India: Mumbai landslide

July 10, 2013. Mumbai is located on the western coast of India, from the beginning of the week continuously poured rain. As a result of waterlogged soil on a hillside in the Antop Hill near the old postal building formed a landslide. Victims of natural disasters have at least two people. The fate of another 23-year-old resident of Mumbai is on the line, as he was seriously injured. Arrived on the scene rescuers found four more citizen are under the rubble. Another three people were rescued within a few minutes after the collapse of the soil layer. Who is the top priority of 40 sent to the Antop Read more [...]
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Drought in Russia

July 11, 2013. As the head of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, Nikolai Fyodorov, according to preliminary estimates by the drought in Russia, killing nearly 2% of the total sown area of ​​crops - 1.45 million hectares. Due to the abnormally high temperature, which was held in Central Russia in June and early July, several regions of the country were subjected to drought. We are talking about Lipetsk, Voronezh, Ulyanovsk, Saratov, Orenburg, Samara, Kurgan regions and Bashkiria, a number of districts of the Chelyabinsk, Rostov, Volgograd and Astrakhan regions, Kalmykia Read more [...]
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In the south-east of Spain fires burning

July 11, 2013. Cause of fires in Spain were numerous lightning hundreds of times blow to the Spanish land during a thunderstorm. From electrical discharges burned grass and shrubs of the Spanish province of Almeria. Fire plane taking off at the scene, was calculated to extinguish the fire fairly quickly, but a strong wind that rose after the storm destroyed their plans.So, the hot weather dried vegetation southeastern province continues to burn in three locations in Turre, Mojacar and Uerkal-Auvers. The local Spanish flora and fauna, it would be disastrous, but for people virtually no danger, Read more [...]
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Sakurajima volcano in Japan threw a column of smoke to a height of more than 3 km

July 10, 2013. Waking up in the environment on the southern Japanese island of Kyushu, Sakurajima volcano threw a column of smoke and ash to a height of 3400 meters, reported Meteorological Administration, Kagoshima Prefecture. Wind carries volcanic ash towards the city Tarumidzu Kagoshima Prefecture, experts fear its impact on the residents of the city, if the eruption becomes protracted character. This is the third highest column of smoke in the history of observations of the volcano. The most powerful eruption occurred in 2009, when the volcano threw a column of smoke to a height of more Read more [...]
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In Florida, there was a tornado

July 11, 2013. Last Tuesday, the city of Palmetto, Florida, United States, tornadoes hit. Injured at least 12 mobile homes. The degree of damage varies from minor damage to complete destruction.One person suffered minor injuries. Two families were left homeless. They are aided by the local branch of the Red Cross. Other victims of tornadoes found temporary refuge with their families or friends, writes Herald-Tribune. John and wife Nancy Kedlik remember sitting in the living room watching TV, when suddenly noticed on the street a cloud of dust in the wind and bendable trees. "I did not attach Read more [...]
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Taiwan and China are waiting for the arrival of a powerful typhoon Soulik

July 12, 2013. Taiwan prepares for strong typhoon Soulik. Wind speed in the central part of sometimes more than 200 kilometers per hour. Friday morning the epicenter of the typhoon was located approximately four hundred kilometers to the south-east of the island's capital of Taipei.It is expected that when disaster strikes on the night of Saturday, more than others may suffer the north of Taiwan. On Friday here by the authorities have closed schools and administrative offices. Private large and small business itself, as it may, is preparing for the arrival of the typhoon. Dan Young, fisherman: Read more [...]
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Floods topped the list of natural disasters in 2013

July 12, 2013. This year, the floods in the lead among all natural disasters on the severity of the damage, the size of which reached several billion dollars. Especially heavy losses suffered in Central Europe after the June floods. All kinds of natural disasters, including earthquakes, tornadoes and heat waves that occurred in the first half of 2013, cost the world $ 45 billion. Material damage caused by the floods in continental Europe, Asia, Canada and Australia amounted to about 47% of global losses. The most devastating floods recognized episodes in northern India and Nepal due to the early Read more [...]
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Dozens of people were affected by the typhoon «Solik» on the island of Taiwan

July 13, 2013. At least one person was killed and 31 wounded in a typhoon that struck the island of Taiwan. Hundreds of thousands of homes were left without electricity, more than 8,000 people evacuated. Hurricane is also accompanied by heavy rains. After passing through Taiwan, "Solik" headed towards the provinces of Zhejiang and Fujian in the east of China. Source: RT  Red danger: China and Japan are waiting for the 9-meter tsunami July 12, 2013. In China and Japan are waiting for typhoon «Soulik»Which could trigger a tsunami height of nine meters. Due to the impending Read more [...]
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Report: Failures of land

July 14, 2013. Plot out from under his feet, taking with them trees, cars and houses. So it was in Buturlin. Why are there gaps earth?

Source: Conduct

By Arizona dust storm has passed

July 11, 2013. Near the city of Phoenix, the capital of the American state of Arizona, on agricultural lands held duststorm. A cloud of dust was spread over 16 kilometers, seriously worsening visibility. Dust storms usually mark the beginning of the summer season thunderstorms in the southeast United States. Source: BBC Russian Service Read more [...]
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Hello world!

Canada: Flooding in Toronto has left more than a million people without electricity

July 9, 2013. Yesterday in Toronto, Canada began heavy showers. Now completely flooded city streets, sometimes the water level reaches 2 m. Traffic, including the metro, paralyzed. According to forecasters, less than a day in the metropolis has dropped 90 mm of rain, and most likely in the next few hours, this figure will increase to 100 mm.Authorities urged people as possible not to leave their homes, but some of them even if you want to not be able to do that. Meanwhile, thousands of people were locked in the commuter trains currently rescuers evacuate the passengers. In Toronto, a "hot Read more [...]
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In the Mediterranean, an earthquake of magnitude 4.5 points

The earthquake occurred in the Mediterranean Sea on Tuesday evening, according to the global monitoring of United States Geological Survey (USGS).

According to the service, the magnitude of the earthquake was 4.5. The epicenter was located 123 kilometers southwest of the Greek island of Rhodes in the eastern Aegean Sea, 350 kilometers from Athens.

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North Sakhalin earthquake occurred

The earthquake occurred on Wednesday afternoon in the city of Alexandria, in the north of Sakhalin Sakhalin, no casualties or damage, told RIA Novosti press officer of the Main Department of EMERCOM of Russia in the region.

According to him, tremors 3-3.5 points residents feel at 14.48 Sakhalin time (7.48 MSK).

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Earthquake of magnitude 5.7 was recorded off the coast of Vanuatu

Earthquake of magnitude 5.7 occurred on Tuesday in the southern part of the Pacific Ocean off the coast of the island nation of Vanuatu, according to the USGS. Tremors were recorded at a depth of 39.8 kilometers in 19.42 to UTC (Coordinated Universal Time, 22.42 MSK). Their epicenter was located 100 kilometers north-west of the capital of Vanuatu, Port Vila. Reports of casualties or damage is not. In October, the Pacific off the coast of Vanuatu were recorded several strong earthquakes with a magnitude greater than 7.0. Strong earthquake of magnitude 8.3 occurred on October 2 South Pacific near Read more [...]
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4.4 points — Earthquake in Japan

An earthquake measuring 4.4 points occurred on the main Japanese island of Honshu. According to the Meteorological Department, there was no tsunami threat. No injuries or damage data are not available.

The epicenter was located off the coast of Fukushima prefecture, north of Tokyo. Center lies at a depth of about 90 km. Tremors were felt residents of four nearby prefectures.

Source — Itar-Tass.

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Earthquake in northern Sakhalin

The earthquake occurred on Wednesday afternoon (December 2) in the city of Alexandria in the north-Sakhalinsk Sakhalin victims and destructions, told RIA Novosti press officer of the Main Department of EMERCOM of Russia in the region. According to him, tremors 3-3.5 points residents feel at 14.48 Sakhalin time (7.48 MSK). As reported by an employee of seismic Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, due to the remoteness of the transmitter from the exact epicenter of the earthquake magnitude aftershocks could not be determined. According to local residents, during the state of emergency in the homes of swinging chandeliers, Read more [...]
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In Buryatia, an earthquake

Tremors were felt in the Irkutsk region. The epicenter was located 30 kilometers west of the village of Turka Baikal area of ​​Buryatia, the intensity of the tremors reached three points. "Fluctuations in the earth's surface were felt on November 29 villages Turk Gremyachinsk. Tremors small forces were in Ulan-Ude. No casualties or damage, "reported the press service of EMERCOM of Russia in the Republic of Buryatia. In the Irkutsk region tremors were felt in the village Elantsy. Distance from the epicenter of the village was 60 kilometers. As reported in the EMERCOM of Russia in the Irkutsk Read more [...]
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In Brazil, declared emergencies in 127 cities in the south of the country

The number of cities that have declared emergency mode due to incessant rain and storms in the southern Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul, has grown to 127, said Thursday the local office of civil defense. Earlier it was reported on 66 localities in which introduced a state of emergency. From mid-November in the region continue to showers. With a difference of a few days in the state have fallen for four hurricane force winds in some places reached 132 km / h. As a result, thousands of trees were knocked down and a few pylons power lines, tore roofs off houses. Passage cyclone is accompanied Read more [...]
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In the Iranian province of Fars, an earthquake

Iran, Fars Province On Wednesday in Jahrom Iran's Fars province, an earthquake measuring 4.5 on the Richter scale. This was reported by the official news website of state television in Iran. Seismological Centre at the Institute of Geophysics of Tehran earthquake recorded at 16:07 local time. There is no information about the dead and wounded as a result of the earthquake. In general, Iran frequent strong earthquakes. The strongest earthquake in recent times took place in December 2003 in the city of Bam, located in the south-east of the province of Kirman. The earthquake killed 31,000 people Read more [...]
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