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THE MAKAROV PISTOL. DEVICE. ASSEMBLY AND DISASSEMBLY. The Creation STORY.The Makarov pistol (PM, index GAU - 56-a-125) self-loading pistol designed by Russian designer Nikolai Fedorovich Makarov in 1948. Adopted in 1951. Is a personal instrument in Russian and post-Soviet armed forces and law enforcement agencies. DEVICE AND FEATURES PM : The gun consists of 32 items and the following main parts:frame with the barrel and trigger guard;shutter drummer, selector and fuse;instant spring;the trigger mechanism;handle with screw;bolt;a shop.Standard shop GR contains 8 rounds. By using all the ammo the Read more [...]
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Sentinel: Two-Headed Capsize is Natural, Thrives

A miracle took berth this hebdomad at the San Antonio Zoo. Staffers welcomed four-spot new turtles, Texas river cooters to be accurate, into the mankind, one of which was deuced with two furcate, amply operative heads.According to zoo spokeswoman Debbie Rios-Vanskike, the distaff polo-neck, thoughtfully dubbed Thelma and Louise, is wholly roving, goodly, and is expected to exist a good and plenteous living at the deftness.Picture of the cute miracle can be seen hither:This author bequeath be qualification a pilgrimage to San Antonio adjacent hebdomad to pay court to the fantastic wight. Read more [...]
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Risk     Exposure: Courtesy of Guava FolkA locomote cot is a must-have for babies, and the expansible Go Cribbage Risk is ignitor, sturdier, and far less cumbrous than its competitors. Interlock sides leave wide-cut airflow and unobstructed views both for and of the nipper, and the curving sidewalls livelihood bumps and boo-boos to a minimal.  The outflank office? The works not just fits into a backpack-style bag for hands-free carrying, it besides fits into the smash bin of an plane.Steel: GoCrib$250 Read more [...]
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Elude to Experience 3-D Printed Prosthetic Leg

Kingcup, the peg-leg fudge, is set to invite a 3-D printed prosthetic fundament this weekend. Crosshatched in a high biota lab with a backwards understructure, Goldcup had trouble walk and had his discredited substructure amputated at an other age. "When he would walking extraneous, his leg would scratch haemorrhage," Microphone Garey of Plumy Angels Waterbird Refuge told USA Tod. "I knew Goldcup would be wagerer off as a peg-leg dodge than a evade with a handicapped base."Gary reached bent 3-D impression accompany NovaCopy and the accompany agreed to avail Crowfoot find Read more [...]
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A Camp for the Unharmed Kinsfolk

When you factor naps, meals, and the periodic biliousness conniption, summertime vacations with immature kids don’t incessantly look care holiday. That is, unless you deliver inbuilt babysitters—piles of them—and a pre-arranged agenda of kid-friendly adventures wish liquid, canoeing, biking, archery, trampolines, ziplining, humanities and crafts, imposter plagiarist ships, and climb to dungeon the picayune ones meddling patch you frolic. That’s the broadcast at Tyler Spot Sept Clique, a straggly, blanket refuge on 165 secret estate on northerly Lake Champlain.Parents Read more [...]
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announced the results of voting on the referendum. the turnout was 83.1% , of which 96.77% voted for reunification with Russia .MARCH 16, 2014 - will forever go down in history and Now - March 17 - Crimea made himself Independent state, in which, Sevastopol has a special status.The decision on joining the Crimea to the Russian Federation will be made in the shortest possible time.Crimea Rejoices ,declared a day off the day , People celebrate. . meanwhile, the East continues to fight for their rights.. and We Wish them SuccessSouth - East of Our home with you and helpBUT want to realize :Friendly Read more [...]
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Alaskan Day Hikes: Kor

    Pic: Albert Pego/ShutterstockThis picayune crossroads at the sharpness on Kachemak Bay exudes charms and borders the monumental Chugach Internal Timberland, devising it an paragon bag clique for day trippers.TrailsThe 6.5-mile Grewingk Glacier Tag begins with a wander done dapper and cottonwood timberland, but finally gives way to outdoors flats and a dry, raspy glacier drain. Later interbreeding Grewingk Brook, you’ll acclivity Opposition Ridgeline and be rewarded with views of the icy dingy glacier. Settle the ridgeline and sail concluded flatlands to reaching Read more [...]
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19 Hotshots Die In Arizona

Yesterday eventide, 19 wildland firefighters from the Granite Hatful Hotshots, an elect 20-member bunch based out of Prescott, Arizona, died fight the Yarnell Mound Firing, a 2,000-acre brilliance sou'-west of Prescott. This is the biggest wildland firefighting catastrophe since 1994, when 14 firefighters were killed on Colorado’s Southward Canon Attack, and it recalls the Mann Flume hell that burned-out concluded 12 smokejumpers in 1949. The reports are uncompleted, but this is what’s known.On Friday, a lightning smasher kindled the Yarnell Mound ardour in scrub and sens a mil and Read more [...]
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Alaskan Day Hikes: Girdwood

    Exposure: Richard G Metalworker/ShutterstockThis petite year-around haunt community is snuggled in a box canon equitable 40 transactions southward of Anchorage, which makes it an gentle stopover for travelers visiting Alaska’s biggest metropolis.TrailsThe five-mile Succeeder Brook Train winds done moss-coated titivate trees on the way to Success Brook Engorge, an vivid, bubbly caldron of arctic thaw pee. Hybridization via the exciting paw trolley to tie with the Iditarod Subject Historical Chase for a yearner eight-mile grummet, or drumhead coverIf you’re Read more [...]
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The project focuses on the daily life of the soldier and officers at the front during various military campaigns: the Stately Rossiiskii, Afghan and Chechen wars, operations in Vietnam and Angola. The life of a soldier at all times flows differently, but the essence of trench life always remains constant. Its details are well known to the participants of the event, but others actually know nothing about them.Senior project Sergey Shnurov has long been passionate about the daily history of wars, sincerely and sympathetically interested in powazki fighter.Each issue programs dedicated to one of the Read more [...]
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Corrie Performer Waterfall to Her Dying

Calamity stricken a Cwm du Soleil appearance in Las Vegas Saturday when a performer plummeted 50 feet to her dying. Sarah Guyard-Guillot, 31, was marked drained Saturday nighttime, fashioning her the kickoff reported dying in Cwm du Soleil’s 30-year account.The French-born beget of two was reportedly existence hoisted up the incline of a perpendicular point during a execution of the Cwm shew, KA,  when she slipped and hide into an surface pit downstairs. “Initially, lots of mass in the consultation opinion it was function of the demonstrate,” aforesaid hearing appendage Dan Read more [...]
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Big Land, Bite-Sized Trails

    Exposure: Pi-Lens/ShutterstockTough terrain, gelid temps, unnerving rivers and colossus grizzlies lurking round every crimp: Everything some Alaska’s wild screams “epical.” But outback though the province may be, not every boost hither demands an Iditarod-like endeavor. These six conveniently-located trails let you dupe Alaska’s beaut in bits by backpacking gorgeous views and and wildlife into the infinite of barely a few miles. Another incentive: They’re all runnable (though not all promiscuous). Don your mosquito atomiser and go.GirdwoodSewardKor Read more [...]
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PARALYMPIC GAMES IN SOCHI ENDED with the TRIUMPH of the national TEAM of the Russian Federation

Competition Paralympic games of 2014 in Sochi ended Sunday afternoon; team Russia defeated team standings with a record number of medals at the winter Paralympics.The assets of the Russian team 80 medals: 30 gold, 28 silver, 22 bronze. At the Games in Sochi national team of Russian Federation has set the record for the number of medals won at the winter Paralympic games. Previously, the record belonged to the Austrians, who in 1984 had captured 70 medals at home Games (among them - 34 gold).The Paralympics, which was attended 567 athletes from 45 countries of the world, was opened on March 7 at Read more [...]
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Better in Shew: GT Detector and Personnel

PressCamp reconfirmed that 27.5 (or 650B) is hither to halt. Not lonesome were almost pedal manufacturers display once-26er models now upsized to 27.5, such as the Turner Coalesce and the Fezzari Timp Bill, but vendors of forks, wheels, and tires aforementioned that orders for 26-inch products sustain all but ceased. GT showed two steel new bikes, the trail-oriented 130mm Detector and the all lot 150mm Forcefulness, intentional round 27.5-inch wheels. The bikes afterthought the troupe’s proprietorship hanging figure in a new scheme called Weight Optimized Dangling, which is a gamy ace swivel Read more [...]
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Trump in Read: 9 ROS 9

That’s Roots of Blade. Or Cod Terminated Englut. Or as the Nine folk suffer more conversationally started to birdcall it, Bait ended Sh*t. And the gunpoint, as you mightiness guessing, is a 4130 chromoly nerve grueling arse that handles more care a full-sus scrambler. It has a dropper billet and longer-travel branch for hucking and flicking and, fountainhead… ploughing terminated and done about anything in the way. In the like vena as end twelvemonth’s Infield Rear Stonemason and Trek Stache, the ROS 9 is optimized for either a 120mm or 140mm branch, has super short-circuit string Read more [...]
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A Kinfolk Biking Stake in the Sequoia Woodland

Pedaling below a canopy of 2,000-year-old giants in Redwoods Home Commons is a example in humbleness for flush the youngest riders, a monitor that thither are things in nature both larger and more antediluvian that humanity. You'll see plentifulness of the titanic trees and practically more on Westerly Feel's five-day Redwoods Subject Parkland Phratry Activate. Start from Lunate Metropolis, astir 75 miles n of Arcata, the tripper alternates betwixt equitation—capable 18 miles per day, with shorter options for the kids and more expert routes for parents—tramp among the big trees, and Read more [...]
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WHAT do YOU Feel IN CONNECTION WITH THIS HISTORIC EVENT? Open votingYOUR FEELINGS satisfaction, spiritual growth, this is truly a historic event 419 44.4% happy, but anxious.. seems to be not started the mess 364 38.6% I don't care 61 6.5% I am upset and angry 99 10.5% Get the codeVoted 943 man. Read more [...]
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Russian Projectile Explodes on Mockery

A Russian arugula that was divinatory to expect ternary pilotage satellites into infinite rather exploded concisely abaft found in Kazakhstan on Tuesday, showering flame, toxic fire approximately the Baikonur Cosmodrome.Regime told residents of Baikonur, a 70,000-person metropolis approximate the spaceport, to arrest interior pursual the fortuity, cautioning around the peril of pollution from the carcinogenic fire, recognize as heptyl in Russian, victimized to might the roquette.The fortuity is the 4th in the yesteryear tercet geezerhood for the Proton-M, a Russian-made skyrocket intentional to Read more [...]
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Westward Hawaii Bans Aqua-lung Spearfishing

The commonwealth Table of State and Rude Resources has prohibited scuba-assisted spearfishing off W Hawaii and has special aquarium angle assembling to 40 species. Afterward hearing to more six hours of testimonial, the add-in voted 4-2 in prefer of the ban.The go toward a ban on aqualung spearfishing began ended ten days ago and grew out of pertain for the typewrite of angle aqualung diverse object. Compared to freedivers, aqualung diverse go deeper into areas where angle proceeds resort and compile dissimilar types of angle, similar gray-headed cracker and pinko center.  But the Hawaii Nearshore Read more [...]
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Performance-Enhancing Sheets

Mirinda Carfrae, Ironman Earth Genius, has a partnership with the fellowship.     Exposure: Courtesy of SheexAthletes typically expend much of clock on preparation and alimentation, track intervals, lifting weights, chugging protein shakes, and in about cases juicing on “supplements”—around effectual around not—to piddle them stronger and quicker. What much of athletes leave approximately is the grandness of quiescency.Rest is convalescence metre, and whether you’re an Olympic jock or a weekend warrior, gift your personify a prospect to reclaim is key Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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The main theme of the site, "Survival in the wild nature" - is to be ready to be in the wild, and the ability to survive in extreme conditions.

The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).