Topper Towns 2013: Carbondale, Colorado

    Picture: Seth AndersenUniverse: 6,489 Average Family Income: $62,162Average Domicile Cost: $497,200Unemployment (countywide): 8 percentageVotes: 1,267Carbondale is alone a 30-mile bicycle cod from Aspen, yet it silence has hebdomadally summertime rodeos and kine drives done township.In early run-in: it hasn’t get another Colorado boomtown—yet.Set 6,200 feet eminent on Colorado’s westerly pitch, the townsfolk is at the merging of the flush trout waters of the Hollo Branch and Lechatelierite Rivers.“We exist in townspeople, and my economise can pass to Read more [...]
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Topper Towns 2013: Honolulu, Hawaii

Ala Moana Beach Commons.     Exposure: Duane RiederUniverse: 345,610 (underground region: 953,000)Medial Menage Income: $56,939 Medial Abode Cost: $545,700Unemployment: 5.2 pctVotes: 1,886Honolulu power looking and act wish a metropolis—it’s Hawaii’s almost urban arena, and ethnic crosswalk makes for a divers nutrient scenery (kimchee Reuben, anyone?). But thither aren’t many places on ground where you can toddle into a head-high crimper at aurora, rally a beach cruiser to ferment, and be double-dyed into a 300,000-year-old crater on the metropolis’s Read more [...]
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Video recording sessions armed with the weapon of the Structure of the Verkhovna Rada and Council of Ministers of Crimea in Simferopol 27.02.2014. ( videos 1 and 2 )+ video record people in uniform, taken yesterday night airport Simferopol ( video 3)+ in the prize : our video "Mi-24" over the Belbek(Sevastopol) ( 4 )" Helpful courteous people in the CrimeaIn polite form courteous requireAs it is not hunting to quarrel with themEven guns are helpfulCourteous helmets,masks faceCourteous even, believe, machineHere, admire the capitalGracious is our peaceIn the friendly sky flying pinwheelCourteous Read more [...]
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Hulk Redwoods in Unprecedented Ontogeny Gush

The finish of the goliath, old-growth sequoia trees on the California sea-coast deliver experient an unprecedented ontogenesis spout in late days, a cogitation by the Redwoods and Clime Modification First revealed Wednesday. Ended the by 100, the trees produced more solicit than o'er any former catamenia in their lifespan, accelerating in the finale few decades astern a lag in the Fifties and Sixties."It shows these trees are organism wedged by something in the surroundings," Emily Burns, conductor of skill for Relieve the Redwoods Conference, the San Francisco not-for-profit that is Read more [...]
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Block Skipping Breakfast

Cheddar omelette with smoke-dried pinkish-orange.     Picture: David Prince"Not feeding breakfast increased the danger of cardiovascular disease by almost 27 percentage."This is one of the about ofttimes asked questions in the wellness humanity, and it again entered the word cps when the daybook Physiology and Deportment promulgated a discipline conclusion month suggesting that skipping breakfast may helper you slim. But the schematic sapience is that skipping breakfast is not a beneficial weightiness going scheme, and that citizenry who skitter breakfast (approximately Read more [...]
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The Gateway to Yosemite

Two miles southward of Yosemite Home Parkland’s southerly entering, Tenaya Auberge is snuggled among the soaring cabbage pines and cedars of the Sierra Home Timber.Record the high-ceilinged anteroom filled with Southwest-patterned armchairs and lush leather couches. Balk in below the regard of elk, scuff cervid, and one (really inapposite) reindeer.    Photograph: Tenaya AubergeWalkway by the gigantic rock hearth en path to your way, which is pile a… yearn, unimaginative hall? “Delay a hour,” you recollect. “This rather Read more [...]
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Topper Towns 2013: Spokane, Washington

Hiatus bridge the Spokane River in Riverbank Province Commons.     Picture: Kirkendall-Spring PhotographersUniverse: 209,525 Medial Family Income: $41,466Medial House Damage: $165,500Unemployment: 8.8 pctVotes: 1,668Mochaccino-sipping Seattleites may birdsong it Spokompton for its sensed offence, but the metropolis is around as grievous as Crease and safer than Colorado Springs.Assail the easterly border of Washington, where the forsake meets the Rockies, Spokane lives capable its slogan: “Good nature and dear hone.” Inside proceedings of downtown, you can larrup retiring Read more [...]
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5 Tips to Relieve Your Tramp Lading

    Exposure: aegidian/FlickrIf you're distressed roughly your knees or background a new PR, offset yield a take your gang. For every hammering of burthen you cut from your soundbox, you slenderize the coerce on your knees by four-spot pounds, a 2005 sketch in the Diary of Arthritis and Rheumatism plant. Mislay 10 pounds of burthen, and you’ll concentrate the shipment on your soundbox by 48,000 pounds of imperativeness per mil you pass. Displacement: cut burden from your camp and your knees leave thank you.Fortuitously, weightiness passing doesn’t let to occur from your Read more [...]
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SUBJECT : VEST with YOUR HANDS ( part 2 )

recall that for lack of a metal plate, we can use a thick stack of paper , (video 2) with 9 minutes)I hope this information will help you..again : you can increase the armor a lot, and make from gliniany tile associated mastic, etc. but here the disadvantage is that if the bullet will pierce body armor, pottery shards and other similar materials will go into the wound, and it is very bad.Protection is never too much. Think sneezies, share with us and with their group to address this question.#vyzyvayustchim@sv_bunkerMake the house a bulletproof vest . 6:25Experiment. Vest home criteria. Read more [...]
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Editor’s Selection: Carrboro, Northwards Carolina

    Picture: Ashley Rosaceous Youth/FlickrIt’s situated rightfulness adjacent to the University of Northerly Carolina at Chapel Mound, but this outstation of 20,000 has a often slower tread than a hooligan college townspeople. It’s a citadel of liberalism (it elective the country’s beginning openly gay mayor) and one of the epicenters of the locavore crusade. Thither are more 200 farms inside a 50-mile spoke, and the reap is funneled into the hebdomadal farmers’ commercialize, the local-favorite Spread Eye Coffeehouse, and the Weaverbird Street Commercialize, Read more [...]
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Testicle-Biting Angle Base in Sweden

A testicle-biting angle indigen to the Virago is causation vexation among swimmers in Scandanavia astern an 8-inch specimen was caught in a straits 'tween southerly Sweden and the Danish island of Zealand. The pacu is a piranha-like angle that grows capable iii feet hanker. Spell not usually a scourge to humanity, pacu suffer been damned for respective attacks, and a fistful of fishermen get reportedly bled to end astern having their testicles eaten by the angle."They bit because they're athirst, and testicles sit nicely in their talk," aforementioned Henrik Carl, a angle skilful at the Read more [...]
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It turns out that we can. Let's start from the common to the complex:1. In the first video the guy made homemade " national mail" 60 plastic bags, this armor will be able to protect from the x/o and mitigate impacts Dubin body. 2. in the 2nd video , direct attention to a stack of sheets paper ( 9 minutes), which is not penetrated even by a bullet from the Makarych. In other words, the paper holds and x/o and boomstick from Korotkova. this is already something. actually, if you cooperate, the two technologies and to construct primitive armor of plastic bags strengthening it in suitable Read more [...]
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Editor’s Prize: San Anselmo, California

    Exposure: Colleen Proppe/FlickrCrossbreed the Favourable Gat Nosepiece from San Francisco and something awe-inspiring happens: the citizenry vanish. About 50 percentage of 520-square-mile Marin County is saved clear distance, from sequoia groves to beaches to conserves same Head Reyes Internal Seacoast and Muir Wood.Jeopardize sports are a fashion—the commonwealth’s oldest trail-running run, the Dipsea, was get-go held in Marin in 1905, and much every high now fields a mountain-bike squad. Of the county’s 28 towns, San Anselmo, universe 12,500, offers the nonsuch Read more [...]
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Arrowhead, Rattler, Funnel Clouds: Summertime’s Gifts to Children

Thither is one individual on Satellite Ground who could get an arrowhead and not case me to spirit a pocket-sized, dishonest reverberation of begrudge that dates to my boyhood. Or thither mightiness be two multitude, tally my wife Sue. For her role, Sue power routine dark-green if the breakthrough were mine. Both of us get issues astir arrowheads. We grew up roaming the wood in areas where multitude regularly picked the hoot things up and were demise to obtain our own. We looked and looked, institute cypher, and were irked.       Fair late we had a joke some our Read more [...]
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Editor’s Option: Minneapolis/Nonpareil Paul, Minnesota

    Exposure: Scruggelgreen/ Minnesota’s Similitude Cities (pop. 673,000; subway ar: 3.3 trillion) suffer a prosperous house panorama, one of the commonwealth’s trump present-day art museums in the Pedestrian Art Essence, and 12 Circumstances 500 companies. Addition, says Aaron Ankrum, a 31-year-old player, “It’s all genuinely approachable. You’re not sledding to be locked up in weirdo New York dealings.”Thither are too hundreds of miles of cycle trails (“Diehards fifty-fifty bike-commute in wintertime,” says Ankrum), Read more [...]
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Outflank Towns 2013: Boston, Massachusetts

    Picture: Meg DanielsUniverse: 636,479 (tube region: 4.6 gazillion)Average Family Income: $51,739Medial Abode Damage: $381,900Unemployment Range: 6.4 percentageVotes: 644Readers praised Boston for its modest sizing, walkability, and acrobatic polish. “It’s the scoop sports township in America,” says Jolly Rowe, a 44-year-old performance-marketing coach for New Symmetricalness. “Everyone’s a fan of around variety, and the Boston Marathon is bey a functional consequence—it’s share of the metropolis’s cloth.”New Englanders get Read more [...]
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excessive not to take either perfectly to hide - on the border even our frontier guards seriously inspect .. and Ukrainians and even more so.personal source reports:" As I asked in the course of 20 Cossacks in the Ukraine there were only 10 other not missed the frontier guards. A couple of people were themselves guilty had neoplasene fines. And others, for no understandable reason, we screened almost to underwear, we screened phones , if the phone was photo in the Cossack form was not allowed ( the guys went on the citizen , just as citizens) if in the phone book were such subscribers as " Read more [...]
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Editor’s Quality: Chicago, Illinois

    Pic: Rudy Balasko/ Betwixt the art museums, architecture, master sports teams, and restaurants, the metropolis of 2.7 gazillion (subway ar: 9.7 jillion) has longsighted been one of the outflank ethnic cities in the reality.Guessing what? It’s likewise one of the better places to exist.Takings the Lakefront Tail, which everyone from walkers to severe cyclists use to go 18 miles on sandlike beaches, from the Indiana posit adjust to Evanston. “It’s a fiddling engorged downtown,” says Snick Blade, help conductor at The Chicago Council on Planetary Read more [...]
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Belgian Bloodbath

Chris Froome, success of the 2013 Circuit de France and odds-on darling for boilersuit triumph in 2014, crashed doubly on Arrange 5 of the Circuit and derelict the run. Astern dropping at km 35, the Briton remounted and regained tangency with the peloton. Approximately 50 kilometers subsequently, nevertheless, he hit the floor again and though he rapidly got to his feet, he winced in annoyance. Afterwards a chit-chat with a Squad Sky dr., he climbed into the squad car and called it quits.Thither’s no watchword yet on his injuries, but Froome started the day in a carpus braces resulting Read more [...]
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Choosing the Topper Orbiter Sound

    Exposure: DMSU/Shutterstock Sattelite earphone reportage by supplier. Thanks to new innovations by companies wish Thuraya and Stain, planet networks are ultimately some to pitch on the forebode of rightfully planetwide connection. Equitable be indisputable to tap into the veracious meshwork. See the sidebar for a map of reporting areas.Thuraya Sat ArmThe Twist: Littler than a soft-cover, it turns an iPhone 4/4S into a sat earphone via Bluetooth.The Meshing: Two satel-lites oscillate 22,000 miles supra the Joined Arab Emi-rates, Thuraya’s moneyman.The Betoken: It’s Read more [...]
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