In Africa, began erupting volcano Nyamlagir

In 1998, the length of the fire flows volcano Nyamlagira was ten kilometers Jeopardized the Virunga National Park, which is moved in the direction of lava flows. In the Democratic Republic of the Congo erupted the most active volcano in Africa Nyamlagira. His awakening was recorded at dawn on Saturday, December 2. Coming out of the crater lava flows moved to the Virunga National Park. The situation is complicated by the fact that the path of the river of fire is the area of ​​rare chimpanzees. This species, which currently employs 40 individuals, are threatened with extinction. Who monitors Read more [...]
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Flooding in Australia

More than 1,000 people were evacuated by rescue services due to flooding in the state of New South Wales in eastern Australia. Torrential rains, which lasted for several days, caused the overflow of rivers. State of emergency declared in two districts. About 400 people were forced to leave their homes in a small town in upstate, but they did not work. Flood water blocked all roads in the city, and the people were forced to flee to the roofs of their houses. Damage is estimated in the millions of dollars. Source: Bulgarian National Television Read more [...]
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Estonian capital covered with snow

In Tallinn raging blizzard. In the capital of Estonia came perhaps most heavy snowfall over the last century. City officials have asked all motorists to refrain from traveling by car.

Those who, in spite of the treatment by the authorities, still decided that weather at the wheel, had to literally dig out cars. Just a few hours they were completely swept snow. On the streets of the city formed snowdrifts that caused a lot of small accidents.

Source: Conduct

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Landslide in the south-east of Brazil

The number of victims of landslides in the south-east of Brazil, has risen to 64 people, said on Sunday by the Associated Press. Defense civil service on Saturday reported 41 dead on the coast of the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro, 13 more people were killed in another landslide on January 1 in Angra dos Reis, 100 kilometers west of Rio de Janeiro. Local authorities report that among the victims of foreign nationals not. In the search and rescue operation involved 180 people and specially trained search dog people under the rubble. The operation will be resumed on Sunday at dawn, but on Saturday Read more [...]
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Strong wind in Turkey and Georgia

Turkey Strong winds brought down the top of the minaret of a mosque in the Turkish city of Akshehir the tea in the yard, according to the publication Hurriyet referring to agency Anatolia. The incident in the city, located in Konya sludge occurred on 2 January. The collapse of the minaret nobody was hurt. In other parts of Turkey, was also marked by the negative effects of bad weather. Because of the strong wind was interrupted movement of maritime transport in the mud Canakkale. In addition, meteorologists predicted a storm in Antalya and Muğla. In the mud Tekirdag wind speed was 80 kilometers Read more [...]
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Snowfall and blizzard in the middle of summer surprised residents of Finland

July 16, 2013. On Monday night, in some parts of Lapland, the temperature suddenly dropped below zero, it began to snow and sleet. In recent days, the snow has fallen in some places in the townships and Enontekiö Kittilä. Even blizzard began, reports YLE Lappi. Snow in July - is not uncommon in Lapland. Snow cover is thicker than 20 centimeters, according to meteorologist, the last time was in Lapland in the 1970s and 1980s. Source: Delfi  Snow fell in northern FinlandJuly 16, 2013. Last Sunday July 14, the tourists, vacationers in the north-eastern Lapland, were surprised Read more [...]
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Beijing snow floods

On Sunday in the capital of China in connection with snowfall hit the city, which lasts for two days, was declared the second - "yellow" - the level of danger. According to meteorologists, the northern part of Beijing's level dropped for the last night of precipitation reaches 8.4 millimeters. Snowfall significantly impeded traffic on the roads, many motorists on Sunday chose not to use their own transport. According to China Central Television, in serious difficulties encountered in Beijing airport "Beijing Capital", but his work is still going on as usual, although because of the ice runway, Read more [...]
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Earthquake in the Pacific Ocean

Zemletrseniya two in a row, with an interval of one hour, occurred in the Pacific Ocean. Earthquake of magnitude 7.2 occurred on Sunday in the southwest Pacific in the Solomon Islands soon after the region was recorded earthquake of magnitude 6.5, said on Monday the United States Geological Survey. The second earthquake occurred at 22:36 Sunday to UTC (01:36 Monday MSK). The epicenter was located at a depth of 30.5 kilometers per 105 kilometers south-east of Gizo, the administrative center of the Western Province of the island nation of Solomon Islands. Preceding it an earthquake of magnitude Read more [...]
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Emergency evacuation of more than 8 thousand. Persons. Columbia

Developments in Colombia continues. The previous post about the volcano in Colombia Due to the volcanic eruption of Galeras in the south-western Colombia, authorities began an emergency evacuation of more than 8 thousand. Persons, whereby the movement of vehicles in the area suspended, local media reported. Locals after admission to Saturday night signal the beginning of the explosive eruption of the volcano and the highest of alerts, "red", power delivered to the asylum Pasto, the capital of the department of Nariño, located near the border with Ecuador. From the crater of the volcano ejected Read more [...]
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Drought in Russia in 2009

Drought in 2009 is the largest in the last 10 years. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, this year because of the drought in some major grain regions of Russia harvest crops died on 4,425,000 hectares, shortage of grain harvest amounted to 13 million tons. Drought-affected 8000 152 farms, the damage on direct costs amounted to 13 billion rubles. In the 15 subjects of the Russian Federation was introduced a state of emergency. This Orenburg, Samara, Volgograd, Ulyanovsk, Saratov, Rostov, Astrakhan and Chelyabinsk region, the Republic of Bashkortostan, Tatarstan, Kalmykia, Kabardino-Balkaria, Read more [...]
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Photo of Mayon volcano from space

Photo of Mayon volcano from space

© NASA Earth Observatory Jesse Allen | Mayon Volcano

Photo clickable

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China paralyzed by snow. Video

China attacked the strongest in the last 60 years snowfalls. Over the weekend, Beijing and vicinity Chinese capital covered 30-inch snow cover. More than 3,500 schools in Beijing and neighboring Tianjin have canceled classes on Monday. Winter Break for students extended indefinitely. By the authorities in the cities set up special squads for snow removal. Thousands of passengers were stranded at Beijing Capital International Airport: hundreds of flights delayed and dozens canceled. However, the airport management promises to renew the message soon. Dozens of snowplows clean runways. Traffic Read more [...]
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Earthquake and tsunami in the Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands experienced a tsunami generated by a large undersea earthquake measuring 7.2 on the Richter scale. According to the National Department of emergencies, completely destroyed at least one village on the coast. On Sunday, in the Solomon Islands have been a number of powerful earthquakes measuring 7.2 and 6.5 points, which led to the formation of a three-meter tsunami. Wave is completely washed away a village on the island of Rendova, where more than 3,600 people. On the island of Tetepare were damaged or destroyed hundreds of homes. Reports of casualties have been reported yet. After Read more [...]
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Turrialba volcano became more active in Costa Rica

Turrialba (Spanish. Turrialba) - an active volcano in North America, is located in Costa Rica. More than 20 residents of villages located close to the active volcano Turrialba in the vicinity of the capital of Costa Rica - San Jose, were urgently evacuated, officials said the rescue service of the country. Volcano height 3.3 thousand. Meters began spewing ash that covered a radius of 3 km from the crater. It made the Costa Rican authorities to introduce preventive measures for residents of villages in the immediate vicinity of the volcano. Turrialba activity for many years attracts tourists. Read more [...]
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A powerful earthquake in the Atlantic

In the South Sandwich Islands in the Atlantic Ocean earthquake of magnitude 6.7, said the USGS. The epicenter of the quake was located 685 kilometers from the island Bristol or 3.4 thousand. Kilometers from Cape Town.

The South Sandwich Islands have the status of the UK, which is disputed by Argentina,

Source: BBC

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In the Chinese region of Inner Mongolia continues to flood

July 16, 2013. As reported by a trusted source of the autonomous region of Inner Mongolia, located in the north-east of China, the number of victims has spread to several kilometers flooding has reached 26 people. Flooding of vast areas was the result does not stop a few days of heavy rains, attacked the region in four passes. According to statistics from the Service Control floods and droughts, the whole of July in Inner Mongolia, the amount of precipitation greatly exceeds the norm, so that the flood is a logical consequence of waterlogged soil. A particularly difficult situation in the north-eastern Read more [...]
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A landslide in Rio de Janeiro

Rescuers found the bodies of two on Tuesday the victims of the landslide on the island of Ilha Grande, so the number of deaths on the coast of the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro rose to 52 people, according to the local office of the Civil Defense. The largest collapse occurred on the resort island of Ilha Grande early morning of January 1 shortly after the New Year celebrations. Eyewitnesses report that heard a roar, and then a layer of earth was a coastal hotel. Rescuers found the bodies of 31 of the deceased. As a result, the second landslide happened in the neighboring city of Angra Read more [...]
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Floods in Albania

Evacuation is carried out in northern Albania in the floods, said on Tuesday evening local media.

According to them, evacuated hundreds of people from villages in the vicinity of the Drin River, which overflowed its banks. In the evacuation involving the military and police. No injuries were reported. Floods are the result of heavy rains that hit the country in recent days.

Source: RIA Novosti

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Venezuela may change the time zone

Venezuela may move to a new time if prolonged drought affecting the generation of electricity, will be delayed, said Tuesday in a radio station Union Venezuelan Electricity Minister Angel Rodriguez (Angel Rodriguez). The lack of rainfall and prolonged drought in Venezuela, which can last in the country until May, affects water supplies used for hydroelectric power. "If the problem will be exacerbated by drought, will have to use all (measures) that will allow us to save water to generate electricity, at the moment I do not exclude that we will have to change the time zone," - said Rodriguez. In Read more [...]
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Abnormal weather on the planet

In many regions of the Northern Hemisphere was established unusually cold weather. Severe frost meteorologists say last night on a giant space from Japan and China in the East to Western Europe and in the northern regions of the United States in the west. Heavy snowfall took place in South Korea, China and the United States. Record low temperatures for early January, recorded more than a dozen European countries, including France, Italy and Poland. Due to the heavy snowfall in the UK today closed the international airport in Manchester. In Scotland there was a threat of food shortages in the Read more [...]
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