The drive on snow and ice. What to do?

Slip on compacted snow or ice Your actions: 1. do not race, crash hard, trying to pull away: first, slipping wheel left in a snow rut from which escape is even more difficult; secondly, snow, scored protector, exacerbates the poor traction. 2. Put the wheel straight: then it is better «will seize» for snow. 3. Put something — twigs, small stones — under the drive wheels. 4. Try to get a good start in second gear, thereby reducing the load on the wheels. 5. Race, crash very carefully, so as to move forward only at the very low engine speed. Just Read more [...]
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Danger on the road. What to do?

• The dirt on the road. This means that during a rotation you may overtake a tractor or wagon, to overtake that should be used with caution. You need utmost attention to the adjoining highway, country roads, especially when in close proximity and direction to the highway moving tractor or cart. • Cow dung on the road ahead, perhaps there is a herd. In this case, you should stop and wait until all the animals leave the roadway; in any case not zoom, because the frightened animal may not recoil in the direction of, and on you. • Near the road is a dog (cat). At any time Read more [...]
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Safe driving. What to do?

Cars in one thread Useful tips: • Ahead of the moving taxi, At any time, it may suddenly slow down and turn to the curb or sidewalk. It is therefore necessary to monitor the actions of the driver, and voting for pedestrians. • Ahead of the bus (trolley, tram, taxi) is approaching the stop. You have to be prepared for the fact that its potential passengers are able to any rash actions (for example, cross the road before coming close transport), if only to catch him. • Ahead on the rise, a car stopped with a sign «The student behind the wheel». Keep Read more [...]
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The safety of children. What to do?

As soon as the child learns to crawl and then walk, he becomes exposed to hazards. Do not leave children unattended and do not give them too much independence. Accidents in the kitchen 1. Kitchen — the most dangerous place for children, therefore, restrict the child from visiting her. 2. Keep the pan on the stove stood as far away from the edge, if your kid is next. 3. Avoid games baby with gas switches, even if the gas supply is blocked. The child, accustomed to play with the switches, can be poisonous if you accidentally forget to shut off the gas. 4. Do not store Read more [...]
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Country house. What to do?

Living out of town, need to take seriously the safety rules, because you are away from people and from law enforcement. Precautions: • Be sure to install around your house with a high fence. On top of the fence can be put coils of barbed wire or put glue on the larger pieces of broken glass. • If possible, install the fence motion sensors or video cameras. • If the parcel is large, it is better to leave it dark places in which to install infrared lighting, the way in which these areas will be visible even at night as during the day on the infrared monitor. Read more [...]
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Stains and their removal. What to do?

If you put the spot, do not worry. It can be deduced knowing the main methods of removing stains. Your actions: 1. Spot take care of immediately, not allowing it to soak and dry. 2. Grease liberally sprinkle the cornstarch, talcum powder or salt, to collect all the fat, and then carefully brush off. 3. Do not rinse the stain with hot water from this spot will spread. Spots can be displayed by a variety of means: • Spot from beer — by carpet cleaner, hydrogen peroxide. • Blood stain — strong washing powder (type «Biomag»), hydrogen Read more [...]
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A fire in the house. What to do?

If the fire is large, then the main task in this case — urgently to get out of the house. Even if the fire is not too large, but the apartment a lot of smoke, you need to evacuate, because the smoke is much more dangerous to man than a fire. Your actions: Focustaiwan smell smoke, immediately leave the premises. If you can dampen any the cloth covering her mouth and nose, Crouch (because the smoke goes up) leave the room. 2. If the fire spreads in a small room, do not open Windows and doors: the entrance of fresh air and draught will increase the flame. 3. Not descend Read more [...]
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If you get stuck in the Elevator. What to do?

First of all do not panic, because you can fall off the Elevator in the mine it is impossible thanks to special devices. Click on the call Manager; if no one answers — loud knock at the door of the Elevator, trying to attract attention, and as soon as someone will hear you, ask him to find the Elevator.

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Gas leak. What to do?

Your actions: 1. Smell gas, immediately shut off its supply to the stove. 2. Eliminate access to the premises of any fire: do not smoke, light matches, do not turn on the lights and electrical appliances (it is best to de-energize the entire apartment, turning off the AC power distribution panel). If any electrical work, turn them so the spark can ignite the gas that had accumulated in the room. 3. Open all doors and Windows to thoroughly ventilate the entire apartment (and not just this location). 4. Leave the polluted room and not come back until there is no smell of gas. Read more [...]
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Accidents in the kitchen. What to do?

Kitchen — one of the most hazardous place. Useful tips: • Pans on the stove should be arranged so that the largest was away from the Board edge. • Pay close attention to boiling: who spilled liquid can fill the burner, and the fat may ignite. • Do not place near fire bottle with alcohol, paint thinners, alcohol-based deodorants — they may ignite. • Keep medicines and cutting (sharp) objects (scissors, knives, corkscrews etc) in the upper drawers of the kitchen, where the child can not reach it, or cover them with a key. • Do not leave Read more [...]
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Your home. What to do?

It seems that in your home we can provide all — and yet there is always something happening. HOW TO PREVENT ACCIDENTS Useful tips: • All drugs and dangerous substances (acetic essence, gasoline, household chemicals, etc. must be kept out of the reach of children. Away from children, you must also keep a sharp piercing and cutting items. • Do not put on far burner pans with handle, turned on the external side. Passing by, you run the risk of touching the handle and throw themselves all content. • If the house has a small child, not satelite kitchen table Read more [...]
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Useful tips for those who want to quit drinking. What to do?

• If you have already decided to quit drinking, at any cost to refrain from the first drink, as it will be followed by the second, third, etc. • Try to stop communicating with drinking acquaintances or at least to minimize it. Go find new friends. Special value for you will be acquainted with those who had already solved the problem, similar to yours, or attempts to do so. • Always consult with your doctor, who can and should offer you tools and techniques to facilitate and accelerate the healing process. • Don't let the obsessive thoughts about alcohol without end to chase you. Make a Read more [...]
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A hangover. What to do?

Signs of a hangover: • unreasonable anxiety; • increased sweating; • shaking hands and body. Alcohol withdrawal syndrome can occur and in a stronger form, when a patient cannot control their actions and risking injury or trauma. Can cause various complications and diseases of the internal organs, such as pneumonia, etc. In the most severe cases, the crisis of abstinence takes the form of alcoholic psychosis — delirium tremens, which occurs in the form of attack. Delirium tremens usually starts 2-4 days after last use of alcohol. Symptoms: • Read more [...]
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The alcoholism. What to do?

It is a disease that develops gradually. People drink for different reasons. For example: • drinking friends; • misfortune, which they took tragically; • psychological problems (for example, an inferiority complex); • just a weakness of character and as a result — the inability to cope with everyday production problems, etc. Stage of alcoholism 1. Dolcepolina: people at this stage begins to drink more often, but the craving for alcohol, he is not yet entrenched. 2. Threshold: threatening stage, when people are already addicted to alcohol, Read more [...]
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The addiction. What to do?

This disease, which is expressed in the psychic and physical dependence on drugs. The constant use of drugs change a person's behavior causes mental disorders. A drug overdose causes of drug poisoning. Providing first aid drug addict, you need to know what drugs he uses and how they affect the body. STIMULANTS (amphetamine, ephedrine, caffeine) Signs of drug intoxication: • A short-term increase mental and physical activity. • Suppression of checks and inhibitory centers. • Lack of appetite. • Painful thirst. Remember: after Read more [...]
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Trauma or injury to the animal. What to do?

A wounded animal does not touch his wound even the owner. How can I help him? Your actions: 1. Approach the animal slowly and carefully. Try to soothe him with gentle words. 2. Attach the collar on the neck of the dog and Prytania to himself. 3. If the dog can't move, put it on an improvised stretcher — on a blanket or large towel. Ask someone to take a blanket for the corners on the opposite side and help you to move a wounded animal. 4. If it's a cat, take her by the scruff of the neck with one hand and support the bottom. Put it in the basket or on the hands. Read more [...]
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Care of sick and injured animals. What to do?

Animals and drugs Before you give the animal any medication, it is necessary to arrange his back to the wall and ask someone to help you keep the animal during the procedure. If you give tablets to a cat or dog, the main — is to get them to open their mouth. The cat needs to keep his head in one hand and the other in which you have located the pill, to put pressure on the lower jaw when the mouth opens, put in the tablet (see figure). Then you should close his mouth and keep it so as long as he will not swallow medicine. The dog's mouth should be open with both hands, pressing Read more [...]
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Allegations of shoplifting theft. What to do?

If you intentionally or distraction did not pay taken in store the goods, it is considered theft. Your actions: 1. To apologize to the staff member who discovered the theft, for his distraction. 2. To ask permission to pay for the goods. 3. If the staff member requires that you have gone with him in the administration, submit to his request. 4. Explain the administration of the store, how did it happen that you have not paid for the goods. 5. Do not complain of their claims and the claims, if they are not offensive in nature. 6. Otherwise, try to make it when you Read more [...]
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Certificate of fact of death. What to do?

According to the law the fact of death must be certified by the registry of civil status. On the basis of medical certificates they issue a death certificate. If the death occurred in a hospital or other medical institution, it certifies the attending physician who makes the appropriate entry in the history and issues a certificate. If the death occurred outside the home (on the street or in care), then it should be verified by the ambulance doctor, you want to call. If the death occurred as a result of accident or of an accident, it can be verified by the police officer or the Read more [...]
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If you visited liabilitiesare. What to do?

Your actions: 1. If the phone rang at the door and to your question «Who's there?» from behind the door answered in monosyllables «Police» do not rush to open the door. Slip the chain and opened the door, politely ask who came to present a certificate in expanded form. Compare pictures with people standing outside the door of people. 2. Then learn from what they police, and, closing the door, ask them to wait. Call the police Department (telephone number can be found on the formulary through 09 and 02) and find out whether they have such employees. Only after Read more [...]
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