The birth of a tornado Latvia, Ogre 08.09.10

The birth of a tornado Latvia, Ogre 08.09.10 Photo sent an eyewitnessSource: DELFI Aculiecinieks Read more [...]
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The fire spread through the Altai with a speed of 100 kilometers per hour

The consequences of forest fires in the Altai region The rate of natural fire, which came in the Altai region on Wednesday with the territory of Kazakhstan reached 100 miles per hour, it could not hold even a 300-metre fire barrier, said on Thursday the regional forest Management. On Wednesday, the fire had crossed the Russian-Kazakh border and began to spread across the territories of the Altai Krai and Novosibirsk region. Novosibirsk managed to localize the fire, in the Altai, in the Mikhailovsky district, in a timely manner to stop the fire failed — the situation was complicated Read more [...]
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The eruption Sinabung. Part 2

Indonesian volcano, sleeping more than four hundred years, last Friday monster new batch burning ash to a height of more than three kilometers, forcing terrified residents to flee their homes for the second time in a week. All the power of the eruption is still the strongest, you could feel at a distance of eight kilometers from the volcano. \"It was horrible, \" recalls 37-year-old ANTO Sembiring, still trembling after he ran out of his coffee shop right in the heart of the danger zone. All ran as fast as possible. Panic\". The eruption Sinabung on Sunday and Monday has forced more than 30,000 Read more [...]
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In the Atlantic came the storm \»Igor\»

storm \"Igor\" Slow start to the season tropical uranov Atlantic turned conveyor in August-September. The next tropical cyclone in the Atlantic reached a strength of the storm and was given the name \"Igor\". Its cradle was the Eastern sector of the Atlantic near the Cape Verde Islands. Over the next two days the storm will shift in trade flows in the West, its intensity will increase and by Friday may reach hurricane status. \"Igor\" has already become the ninth tropical storm that originated in the Atlantic this season. In the list of names drawn up on 6 years, it replaced the name \"Ivan\". Read more [...]
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In Peru, the volcano awoke Ubinas

September 4, 2013. After four years of silence, in the South-West Peru woke up the volcano Ubinas. Several explosions were reported on Monday. Smoke and ash rose to a height of up to two kilometers. However, the activity of the volcano is considered to be low, and for nearby residents, he is not a threat. Experts believe that the eruption could cause heavy snowfall.

 Source: Euronews

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Flood in America

In Southern Mexico flooded thousands of hectares. Tens of thousands of people forced to flee their homes. Due to heavy rains. They do not stop for several weeks. And the weather forecast for the near future are not encouraging - precipitation is even more. Authorities fear that can not withstand the dam of several reservoirs. In the disaster area was more than 300 thousand people. In some communities people have to escape from the water on the roofs. And in Nicaragua because of the floods killed more than 40 people. The streets of cities and villages turned into rivers. In the United States Read more [...]
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A 4.5 magnitude earthquake occurred in Primorsky Krai

A 4.5 magnitude earthquake occurred in the Primorsky region on Thursday, no injuries or damage, according to a Friday press the center of the far Eastern regional center of EMERCOM of Russia. «According to the Geophysical service of Russian Academy of Sciences, 17.7 km North-East of the village of Hasan Khasan district of Primorsky Krai was registered the quake at a depth of 580 kilometers», — the message says. This earthquake in the settlements of the region was not felt. The territory of Primorsky Krai is located in a seismically active zone. Power of registered Read more [...]
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Five earthquakes registered in the Kuril Islands

© RIA Novosti. Fred Greenberg Seismologists for the last day recorded five aftershocks in the area of the Kuril Islands, the magnitude of the strongest amounted to 5.4, told RIA Novosti the representative of the press service of the Ministry of emergency situations in the region.«Four push occurred on Thursday. The first earthquake of a magnitude of 5.4 registered 6.25 Sakhalin time (23.25 time in 183 km South-East of the island of Iturup (middle Kuril Islands) at a depth of 33 kilometers. Second — a magnitude 4.8 one hour at 177 km South-East of Iturup island at a depth Read more [...]
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The eruption Sinabung. Part 1

People leave their homes on the truck with cows in Tanah Karo after the eruption of the volcano Sinabung (in the background). (Sutanta Aditya / AFP - Getty Images) In Indonesia were already second in the last two days of the eruption Sinabung, silent the last 400 years. From the area of the eruption in the province of North Sumatra by order of the authorities evacuated more than 21 thousand people.Indonesian woman with a child watching the eruption Sinabung from the village of Tanah Karo, North Sumatra. The volcano began erupting for the first time in 400 years, forcing thousands of people Read more [...]
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Forest fire swept the Colorado canyon. Photos

Lforest fire raged in the canyon of the Colorado, in Colorado. More than 1,000 families were evacuated. The fire spread through the forests and foothills on the territory of more than 7,000 acres. Killed 9 firefighters. A fire destroyed 63 buildings to the West of boulder city, canyon Colorado. Fighting fires is engaged in aviaclub state. Fire in the canyon Formyl stew with helicopters. When extinguishing fire, nine firefighters who fought with unmanaged fire, died. Although the wind had dropped, and the temperature dropped more than 10 degrees, firefighters were unable to control the devouring Read more [...]
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The area of the fires in the Altai region has doubled

More than a thousand people were left homeless in the Altai region as a result of natural fires that have moved into the region from Kazakhstan Five fires with a total area of 6.8 thousand hectares recorded in the Mikhailovsky district of Altai Krai, said Friday the Siberian regional center of EMERCOM of Russia. «The total area is 6841 ha», — the message says. According to the Ministry, all localized fires. On Friday morning it was reported that in the Michael area are two of the hearth with a total area of 3.3 thousand hectares. On Wednesday, September 8, in the area Read more [...]
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China has released the 10th Typhoon in the 10th year. Photos

The photo taken on Sept. 10, 2010 shows trees torn down by the typhoon Meranti in downtown Shishi, southeast China#39;s Fujian Province. Meranti, the 10th typhoon that hit China this year, made landfall at Fujian on Friday, according to provincial flood control authorities. (Xinhua/Jiang Kehong) Beautiful room (1010) received a Typhoon named \"Meranti\". His story begins on Thursday in the North-Eastern part of the South China sea near Taiwan. A tropical storm moved northward in the Taiwan Strait. The proximity of the land did not allow him to gain strength Typhoon. In the night of Friday, the Read more [...]
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Two thousand residents of new Delhi evacuated due to flooding

The water level in the Yamuna river has risen above the critical point, Potapov low-lying areas of new Delhi and triggering the evacuation of their citizens, told reporters on Friday, the mayor Sheila Dikshit. Water rise began after the rains have forced the Indian government to open the gates on the spillway in the state of Haryana, about 250 miles North of Delhi. The amount of water coming in on Wednesday and Thursday exceeded 17 thousand cubic meters per second, which is comparable to 1978, when in Delhi flooding occurred.The result have been flooded villages in the flood plain of the Yamuna Read more [...]
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India: Harvesting may be delayed due to rainy season

Harvesting of cotton and sugar cane in India, which is the second largest manufacturer of above products in the world, may be delayed due to the continuing monsoon rains. Delay in harvesting is reflected in the reduction of global supply, thereby causing the price increase, reported IA “Kazakh-Zerno” with reference to the Agency “Bloomberg”. Monsoon season is the main source of irrigation for 235 million Indian farmers. According to meteorologists, the monsoon season may be delayed. This prevents the cotton, and accordingly leads to an increase in domestic prices, says V.K. Nair, Read more [...]
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A photographic survey of natural disasters and their consequences. No. 19

Residents of the Chinese city of Joco, province Hans, remove the damaged car with plenty landslide mud of the street. The next few days in China predict rainfall. (The Associated Press) A few shots of recent natural disasters and their consequences. Pictures are clickable. Past fotoostry: eighteenth, seventeenth, sixteenth, fifteenth and fourteenth.Rescuers help to evacuate people from flooded village in insu, the Sichuan province of China, once due to heavy rains in the village was hit by a landslide, which killed 15 people. (Agence France Presse/Getty Images) Mother and son pass by puffer Read more [...]
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The second tornado swept through the suburbs of Tokyo

September 4, 2013. On Wednesday in the suburbs of Tokyo fell the second tornado in two days. And this despite the fact that this natural phenomenon for Japan - a rarity. Like the first time, a tornado swept through the Northern areas near the capital. Whirlwind tore roofs from houses. Damaged at least 13 buildings. Japanese media reported at least two victims. They were sent to the hospital. Recall, last Monday as a result of another tornado, which swept through the Northern suburbs of Tokyo, bodily injury received 60 people. Suffered more than a thousand houses. Tens of thousands of families Read more [...]
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Landslides in Italy was covered by one of the resort towns. Video

In Italy on the Amalfi coast rescuers search for missing during a landslide. Element literally covered one of the resort towns. Damaged dozens of cars and buildings, restaurants and cafes, located in the basement, and the apartments on the first floor. The footage Amateur video captured the moments of the convergence of many residents escaped the landslide literally at the last minute. Source: Capital TVRead more [...]
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Udmurtia has threshed grain 2 times less

Grains in Udmurtia collected from 100% of the area of output in 2010 amounted to 295,487 thousand tons against 591,645 tonnes in the past, according to the materials of the Ministry of agriculture and food of the Republic.

Thus, the output of grain in Udmurtia in the current year has decreased in 2 times.

According to the regional Ministry of agriculture, grain yield in 2010 was 12.2 kg/ha against 18,8 kg/ha in 2009.


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The living world is on the brink of a mass extinction

Biologists are sounding the alarm: the living world of Earth is on the brink of extinction. Paleobiology Dr. John Alroy from Macquarie University conducted a large-scale study in which, on the basis of fossils, has tracked the fate of marine animals. To determine the cause of the mass extinction of species 250 million years ago, he studied almost 100 thousand sets of fossils. The scientist came to the conclusion that there was coming a new, larger, compared with the dinosaurs extinction. The reason will serve as a human activity and global warming. Today, the experts can not confidently say Read more [...]
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Nagatinskaya understand beavers inhabit. Video

Photo: from the website In the capital, new illegal buildings. They were accidentally discovered by the staff «Molodosti». Buildings erected on the island in Nagatinskaya valley, which was previously thought to be uninhabited. Ibid found other traces of life — fallen trees and food waste. The results of this survey, organized by «Mosvodokanal» that was sensational: in Moscow came beavers. A lot of them, they multiply rapidly and, judging by their tracks, mutate. In addition, it was found that they are dangerous and insidious. The technical Read more [...]
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