Guys have a suggestion as will meet the thousandth member? Let’s come up with some sort of joke))Sergey Vladimirovich

31 Mar 2012 10:06|I like10123 58 commentsDmitry Moles This is the same bullshit...31 Mar 2012|3Constantine Bakht if he opened the wall, he can collectively IEP good paint her...31 Mar 2012|2Stanislav Averin said Konstantin Bakht Constantine, how is it? Don't know how :-(31 Mar 2012|2Stanislav Averin said Konstantin Bakht Constantine, and later it may be a woman, and we all "he" Yes "he" :-)))31 Mar 2012|3Constantine Bakht well write on the wall saying, the picture or videos cool, audio Read more [...]
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Gestate Grylls Returns

    Photograph: Jasin Boland/NBCAsleep With the Lead Why Have Grylls walked forth from one of the sweetest gigs in the chance humans.The close big intelligence nearly Americans heard approximately Gestate Grylls was his selfsame world separation with the Uncovering Canal, in the springiness 2012. At the clip, headlines screamed that the magical British server of the hit endurance read Man vs. Barbarian had been “discharged.” The accuracy was more complicated, as I reported in a have visibility of Grylls for Remote that downfall. But calm, it was a decisive second for Read more [...]
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Living an Gator Attempt

    Pic: Fernando Cortes/Shutterstock The gator that bit Joey Welsh, abaft it was drop. Joey Welsh at Sanctum Crossbreed Infirmary "My superlative fearfulness was that the creature would overstretch him nether. I started battering on its brow." Living a Viper Collation TV manufacturer Steve Rankin's combat to living his fundament later a fer-de-lance snackAlligators are the well-nigh vulgar crocodilian in the Joined States. More gator attacks birth been reported in Florida than in any former posit. 'tween 1948 and November 2012, the Florida Angle and Wildlife Mission Read more [...]
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Pig in Sweatpants Reclaimed From Car

Seattle fauna ascendancy officials are investigation the suit of a man who odd a belittled dog and a pot-bellied pig erosion sweatpants to overheat in a car.According to constabulary, a bystander saw the odd couplet miserable and called 9-11. Government arrived to discovery the animals heaving and unenrgetic. They besides establish empty-bellied nutrient and urine bowls, errant dejection, on with the keys in the kindling and the doors unsecured.Officers gave the animals piss and were capable to site the car’s possessor in a bar refine the street. The man allegedly became agitated and Read more [...]
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Russian PLATOON Coming ..

Soon the Russian army will receive the combat equipment of the last generation. At the moment it passes the loop troop trials in different weather zones. Issues equipment connections and parts of the defense Ministry's latest outfit was devoted to a special meeting was held by Vice-Premier and Chairman of the military-industrial complex Dmitry Rogozin.The meeting was held in the town of Klimovsk on the basis of TSNIITOCHMASH - head of the Institute for the development of small arms and security in the interests of the Armed forces and various law enforcement agencies. It was attended by virtually Read more [...]
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Aroused Udall Constitute Beat

Aroused Udall, the sidekick of Colorado senator Scratch Udall who was wanting since finis workweek, was launch beat in Wyoming’s Hint River Orbit previous Wednesday nighttime. Rescuers had been looking Udall since he failed to regaining from a unaccompanied rise on June Twenty-eight. Udall was reportedly head for the scenic Titcomb Lavatory when he died.A argument has been released by the senator’s spot stating that patch an post-mortem has yet to be conducted, it appears Horny Udall died of raw causes. “Steamy unexpended this land doing what he loved almost: tramp in his well-nigh Read more [...]
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SUP’s Notice Boy Irrigate Zimmer

Watersport jack-of-all-trades Kai Lenny has nabbed multiple desired sponsors same GoPro and Hurley.     Exposure: Michael ToddScorn stand-up paddling’s report as an soft pursuit for soccer parents, its private-enterprise kingdom is acute. Athletes vie in everything from heavy 32-mile open-ocean marathons, to full-contact races done breakage swells, to waveriding contests in widespread locales. But for eld, the play has been absent a key component: a untested, gaolbreak hotshot subject of sympathetic to armchair fans and inwardness surfers likewise. Infix 21-year-old Kai Lenny, Read more [...]
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Chefs’ New Mystic Sauce: Sports Drinks

Admonition: don’t fudge for a dinner aft an afternoon worn-out pound the trails. Your guests may enquiry your gustation.Desiccation plays mayhem with your appreciation buds, and that craving for salinity post-exercise could get you senselessly turn your brood into an unpalatable na turkey. The fix: pile an intact bottleful of an electrolyte-laced, low-to-no-calorie sports boozing ahead you erupt the saucepan. And takings sol that you’ve got something in vulgar with James Beard-worthy eatery kitchens nationwide, who birth been struggling with evaporation—and over-salting meals—late. Sports Read more [...]
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1. The technique of blending continuous mattress suture2. The technique of blending continuous blanket seam3. The technique of blending p shaped seam4. The technique of blending z-shaped seam5.. the Technique of suture Multanovsky6. The imposition of a cosmetic seam7. Surgical discontinuous seams ( ukres)8. Tools for connecting tissues9. Tools for tissue separationOTL toolsall the videos are not included in one post. see the updated album of surgery because topics on other tools for removing seams and internal seams and another surgery is more Read more [...]
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Despoiler: Crashes and a Striking Dash Goal at the Circuit

Andre Greipel sprinted to a spectacular win in the 6th phase of the Enlistment de France in the waken of a feverish day cinque filled with crashes and abandons. Tool Sagan situated indorsement in the dash, retaining his lede in the viridity t-shirt challenger, with Scrape Cavendish placing a solidness fourthly subsequently furiously chasing rachis done the van to retrieve from a clank with a piddling terminated 20 kilometers to go. Ahead the jump of the point, pre-race nighttime sawhorse Jurgen van den Broeck withdrew from the run with an injured stifle, dupe of a unsafe and crash-filled level Read more [...]
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Outflank in Demonstrate: Sugoi RSE and RSX NeoShell jackets

Patch thither are plentifulness of large rainproof breathable shells on the grocery, Sugoi’s modish is celebrated as the single cycling-specific crownwork to be cut from PolarTec NeoShell. The fabric has a overnice, flaccid mitt and isn’t flashy and wavelike similar competing fabrics. But what real sets it obscure, according to Sugoi, is how comfortably it breathes. A side-by-side demonstration that compared NeoShell to GoreTex Paclite demonstrated that piece both fabrics are unassailable, the NeoShell lets importantly more air toss than the rival. The Vancouver-based fellowship volition Read more [...]
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Better in Establish: Capo Padrone High-Vis

We were already fans of Capo’s fashion-forward cycling paraphernalia that managed to both feel beneficial and let us be seen. Now the California Bay Domain garb producer has infused its high-end Padrone kit with fabrics that looking rule by day but excogitate ignitor later darkness. Constructed of a made-to-order mix of First-rate Melanize and P-10 fabrics, which stint and contract fair likewise as any functioning textiles but go from silver-tongued and blackness in the igniter to opaline flannel by nighttime, these pieces are bound to suit our de facto former forenoon and tardy dark kits. Read more [...]
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Topper in Prove: Rotor Powerfulness Glass

Though Rotor is trump known for marketing oviform concatenation rings, which they say addition superpower turnout by eliminating idle floater in the wheel virgule, what we same about almost the caller is their commonsensical, do-it-better coming. Their cranks fit about every bum bracket received usable (badly!), and they are sold in whole modular forge so you can buy lone what you need, be it cranks, concatenation rings, backside brackets, or any compounding. The new ANT+ compatible Rotor Superpower Chalk offers approximately of the virtually exact readings useable by embedding a striving bore Read more [...]
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ALOE ( cure wounds. and not only.)

Aloe Vera is a plant with fleshy leaves. It is often bred in home criteria. The healing properties of aloe Vera in folk medicine were known from the past. Aloe used in China, Old Egypt, Greece. And today is popular aloe in folk medicine, and even classic for healing various diseases. ALOE has healing, protivospalitionami disinfectant , an anesthetic healing qualitiesThat wound healed rapidly and not have festered, apply aloe for a few hours, preferably overnight, and it guarantees speedy healing and that festering 100% will not.If the wound is severe, and especially if it festers, the method of Read more [...]
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Trump in Prove: Solvent Gentleman’s Ingathering Handlebars

Result’s aureate hatful bars work about levity to a commercialize henpecked by dismal lightlessness and so-serious c. Apiece invention, Houndstooth, Tartan Washcloth, Herringbone, and Paisley Oneirism, is a special variation run, so if you see something you bang you scoop rush ahead it sells out. Resolution leave add new art to the cable every few months approximately to livelihood it overbold. The patterns are anodized neat into the 7075 metal so they won’t cacography or wear, and the bars interpose a 780mm breadth in either a ½” or 1” hike.

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Coddler: Bossy Operation at Spell Leads to Suspicions

Chris Froome interject a bossy operation on the low mount stagecoach of the Spell de France, soloing to the coating at Ax 3 Domaines concluded 50 seconds forward of the nighest closer—mate Richie Porte. Well-nigh of the early favorites crumbled on the day, with Alejandro Valverde coating the outflank at sole 1:08 rachis.“I couldn't be happier,” aforesaid Froome subsequently the arrange. “It has been a skittish hebdomad star capable this.” He thanked his teammates and aforesaid that he treasured to win tod “to pay them binding.”Froome now leads by ended Read more [...]
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What Should I Recognize Approximately Tramp England’s Pennine Way?

Aft 50 eld in byplay, the Pennine Way's rolled hills, flecked with pubs and nature militia, are as deserving your metre as e'er.     Pic: Compeer Lawther/FlickrA:The Pennine Way, England’s low home track, turns 50 this class. Tied if it’s literally concluded the mound, the 268-mile path of rolled terrain is as democratic as e'er, particularly this weekend. July 12 marks the yearly Home Trails geocache liberation, during which new coins are released onto the nation’s 15 interior trails and followed end-to-end the summertime.Flush if you aren’t a geocacher, Read more [...]
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Specialization spy is one of the most versatile in the army. A fighter has to have not only good physical shape, and be able to shoot straight. Target shooting, climbing wall, bathroom assault training, sniper position, ambush is only a small part of the exercises that make the young spies during the camp fees.#vigilanceoutreach@sv_bunkerTeaching scouts 3:59Nikita TEMNOZOR Read more [...]
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Outflank in Prove: Enve Twenty7.5 DH

We get the head almost whether c is solid adequate for mount biking all the sentence. Enve responds with an univocal yes with the discharge of its Twenty7.5 DH, an all-carbon rim for declivitous use. Downward-sloping Humans Title-holder Steve Pete and his Santa Cruz Syndicates squad sustain been racing on the 26-inch adaptation of these rims for two seasons, and Enve says they’ve had no worry treatment the ill-treatment. These are buirdly basketball (30mm all-encompassing and 31 rich), but not overbuilt pigs. Whereas near dear admixture DH rims reach from 580 to 660 grams, Enve’s press Read more [...]
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Who still thinks that war is romantic, this video is for you. also for all those who wish to be ready and able to assist with injuries and their consequences. Yes , this nasty video, but this is a REAL video, but it's not a Hollywood movie . Watch, know, need to be prepared to build and such , and not be confused by what he saw, and be able to rapidly assist.1. 1-St aid in the reduction of Antipersonnel mine. ( shooting from the trenches )2. Injured by antipersonnel mines. Surgical treatment3. Military field surgery#vaivanneeseen@sv_bunker1st aid at blasting at mine PM 30:10Injured Read more [...]
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