A strong storm in new York city was left without electricity for thousands of citizens

Due to severe storm surges on Thursday over new York, were left without electricity tens of thousands of people. As reported by the local authorities, wind and torrential rain broke the power of the five city subway lines. The wind in the metropolis was felled many trees. A victim of the disaster was at least one person. Falling trees broke power lines, leaving residents without light areas of Brooklyn, Staten island and Manhattan. In the welter was a violation of the local trains on the line connecting new York and long island. Meteorologists also announced the possibility of in new Read more [...]
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On New Zealand’s coming monstrous storm the size of Australia

On New Zealand's coming one of the largest storms on the planet. The area of the storm front is approximately equal to the territory of Australia. As expected, the element will hit New Zealand on Friday, ITAR-TASS reported. According to the forecaster national weather service Philip Duncan, the brunt of the elements expected in the Auckland region, Wellington, Nelson, Marlborough and Canterbury. The speed of wind gusts of the storm now reaches 130 km per hour. Element brings thunderstorms, snow and lower temperatures. According to the forecaster, tornadoes enough power to tear off roof, cut Read more [...]
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Seismologists: terrible earthquake can shake Britain at any moment

Leading seismologist country claims that terrible earthquake can shake the UK at any moment, which will lead to numerous victims and survivors, writes the Telegraph. Dr Roger Musson bases its predictions on historical references, where he found that a strong earthquake repeated in certain periods. The last two earthquakes were recorded in 1382 year and 1580. Monsoon believes that the time has come for the third earthquake. Source: The РепортерUA Read more [...]
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Flooding in Chad: 150 thousand victims

Incessant rains have led to flooding in the African Republic of Chad. From the disaster suffered up to 150 thousand people, about 70 thousand people lost their shelter This statement was made today, press Secretary office of the UN high Commissioner for refugees (UNHCR) Andrej Mahecic. According to him, such heavy rain in this country hasn't seen for 40 years. The blow fell and refugees, which in Chad, there are about 330 thousand people, of which about 4 thousand were made homeless. Sharply increased and the risk of spread of infections. As explained Mahecic, at the moment there is information Read more [...]
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In the North-Eastern Indian state of the landslide occurred

Read more [...]
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In Cheboksary Zavolzhye snowdrops bloomed

Snowdrops bloomed in Zavolzhye — the green area in the outskirts of Cheboksary — in those places, where in August was a forest fire, reports the website of the Volga territorial control of the city Cheboksary. «Among the charred grass out of the ground, covered with ashes, look out now, spring lilac bouquets — the living breath of life», — the message says. It also notes that, according to biologists, the flowering snowdrops promotes the combination of air temperature and soil moisture. The August fires destroyed in Zavolzhye more than Read more [...]
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In Voronezh blossomed trees. Video

Abnormal for autumn phenomenon can be observed on Plekhanovskaya street. Flowers are released chestnuts. What causes unusual phenomena?Many chestnuts because standing still recently the heat has dried up even the leaves. What surprise witnesses, when, seemingly, on \"asleep\" the trees began to bloom flowers. The first autumn flowering. On Plekhanovskaya noticed employees of organizations located nearby. Man: \"For all the years this was never, never was. It is really an abnormal phenomenon\" Girl: \"This, of course, a natural anomaly, but very pleasant. It's like a piece of summer, it's Read more [...]
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In Gomel for the second time in a year bloomed chestnuts and Apple

Day of the city centre of Gomel was decorated with not only people, but also nature. Many chestnut trees along the streets of the Soviet bloomed for the second time in a year. It is surprising that one branch among the autumn of ripe fruit appeared in the may flowers! However, for the Gomel this is not a miracle: it is not the first year due to abnormally high temperatures in the regional center see September «candle». — Prolonged warm period chestnut perceives as next spring, therefore, begins to bloom, — told «Komsomolskaya Pravda» Deputy Dean of the Read more [...]
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In Samara under the ground left a parked car. Photo

25 Augustana Pobedy street in Samara under the ground left a parked car.Source: TrinixRead more [...]
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The storm has covered New Zealand. Video. Photos

A storm the size of Australia Negril New Zealand Source: 3news.co.nz, TVNZ, nzherald.co.nz Read more [...]
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Next week Jupiter will be closer to Earth at closest distance

photo: PRAVDA.Ru Next week earthlings will be able to see in the night sky Jupiter, which will approach as close as possible to the Ground. As reported on Friday at NASA, on the night of Monday to Tuesday Jupiter will be just 558,8 million miles from our planet. According to scientists, this happens once in about 50 years. Last time it was in 1963, and the next is expected in 2022. The biggest planet in the Solar system in the case of good weather at night will be visible from Earth with the naked eye, experts say. And Shine Jupiter is brighter than all other stars. And a telescope or binoculars Read more [...]
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In the capital blossomed chestnuts and dandelions. Photo

The leaves of the chestnut dark, and the flowers bloom is a paradox of nature Photo: http://marinakavil.livejournal.com/ Candle chestnut flashed the \"Red gate\", the balls dandelions appeared on the lawns in \"Kolomenskoye\". The weather and nature does not cease to amaze: like Indian summer as a joke \"what Baba - this summer, does not indulge heat wave, but the plants in the metropolis some of his strange life. In our capital city the next natural disaster. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the Red Gate and on Sadovaya-Spasskaya flowering chestnuts. On some trees with candles came out Read more [...]
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In Krasnodar again blossom trees

According to KP-Kuban, at the crossroads of October and Lenin blossomed chestnut, and on the 12th kilometer of the Rostov highway - cherry. About it the correspondent of the newspaper told the inhabitants of the city. Explanation of anomalous algal network Director of training of the Botanical garden University Tatiana Yanenko. - This is happening everywhere, \" she says. - The fact that in the summer because of the heat wave the trees fell into hibernation, and now, as soon as it became a little cold, the plants have taken this weather as spring. In our garden now lilac. The situation Read more [...]
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Dips in the ground. Archive (36 photos)

Source: Webpark Read more [...]

Archive. Dips in the ground. Video

Source: LiveInternet Read more [...]

The house is not to save: flood showed all his might in Komsomolsk-on-Amur

September 3, 2013. Near Komsomolsk-on-Amur breaking the dam water flooded one of the suburban settlements under the threat of flooding was another town. Rescuers urgently evacuated from the danger zone hundreds of people.Around Komsomolsk-on-Amur continue to build the dam. They become higher as the water level in the river. A village named Mendeleev, this is one of the areas of the city, located directly on the banks. Some of the houses here is not to save people evacuated. Barrow is the only thing that protects against flooding of those who remained. When it became clear that floods can Read more [...]
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The storm left thousands without electricity people in New Zealand

A huge storm front hit New Zealand with wet snow, leaving thousands without electricity people and breaking the roof of the stadium, said on Saturday the Australian broadcasting Corporation ABC. According to preliminary data, a storm front coming from the West, from Terminologi sea, about the size of Australia. Winds reached hurricane force - 154 kilometers per hour near the city of Auckland in the North of the country. The wind tore the roofs off some houses, broke the line, and about 100 thousand man Friday night was without electricity for lunch Saturday at home 17 thousand people are still Read more [...]
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In Chuguev, Kharkov street of failed asphalt. Photo

September 16, 2010 around 15 hours Manager utilities «Chuquisaca» received a message about the next breakthrough sewer in the street of Kharkov in the town of Chuguev. This time the collector has broken around the house No. 155 near the intersection of Karl Liebknecht. On the roadway formed hole in an asphalt surface with a diameter of about one meter. Under the asphalt formed the collapse of the soil with a diameter of about 5 meters. The place of the accident was promptly fenced to prevent failures cars and people. The next day, September 17, after the start of production of Read more [...]
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Strange clouds over the Gulf of Mexico

Video shot July 1, 2010. By the way, February 26, 2010, was something similar to zamechenno in the Chilean city of Santiago on the eve of the earthquake. And on may 18, 2010, in the Australian city of Toowoomba was zafiksirovan strange object in the shape of a torus. Read more [...]
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Typhoon Kompasu\» was for North Korea is worse than UN sanctions

North Korea. Landslides in the port city of Wonsan North Korea's KCNA news Agency on Wednesday reported that a tropical Typhoon Kompasu\", which hit Korea in early September, claimed the lives of several dozen people and caused serious economic damage. Strong and prolonged heavy rains led to frequent landslides and the destruction of 3 thousand homes. About 8 thousand families were left homeless or lost property. 30 thousand hectares of farmland were flooded, more than 170 of the road sections and 250 m, railway tracks were completely destroyed. 65 thousand km of Railways were under threat of Read more [...]
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