The police service dog was asked to provide a written statement Peach

Some laws are so absurd that they have to comply to smash his head. Thus, the British police service dog demanded Peach write a written report on the performed her detention. Attempts dog owner to appeal to the common sense not to have failed, according to Sun. Constable Peach (Pc Peach) - was the name of the service dog, recently distinguished himself catching the criminal. However, rather than to encourage the animal something tasty, British authorities demanded that he write a report on their work. No arguments Peach owner that his client never knew how to write, do not help the cause. Read more [...]
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Meet the winners of the Darwin Awards -3

Prestige Award Darwin is questionable. For her sake, do not make movies, do not compose great music, do not make plays. And it honored only those lucky ones who have managed to go to the forefathers in the most ridiculous way, mainly due to the own stupidity. Sudden passion Two lovers could not keep the passion and decided to indulge in amorous pleasures right where she was overcome them. All anything, but it happened on the busy highway in Brazil - Via Dutra. Early in the morning, when normal people are asleep, the lovers decided to make a stop to enjoy the proximity of each other. Their Read more [...]
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Meet the winners of the Darwin Awards -2

Darwin Awards - a virtual prize, which is awarded to those members of the human race, who left the world of the living most stupid way. Human stupidity, unfortunately, is unlimited and not to repeat the mistakes of others, there will be more than familiar with some heroes deserve, maybe not so honorable, but still reward. I went in a little A native of the U.S. state of Florida, Shawn Montero, returning with friends from the bar, stuck in traffic. Drunk beer gradually began remind yourself, but the movement, unfortunately, was not restored. At one point, Sean realized that endure longer in the Read more [...]
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Meet the winners of the Darwin Awards

Darwin Award winners never went for the award on the red carpet. These people have never heard the applause of enthusiastic fans and posed for photographers, taking a picture pose. Moreover, they are never kept in the hands of the prize and did not receive monetary compensation, as at the time of the award of an honorary award they have left this earthly world. The most ridiculous way. For which he won the award. Last supper Fan of beans and sauerkraut, whose name was not disclosed, had dinner before going to sleep tight. Fearing freeze, poor guy decided not to leave the window open Read more [...]
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Access to the mountain in Argentina is closed due to the threat of mass suicide

19/12/2012 Argentine authorities closed access to the mountain Uritorko avoid mass suicide attempts on her particularly zealous fan theories about the end of the world on December 21, local media reported. "Because of the fear that the disaster struck, the mountain will be closed to the public from 20 hours on December 20 to 0 hours on December 22," - said the administrator of the zone, Rafael Garcia. Such a request to the administration asked the authorities of the nearby town of Capilla del Monte. Concerns have been caused by the spread of the authorities in a number of social networking Read more [...]
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To offer music fans the coffin of the deceased with music

Many representations of the soul helps enterprising people inventing various paid services for its support during his life and after death.Swedish company Pause thought about the souls of the dead and the audiophile has developed an unusual coffin audio CataCoffin, computerized tombstone CataTomb and application CataPlay, forming system for the music of heaven for the deceased CataCombo Sound Systems, writes vau-portal.Musical coffin-service CataCombo Sound Systems provide musical accompaniment afterlife dead by forming playlists his close applications using CataPlay and arrangements of music Read more [...]
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Another end of the world — mass hysteria grows

18/12/2012 Predicted by some would-be prophets of December 21, the proverbial end of the world seems to have sown some kirovchan of panic and confusion in the minds. So, to the first deputy head of the Kirov region, Dmitry Matveev message came from some citizens. In a letter kirovchanin because of "impending apocalypse" calls in the region to create a sort of center of suicides. - In view of the approaching end of the world and the loss of human civilization asks organize in the region, "the Centers for voluntary withdrawal from the life of citizens" - this formulation is contained Read more [...]
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In Madrid, opened a shop that sells guillotines

17/12/2012 In Madrid, opened a unique shop - it anyone can get the guillotine, handmade. Artifact, reminiscent of the period of the French Revolution, the bar can be a decoration or office. Cutter height of 2.2 meters and a width of 75 centimeters is handmade from solid pine. The cost of the original "souvenir" of approximately 200 euros. Note that a firm that sells these devices, located just a few blocks from the Ministry of Justice in Madrid's Malasaña. The motto of the store "reduction necessary." As explained by the owners of this place are increasingly guillotine Read more [...]
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A resident of Uruguay tried to repeat the action shooter from Connecticut

17/12/2012 A resident of Uruguay tried to follow the example of Adam Lanza, who was shot in a school in the town of Newtown Konniktikute, USA, 26. A young man of eighteen entered the building of the medical center in Paysandú and began shooting at people were present. However, he could not even hurt anyone - the police stopped the shooter after the third shot. Despite the lack of deaths and injuries, the medical center staff and the local population had fallen into a serious panic.The failed assassin told about several reasons for his action: first, he liked the action of Adam Lanza and he decided Read more [...]
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End of the world postponed for 100 years

16/12/2012 Expected December 21 "doomsday" happen only after 100 years - in 2112, urges resident Romanian city of Iasi, a former accountant, 90-year-old George Gerasimos. "George Gerasim reasoning for its alleged end of the world in 2112 an interesting digital circuit. Day and month of 21.12 is the perfect mirror image of 2112. Further, he makes all the numbers: 21.12 (day and month) - (2 +1 = 3) + (1 +2 = 3) = 3 +3 = 6. Remainder of the year 2112, that is, (2 +1 = 3) + (1 +2 = 3) = 3 +3 = 6. It is these coincidences and give him a reason to believe that the world will end in Read more [...]
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Americans are killing each other in anticipation of the end of the world

16/12/2012 In recent days, the United States there have been several high-profile incidents involving large loss of life. Two of these cases occurred in Alabama - one in Connecticut, one more - in California. To the east of Birmingham police officers shot and killed a 33-year ROMIR Roberto Moya, who killed three of the Kalashnikov assault rifle during a robbery of the store. The victims were criminals two adults and one child. Breaking away from police chase, he got in an accident and was eliminated. Another offender, 38-year-old Jason Letts, opened fire with a rifle at a local hospital, wounding Read more [...]
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Victims of shooting at a school in Connecticut were 27 people, including 18 children

12/14/2012 Gunshot victims in elementary school in Newtown, Conn., were 27 people, including 18 children, according to the Associated Press, citing a source in the city administration. Among the dead - the director and psychologist institutions. Previously reported conflicting information about the victims: various sources said the deceased or of one direction or the numerous victims. According to Reuters, the school shooting discovered the father of one of the students. Shooting took place on Friday at 09:41 local time in elementary school Sandy Hook School in Newtown, Connecticut. In the school Read more [...]
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Obama was forced to formally answer whether he would build a Death Star from Star Wars

12/14/2012 In the U.S., the fans of the saga "Star Wars" and just have some fun lovers can celebrate. Enthusiasts left on the official White House Web site petition with a proposal to build by 2016 a warship "Death Star" from the fantastic saga, and one month treatment collected over 26 thousand signatures. This means that the government must formally respond to the offer to realize the imagination of George Lucas."Those who have signed up here, a petition to the government of the United States to provide resources and investments in" Death Star "in 2016 Read more [...]
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Russian TV channels ready for the end of the world

12/14/2012 Russian TV channels to "meet" "doomsday" thematic programs, movies and reality shows. TV channel "Moscow-24" will broadcast live from the capital bunker on Taganka, where on the night of December 21 to a depth of 65 meters after about 300 people, said creative director Timur Valeev channel. Ticket bunker costs 30 rubles. The room is equipped for visitors - where they await individual rations, water, and a special area with seating. "It is no longer even a belief in the end of the world as such, but the reality TV game show. There are going to people Read more [...]
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Tall adrenalinschiki

"No we're not firemen carpenters, fitters and we high-altitude" — so sang the builders of high-rise buildings in the USSR, and now students are risking their lives for a reason — to the glory and adrenaline, climbing to the highest buildings — without insurance. Recommend watching in full screen mode.
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Brazil opened the intimate motel … dogs

There is a city in Brazil, which is now every dog knows - Belo Horizonte. A dog knows it because there has opened a real sex-loving motel quadrupeds, who are very eager to retire.Booked the room, a pair of dog's love, can without any special procedure to retire there, order room champagne infused the bones of lamb or beef flavored beer. Maintenance staff, carrying out any whim client.All the work is aimed at interior that would be an intimate relationship occurs at the most favorable conditions. You will not believe, but it's all been said and written about in the advertising leaflet Read more [...]
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Texan cut back due to sign a six-year son superstitious attitude to the date 12/12/12

12/14/2012 U.S. police arrested a 39-year resident of Texas, who is suspected in the elaborate torturing his infant child. The "mystical" Wednesday (12.12.12), he cut the body of his son on the sacred symbol.Suspect Brent Troy Bartel himself phoned 911 and reported that "shed innocent blood." When the manager found out that his son has suffered, and asked about the reasons for the accident, a sadist was talking about his superstitions."This is a sacred day," - commented on the motif of violence Brent Bartel.Message about the incident in the house Read more [...]
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Apocalyptic madness got to Belarus

12/13/2012 In Grodno pending doomsday buy household candles and other non-electric lighting."Recently, more active buying candles, - reported in one of the hardware stores of the city. - Now candles left about 50 pieces. People buy as soon as 5-10 pieces."Also began to use oil lamps in high demand and very economical kerosene. "In addition to candles, in some shops in the city have started to buy salt and matches. At the same time, as previously reported, the Belarusian Observatory denies rumors of a coming apocalypse. The director of the observatory BSU Algirdas Read more [...]
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In Italy unbalanced passenger jumped from the plane seconds before take-off

10/12/2012 Airport staff of the Italian city of Pisa is investigating an unusual incident in the air harbor Sunday morning. When you try to take off one of the aircraft passenger jumped out of it.The incident occurred at the airport Galileo Galilei. The airliner bound for Trapani (Sicily), already taxiing to the runway to start overclocking. At this point one of the passengers may have changed his mind to fly or something frightened eyes rest opened the back door and leaped down.Fortunately, the "jumper" is not dead. However, he hardly expected to do take their own lives. Read more [...]
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Kazakhstan to save the end of the world!

10/12/2012 The closer the date of December 21, 2012, the more talk about the so-called "end of the world", which supposedly should come to this day, according to the Mayan calendar. The main theme of the month are not paid attention and scientists, including Kazakhstan. Associate Professor KazNTU Satpayev, candidate of geological-mineralogical sciences Mikhail Kazantsev earnestly requested to save only the territory of Kazakhstan, in his words, a means of protection - "the method of collective meditation." The essence of his proposal scientist stated in a letter to the newspaper Read more [...]
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