In Israel, the rain has gone

Totally unexpected, not only for the inhabitants of Ashdod and Ashkelon, but forecasters, on the South of Israel, the rain has gone. Heavy rain has passed over the coastal strip of Ashkelon on Thursday morning. «The piece» rain clouds went neighboring Ashdod, where the duration of amazing for this time of year is a phenomenon limited to five minutes. On the North of the country also observed precipitation. So the people of the prestigious village of Kfar Vradim told that they on Thursday morning it was raining. «I woke up from the noise of the rain. About half past five in the Read more [...]
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Hurricane Igor has increased in the Atlantic up to the 4th category of danger

"Igor" became the fourth in the beginning 1 June Atlantic hurricane season 2010 Hurricane «Igor»,formed in the Atlantic ocean off the coast of Africa near the Cape Verde Islands, strengthened to a hurricane the fourth category of risk on a scale the Saffir-Simpson reported on Sunday the Agency Reuters with reference to the national hurricane centre in Miami (USA). According to meteorologists, the force of the wind in the center of the storm is 215 kilometers per hour. At the moment «Igor» is about 1.8 thousand kilometers to the East of the Caribbean leeward Read more [...]
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Thailand will face the role of Atlantis

Some locations may simply go under water According to the results of the research, Professor anon Sanitwong, Director of the regional centre for South-East Asia non-governmental organizations START dealing with the problems of climate change, predicted that the average temperature in Thailand will grow by 3-4 degrees over the next 35 years. In their research START has divided Thailand for eight climate zones and built a model of climate change in each of them for the next 35-55 years. Due to the increase in temperature in General will change the climate in the country as a whole. In the rainy Read more [...]
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Element made dead 54 villages in Moldova

From squally wind, accompanied by heavy rain, in the night of Wednesday in Moldova without electricity remained 54 of the village, told RIA Novosti press-service of civil protection and emergency situations of the Ministry of internal Affairs. Strong wind gusts in four districts of Moldavia were torn wires and transmission lines, a hailstorm destroyed 65 hectares of crops of sunflower and maize, 24 acres of gardens and 28,8 hectares of vineyards. Repair services started to liquidate the consequences of natural disasters. When the works are completed, the announcement did not say. Source: Read more [...]
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Georgievsk suffered from the rain and hail

Heavy rain with hail, which was held last night in the Stavropol region, has caused considerable damage including the city of Georgievsk. Damaged power lines, with two houses were completely demolished the roof. Only seriously damaged the roof on 6 buildings, fallen trees. Fortunately, no people were injured. Immediately, the night was created 8 teams that began to restore electricity, completing all work even until morning. Public utilities also managed to remove almost all fallen trees off the road to make way for transport. Source: STRC Stavropol Read more [...]
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An overview of the grain market

2 September. World grain prices in the past month showed a significant increase, however, prices of wheat grown since June, most significantly and reached a peak in early August, subsequently declined slightly. Continuing uncertainty about the extent of losses due to drought in Russia and other countries of the black sea region has resulted in the beginning of the period increase the number of speculative buying up futures, despite generally adequate global supply of grain.Confirmation Russia on August 5, a temporary ban on grain exports was caused on this day, the next leap in prices for Read more [...]
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Shrimp killer scared insects

Shrimp killer win the rivers and lakes of Western Europe Aggressive shrimp Dikerogammarus villosus was first discovered by fishermen in the reservoir Grafham water in Cambridgeshire. The samples they sent to the Department of environmental protection. There and determined that this species occurs from the Eastern European region between the Black and Caspian seas, writes The Times. \"Aggressive species of freshwater shrimp, which has a larger and more powerful jaws than their British competitors, known for its aggressive and destructive behavior. They kill or maim all insects, which meet on the Read more [...]
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Earthquake in the UK

September 4, 2013. Indeed, there are places on Earth where shaking constantly. They are called - seismic zones. In turn, there are places where the earthquake is a rarity. One of these areas can be called the British Isles. They are removed from the boundaries of lithospheric plates. However, and here the Earth sometimes shake people. It happened on August 30, in the seaside town of Blackpool, located in the Western part of the country. 10:58 local time, an earthquake of a magnitude of 3.3. The tremors were felt even in quite remote Dublin. The physics of shocks in this unconventional for earthquake Read more [...]
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In the Chinese province of Zhejiang due to incessant rains marked the gathering of landslides and mudflows

A powerful Typhoon hit the Eastern areas of China There was a two-month rainfall. This caused flooding and landslides. The water came so quickly that many cars in a matter of seconds were flooded with water on the roof. Wind felled trees, damaging roofs and broke the wires. Dozens of settlements is de-energized. Now in the disaster zone rescuers arrive, began the evacuation of the injured.Photo (Xinhua/Zhang Guojun) Tropical storm «Meranti» provoked multiple landslides and flooding in the Southeast of China, according to the «Xinhua». 3 hours from 04:00 to 07:00 Read more [...]
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In the Irkutsk region first snow fell

Today the inhabitants of Irkutsk region woke up to a winter Wonderland. Even before the thermometer showed + 20, and at night the dull autumn painted the first snow. By the way, is quite expected - meteorologists preparing for frost since the beginning of the month, reports NTV. However, for the nature of the deep freeze was a real surprise. Branches of trees were priporoshili snow, and the green grass drifts drifts. Source: NTV Read more [...]
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In Mariupol wind storm broke the trees. Photo

Storm wind gusts of up to 16 meters per second does not abate in Mariupol, starting from Saturday. As reported 0629 in the Directorate of civil security and protection of the population, on Saturday at 12.20 on Kirov square old tree fell on the pipeline. At the scene officers arrived, and emergency services \"Mariupolgaz\". To eliminate the consequences of the accident had brigade \"Zelenstroy\". As told 0629 head \"Zelenstroy\" Michael Cotul, another fallen tree, his subordinates were taken away from the Boulevard Khmelnitsky, zhovtnevyy district of Mariupol. The whole city over the past Read more [...]
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Predictions: Russia can threaten a poor harvest in the coming year

Maintain the ban on the export of Russian grain, which may be extended until the end of December 2011, been some signs of panic on the world food market. Now grain prices rose to his two-year high, as Russia ranks fourth in the world in terms of exports, such as wheat. For this reason it seems natural for the interest of Western analysts and the press to agriculture of Russia. With his forecast, which was disappointing both for Russia and for the world market, made, for example, the influential publication The Wall Street Journal. Its experts predict that next year may repeat the situation Read more [...]
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Pictures of the week: 6-10 September

In today's photos of the week you will see: * floods in Australia, Italy and Mexico; * forest fires in Russia and the U.S. ...and much more.Pictures are clickable The cars are in flood waters in Wangaratta, Australia. Hundreds of homes and businesses suffered from the recent floods. (Scott Barbour/Getty Images) Spain: Fireman carries the owl rescued from a forest fire in Valencia. (Kai Forsterling/European Pressphoto Agency) Eva Lopez is in his house in the smog from the volcano and the water from flooding at lake of Amatitlan, near Guatemala city. (Johan Ordonez/Agence France-Presse/Getty Read more [...]
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In Komi dropped the earliest snow for the entire period of meteorological observations

In Russia again observed weather anomalies In the Komi Republic for three weeks before the usual time the first snow fell, \"Vesti\". In the Vorkuta area snow depth reached 5 centimeters. However, forecasters predict future warming up to plus 15 degrees. In the Centre weather PHOBOS declare that this anomaly is not due to the unprecedented heat, but they are interconnected. The reason for this was the meridional circulation form of air masses — from North to South and from South to North. The Northern part of the European part of Russia this week will cover the cyclones, so the frequency Read more [...]
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Change the \»Igor\» moves to the Atlantic hurricane \»Julia\»

\"Igor\" photo NASA. A click will load a full-sized snapshot - 6400?8400 pix. In the Atlantic formed the hurricane \"Julia\". This was reported by the National center for monitoring hurricanes in Miami (Florida), RBC reports. The speed of wind gusts of hurricane is 65 km/h now \"Julia\" is about 175 km South-East of the Cape Verde Islands and is moving West - Northwest at a speed of about 19 km/h According to meteorologists, during the week of the hurricane, is likely to intensify.Meanwhile, increased from the second to the fourth category of risk on a scale the Saffir-Simpsona Ragan \"Igor\", Read more [...]
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In Thailand, the landslide demolished in the Gulf area major highway

In Thailand after prolonged heavy rains right before the eyes of many witnesses failed a section of a major highway. Fortunately, no one was hurt. Meanwhile, floods caused by river floods threatening several communities.

Authorities announced the evacuation. It is not excluded, that it will open the floodgates of one of the reservoirs — experts fear that the dam will not withstand the pressure of the arriving water.

Source: The first channel

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The area of forests burned in Russia this year, more than 1.5 million hectares

In Russia, according to on Monday morning, there are 14 natural fires, and the area per day has increased, according to the emergencies Ministry. «During the day appeared 52 fire, extinguished 52 hearth. Continue to act 14 of lesions on the total area 362,31 ha (for previous day — 14 lesions on the square 291,8 ha), including 5 peat; localized 12 lesions on the total area 315,31 ha», — the statement of the Ministry reads. As noted in the MOE, large foci no. \"Since the beginning of the fire season of 2010 on the territory of the Russian Federation emerged Read more [...]
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Two earthquakes with an interval of 14 minutes, took place off the coast of Chile

Two earthquakes with magnitudes of 5.0 and 4.8 occurred in the Pacific ocean off the coast of Chile in 470 kilometres South-West of the capital Santiago, reports the website of the U.S. Geological survey. The first tremor was recorded on Tuesday in 03.23 UTC (coordinated universal time 07.23 MSC). Its epicenter was located 45 kilometers from the city of Concepcion at a depth of 35 kilometers. After 14 minutes in the same area at the same depth seismologists recorded the second push a lesser force. Information on casualties or damage were reported. In February this year, Concepcion and the Read more [...]
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Alaska earthquake of a magnitude of 7.1

September 4, 2013. The earthquake of a magnitude of 7.1 happened today Andreyevsky Islands included in the Aleutian archipelago /Alaska/10:32 Beijing time /06:32 GMT/reported Chinese seismological centre. About the threat of a tsunami is not reported.

Information about the victims and destructions.


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In the Tambov region suffered from the droughts over 230 thousand hectares of land

Under the blazing sun scorched steppe turned over 230 thousand hectares of land. From the damage and loss suffered 572 economy. In the Tambov loaf is three times lighter than last year's. But if the corn crop is already in the bins, corn, sunflower and sugar beet are still harvested from the fields. Although it is already clear that these cultures record harvest is not expected, reports \"\". \"Economy, which marked the destruction of crops and the death was confirmed by examination under the Ministry of agriculture, receive support in the amount of 570 rubles per 1 hectare of death. Read more [...]
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