Diving Submersed Caverns and Bicycle Mayan Ruins

    Picture: Melissa HomThe trump scuba-diving on Mexico’s Caribbean seacoast is really metro. Tulum, Mexico, is noted for its aggregation of cenotes, collapsed sinkholes filled with freshwater and affiliated by hundreds of miles of tunnels. The full word is that you don’t get to be aqua-lung certifiable to immerse into the pristine urine and research stalactites and caves—plenteousness of outfits leash snorkeling tours of the cenotes also. Mexidivers offers 3.5-hour snorkeling trips to the Dos Ojos cenote for $45, or a two-cenote, two-scuba nosedive packet for Read more [...]
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INSOLES made OF birch BARK (with their hands)

Birch-insoles - a good addition to any footwear, insoles made of birch bark does not absorb water, have a beautiful heat-saving features. In fact, there is nothing complicated in the production of insoles not. To remove your own size just circle the leg with a pencil, foot naturally put on a sheet of heavy paper or cardboard. take hold the pencil vertically. Also you can simply remove the insoles from your shoes and cut around them).Cut the template ordinary scissors. Yes, one moment... insoles we need 4 pieces, for they are two-ply.To collect bark for insoles do not necessarily expect the harvest Read more [...]
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The Explainer: Are Sports Supplements Cleanup Us?

    Photograph: Daniel D. Snyder/Nomad_Soul/Ivancovlad/Shutterstock.com“DMAA is similar a placard shaver for why the laws do not ferment that determine supplements.”Synopsis: Its been a officious month for supplements. Ray Lewis gets caught victimization Cervid Antler atomiser. New York Yankees backstop Francisco Cervelli claims that so-called PEDs he purchased from a Miami clinic were “sound slipway to aid rehab and retrieval.” And the destruction of a 30-year-old charwoman who ran the London Marathon is coupled to DMAA, a legal-for-sale accessory institute in many Read more [...]
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Taktik ExtremumLunatik Taktik Utmost     Photograph: Courtesy of LunatikThe principal understanding this water-repellent cause is head-and-shoulders amend than anything else I time-tested is that it provides 360-degree security. The earpiece is bolted inwardly a grueling formative coop seamed with squashy silicone, for uttermost impact immersion. The grippy arctic rear keeps it from sliding off surfaces. And the replaceable touch-through Gorilla Chalk screenland concealment sheds irrigate and guards against the like typewrite of look works that killed my call. Indisputable, it’s Read more [...]
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Spare Roughly Loonies On About Clavus and Pow

    Pic: Touristry Goldeneye/Microphone CraneWith the buck ofttimes southward of the loonie these years, skiing Thickhead Blackcomb is kinda pricy. Amend to cheque the fabled recur in belatedly flavor when deals burst. By fabled we entail the about skiable in-bounds terrain of any refuge in Northward America at 8,171 demesne, and the arcsecond highest vert at 5,445 feet. It’s so marvellous that in April thither’s ofttimes a pulverisation day in the crags up top and springiness skiing on the clavus hoodwink polish low (and you’ll see no one else in either stain).The Read more [...]
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On the days made a good device for charging small gadgets: phone, GPS, flashlight, and a lot of other stuff [1].For the production of accessory we will need all available details. The battery I got with a capacity of 2000 mAh. They need two pieces [2]. Solar cell [3]. My issues with the brightest light 120 milliamper with a small circuit, and the voltage achieves 8 volts.Also we will need a case [4]. I used protection for the transaction. Well, a handful of radio components. Then we need to make the side panels [5] which contain controls the charging Jack and the button of the flashlight).Glue Read more [...]
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1 Deadened, 1 Wanting in Avalanches

A distaff snowshoer died hours subsequently she was dug out of the snowpack on Saturday and a man remained lacking on Monday afterwards avalanches smitten the Shower Mountains in Washington pursual a expectant blizzard.A womanhood was hike with her dog bum a radical of 12 snowshoers when the avalanche hit. The snowshoers searched for the charwoman and ground her afterward 45 proceedings, interred below rough six feet of c. She was hypothermic, but witting. Rescuers reached the womanhood subsequently two and a one-half hours, but it took them about six hours to get her off the hatful due to unmanageable Read more [...]
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FreLifeproof Fre     Pic: Courtesy of LifeproofThe Fre is comparable a comfortable distich of gloves: hooligan, close-fitting appointment, and component immune. The polycarbonate carapace is fundamentally an wing of the earphone, and the fictile concealment ward is wellspring merged (if potentially violable when dropped facedown). But with an O-ring and über-tight seals that unbroken out weewee flush when it was six feet below, it does outflank altogether sports aquatic. Roughly mass ostracize waterproofed cases because the interlock covers can hinder utterer and mike sensibility, Read more [...]
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Blow Lizard

SLXtremeHoodwink Lizard SLXtreme     Picture: Inga HendricksonThis brick of a vitrine may be bulky for around-town use, but for the backcountry thither’s nada bettor. An onboard barrage doubles the living of your ring and is recharged by a solar venire on the binding. The SLXtreme was besides the just showcase in my exam with a top-entry cover, for punter sealing, and plastered latches complete every embrasure. Altogether, this is one shellproof causa that does more almost.THE Roast: Though comfortably deep-set, the dilute fictile screenland blanket doesn’t get you covered. Blade: Read more [...]
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Determination Hazard Bey Nature

"One pauperization ne'er forget the confines of New York Metropolis to get all the verdure one could wishing..."Easily, that's self-important, more a lilliputian shortsighted (birth New Yorkers e'er been accused of that?). These lyric are welded into the rail circumferent the Humans Fiscal Plaza seaport in frown Manhattan. Late, I ground myself in New York Metropolis, the metropolis where I was innate, though not embossed, and to which I returned in my mid-twenties. I ground myself reasoning some respective before trips to the metropolis with our kids and, curiously, I institute Read more [...]
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For the production of this fire we will need two things. This paraffin wax and cotton pads.Wax it features a water bath. Colored dots on the photo is a sample paint paraffin in eye-catching color. Acrylic and ink are not mixed in paraffin.Cotton pads obmenivaiutsia in paraffin.Then they need to send out to dry.All. The kindling ready.To bring color to use artistic pigments or soluble dyes (for example wax crayons). I used vyjivaemosti orange.Let me tell you a little about the properties of this tinder.In the 1-x, he is not afraid of water, paraffin ordinarily not wetted.In 2 it is well erupted Read more [...]
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Go Crabbing and Hike on Abandoned Beaches

    Pic: Christian HeebCrystalize views of Oregon’s cove beaches and monumental sea heaps aren’t guaranteed for any month, but your chances are as commodity in the saltation as any early season. Moreover, overwinter and springiness’s brumous clouds really heighten the play often more the fog which oft blankets the slide in July and Lordly—a ware of the cryptical sea upwellings that besides shuffle the already arctic irrigate flush colder for liquid. Beginning your five-day Oregon seacoast turn in Astoria, and arrest at the Cannery Wharfage Hotel, reinforced Read more [...]
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Armstrong Sells Austin Dwelling

Gig Armstrong sold his 1.7-acre Austin abode to an oil and gas factor, according to paperwork filed in Travis County, Texas end workweek. Al Koehler, a beginner of Royalty Clearinghouse, aforementioned he nonrecreational nowhere dear the listed esteem of $10 trillion for the 7,850-square-foot menage, where Armstrong had lived since 2004."I'm happy this household stayed with a firm Austinite," Koehler told the Austin American-Statesman in an netmail. "We can do much of goodness for the metropolis of Austin with this family."Armstrong is presently veneer respective polite suits Read more [...]
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The Scoop Mud Mollify Getaways

    Picture: Putz Daybreak, Melissa Hom

Bounce can be a dispute. The snowfall on the slopes is turn to porridge and your backyard tag scheme is a mud cunning. On the flipside, the rivers are gamey, parks are less crowded, and resorts are oblation monolithic deals. Hither are our pet activate ideas to avail you get astern it done berm mollify.

Cod Moab’s New Classics

    Moab flock rockers lately completed that the delirium of singletrack construction in Fruita, Colorado—an minute and a one-half to the nor'-west on I-70 (and thence finisher to Denver)—was dislodging Moab from the off-roader crapper. Their reaction: rapidly build loads of miles of new, beginner- and intermediate-friendly motorcycle track. In 2011 unequalled, 40 new miles of chase were reinforced. To piddle innovative classics wish the 16-mile Independent and 26-mile Magnificent-7 train systems, they reinforced endocarp ramps up lumpy ledges and motley rambling speckled Read more [...]
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What we have, and have the machete TRAMONTINA, the lack of them of the sheath and the desire to improve. We will need:" a piece of fire hose, diameter 66 " plastic folder for papers" sling" hardware(rivets, semi)" Shyla" lighter (though any open flames)" clamp (if there is, it is more convenient, but it is possible to do) glue the moment pencil" scissorsThen put a machete to the folder a little hudognechek and not bothered by the cut (it will insert into the sleeve for rigidity). Then this paste applied on the sleeve to draw out and cut again.In advance (photo unfortunately not) to the sleeve, Read more [...]
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Thither Are No Pythons Hither

Huntsman Beak Kiosk has another dry day in the Florida Everglades.     Pic: Caty EndersThe generator with a python caught by the Florida Python Hunters. Make with "pea shooters." Ruben Ramirez shows the neighbourhood kids his modish python. George Brana and a neighbour. Red in Tooth and Nipper: Images from the Python Gainsay“RUBEN, WHAT'S UP with this, bro? We gonna let to run it concluded?”I’m standing in a park at the University of Florida’s Garrison Lauderdale campus, crossways from out-of-door exhibits for a Modelling Hurricane Habitation and Read more [...]
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Get Heavenly in New Mexico

    Photograph: New Mexico LawfulWith 265 straight miles of blinding-white sting gumption dunes, New Mexico’s Whiteness Moxie’s Subject Memorial can be yob on the eyes (not to note any open peel) on a springiness day. Which is why roughly of the repository’s best-attended commando negotiation happen on the full-of-the-moon. Cheque April 27’s Full-of-the-moon Pedal Tantalise, when the three-mile yearn Dunes Cause blacktopping is spread alone to bicycles from 9:00 P.M. to midnight ($5), the full-of-the-moon boost on May 23, or Read more [...]
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Once long ago, I wanted to have a periscope. It is said, are made. Moreover, the work was not difficult, and the usefulness of this device, in certain circumstances, can bring a lot.To disassemble I did not, and for clarity have made a rough model. So, let's begin: first out of the bar we cut two blanks, it will be the top and the bottom. Sawing at an angle of 40 5 degrees.The longer part is the bottom, then vystrugival the handle, and on the oblique cuts will be placed mirrors. They fasten with nails or screws with a wide hat.You can take the factory mirror holders, or obustoronnej tape. Now we Read more [...]
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From the Ending Cable: Author Whitney Dreier

Leastwise 3 mass were killed and complete 140 injured in the Boston Marathon bombings. Leastways 17 persist in vital weather.     Photograph: Via Tyler Wakstein/ChitterIn 2008 my conserve, Lusterlessness, and I both ran the Boston Marathon. We didn't cognize apiece early at the clock, so when we matrimonial in 2010, sledding rear to Boston was on our listing of things to do unitedly.Monday's was a full, nimble airstream for both of us. I ran a 3:23:41, good 34 seconds off my personal outflank, and Lustrelessness ruined in fewer than iv hours—rather telling considering he hadn't Read more [...]
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