The kidnapping. What to do?

Analysis of abduction shows that 90% of all abduction occurs at the moment when the victim is on the way to work or from work or close to the apartment. That is, for kidnapping choose a place where you cannot change the route, even if you cannot change your time of arrival and departure. Usually the action on the abduction is as follows: one of the criminals shall report by telephone or walkie-talkie that the victim had left, and the other — that the machine is approaching the target point. Here the street block specially rigged car accident or overlap «suddenly» a broken Read more [...]
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The danger during the night. What to do?

If you are not a taxi driver and do not earn a living passenger, never take people voting in the dark. However, there are many ways a more reliable stopping drivers at night - for example, using a simulation of the accident. 1. Seeing a possible accident and asking to stop the man, shut all the doors of your car. 2. Reduce your speed and go into low gear, thus be ready at any time to accelerate. 3. Using beam inspect the site of a possible accident. 4. During your stay, do not turn off the motor and do not leave the machine until you are sure that it was really an accident. 5. At the slightest Read more [...]
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The threat from accidental passenger car. What to do?

Any stop along the way to pick up random passengers, fraught with risk: who can guarantee that the people voting on the road, getting in your car, don't immediately grab you by the throat and will not ask you to give him the time your vehicle? Under any, even the most noble mask can hide a criminal or hacker's gut. Even driving a girl, you can't it sure that it will not begin to blackmail you, breaking the blouse and crying "Rape!" So, if your passenger is still bad intentions, try to adhere to the following Yotov: 1. If a passenger threatens you with a weapon, do all that he requires. Don't be Read more [...]
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Security at concerts. What to do?

The crowd of people for several hours waiting for a meeting with his idol, might become unmanageable. Keep this in mind. Your actions: 1. In anticipation of the entrance to the concert do not approach the door, especially the glass: you can crush the crowd. Wait out, and then go. 2. If the crowd has run and you do not have time to leap aside, try not to fall, to rise will be almost impossible. 3. If you drew a crowd, then take a deep breath and lifted his elbows forward on the level of the chin, move with the crowd. In any case, do not place your hands in your pockets. Read more [...]
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Danger in the Elevator. What to do?

Precautions: • Do not enter an Elevator if there are strangers. • If the Elevator is suspicious person, press right button several floors, so they opened the doors more often. • If the Elevator is stuck between floors, do not try to get out, and press the call button Manager and wait for help. • If due to some malfunction of the Elevator falls, it is necessary that the body is not in contact with the floor at the moment of impact, it is necessary to grasp the wall of the Elevator and continuously jump. • While in the Elevator, it is better to stay Read more [...]
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Methods of protection from an attacker. What to do?

«Prick» umbrella to Protect yourself better in any subject. Suppose you are holding an umbrella with a sharp tip. Hold it with both hands and do lunges as in a bayonet attack targeting in the face or the stomach of the attacker. The blows should be applied without warning, decisively and with all my might. Be prepared to repeat the attack or to apply some other kind of reception when the first blow was not enough. Holler at this hard and continue to fight until which you people will not fall or you will not be able to escape. Throwing an elbow in the stomach If you are attacked Read more [...]
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The rape. What to do?

Precautions: • Try to avoid situations that can end violence: don't go home late, do not engage in conversation with other men, not get in your car, if you offer to drive, etc. • Just in case, buy a gas canister. If you return home late in the evening, hold the spray in your hand or pocket from the handbag quickly you will not get. • If you notice that you are on the street is suspicious person, go to any public institution in the way and call from there family or friends that they had met you." • Open the door only familiar people or when you are sure that Read more [...]
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Pestering drunk. What to do?

Your actions: 1. If you often use suburban trains, especially in the evening hours, try not to sit in the car, where there are almost no people either walking some noisy company. 2. Ignore the drunken attention and, to the extent possible, try not to attract his attention. Train better go to another car before he gets close to you, and on the street - on the other side. If he tries to keep you talking, just tell him something friendly, like "Hello!", and most likely leave. 3. If you do not let go, enjoy its mood and character. If he just wants to vent, talk to him a bit, but then, using any pretext, Read more [...]
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The attack on the street. What to do?

Here are the basic rules, which we hold is ourselves, if you are attacked on the street: • change the route if you are being followed, do not allow harassment in deserted places; • avoid, if possible; • fight, if you can't escape; • always tell friends about your route and ask them to meet you, if you somewhere late; • make dates strangers only in a crowded and well-lit places; • if you return at a later time, remove all the jewels and put them into the bag; • secure long hair in a bun, so they don't when the attack wound on the hand; • do not wear neck beads or scarves: the offender Read more [...]
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Security in public places. What to do?

Precautions: • If you withdrew money from a Bank account, immediately (without leaving the Bank) put them in his inside pocket. • If you want to put money on the account, then, standing in line, do not hold them in his hands, and remove from his inside pocket before you can pay in cash. • If you want to change money at exchange offices, do not discuss aloud the amount you want to change. If it is not a separate room for sharing, it is better to pass to the cashier with the money note, on which large and clearly written, the amount you want to change. • Avoid Read more [...]
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Stay in cold water. What to do?

Immersed in cold water, unprepared person goes into shock. In the first seconds of his breath involuntarily becomes much deeper and more frequent than in normal conditions. His pulse quickens noticeably, and blood pressure increases dramatically. People can be in this state from a few seconds to 2-3 minutes, and it was at this time the danger to swallow the water and drown is especially great. In addition, the result of a significant increase in oxygen uptake is a decrease in blood carbon dioxide, which often leads to seizures. In cold water the human body cools down very quickly. The heat balance Read more [...]
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Tipping hazard sailing ship. What to do?

Your actions: 1. When the wind is strong, loosen the mooring lines, in order to reduce the pressure on the sails. 2. You should deploy the boat at an acute angle against the wind. 3. Sit in the center of the boat to increase its stability. 4. With a sudden gust of strong wind just lower the sheet to the sail freely dangling. THE BOAT CAPSIZED Your actions: 1. To eliminate the evacuated space within the hollow hull. To do this, sitting on the stern closer to one of the sides of the boat, and to ensure that between the Board and the water formed slit. 2. Then put Read more [...]
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Help a fallen overboard the ship. What to do?

Steps to salvation: 1. Noticing in the water man, go to him, without losing sight of him again not to lose the victim in the waves. 2. Close, throw in the water any salvage tool so that it appeared near rescued. 3. Maneuver the ship so to be on the leeward side, otherwise a sharp gust of wind can «blow away» the ship directly at the person. 4. If you go under sail, drain them, expanding the vessel against the wind. 5. In calm weather, raise the casualty to the ship via the stern, windy — across the Board, so that the ship is not overturned. 6. If the Read more [...]
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Sail to rescue raft. What to do?

Your actions: 1. Cut sartov. 2. If you are far from shore, stay near the place where the ship sank. Here rescuers arrive, you said its coordinates, transmitting a distress signal. 3. As little as possible open the closed part of the raft to keep heat inside. 4. Do not remove his wet clothes: even wet tissue protects the body from cold. 5. From time to time, inflate the air in the inflatable bottom of the raft, to provide better insulation from the cold water. 6. More economical waste supply of potable water, do not drink during the first night's stay on the raft until Read more [...]
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The vessel in distress. What to do?

Your actions: 1. Put it on all the warm clothing, including wool socks and a hat. 2. After that, pull a wet suit or overalls made of waterproof material. 3. Bring money and documents, putting them in impermeable package. 4. Grab the supply of potable water, food, medicines and equipment. 5. Wear a life jacket and submit on the radio the distress signal, indicating their position. DISTRESS SIGNALS SUPPLIED TO THE SEA There are a number of internationally recognized signals having any one of which the captain of any ship must come to the aid of a vessel in distress. Read more [...]
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How to recognize the approaching storm. What to do?

• The accumulation of large, fluffy on the edges of the clouds, creeps over the horizon, indicates near a shower or thunderstorm. • The approach of heavy rain or storm in the next 36 hours shows a pale, ghostly halo around the moon or bronze sheen in the sky during sunset or sunrise. • About the rapid increase in wind and possible rain warns kind of racing is high in the sky blurry bits of Cirrus clouds and yellow sunset. • Red or clear, but with a reddish tint of the sky at dawn, the increase in humidity is also often warn about the imminent deterioration of Read more [...]
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The fire on Board the vessel. What to do?

Precautions: • First, it should provide good ventilation in the engine room and the hold. Each fuel tank must be equipped with a separate ventilation pipe coming out of the hull and dressed in a metal grid. Before swimming you need to buy special equipment for the determination of high concentrations of vapors of flammable liquids and combustible gas in confined spaces. • Before you start the engine, ventilate the engine room, and even better — all enclosed spaces on Board for at least five minutes. • Carburetors engines must be equipped with a drip tray for Read more [...]
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The hole in the ship. What to do?

The hole above the waterline Your actions: OK you have not patched the hole, keep the vessel in such a position that the hole was above the water level. On a sailing vessel it is possible to make the right choice of gals, depending on what Board hole. 2. You should increase the roll, the maximum utagau vessel from the intact side, turning it into all mobile equipment, cargo and crew. The hole below the waterline Your actions: 1. To plug the hole by any suitable subject and to roll him with something heavy. 2. At the same time to pump water from the bilge pump or Read more [...]
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A vessel aground. What to do?

Precautions: • Always listen to the watch the beginning of high tide and low tide in those waters where you can swim. • Swimming in unfamiliar waters, especially near the coast and in the narrow Straits, carefully study pilot charts of these areas. • Never swim up too close to the shore on the leeward side, except that in a shipwreck, when you want to throw at him. • Pay attention to any change in the nature of the movement of your vessel, especially near the coast. For example, often alternating ducks up and down can indicate that you are in shallow water. Read more [...]
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Collision with another vessel. What to do?

The basic rules • If intersect courses two sailing ships, the road must give way going left tack (in other words, then, which the wind from the left side). When both ships are the same tack, inferior to the one that is moving against the wind. • Motor boats, boats, etc. should skip forward sailing vessels, unless the situation allows you to do this. If not, for example when a large ship meets sailing yacht in the narrow Strait, the road must yield to the latter. Fishing vessels during fishing have priority over all others. • Sailing-vessel on the motor, is the motor Read more [...]
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