Stargate" or a portal to other worlds. Construction called - "Ring of Life" and it is located in Fushun City, Liaoning Province.According to the authorities of the city, it may, nothing but a piece of landscape architecture, such as Eyfileva tower or other attractions in the world. Construction of the facility was completed September 13, 2012. For the construction of 157-meter building, called "Ring of Life" spent about a hundred million yuan ($ 16 million) and used 3,000 tons of steel, according to local Read more [...]
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NASA responded to the loss of communication between the PMU and the Russian ISS

Loss of communication between the Russian Mission Control Centre (MCC) and ISS did not affect the operation of the plant, according to NASA. The accident should not prevent manned "Soyuz" to return to Earth as scheduled, on November 19, said the U.S. space agency.The incident caused concern about the proper functioning of the station and scheduled for Monday, Moscow time undock "Union." On this ship must return to Earth After four months of on-orbit crew 33rd ISS mission in the Russian cosmonaut Yuri Malenchenko, American Sunita Williams and Akihiko Hoshide Japanese.Russian Read more [...]
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Presentation voice translator from Microsoft

Microsoft is working on a device that translates the words of the narrator and pronounces his own voice, but in another language. At the end of the video, in the 9th minute, he said proposals in English, and the machine translated his words into Chinese and pronounces voice, as close to the original.
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