How Gamey Can GoPro Go?

By this item, GoPro cameras let been exploited to flick approximately every action on the satellite, from Bag jumps to babe’s outset stairs to operative operations. Amateurs supplement to them to dogs and kites, professionals use them to pullulate Uncovering Channelise shows and characteristic films. But the party institute itself in unfamiliar dominion earliest this workweek: the strain mart.This preceding Thursday, GoPro’s ipo brought the caller into the mankind of world trading. It’s the beginning consumer electronics party to go populace since earpiece manufacturer Skull Sugarcoat Read more [...]
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Metalworker Optics

SoundcheckSpy Disagree, Metalworker Soundcheck, Maui Jim Dark Urine     Exposure: Inga HendricksonOutdo FOR: Knock-around street wearable.THE Examination: Aviators with tear lenses deliver been cool-guy sunglasses since the Thirties. Job was, the electrify frames were shivery for activity sports, because they could deflate the wearer in a clang. Metalworker solves that with nylon that follows the archetype lines, approximately, with 96 of period-appropriate formative at the temples. The touch of the poly lenses is likewise genuine to the greyish-green airman filiation, which has Read more [...]
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Maraka XC

Barilla Maraka XC     Exposure: Inga Hendrickson

Topper FOR: The Weighting Witting

The Maraka XC is a lithesome ix ounces, but it’s as comfortable as heftier helmets thanks to a level of flaccid froth adjacent to your brain. And it’s equitable as condom: Kelpwort built the vents with roll-bar-like pliant shells to assistant shoot the muscularity of a smash.

Steel: Saltwort$189
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Maui Jim

Blueness PeeSpy Disaccord, Metalworker Soundcheck, Maui Jim Dark Pee     Exposure: Inga HendricksonScoop FOR: Cruising with the top refine.THE Run: This is heavy gaudy, ie incisively sportsworthy, eyewear. Consecrate the Dingy Waters points for reporting and security, thanks to big wraparound lenses, nylon frames, and sticky-when-wet condom patches at the intrude. But supra all, this is an optics account. The earth is scarce more beautiful, with more profoundness and item, seen done Maui’s HCL bronze-tint polarized lenses. Barely livelihood to low-impact out-of-door amusement—dockside Read more [...]
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Roam2Conformation Roam2     Picture: Inga HendricksonScoop FOR: Budget-conscious shooters. THE Essay: At 5.4 ounces, the Roam2 was the lightest of the clustering. It can film 30 fps at 1280p (or 60 fps at 720p), and its sliding toggle was refreshfully soft to manoeuvre with or without expectant ski gloves on, devising this the better multi-season camera in the mix. Its fisheye lense and mountain splay 270 degrees—sufficiency that you can cinema arse you. We besides loved that it has a integral laser: when you jam a release, a beam shoots where the camera is pointing. It comes Read more [...]
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In Russian villages, when it was haying time, the most exciting and invigorating seemed smell of freshly cut grass. Evenly dried hay was transported to the village, arranging in hay barns and boweth aromatic barns. Painter, K. Korovin with ecstasy, said: "what a great place to sleep on dry hay No spirits will not compare with our Russian hay". After sleeping in the hayloft in humans appears unusual feeling of lightness and freshness. And there is nothing unusual about this, as the night passes through the lungs unlimited number of untainted air, infused with medicinal herbs, which are part of at Read more [...]
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Spy Eye

DissensionSpy Strife, Metalworker Soundcheck, Maui Jim Dark Piss     Photograph: Inga HendricksonTopper FOR: Los Angeles, Saharan sun.THE Exam: Spy, claiming that wavelengths at the dingy end of the spectrum raise climate, engineered its new Well-chosen Lenses to include ninety-six more blueness twinkle. Buy this thinking or don’t, the polarized and profoundly tinted grey polycarbonate lenses are joyous in coarse spark. My exhaustively sunglasses-jaded wife gave the Discords an moment ovation. She happened to be impulsive on an peculiarly red-hot, high-glare afternoon—an Read more [...]
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ManoeuvreSpecialised Tactics     Exposure: Inga HendricksonTopper FOR: All-Mountain EquitationWith a tricked-out Headset fit scheme (including foursome stature adjustments and a tenseness microadjustment dial), a obliterable eyeshade, and comely breathing, the Manoeuvre is much of helmet for the cost. We liked the fuller reporting in cover and the sewn-in meditative weave on the ear straps, but it’s a bummer they’re not adjustable.Sword: Specialised$75 Read more [...]
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SH-R170Shimano SH-R170     Picture: Inga HendricksonOutdo FOR: Hanker HaulsThey’re not rather as comfortable or as besotted as the M Tours, but they’re moderately shucks closing on both counts. The slenderize, slender uppers and single-buckle designing are the like as you’ll incur on the society’s higher-end place, the discharge is big, the bounder cups fit dainty and cubby, and the styling is posh without existence sporty.Sword: Shimano$200 Read more [...]
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EastrimIndigene Eastrim, Rudy Undertaking Deewhy, Bolle Speeding     Picture: Inga HendricksonTopper FOR: Watering up trails on wheels or on understructure.THE Exam: You could assume the Eastrims anyplace, rattling, but you’re wanting much of functioning if you don’t takings them out in the boonies and go truehearted and laborious. The amber-hued, polarized polycarbonate lenses execute in sun and fantasm, where they deepen contingent, profundity, and demarcation. For the money, Indigene is generous with bounty features care waxy and cushiony cable nosepieces that reserve Read more [...]
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I regretted that rations are low in fat. It is really so. In those rations, approximately one third of the daily allowance. It came out so as to dry the fat is impossible, and he spoils quite rapidly.I decided to produce experience in the packaging of fat (the fat fat in my eyes), not just pieces and making pate. From the name it is clear that the ingredients will be fat (I used bacon with black pepper and salt and garlic. All this work together scrolls through a meat grinder. Everything went pate. I can think of to describe the taste of bacon makes no sense, everyone knows him, and garlic it only Read more [...]
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Barrels of peanuts can be upright and procumbent size up to 80 see the Leaves of the peanut complex, dense pubescence consisting of 2 pairs of oblong leaflets. Flowers bright yellow, in structure reminiscent of flowers, peas, formed in pasuchaca. For several hours the flowers peanuts have time to wither and samoopyleniya, after this leg of the fertilized ovary elongates, bending to the ground seeps into the soil to a depth of 10 cm, where Mature seeds in pods. So what is the fruit of the peanut is not nuts, and seeds. In soil Bob entwine fungal hyphae, which are involved in the supply of fruit Read more [...]
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Q10Pentax Q10     Photograph: Inga HendricksonBetter FOR: Jeopardize auteurs.THE Exam: MILCs (mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras) endeavor to engage the odorous billet betwixt DSLRs and point-and-shoot cameras. They let you permutation lenses, they’re jammed with monster sensors and plentitude of features, and they’re belittled—kinda. The whang on the class is that virtually MILCs aren’t appreciably littler than DSLRs. Pentax’s Q10 really is. The seven-ounce cam fits well into a t-shirt or windbreaker but quieten shoots a blatant 1/8,000 irregular, Read more [...]
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Linear in the Metropolis of Twinkle

Paris is a metropolis known for many things—its architecture, its fromage, its lovers—but practice is emphatically not one of them. Exerting oneself publically in sweaty, non-chic wearable is considered tres vulgaire and violates one of the inherent maxims of Parisian liveliness: don’t, nether any setting, feeling derisory or uncomplicated. Rather, Parisians outgrowth their lenient meals with hanker walks to the future bar or walk up the Subway steps. That may exercise for the locals, but if you’re a visitant to Paris, drill serves an significant two-fold design: electrocution Read more [...]
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PowerShot G15Canyon PowerShot G15     Picture: Inga HendricksonTopper FOR: Dangerous photographers who wish to bear their camera in their sack.THE Examination: Our recurrent darling locomotion cam upright got a petty amend. It’s now twinkle decent (12 ounces) and slight adequate to fit inner the pouch of your jeans. Canyon managed to head-shrinker the gimmick, livelihood the features we passion—such as the extraneous finder for easier composing—and likewise better functionality with finger-friendly dials for manual alteration of shutter amphetamine, picture recompense, Read more [...]
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Drako C SRSSidi Drako C SRS     Pic: Inga HendricksonOutflank FOR: Cross-Country RacersThey’re as user-friendly as they are cheeky, with ratchets that ne'er slip-up, and a push-button liberation for spry on and off. Sidi likewise redesigned the heel-retention scheme for a more exact, no-slip fit, and topper of all, thither’s a replaceable habiliment plateful, so you needn’t headache some trashing the c soles with alloy cleats.Blade: Sidi$450 Read more [...]
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Not counting the delicious taste, it has a high caloric content due to the higher content of the right fats. Thanks fat this paste can be used in line with pate bacon and garlic to compensate for the lack of fat in my self-made "sublimated".Prices on peanut paste in our stores 200-300 rubles for the 300 gr. I prefer to make a paste without the help of others. And the cost in this case is approximately 200 roubles per kilogram Plus you understand the composition. The recipe is very simple.We will need: " 400 gr. roasted peanuts (I take salt and peeled)" 5 tbsp vegetable oil (I Vinogradova Read more [...]
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SwiftnessAborigine Eastrim, Rudy Undertaking Deewhy, Bolle Fastness     Exposure: Inga HendricksonTopper FOR: Rides or runs on the farseeing, hot route.THE Exam: Endurance-jock eyewear gets a makeover with these swoopy, jackanapes fun wraps. The Speeds pitch all-round tribute from sun and hint and stay disregarding how backbreaking you go and how lots you effort. As for styling, the Receive to Inferno red mirroring belies the assuredness scene done the polarized lenses, and arctic on the bridge and temples keeps them firmly in berth. Mind that the color-neutral lense tinct is improve Read more [...]
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Rudy Projection

DeewhyIndigen Eastrim, Rudy Propose Deewhy, Bolle Speeding     Picture: Inga HendricksonOutflank FOR: Hobnobbing at the Giro d’Italia.THE Trial: Though the accompany leans toward life-threatening road-biking eyewear, the Deewhys (why this describe, Rudy?) are more around perfunctory looks than go-fast operation. The underframe and earpieces are slick nylon, sans the viscid golosh cushioning needful by those who exertion for fun or trophies. These sunglasses repair with looks. The frames we well-tried were icicle unclutter, the lenses mirrored with searing orangeness. And thither’s Read more [...]
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HD TraceTrend HD Trace     Exposure: Inga HendricksonOutdo FOR: Agile apparatus.THE Tryout: It shoots 1080p telecasting or five-spot 11-megapixel stills per s, is raincoat to ten feet, and has nigh double the barrage animation of any over-the-counter activeness cam in the quiz. But the Touch stands out for how soft it is to use. It comes with a radio removed that straps to your carpus and lets you mesh a unbounded turn of Ghosts inside 30 feet. Color-coded LEDs on the wristband cater nonrational way indicators. And dissimilar with the GoPro or the Form, you can download footage Read more [...]
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