Mature dandelion leaves can be used as a spinach or pickling in vinegar. In France and in the Caucasus marinated young unblown, dense flower buds, which can be stored for a long time. Prepared for the future pickled flower buds used for salads, Thistle, salads, from time to time they substitute for capers.Specifically, the dandelion buds are the source of unusual taste and a storehouse of vitamins. Using quite a few buds in the salad, the man gets 5 times more daily value of vitamins A, B and K. Buds primavar have tonic, choleretic, diuretic and analgesic characteristics. That's why very widespread Read more [...]
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No sooner said than done. or small addition to Moscow and Muscovites posts and Smallest barbecue grill

Komrad all health! In my head for a long time sat thought out into nature, to check something in practice, and some oprobyvat Soup, too, was not bad. First attempt recently undertook with Komrad RD3AUZ, but still it is in the city, so all workers skoroti moments. But at the weekend issued a "window" and I below sumnyashesya Rushed to the bosom of nature ... Duc what I'm mindful of their desires, and the promise of this Komrad fasting "smallest grill" Rushed I Mos.Obl. as I wrote earlier jokes sake I ordered this mini grill through tyrnet, link Provided Komrad. About Miracle Fell under the share, Read more [...]
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When performing search and reconnaissance activities or when driving with a load in the composition of the bypass unit small group composition must act swiftly and secretly. Because of hunting, gathering pasture, fishing, etc. is excluded. Moreover, in the mountains at all this can not count. In the past indefinite period kontrpartizanskoy search expedition for you have to eat in advance prepared a set of goods that you took.Physical activity in search of combat activities in mountain and forest terrain is very significant. With all this calorie daily consumption of food, adjusted for cool weather Read more [...]
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Tale about how we group amassing

After a short time, and Siberian Branch of GTT gathered in his first outing in the harsh Siberian wilds. Week to prepare, discuss details, and bagging snaryagoy way. The group consisted of comrades pytnik7777, Gonscik, well, actually the author of these lines. We decided to move over 150 miles of our glorious town, come to the electron, were met Viator and safely delivered to the place of beginning attacks, many kilometers away from the noisy and annoying brain forever city. Below I offer you a photo report on our adventures, and some of what thoughts should be interesting Photography had to shake, Read more [...]
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TALE about how WERVOLF & FORTEL GATHERED IN LES with overnight and that they came out of it.

All Komrad ahoy! And good time of day.   To begin with, that the idea to arrange access to the winter woods overnight tormented my paranoia for a long time, but as it is not srostalos. That time was not, snaryagi lacked. But here in snaryagoy required minimum purchase and clenched in his fist "eggsparanoia "I said to myself that it's time to move into the woods and tests accumulated property.    But as they say-" herd and tyatku beat easier. " And I thought of his comrades, and issued the call. Then it all like a fairy tale about the fisherman and the fish, I will not describe all .......-third Read more [...]
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Tale of the old water heater for use Nepropaduna

Good day, dear.No more than a couple of days ago I spent portability heater "Ariston" cleaning his giblets and replace magnesium rod, but the tale is not about how to buy a piece of magnesium, and a little more interesting. Heater were seized on the remnants of the rod itself, initially, I decided that there is no longer the metal itself, but by hitting him hammer, yes posherkav met brush was found very "simpatishny" piece of the desired metal.It was decided to supplement the existing flint sim metal but require verification whether will burn?When making a hole under the lace rope sawdust Read more [...]
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The situation with the Earth. the scientific method.

- Earth something unusual happens to the extent not previously the case that, judging by the trends may present a direct threat to me and my family. - Possible sources observed two unpleasant: Nibiru and HAARPy driven by selfish people who have a lot of power and money. Nibiru looks more likely source than HAARP. - Because I do not have any influence on source, I did not achieve 100% confidence in his nature. I switched to a related investigation. - As at 14 March 2012. natural tendency unpleasant prompted me to make a detailed analysis in order to bring to the attention of my family and friends. - Read more [...]
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Food cold food depletes person. Without hot food in extreme stress situations people rapidly presses stomach ulcers. Therefore, at least some ability burning food is cooked twice a day - in the afternoon and evening. This is good no matter what kind of soup from canned meat or soluble concentrates. Hot food must be rich, because the feeling of fullness depends not only on the caloric content, and from the amount eaten and the duration of his stay in the stomach.To convenient concentrates include bouillon cubes and any modern soon-cooking soups and porridges. Bouillon cubes are taken from the calculation Read more [...]
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System filratsii air shelters and bunkers.

Exclusive offer for building the bunkers. Offered finished complete Air Filtration Systems shelters for the average volume. B / V installation in new condition - very cheap and cheerful! Without these settings, all your work on the preparation of asylum - it's just digging a large and sturdy concrete cellars, from there you smoke a normal wildfire. The kit includes: 1. Pump for pumping air combined electro-mechanical ie there and handle))) (Pressure sensor with mechanical exhaust air, something like a vacuum cleaner as a) 2. Switch input air supply (supply from the street / closed loop / by filters) 3. Read more [...]
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Dual-use system in the house.

Just do not swear. As in the title and in the decision to place the publication of the blog "device asylum" of course there is some joke. But only a fraction of  In general, of course, is now "dual purpose" in fashion, we even have the institution of dual use technologies. So, in the construction of their home reserve (so not giving!  ) I, some structural elements mounted so that they are successfully used to even more than two targets simultaneously. 1. Gas heating system. She air-conditioning system, it is also water heating system for irrigation. Gas fell to us this year almost from the Read more [...]
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Perimeter alarm system

Just now stumbled on their recording systems protection, thought and decided to share my thoughts, and maybe someone will fit ...) Concerned only with alarm systems, that is about real things, no guns on turrets with autoguider. Consider protection freestanding object, such as an individual house. In this case it is necessary to protect the borders of the two protection: perimeter security - entry into the facility, security object - penetration directly into the structure. Perimeter can include both passive and active components. To include passive high fence, if it does not climb at least without Read more [...]
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The consumption of vitamins in excessive loads increases. The shortcoming of their causes unnecessary fatigue. Because when inflated nervous and physical stress, intake of vitamins in the body should be increased. Onion and garlic in operational and combat activities should not be consumed. In these criteria, the real source of vitamins - the usual honey. A spoon of honey in the morning and spoon in the evening perfectly fill the lack of vitamins. Great to take pills "Undevit"sold in every pharmacy. It will be better if the body in advance of certain events to saturate vitamins, taking 3-4 pea Read more [...]
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Perimeter system dubbed the West Dead Hand

Mnoga bukaf off the radar! But very interesting! in light of recent events that I think are very relevantWatch video HERE System "Perimeter" American magazine Wired frightened writes: Russia has the world's only weapon that guarantees a retaliatory nuclear strike against the enemy, even a nightmare if we have no one to take a decision on this beat. Unique counterattacks automatically - and brutally.System "Perimeter" (ASU Index RVSN - 15E601, dubbed the West "Dead Hand", and in the East "Hand of the grave") - Management System Strategic Missile Forces - SRF. In the documents it received Read more [...]
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Defense Emergency Alert System

The background is. Today I decided to cynically late for work. Thus, at ten o'clock I quietly breakfast in the kitchen when the siren began to wail outside GO. - These are the times - thought Bormann. - Here are two - thought GO and outside siren wailed second, already a little Bilge. Quickly swallowed the remainder of tea, I began to think frantically. What to do? No TV, no radio receiving I have. Who to call - is unclear. Dumbest option - poryskat the Internet in search of yesterday's news about the drills, but while the computer starts up, feet no rest. Anyway, sirens silent two minutes later. Read more [...]
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Warning system in Germany (already in operation)

Good day! Perhaps it is necessary to write in this blog, though I doubt ...Wanted to share my suspicions. In Germany, I think, really afraid of something.This month personally seen me 3 Events, being made at the state level:1) From this month offered to everyone free SMS-mailing about possible disasters - you give out your phone number and you are interested in the area, and in which case the German rescue service, which first receives such information, immediately notify you of the danger.2) We're going on vacation in Greece, and together with the documents on vacation, we were sent by Read more [...]
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Than to change the washing powder? After all, seem touted modern detergent, and phosphates synthesized surfactants, optical brighteners and other very active constituents of washing powder does not give rest.Absolutely not hunting to experience the negative effects of these funds for himself. The article contains information and tips about how to wash and whiten things harmless by natural means.The MUSTARD.Mustard is a means universal. And the dishes they can wash, and head. The mustard can be washed silk and woolen clothes. On 1 l of water to take 15 grams of mustard, stir well, leave for 2-3 Read more [...]
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Hello ...Western countries are prepared to inflict on Syria a series of air strikes, the situation has worsened in the last week so that as the date of commencement of the proposed transaction is called next Thursday August 29, 2013Below are a number of comments from the forums that say survivalist? Heavy on my heart to be honest. Did not write in the warning system, there's talk in the smoking room ... to burn tar cigar. number of comments: Polyagut the seabed and it reached the shores of Syria, they do not even know what defense stands now armed with Syria. Idiots ruin people hurl.if Read more [...]
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Sinyavka (bitterling) — as delicious to eat.

I'd venture. Almost as a joke :-) Sitting with his son's career. Catch a fishing rod, and mordushey bank. Sinyavki attack, throwing them, because know - no matter how izgalyatsya - bitter. On the contrary - the Chinese. Comes up to us, looking at the catch: Rota, carp, minnows. And povozglashaet: "... ynya". Vozmushayus and get a gift complete with a large package in sign sinyavok explanation. Evening comes girlfriend, whose father is a hunter and fisherman. The product can not be determined. So: Sinyavka (Gorceac) - trash fish, which in reservoirs nemeryannom spoils the whole fishing. No matter Read more [...]
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Syndrome limbo

Studies show that a healthy person is hanging motionless on belay lanyard or tether, 10-20 minutes suddenly loses consciousness and another 5 min may die. Apparently destructive process is accelerated if people are injured or lost consciousness as a result of death can occur within minutes if it does not remove it from freezing. In this case, as soon as possible not only to get to the victim, but also take it on solid ground. In recent years, covers a lot of information about the syndrome limbo (hereinafter - PCA). At the same time, there are contradictions: some believe that the safety systems Read more [...]
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** THROWING Knife AS a PHENOMENON:The throwing knife is a very broad concept that includes not only the technical and theoretical basis , but also unites within itself different concepts as ideology implementation and associated contradictions .To start a hunt to note that it would be more appropriate to adopt the term "throwing knife" based on the belief that not only the knife can be used as a thrown projectile.Very often, not to mention knives , rush can screwdrivers , nails , forks and many other items for the 1st look is perfect for this not applicable .Moreover, in Asia, usually for throwing Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

Site structure "Survival in the wild nature" is simple and logical, selecting a specific section, you will find information. You will find on our website recommendations and practical advice on survival, unique descriptions and pictures of animals and plants, turn-based scheme to trap wild animals, tests and reviews of travel gear, rare books on survival and wildlife. The site also has a large section devoted to video on survival survivalist-known professionals around the world.

The main theme of the site, "Survival in the wild nature" - is to be ready to be in the wild, and the ability to survive in extreme conditions.

The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).