Saudi Arabia has introduced a system of electronic surveillance in women

Saudi Arabia has introduced an electronic control system for women that tracks crossing a border. This writes Agence France-Presse. Guardians of women (usually their fathers, husbands or brothers) now receive SMS on their phones with information about their relative leave the country. And this is true even if they are traveling together.According to Al Arabiya, to such measures of the authorities went after one of the Saudi women because of family disputes fled to Sweden. She was not allowed to depart from his father, and the laws that apply in Saudi Arabia, women can not travel without the written Read more [...]
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In China, the five-story building is on the highway

In connection with the construction of the highway, this 5-storey house was subject to demolition and resettlement, but one family refused to move dissatisfied offer of compensation. Government authorities are tired persuade them to move out of the road building Nuisance in Zhejiang and just paved road right around the building. Now stubborn couple forced to live in the middle of the highway. The reaction of the drivers of passing the first time on this road, we can only guess.Category: This is a crazy world Read more [...]
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Swedish resident suspected of sex with a skeleton

The scandal rocked the small Swedish town of Gothenburg. Even the kind of life the police were shocked to learn that the 37-year-old local woman has sex with skeletons.Today about what "treasure" found in the apartment, women, write all the papers. According Goteborgs-Posten, the suspect out of the closet, for example, pulled six skulls, one spine and other parts of skeletons and numerous bones.In one of the "girls 'caches' investigators found photographs of the morgues, knives, saws, drills and bags for the dead. Next, we are told by local journalists, allegedly lay paper Read more [...]
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A scandal erupted around schoolgirl sadistok from Vladivostok

Investigates new parts scandal sadistic schoolgirls from Vladivostok. On November 19 a page in social networks, belonging to one of the Vladivostok schoolgirls video appeared where one girl brutally beaten up in front of the other three peers. The massacre amazing - girl hit on the head, face, grab a few times on the head wall of the garage, where the victim falls, it starts kicking. Video quickly sold on the internet. Beaten girl, a student of a school in Vladivostok, was not only bruises and contusions, and a concussion. At present the investigation finds out more details about the young sadist Read more [...]
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Wife of three years, held in the apartment of the deceased husband’s corpse, hoping for its resurrection

Closed a criminal case into the discovery of the body inhabitants of Yaroslavl region. The investigators found that the man died from a serious illness, but his wife of three years, kept his body in the apartment, hoping for a resurrection of her husband. In this case, the widow continued to live in the apartment with her young children. She also asked their children daily to go to the room where lay the body in order to "talk" with his father and "feed" it prepared its broth. The woman in the room did not come, fearing that if go down prematurely, the miracle of the resurrection Read more [...]
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Operation B or Grandma prophets

Musical comedy: "Specials extraterrestrial"

Category: This is a crazy world

School children from the United States have changed their sex for the sake of love for each other

The girl turned to the guy, and it was the young man of the fair sex School children from the United States went to sex-change operation for the love of a young man was a girl, and his girlfriend - the stronger sex. 18-year-old Katie Hill and her 16-year-old boyfriend Erin Andrews, unhappy with their gender, decided on a complex sex-change operation to become closer to each other, reports UNN with reference to the foreign media. Teenagers from Tulsa Oklahoma met at a school activity, and, according to them, instantly fell in love. "At the time, became very close that we both had serious Read more [...]
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The robot will comfort the dying

Very sad, but the Japanese have invented ucheny another robot, which will be the man in the last moments of life, to facilitate his departure. Not physically, but psychologically. With touching and audio.In Japan, a robot to communicate with the dying in the last moments of their lives, the author writes CNet News Leslie Katz. The robot is called: Last Minute Robot (which can be roughly translated as the robot the last minute). The robot is a certain similarity hands, equipped with audio playback device.Reportedly, the robot comforts the dying, reproducing record with these words: "I Robot Read more [...]
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Same-sex couples in America will receive tax relief

This month, the U.S. Supreme Court is planning to amend the Law on the Protection of Marriage, which previously defined marriage as exclusively male and female. If this happens, the financial affairs of gay couples has changed dramatically. They will not only legal in several states, where there are currently allowed gay marriage, but also in the eyes of the federal government, and thus be able to count on the federal benefits. They can, for example, to get a refund of the cost of the property or income tax returns, because they will be able to file tax returns together as a family. By law, compensation Read more [...]
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Mother killed her son on the SMS-order

Resident Nizhny Novgorod Region killed her son on the orders of a mentor sect, in which it was composed. The requirement to deal with a child the woman received via SMS.The tragedy took place on 4 November in the village Shaldezhka Semenov district. Irina M., who was in a cult "religion of Antichrist", received a message from a teacher, took the child out of bed at night, and carried in a backpack on the lake where you hit him several times on the head with an ax. The body of 41-year-old boy threw the woman into the lake, and she, hiding gun crime, came home and went to sleep quietly. Concerned Read more [...]
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In Papua New Guinea, witchcraft girl brutally tortured and burned alive

20-year-old woman was burned at the stake, deciding that she killed six year old child by witchcraft. In the eyes of the whole village girl was stripped, tied up, doused with gasoline and set on fire.A young mother was alive fuel burned at the stake, which was based automobile tires. A woman accused of killing 6-year-old neighbor's son with the help of magic.20-year Qeparo Leniata "confessed" after it pulled out of the hut, stripped naked and tortured with red-hot iron bars. Once received recognition, dragged her to the local garbage dump, doused with gasoline and with hands and Read more [...]
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Job market offered the 19-year German woman working in a brothel

Scandal in the German Augsburg. Nineteen girl received a letter from the state employment agency. She was offered a job in a brothel, according to a popular tabloid "Bild". Serve customers establishments girl had as a bartender. However, she is sent, as well as her mother was a nervous shock when she opened a letter from gosucherezhdeniya. Among the requirements to soiskatelnitsy place behind the bar brothel letter states "any appropriate dress code." Now, after the scandal that took place in the press, of review of the incident. Presumably, the letter was sent in error, Read more [...]
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