Family arrested. What to do?

Don't panic, but do not expect that everything would turn out, immediately start looking for a good lawyer and to prepare the transfer. Transfer to prison and detention facilities Toothbrush, toothpaste, comb plastic (not metal), disposable razor, small towel, piece Laundry soap, towel, Slippers waterproof, linen change, mug, bowl, spoon (not steel), kettle, book, medicine (from the head and stomach). Things are better to transfer the old, and the food in the first days is not necessary. Transfer to prison Stew — 2 cans condensed milk (cook better) — 2 banks, Read more [...]
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Stay in the temporary detention facility (IVS). What to do?

Crossing the threshold of the camera, remember: you are now one, and count now you have only yourself, therefore, mobilize all forces. Don't be surprised and don't panic, that in the next few days you no interrogation and no you are not interested in. This is done intentionally to break you. Actually you are carefully watching through the guards and other inmates, so keep calm. Remember, his family has not forgotten about you, just they do not accept the transfer and not allowed to you intentionally. Your actions: 1. Do not talk with inmates about your case: they can be sent by the Read more [...]
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The policeman on the street. What to do?

1. Require to show the identity on a gross basis and longer consider it. In the true identity of the interior Ministry, the FSB, the Prosecutor's office indicated the position of its owner, is the signature and photograph of the employee in the form. Such documents are printed on special paper with a protective grid. Specify the year and the number they are valid. 2. If the documents show that, immediately alerted, ask them to repeat the name, rank and position. THE CALL TO THE PROSECUTOR'S OFFICE After receiving the summons, don't panic. If you received it by mail, you will not Read more [...]
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An arrest. What to do?

At the time of arrest or detention, you must present an order of preventive measure (it should be on letterhead, signed by the Prosecutor and stamped) and inform them of the reason for arrest. Your actions: 1. Don't trust your memory, immediately write down the reason and the name of the person who gave RAS defeat arrest. This will help in the trial or appeal actions violence. 2. 't give resistance when arrested, and don't insult a police officer: you can bring charges of insulting a representative of the law. Even if you will release in the absence of the necessary evidence on the first charge, Read more [...]
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The policeman in your home. What to do?

If a police officer is in uniform, he should call the purpose of the visit and to produce appropriate identification. A policeman in civilian clothes must show their identity card on demand and call his purpose for coming. Not letting the police into the house, check to make sure the pictures with the appearance of presenting to you the identity of the person. If you continue to doubt that this man is a police officer, call the police, call the duty officer of the same and verify the identity came to you man and his powers, and also ask about the reasons of his visit to you. Having Read more [...]
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The search warrant. What to do?

To search you can, if the police have reasonable suspicion that you are in possession of available firearms, drugs, stolen property or other items that indicate your involvement in the crime, in which they you suspect. 1. First, the police officer must request their voluntary issue. 2. In case of refusal to issue the required subjects of a police officer has the right to conduct a search of the detainee. The search must be conducted in presence of two witnesses and recorded in the minutes. Before beginning the search, the police officer must give explanations about their actions and Read more [...]
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If you were at the police station. What to do?

Your actions: 1. If you were at the police station to ID, call attendant your name and home address and calmly wait until he will check your information. 2. If you are invited as a witness, remember your civil duty and do not refuse to testify, if you have something to communicate. Remember: to keep you in office the police have the right only if they have reason to suspect you of a crime or there is evidence that you have violated the public order. 3. All actions of the police must be recorded in a Protocol signed by the two witnesses.3. All actions of the Read more [...]
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The detention. What to do?

Try not to go out at night on the street. If the need exists, then; • do not drink a lot of alcohol; • don't take unnecessary documents except passport or equivalent document (identity card, driving license and other); • do not take your money and valuables; • do not carry anything illegal, especially in the outer pockets, because they are searched first. Your behavior: 1. Do not fuss, it will seem suspicious. 2. Show the police your documents and explain where you are going. 3. Quietly submit to inspection of personal belongings. 4. Don't Read more [...]
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If you are on the street stopped by a policeman. What to do?

If a police officer stopped you on the street, it shall be submitted, clearly state your name, rank and position. If a police officer dressed in civilian clothes, he should introduce himself and show his identity. According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, the police officer has the right to: • you may be asked to present a document proving your identity; • in the absence of the document to suggest you to go to the police station to confirm the information that you tell him about yourself informed; • to take you to the police station if you violate Read more [...]
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Relationships with the police. What to do?

Emergency need: • to be able to make quick decisions, • be able to anticipate danger, • be able to recognize people, • to be firm and decisive when necessary, but to be able to obey and be flexible when needed, • not to lose heart in any situation and try to find the exit, which is always there, • to have a home code of Criminal procedure (CCrP), criminal code (CC) and the Constitution of the Russian Federation. In addition, be sure to purchase in bookstores "Fundamentals of criminal law" and "Rules of detention of investigators arrested". After reading and studying these books, you Read more [...]
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The loss of the passport. What to do?

Your actions: 1. If you have lost your passport while in the city where you live permanently, immediately report it to the nearest police station. Then you need to go to the passport office where you received the passport, and apply about the loss of your document. Remember that the new passport is issued to replace a lost or stolen no earlier than 10 days after the announcement of the loss. 2. If you have lost your passport, when you are on vacation or business trip, you should immediately inform the administration of the hotel, where you temporarily reside, and then apply Read more [...]
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The robbery. What to do?

If the robbers broke into your house, without going into a panic. It will not help. Your actions: 1. Do not engage with the robbers in the argument. 2. Remember everything you see and hear, paying attention to any features of the appearance and behaviour of the bandits. This will make it easier to catch them and help return stolen. BURGLARY IN HOLIDAY SEASONS Useful tips: • Before leaving on vacation, gather all the documents and jewelry in one box, wrap it with tape (or fold into a suitcase with a combination lock) and give it to the relatives. • Don't Read more [...]
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Night intruder. What to do?

If you Wake up at night and hear that someone tries to open your door (or already opened), then: 1. ignite the light and shout: in most cases, burglars prefer to leave with nothing, than to sort things out with the owner of the house; 2. find something that could pass for a weapon, vase, chair, knitting needle, and so on - but be prepared to use it only in extreme cases; 3. even if you are alone in the house, shout something, as if speaking to someone from family members; 4. if you are able to see the attacker, or transport, on which he had come, try to remember any specific details, in order to Read more [...]
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If the door is calling a stranger. What to do?

Your actions:

1. Do not open the door and don’t let him in the house until you find out the purpose of his visit and will cease to doubt his good intentions.

2. If doubts remain, ask him to wait outside the door and call the neighbors asking to go to you. If they are not at home, call the police.

3. Women should not open the door to a short or light clothing.

4. Keep near the phone list of emergency numbers (police, ambulance, fire brigade, rescue service).

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Burglary. What to do?

Precautions: According to statistics, eight out of ten burglaries or robberies are committed by non-professionals, people randomly, just in time for some reason recruited crime in their ranks. They are not sophisticated thieves in technique and act ahead — just knock the door and take what they can take. Therefore first of all be sure to strengthen the front door, Windows, install secure locks, equip your apartment alarms. For the other part of the underworld, which can suddenly be interested in your property, take such security measures: for example, going on vacation, ask your Read more [...]
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The hijacking. What to do?

Hijacking of an aircraft is regarded by the Russian legislation as a very serious crime, for which, of course, have to pay long years of imprisonment. However, criminals this, alas, does not stop, and the number of hijackings of airplanes, unfortunately, continues to grow. Hence, the number of those who have been in this serious alteration. The main principle that these people endure from experienced drama and they are willing to share, — this is not to attract the attention of thieves (especially if you stand out, for example, military uniform): otherwise, the criminals will start Read more [...]
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Phone hooliganism. What to do?

Often phone hooliganism — this leisure is different from idleness adolescents, gaining one elephony room for others and speaking into the tube shit, vulgarity and stupidity. It's frustrating, it's annoying, especially if the call rings late at night, but it is better to pull myself together and not responding to rants youths and especially not calling your number (and bullies usually ask), to hang up. Another call, as a rule, does not happen, because the room was selected caller accidentally. If it still happens and will call you again, the reason may be the following: • Read more [...]
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If you were a hostage. What to do?

Don't forget the main thing: the purpose of terrorism is not to kill the hostages, and that, threatening the massacre, forcing the authorities to do what they require. Your actions: 1. Do not panic and do not lose your temper. 3. If together with you among the hostages have children, the sick and the elderly, try to cheer them up and help worthy to stand the test. 4. Try not to provoke the bandits further violence, but not unigames, not Crouch in front of them. 5. 't give them resistance or attempt to escape on their own. 6. If the authorities will attempt to free the hostages by storm, get down Read more [...]
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A terrorist act. What to do?

Precautions: • Noting left in the subway car, the entrance of the house, etc. the package (bag, box and the like), in any case, don't touch him: perhaps it is the bomb. • Let his finding duty police officer. • If you notice a package, bag, box in a subway car or a commuter train, do not pick the stop-cock, or the train stops between stations. If you were a witness to a terrorist act: Your actions: 1. Do not lose your temper. 2. Try to remember the signs of people fleeing from the scene, — perhaps these are the criminals. 3. If you have a Read more [...]
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Questioning stolen. What to do?

First, you need to determine for themselves how secret and important to you is the information that the kidnappers want to know. And try not to tell them that you want to hide. Your actions: 1. Before each response pause to consider his words. 2. Speaking, use as much unknown for criminals scientific terminology. 3. Try to talk with small details, stop attention to irrelevant details that are not directly related to a specific question. 4. Constantly repeat that you need kidnappers information, unfortunately, you do not know, but are you ready to talk about everything else. 5. Pretend that because Read more [...]
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