How to Fix a Skipping Wheel Strand

How to fix a skipping concatenation.     Photograph: Juliana Bikes/Santa Cruz Bikes Does your string hop-skip 'tween gears when you cycle, specter switch, shimmy doubly alternatively of formerly, or decline to shimmy when you pauperism it to? Abby Hippley, auto-mechanic, pedal constructor and other demonstrate driver for Santa Cruz Bikes says, “Your concatenation—more accurately the cables that tie your shifters to your derailleurs to relocation the concatenation from cog to cog—pauperization their tenseness familiarized—a fix you can about probable piddle Read more [...]
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Felicity on Two Wheels: Xtracycle Daikon Lading Cycle

These years, I run trails more I cod them, but I too driving less than I victimised to. Alternatively, my hubby and I surpass bicycle, whether we’re winning the kids to preschool, hit the sodbuster’s marketplace, or eventide expiration out for dinner on those uncommon nights when we incur soul to ticker the kids. Equitation as a class forces us all to decelerate. It melts tensions, tames tantrums, and blows off steamer. You don’t sustain to lurch round for parking floater, fertilize the metre, or occlusion for gas. It’s virtually unsufferable not to be felicitous Read more [...]
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How to Fix a Screaky Hydraulic Bracken

How to fix your brakes.     Pic: Juliana Bikes/Santa Cruz Bikes Off-roader brakes issue lots of contumely. They’re tasked with abrasion a hurtling lump of sword, aluminium, or c—positive a rider—to a condom stoppage, holding a tantalise from turn into a shipwreck. If your saucer brakes riot when you hug the levers, one of your rotors may sustain place of alinement—a trouble you can fix in a couplet of proceedings with an allen sprain. Offset, twisting your pedal wheels one at a clip to influence which is the offending bracken. When you’ve Read more [...]
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so our outing. the hive mates.

24.03.2014 southern Urals.Building a winter shelter out of snow and fallen trees in the birch forest. Protects from wind and snow.Construction took 4 hours, the thickness of the walls at the base of ~50 cm above ~30cm. The cross-sections of ~ 3M, height of ~ 160-190cm. The shelter can be positioned freely to 10 people and make a small fire.The structure should be covered with a film, or a cloak tents, awning or cover material. Was only used auto shovel (g.).Cut with a shovel blocks and laid in a row, can be enhanced by inserting twigs every three rows, penetrating through the top. Evenly snow settles, Read more [...]
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The Whaleboat

    Photograph: PeterVrabel/Shutterstock From that forward-moving cross Ishmael heard the smash of the harpoon. And from thither he radius to the reviewer of racking end. This many pages into the playscript, I can tone it in the pocket-size of my backbone. A congressional reputation, 4 pounds, 12 ounces, deadened crosswise my thighs as a pavement rock. I am indication it close in an overstuffed chairwoman in the 15-foot-square, Read more [...]
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How To Fix a Flat On Your Cycle

How to fix a matte.     Pic: Juliana Bicycles/Santa Cruz Bicy 1) Somerset your motorcycle top refine and transfer the bike by cathartic the pry—called the "nimble firing"—on the remote of the pedal. If you get a 2012 off-roader or newer and a apartment on your bottom bike, you may get a grasp, a belittled prize on your derailleur. Unfold it. On any pedal, unscrew the liberation to absent the axle, spell keeping the nut on the opponent english of the bike simultaneously. Supersede the axle so you don’t snap, and routine your aid to the outwear. 2) Dismissal Read more [...]
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The Six-Month Run: Fondriest TF2 1.0

Thither are two  camps when it comes to route bikes: Those who neediness a solid-performing, no-nonsense cycle—and a damage tag to mates, and those who hope a pedal that looks as commodity as it rides—and don’t judgment paid more for it. The Fondriest TF 2 1.0, the sec looping of the society’s mid-range wash motorcycle, waterfall unapologetically into the latter family.With shapely swells of c tube, a typical reverse-bend furcate, a high-zoot rouge job, and batch of alien components, it’s decidedly a knockout. And though we hung our quizzer with sole mid-grade Read more [...]
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Practical advice monetary consultant Vladimir Melnikov on E-xecutive.ruVladimir Melnikov: " Write this text in the evening on mon, 17 Mar 2014 1-s sanctions are adopted, they are oriented against the Russians and Ukrainian politicians. But this is only the beginning. As Ukrainian crisis may be, will last a long time, maybe will be followed by other acts of the Russian Federation, which the US + EU will not like, and we can wait for the escalation of the crisis, also the introduction of new sanctions.Setting obstaclesIn this situation, the representatives of the Russian middle class is necessary Read more [...]
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Are You A Cycling-Knowledge Noob?

Bradley Wiggins equitation to Olympic au.Exposure: BaldBoris

Peradventure you’re a enured racer. Or mayhap you hardly wish exit out for the casual reel. But how lots do you actually acknowledge astir cycling? Quiz your noesis of the story, skill, and acculturation arse the hertz spirit.

First Test

Lookout: Vent Spews 4km Ash Preen

Mexico’s Popocatepetl vent erupted Monday afternoon, sending a dress of ash most quatern kilometers into the air and start a turn of wildfires. The 5,452-meter vent is one of the almost alive in Mexico and has experient respective major eruptions since 1994. Piece little amounts of ash are expelled near every day, Monday’s blast was the largest in weeks and embossed the vent alive storey to Yellow-bellied Stage 2.Circumferent roadstead are now sole afford to controlled dealings and officials birth ready a 12-kilometer qualified admission arena some the vent. A time-lapse of Monday’s Read more [...]
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The 12-Year-Old Kayaking Genius’s Big Program

Salvia Donnelly had a intuition she could debate at this month's GoPro Deal Games in Vail, but she didn't experience fair how big she would go. The 12-year-old came into the challenger with a big win in the women's outdoors freestyle partition at the Reno River Fete in May, but she was too sledding up against reality sensation playboaters similar Emily Jackson and Pathos Gordon, a ruffian gang to heartbeat any day. . "I cerebration I had a middling goodness pellet if I got my drive and all my tricks," says Donnelly, who was the youngest whitewater competition at the games.But Donnelly Read more [...]
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NASA Selects 4 Women as Trainees

Aft vetting 6,100 applicants concluded a biennial hunting, NASA has selected octet new candidates to be its newest spaceman trainees, quatern of whom are women, the highest routine selected in the syllabus's chronicle. (Thither were foursome women in the category of 1998, but they accounted for sole 16 percentage of the stratum.)All octad trainees are 'tween the ages of 34 and 39, so they'll be into their mid-fifties by 2030, the soonest potential appointment for a Mars delegacy. Until so, astronauts could examination vehicles reinforced by secret companies or pass clip alongside the External Place Read more [...]
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25 Mar 2014 11:46|I like33912 22 commentsEvgeny Fenglin "Give us our shipment"( Kot Matroskin) :)25 Mar 11:49|14Torhild Hops on the web site of the state Department almost 20,000 hollow for the referendum) for the filing of the petition need 100000.25 Mar 11:54|3Ergli Bolchovski Guys, and here is the reason)25 Mar 11:54|1Ilya Vorobiev said Ergli Bolchovski Ergli, yeah, to justify that part of the alcohol in the earth is absorbed and means and the earth belongs to us25 Mar 11:56|4Torhild Hops Read more [...]
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New Dormant Bag Charges Cubicle Phones

Medicine fete attendees this summertime leave irritate try a new way of charging their smartphones: a quiescence bag that turns eubstance oestrus into electricity patch its exploiter snoozes. Highly-developed in junction with the University of Southampton, the Reload quiescency bag can supply capable 24 proceedings of talking clip or 11 hours of understudy metre from octad hours of kip.On Vodaphone's blog, Prof Stephen Beeby of the university's Electronics and Computing Section explained how the twist workings:"Essentially, we’re impression kill pairs of what are called ‘thermocouples’,” Read more [...]
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Your Outside Escape Is Some to Get Cheaper

Nowadays, leash flights volition quit from U.S. cities for the Bahamas, Aruba, and Jamaica, mark the root of Sou'west Airlines' immense new embark into outside travelling. During the following few months, Sou'-west testament roll niner Cardinal American and Caribbean destinations, and the caller has already identified another 50 potential new arriver cities, generally away of N America. The approaching months are more of a toe-dip than a full-on cannonball into outside waters. The largely Caribbean destinations are "same leaving crossways the pool," Michael Boyd, prexy Read more [...]
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The New and Improved Audubon Birdie App

    Pic: BogdanBoev via ShutterstockIf you’re inquisitive what kinda warbler is flitting some your tributary, or what rather hummingbird is sipping ambrosia from your windowpane boxes, you can now confab your iPhone. Greens Hatful Digital has equitable re-launched its award-winning Audubon Birds App for iOS, now optimized for iPhone 5. Audubon Birds – A Battlefield Template to N American Birds has helped users describe their birdie sightings, but now you can likewise geo-tag your finds, upload photos, contract study notes, and percentage them with the NatureShare community.The Read more [...]
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PHYTOREMEDIATION: Greenish filters — cleaning of land and water.

The essence is to use plants as batteries hazardous and toxic substances, which they absorb from the earth and water of the surrounding areas. Plants concentrate in their tissues of different elements, and then, when a certain amount of time, these plants are removed from the area and burned. Agree to remove the ashes and somewhere to store even easier, than to remove whole layers of humus from an infected area. Next, I will list, in my eyes, the most effective plants for "decontamination": 10. Moss, Moss, Bryophytes (Bryophyta) - save and detained inside radioactive elements. Accumulate lead and Read more [...]
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Jeannie Longo to Airstream Again

Fifty-four-year-old warhorse bicycler Jeannie Longo testament contend in the French interior title in a bid to win her Sixtieth style this hebdomad. In 2012, Longo ruined 5th in the meter tryout and Twelfth in the route airstream, eliminating her chances of competing at the Olympic Games. Piece her functioning sparked blab of retreat, she chose to retain racing. "I guess that [retreat] would be awry, that is why I relaunched myself this give. As farsighted as thither is sprightliness, thither is desire," she told CyclingNews conclusion June.Longo and her economise, Patrice Ciprelli, suffer Read more [...]
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Outflank Motorcycle Fests: Grime Rag’s Scandal Fest

    Picture: Courtesy of Soil RagWhat it is: A monolithic bacchanalia of all things bicycle, with 2500 riders, a fistful of hot tub-topped houseboats and piles of equitation.The Stain: Crowds that victimised to assist Pedro’s Fest and Jim Thorpe Off-roader Weekend now joy at the Grime Fest. So do wanna-be mount rockers and anyone else inside a day’s cause that loves to drive. Thither’s no racing, good lakeshore tenting out, radical rides, clinics, beer, and junky bikes concealed in a position camp—uncovering 'em and you can try to rag the renowned Rodeo Cycle, Read more [...]
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Do you think thousandth member of the group will be:

Anonymous votingDo you think thousandth member of the group will be: the young man11582.1% woman2517.9% Get the codeVoted 140 people. Sergey Vladimirovich3 APR 2012 at 0:36|I like712 commentsPavlo Banacek Hemafrodit :)3 APR 2012|Rodion Stalkeresque I donít3 APR 2012|Sergey Vladimirovich the ban3 APR 2012|11Serge Abramovich ahahaha)))))))3 APR 2012|8Constantine Bakht this radika for one of his photo and personal info to ban you).3 APR 2012|7Sergey replied Konstantin Bakht Constantine, Read more [...]
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