China will build a skyscraper-like eye of the needle

China will soon build a building here, something resembling the eye of a needle. Skyscraper design was created by the architectural studio of SOM. The tower will be in the downtown Greenland Group Suzhou Center in Utszyane. Height of the building will be 358 meters skyscraper made of a hollow core for most of the office space has access to natural ventilation. The skyscraper will also be more cost-effective than similar sized facilities. It will consume 60% less energy and 60% less water.Category: Technology Read more [...]
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Scientists have found a way to scare the fearless people

Horror, fear, anxiety, fear, phobia, panic - this is an incomplete list of the words that we use to define the different degrees and kinds of the human condition that is associated with a sense of impending danger. It is known that reduce feelings of fear toward anything difficult, but possible. It may relate to the fear of darkness or height. However, there is a category of people who are not afraid of anything, it was thought until recently. It is a very rare disease Urbach-Vite, in which completely destroyed the amygdala, located in the temporal lobe of the brain. The loss of the tonsils Read more [...]
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Scientists have developed a computer simulation of the human brain for 1 billion euros

Human Brain Project The project to build a computer, simulating the human brain is estimated at 1.19 billion euros. The European Commission approved the development of Human Brain Project. This is a collaborative project with dozens of universities from different EU countries, as well as the U.S., Israel and other countries. The purpose of the project - to bring together all received to date knowledge of the human brain and the human body to simulate head. With this perspective opens a new understanding of the human brain and its diseases. Will be a single open platform for experiments with Read more [...]
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Doctors will soon have electronic pill

As you know, electronic pill or dvaysy are not intended for oral use, but experts claim that in the future they do begin to "blend in" with the body, so there is no obstacle to their production.The specificity of electronic pills is that they themselves inform your doctor about taking a patient prescribed medications. In addition, these pills will help professional athletes to control the intake of vitamins and supplements, such as protein and creatine. Today there is a huge selection of sports nutrition such as here you can find almost everything for any sport.Sports doctors and coaches Read more [...]
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Google introduced a virtual tour of the Grand Canyon

For those wishing to enjoy the views of the Grand Canyon from home, Google has launched a new section on the service Google Maps, which shows the vast panorama of the canyon. Service covers more than 120 miles of roads and trails along the Grand Canyon in Colorado. To see the panorama you must select a place on the trail, then the user views with a viewing angle of 360 degrees. There are a total more than 9.5 thousand panoramas. The images were obtained using special systems with 15 lenses, mounted on their knapsacks of several members of the project. Google Maps serviceCategory: Technology Read more [...]
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Lunar base was printed on 3D-printer

This is not a suggestion, and actively developing the project, which involved the most serious institutions, and, presumably, money.London-based architecture firm Foster + Partners and the European Space Agency has begun to explore the construction of lunar bases by using 3D-printer. Already designed the house for four people, where you can escape from the temperature changes, meteorites and gamma radiation.The foundation of the structure will be unpacked from the modular pipe, and all the rest - inflate. The printer D-Shape with a six-meter frame, control the robot, to strengthen and protect Read more [...]
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Invented a device that will talk to dolphins

The basis of the invention, transformation technology in image and sound back. Sound visualizer called Tsimaskop (CymaScope). It is developed by the company Sonic Age acoustics engineers John Stuart Reid and Erik Larson (John Stuart Reid and Erik Larson). Created 10 years, then upgraded. And now literally can see how the music - from the individual to the sound of the chord. Visualization is achieved by using a sensitive camera that shoots invisible images in the surface water. And they in turn create oscillations arising from the effects of sound on the water.Visualizer can be used for entertainment Read more [...]
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Quantum computers: decoherence surmountable?

Russian scientists have presented a universal method tomography of quantum states can deal with a major obstacle to the development of quantum computers - decoherence.With all the advances in the study of fundamental physics modeling complexly full quantum systems is not yet possible. Despite Moore's Law, the quantum problem, but the simplest, are not available for computation on a classical computer.Examples? For full-scale simulation of the quantum properties of the iron atom to consider the motion of electrons in its 26 three-dimensional space, which is limited to the solution of the Read more [...]
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