Fall in wormwood. What to do?

It may happen that at this point anyone nearby will not appear and you have to get out. Your actions: 1. Don't panic. Breathe deeply and slowly. 2. Do your feet in a continuous motion as if you pedal the bike. 3. Don't try to get out on the ice. Around the polynya ice is very fragile and would not bear the weight of your body. 4. Move towards the nearest shore, crushing on his way ice edge by hand. 5. As soon as the ice will cease to crush under your blows, put your hands on the ice, stretching them as far as possible, and struggling to push others legs, trying to give the body horizontal position. 6. Read more [...]
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The rescue of failing under the ice. What to do?

Your actions: 1. Podbirayas to the victim crawling, sprawled on the ice. 2. Throw him a rope's end or feed end of the stick. At the end of the rope should make a loop so that it slipped in her hand. 3. Notify the victim that he tried to lie down horizontally and push off with the legs, with one hand grasping the rope or stick, and the other is breaking in front of an ice. 4. Start to gently pull him to her. 5. If you are able to quickly find a wide Board, move it under the chest of the victim, so he could lie down on it, holding hands. After that you will be easy to pull Read more [...]
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First aid drowning man ashore. What to do?

Your actions:

1.If drowning is not breathing, immediately begin to administer CPR method «mouth to mouth». Clean his finger mouth, your his head and start to inject air in it, holding his nose with two fingers.

2. When the person starts to come out the water he had swallowed, tilting his head to the side.

3. When the victim begins to breathe, turn it over on the chest, head turn to the side, covering him with something warm, call an ambulance.

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Precautions when saving a drowning man. What to do?

1. In cold water, do not remove their clothes, to avoid overcooling of the body. Should only be removed shoes and pull everything out of your pockets. 2. Keep drowning in panic didn't catch you. If this cannot be avoided, apply special methods of liberation: • If he grabbed your leg, quickly lower it while taking a vertical position. Raise the other leg and resting it on the shoulder or breast of a drowning man, push away from him back whole body. • If he grabbed you from the front, take it with both hands under the arms and lifting, repel away from you. • If he grabbed you by the neck from Read more [...]
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Help a drowning man. What to do?

How to know someone is drowning? • When a person is drowning, his body, as a rule, stands vertically in the water, his head now and then hidden in the waves. • A drowning man frantically flapping his arms, and then swings altogether cease. Your actions: 1. If there is a boat podpiwite it to sinking and setactivity it from the rear deck to the boat capsized. 2. If boats do not, reach the drowning by swimming. 3. Coming up to clasp behind his shoulders so that he could not cling to you. Then you lose the ability to move and can drown with him. 4. If the sinking Read more [...]
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Swimming in a storm. What to do?

Swim in stormy weather is not recommended. But if you were still in the water, try as quickly as possible to return to the land. If you swam far from shore Your actions: 1. Do not waste your energy and don't fight the waves, let them carry you to the shore. 2. With the approaching waves begin to vigorously work the arms and legs, trying to move forward on its crest as far as possible. 3. Once the wave will go, relax and wait for the next one. To move forward, use is also the technique «sliding on the waves». It consists in the following: 1. Watch over Read more [...]
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If you fell into the water. What to do?

When a sudden loss you may experience shock and in time will no longer control their actions. How to help yourself? 1. To hold the breath and hold the nose in order not to nhlabatsi water. 2. Try to find standing on the bottom, if you are near the shore. 3. If a deep, try as soon as possible to get rid of the shoes and heavy clothing, so it is not pulling you down. 4. If, at the time of the fall you had rubber boots, don't throw them away. Turn the tops down, hold them under your arms, turning in the air cushion. So it will be easier to stay on the surface. 5. Get swim Read more [...]
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If you are tangled in the seaweed. What to do?

Your actions:

1. As soon as you feel that the feet began to stick algae, making it difficult to swim, don’t stop and barotitis in place, randomly touching your feet, you will get confused even more.

2. Sharply pushing off with both feet, try to break free.

3. If it had failed to do, RUB alternately one foot to another, sativa with them algae.

4. Do not dive, otherwise algae can catch the neck.

5. Freed, swim carefully, trying less to move your feet until passing a dangerous place.

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If you are caught in a strong current. What to do?

• Do not waste power and not fight with him. • Floating in the river, just follow the flow of traffic, heading diagonally to the nearest Bank. Seeing ahead of the bend, in the race to its inner radius, where for more than calm. • Strong current may be on the sea. There there are flats that are usually hidden from the eyes under water. The waves roll on shore to watch the tide, fall into the space between the shoals, and the result is a reverse flow toward the open sea. Once in this period, do not worry, let it bear you. Soon you will feel that his speed has decreased markedly. Then turn and Read more [...]
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Diving at depth and far from shore. What to do?

Swim into the deep, and far from shore only if you know how to swim well. Then you will not hesitate and will not sink, even when they were in a quandary. Long stay in the cold water can cause seizures. Your actions: EV feeling cramp, immediately stop and turn back, lie down on the water. 2. If you have cramping the front thigh muscle, straighten the leg and pull the toe forward. 3. If a cramp in the calf muscle at the back of the thigh, extending the other leg, pull on a sock. 4. If convulsions are very strong and the leg straightens itself does not try to do it by hand. Read more [...]
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Diving mask and snorkel. What to do?

What to do if water got into the breathing tube 1. Immediately hold your breath, not to get water into the lungs. 2. Make sure that the tube is again above the surface of the water, tilt your head back and force it out through your mouth to remove the water from the tube. What to do if water gets under the mask On the surface of the water: Just pull the mask from his face, and the water will pour out from it herself. In depth: 1. Much tilt your head back to face was turned towards the surface of the water. 2. Press firmly with one hand the upper part of the mask Read more [...]
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Dam. What to do?

They are the biggest threat to tomorrow. Water, overrunning dam, rushes down and hitting the bottom, creates a rapid whirlpool. Water vortices toss from side to side all that is in them, and drop back to the dam. Precautions: Approaching the dam, immediately pricelevitra to the shore. If you do not have time to do it and for drew you to the dam: 1. try to steer the boat away from the edge of the dam; 2. make sure that the boat is not turned over and fell into the whirlpool. If it happened Your actions: 1. Immediately jump into the water. 2. Dive as deep as possible, Read more [...]
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Canoeing. What to do?

Safety rules • When swimming, always wear a lifejacket. • When tipping the canoe immediately catch the boat and paddle, not to be carried downstream. • Do not turn the canoe back in the water. Swim across the current toward the nearest shore, holding the boat in the narrow part near the stern or bow and not letting go of the paddle. • When dumping Canoeing in the sea far from shore stay near the boat and serve a distress signal. • In the event of revolution kayak — Canoeing with closed-top — try not to catch a case that protects the Bank Read more [...]
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Safety on the beach. What to do?

• Be attentive to your belongings and do not leave them unattended. • Going to the beach, do not bring valuables or money. • Do not leave Windows open cars left in the Parking lot, even if it's very hot. WINDSURFING Safety rules • Avoid Windsurfing at night, at dusk or in poor visibility conditions. • Going to ride on a sailing Board, don't forget to wear a life jacket and wetsuit and take a strong rope in case you need to tow to shore. • Learn how to fall. In the fall never close your eyes. Try to fall in the opposite direction of where Read more [...]
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A mosquito bite. What to do?

If you are bitten by a mosquito, in any case not lock the bite.

First aid:

1. Clean the bite site with alcohol or vodka.

2. Make a lotion made from vinegar, chamomile or fennel.

3. If you don’t have the above tools, moisten the bite with saliva, it will help reduce itching.

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The attack of the bull. What to do?

The main thing - not to irritate the animal, not to threaten him not to tease. If the bull is still aggression and ready to attack you: 1. Don't try to run away from him in the open field. Animal easily catch up to you, and any sudden movements angered him even more. 2. Try to quickly assess the situation, to find the eyes of some shelter and get to it. 3. Never show the bull's back. Don't run to the shelter at breakneck speed. Constantly keep an animal in my field of vision. 4. Try to distract the bull, leaving, for example, in the direction of his jacket. If the shelter close, you will be able Read more [...]
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Attack dogs. What to do?

No one even the most vicious, the dog is not obvious at first person. Therefore, passing animal ominous, never look him in the eye: it can understand your dislike as a threat. And if the dog still rushed to you? Your actions: 1. If a vicious animal is going to attack you in any case do not run and do not turn to him head. 2. Not zamachivalas on the dog and not shout: "fuck off, creature!" Stop and a loud voice say to her: "Sit!" or "Stay!". A trained dog will immediately fulfill your order. 3. You can try to growl at the dog and show her teeth. 4. It is possible, having at hand a stick, bottle, Read more [...]
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The threat of shark attacks. What to do?

Precautions: • In places where there are sharks, you should not swim in dark or turbid water. First, you will not notice the approaching sharks, secondly, in these conditions they are most easily find their victims. • Should not be too far away from the shore or the ship, as well as to bathe or swim in the deep Straits, where the probability of occurrence of sharks, especially great. • It is better not to go in the water in the dark, as the sharks usually hunt at night and at dusk. • You should not bathe with a fresh wound or scratch, as the sharks even from Read more [...]
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The suction of the tick. What to do?

Ticks are dangerous because they can be carriers of various diseases, including encephalitis.

First aid:

1. Do not separate the tick hands.

2. Touch it with the tip of the cigarette smouldering stick, etc. — he will fall off.

3. You can drop in mite sunflower oil or machine oil and leave it under a bandage for half an hour. Then carefully remove with tweezers.

4. Wash the wound with soap and water and apply it antihistaminas ointment.

5. Definitely see your doctor.

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The snake bite. What to do?

When the snake bite poison can spread quickly through the body, if not to render first aid or to render it correctly. Signs of poisoning: • the bite very quickly swells. The tumor may cover the entire limb and go on the trunk, • in the first 20-40 minutes the victim is in shock: pallor, dizziness, nausea, may be vomiting, rapid and feeble pulse, falling blood pressure, periodic loss of consciousness. First aid: 1. Immediately lay the victim and keep at rest, as any movement increases blood circulation, and hence the penetration of the poison in the body. 2. Read more [...]
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