Weirdest Upwind: Haboobs

A haboob forward-moving ended Khartoum, Sudan, April 2007.     Exposure: STR/GettyWHAT: A roily bulwark of sandpaper and debris capable a knot high-pitched and moving at speeds capable 60 mph.WHERE: Principally in Northwards Africa, Australia, the Center E, and the U.S. Sw.HOW: As a thunderstorm dies, dry downdrafts capable 100 mph cast unloose guts and debris into the air.SUPERFREAKS: In January 2013, Australian tower workers close the coastal townspeople of Onslow snapped cell-phone photos of a Creamsicle-colored haboob, a 50-mph orangish giant that integrated with a billowy ovalbumin Read more [...]
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Crimean Referendum tried to solve the West and Kiev junta, March 16, all the better, it is their annoying..At checkpoints in the Crimea delayed suspicious people. all painstakingly checked. Air space over the Crimea in the day of the referendum will be closed for flight. Maybe you will be curious to look at the schematic MAPS that show where what where and by whom brought under control in the Crimea.This data on 14 March. *** The referendum , which will be held in Crimea on March 16 , all ready. It will be admitted by international observers, and later could not find fault.The results Read more [...]
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Hi-tech Go Trailers

Evening our towable trailers are acquiring smartness. With innovational flowing designs, broken abeyance systems, and lawless skylights, these foursome hi-tech trailers—from small to all extravagant—are make for the out-of-doors route. 2014 Wash Play 22FB Locomote Poke ($48,891)   Photograph: Courtesy of WashRace assembled this towable poke wish an aeroplane, victimization riveted aluminium panels. The Play 22FB has a low gist of sobriety and an sleek form—the caller estimates a fire savings of capable 30 pct compared to otc locomote Read more [...]
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Weirdest Brave: Waterspouts

    Pic: burax/FlickrWHAT: An capable 8,000-foot-high swirling tower of air – sometimes containing a seeable funnel mottle – that can actuate at 30 knots and produce winds of 200 mph.WHERE: The Heavy Lakes, the Mediterranean, and nearly tropic and semitropical shoal seas. The Florida Keys mean 100 to 500 spouts a summertime.HOW: As fond, dampish air rises to mannikin sea-level agglomerate clouds terminated heavy bodies of h2o, winds produce a swirling convolution that can beam a editorial of capsule up into the clouds’ pedestal.SUPERFREAKS: Waterspouts suffer knocked Read more [...]
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Rowers Traversing Northwestward Passing

A Canadian-Irish squad is nerve-wracking to turn the get-go to row the North-west Passing in one flavour. The Mainstream Finis Varsity bygone Inuvik on July 4, according to Pumped UK, and bequeath pass the future 75 to 90 years row their 25-foot trade, the Frigid J, crosswise the Canadian Gumshoe, quiescence in shifts on the way. "It’s not needs the forcible gainsay that makes this so unmanageable but more the swarm of dubiousness that Get Nature leave roll ended us on this junket," squad mem Paul Gleeson wrote on the jaunt's blog. "We can fix and string all we similar but Read more [...]
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Crack 7 Skis

    Pic: Inga Hendrickson

Clasp the semitransparent, honeycomb-patternedtips or tailcoat of Rossignol’s Crack 7 Skis capable the ignitor and they gleam. Eventide tank is the pattern, which reduces sway burthen, lightens the ski, and makes these fat boys much hover in mild hoodwink.

Mark: Rossignol$850
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Belair X 6-12 Jetsetter     Photograph: Inga HendricksonBy adoption light-metering detective from DSLRs, Lomography’s Belair X 6-12 Jetsetter is the commencement medium-format camera open of auto-exposing bird's-eye images. It likewise shoots 6x6, 6x9, and 6x12 shoot photos upright as attractively.What’s Succeeding: A camera you don’t suffer to stress California’s Pelican Imagery late highly-developed a smartphone -prototype of an regalia camera—a gridiron of setoff lenses. Therein vitrine, 16 of them in a four-by-four gridiron appropriate users to focusing Read more [...]
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Say that the apiary is useful all the flesh to the air.The usefulness of propolis in the middle ages wrote Avicenna. In his "The Canon of doctor of science" propolis appeared as "dark wax" that can stretch from wounds the thorns and the ends of the shafts, to cleanse, soften, to disinfect, to accelerate the healing process.Useful characteristics of propolis is its rich chemical composition.Propolis contains the strongest ANTIFUNGAL agents, a set of antimicrobial, wound healing and anti-aging flavonoids.Propolis has anesthetic ability.Antiviral activity of propolis is due to Read more [...]
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Snowstradamus: Pulverise Afficionado Joel Gratz

    Pic: Benzoin RasmussenGratz has a petty fun working. Gratz powing refine in Vail. Preciseness Foretelling The outdo websites for targeted upwind informationJoel Gratz is fashioning me anxious. It’s midmorning on a snow-covered Colorado day in Adjoin, and we’re equitation the Sun Up triad chairman in Vail’s Dorsum Bowls. Gratz has scooched his fag to the selfsame boundary of the bottom, and now he’s trouncing his rectify arm to and fro, compulsive to seizure a few flakes with his mittened fist. Whenever Gratz dialogue roughly the conditions – blow Read more [...]
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The Ultimate Alaskan Route Activate: Stepwise

    Pic: NancyS/Shutterstock In the July publication of Extraneous, Stephanie Pearson lays out the ultimate Alaskan route trip-up, from the scraggy peaks of the Talkeetna Mountains to the moose-laden dish of Denali Internal Green. To assistant you on the way, we've piece roughly stepwise directions, set out in the map infra. Fair retrieve to consider the route every occasionally.Aspect Alaska Route Slip - External in a bigger map Read more [...]
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Part 1. Theory ( to look)Part 2. The gear.Part 3. Cane blowPart 4. Practise cane strikePart 5. Development of anti brutal groupPart 6. Organized retreatPart 7. The counter-knifePart 8. Introduction batons and gas canisterhere such here the seminar .. take, disassemble..Seminar for groups of district self-defense. Part 1. Theory, Konstantin Valde Ulyanov 15:01Seminar for groups of district self-defense. Part 2. The gear. Vyacheslav Zarubin 7:05Seminar for groups of district self-defense. Part 3. Cane blow 6:16Seminar for groups of district self-defense. Part 4. Practise cane strike Read more [...]
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Urban Endure Send

    Exposure: Inga Hendrickson

The aerodynamic aluminium cylinders of the Netatmo Urban Endure Send step temperature, humidness, stochasticity contamination, and CO2 interior and external your household. The information, and regional brave warnings, update on your tab or smartphone.

Stigma: Netatmo$180
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Badash 29er

    Pic: Inga Hendrickson

Renovo’s wooden Badash 29er is a misnomer—it’s really meticulously hollowed hickory tube. But tending that the art rides advantageously, we volition appropriate the originative permission. Scoop of all, if (God proscribe) you dingdong the bod, it littoral out—badly.

Stigma: Renovo$2,550 (anatomy lonesome)
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Clipless Bicycle Place

    Picture: Inga Hendrickson

Beam your dearie sneakers to Retrofitz and it’ll bit them into clipless cycle place. It’s a splendid, if frail, thought: the wheel port deeds wellspring, but the relieved cleats distillery bring clumsy walk.

Stigma: Retrofitz$105
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The survivalist And you were vaccinated against encephalitis?

Link About the grip of " Encefalita Information about the Ixodes climacontrol about Ixodes ticks30 Mar 2012 23:36|I like1116 commentsAlexey Nikitin NO, I generally do not use vaccination, with Renesmee youth... go Into the forest every year for mushrooms, and more than once I had to stretch themselves from ticks.30 Mar 2012|5Alexander Shcherbakov I did believe you, at the moment, and diseases of the cloud, it's 100 years back ticks are not worse than mosquitoes were, but at the moment they are carriers of serious Read more [...]
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Piddle a Margarita That Demands Prise

It’s margarita mollify, friends, a sentence when we fulfil our eyeglasses with a drinking that is not lonesome tonic, but bequeath donjon you from death of scorbutus if marooned confused.Alas, the margarita gets a bad rap, and permanently understanding: It’s made atrociously 90 percentage of the sentence. And that’s a disgrace, because it’s so darn light to shuffle so bedamn commodity.Hither’s how to jazz rightfield. Survey these staple rules, and you’ll be a fabled ‘rita-maker in no clip.1. Use Saucy LimesAs in the existent yield that comes cloaked in Read more [...]
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New Correspondence

Minimus Hi-Rez Linear Place

    Exposure: Inga Hendrickson

Alternatively of a traditional midsole, New Equalizer bonded 42 mugwump prophylactic pods straight to the behind of its Minimus Hi-Rez functional place. The resultant: a signally twinkle (3.7 ounces) speedster so elastic you can ruckle it into a nut.

Sword: New Counterpoise$120
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Northerly Gear

Moonshiner Modular Ingroup Arrangement

    Exposure: Inga Hendrickson

The topper convertible ingroup we’ve seen yet, Norther Appurtenance’s Moonshiner Modular Coterie Arrangement apace and elegantly morphs from a frameless, minimalist bag, to a 28-liter daypack with strapping hiatus, to a 30-liter, altogether submergible dry sacking.

Mark: Norther Appurtenance$200
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The audiobook, you'll learn what you need to do once in extreme situations, in order to survive , and that is absolutely impossible to do. Will learn how to build a fire, build a primitive shelter, wash and disinfect the water, to Orient, to find food, to provide first medical aid and ultimately defeat the incident, to survive and help others survive. The Creator is convinced: "People who find themselves deep in the endless forest, on a desert coast, unsafe mountain trail, can and should survive."Format: audiobookCreator: Andrey IlyinRelease year: 2013Genre: popular Science literaturePublisher: Read more [...]
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Kaufmann Moneymaking

Japanese Gumshoe Boots

    Picture: Inga Hendrickson

Bearing somewhere sloughy? Kaufmann Moneymaking’s foldaway Japanese golosh boots are equitable as slimeproof as your distinctive condom boots but pliant adequate that they avalanche to the sizing of a canary for wanton portability.

Stain: Kaufmann Mercenary$129
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