Earth | The survival encyclopedia - Part 11

Europe in the grip of snow and frost

In Switzerland snowfall resulted in casualties. In the Alps, as a result of avalanches killed seven people - tourists, skiers, as well as a doctor of the rescue team. People looking for a few days, but found too late. Another six victims were rescued a few days ago. Continued snowfall in the UK. Thermometer goes there to -15 ° C. Throughout the country, schools are closed, airports operate intermittently. No better, and the situation on the railways: rail swept snow and ice-covered, trains are. On the highway, people give up their cars. Many cars are literally buried under snow drifts. In the Read more [...]
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Beijing off the gas because of the cold snap

The Chinese capital because of the cold snap severely reduced the supply of gas to industrial enterprises, supermarkets, office buildings, wrote in a Wednesday newspaper "China Daily". A cold front brought air on Sunday in Beijing heavy snow and the lowest temperatures in 50 years: up to -16 ° Celsius. In this regard, in the city jumped 30% gas consumption: residents of the capital to escape the cold, including gas heaters. In this regard, the authorities considered a priority to ensure gas supplies to residential buildings, rather than in the premises of factories, shops and offices. According Read more [...]
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Earthquake in Georgia

An earthquake measuring 3.5-4 on the Richter scale occurred on January 6 Onskom region of Georgia approximately 200 kilometers north of Tbilisi at approximately 8 hours 30 minutes (7:30 MSK), the correspondent of the newspaper VIEW, Tbilisi, with reference to the TV company "Rustavi -2 ". As stated in the report, there are no casualties or damage, but the tremors were very sensitive to the local population. According to the Georgian seismologists, the area regularly experiences earthquakes insignificant force. Source: Eye of the Planet Read more [...]
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Frost and snow in the eastern United States

To turn off the electricity in homes, schools canceled classes and loss of life caused snow, wind and cold weather in the eastern United States. According to local authorities, in the state of Tennessee from frostbite four people died. Life of two people taken to the state of West Virginia and the capital of the accident, the cause of which was the difficult situation on the roads. Without heat and light when the outside air temperature -18 ° spent last night residents 1,4 thousands of homes in Maryland. Local energy mobilized forces for an early restoration of electricity. Energy promise to Read more [...]
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Storm warning in the Crimea and the Novosibirsk region

Emergency Management in the Novosibirsk region on Tuesday issued a storm warning due to expected strong frosts. "On the territory of the Novosibirsk Region 6 to January 10, most likely in the north, northeast, set the minimum temperature of minus 35-40 degrees," - said in a statement. Currently in Novosibirsk about 25 ° below zero. MOE warns that due to the cold snap may increase the number of fires, burns and frostbite. Residents of the region are advised not to leave the premises without the need for warm and motorists as possible, refrain from long-distance travel. Residents of the private Read more [...]
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Some pictures. Tsunami, volcano, flood, fire

Authorities have published this image showing the damage after the earthquake of 7.2 magnitude, which triggered landslides and tsunami in the Solomon Islands. In Rendove, for example, was destroyed about 200 homes. (National Disaster Management Office / Agence France-Presse / Getty Images) New Year immediately "delighted" tsunami in the Solomon Islands, the activation of new volcanoes navodeniyami and fires.A police officer goes through the woods on the outskirts of Bogota, Colombia. Because of the unusually high temperatures and dry season having dozens of fires, because of which lit up the Read more [...]
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In the north of Algeria and southern Peru earthquake occurred

July 17, 2013. The earthquake, which arose in the northern part of Algeria, had a magnitude of 4.9 and depth of the epicenter about 10 km, which is only 3.4 km from several localities, for example, Buinana, Sjöblom and Bugara. The epicenter of the quake the morning and the capital city of Algeria shared by only 23 km. Information about the consequences of the earthquake is extremely small. Of local radio sources found out that during the earthquake affected seven people, four of them were injured by falling objects in Algeria and another three in Blida. On several houses earthquake left cracks, Read more [...]
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More active volcanoes and Ebeko Kluchevskoy

Ebeko active volcano, located seven kilometers from the North of the island Kurilsk Paramushiro Kuril again intensified, said on Thursday's Sahgidrometeotsentra. "According to the weather station of the North-Kurilsk, on Saturday at 23:20 Sakhalin time (16:20 MSK) in the air of the city can feel a mild smell of hydrogen sulfide due to the release of the volcano Ebeko. A Jan. 7 at 6:50 Sakhalin time (23:50 MSK) was visible steam and gas plume height of 150 meters above the crater, which stretches to the south-east. The smell of volcanic gases is not felt. At the same time in Kamchatka volcano Read more [...]
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Earthquake in New Zealand

In New Zealand today, an earthquake of magnitude 5.2 on the Richter scale. According to the National Seismological Service, the epicenter of the quake at the depth of 11 km, 500 km south-west of the island Makvori. Reports of casualties or damage have been reported yet.


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Landslide in Pakistan covered the whole village

Powerful landslide buried under a whole village in Hunza mountain northern Pakistan, killing at least 10 people, according to Pakistani TV channels on Tuesday citing local authorities. According to rescue teams, the last day before the landslide destroyed at least 25 houses in the village of Attabad. Work on clearing the rubble continues. Rescuers fear that under the rubble can be people. Landslides caused by heavy snowfall in the mountains, and are marked in other parts of Pakistan's North. In some places, unleashed from the slopes of boulders and rocks blocked rivers, causing a sharp rise Read more [...]
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In the UK, because of the cold weather problems with electricity

The Central American countries are starving because of the drought

77% of the population of Central America this year may find themselves without food, which threatens a humanitarian catastrophe, said in a joint report by the World Food Programme of the United Nations and non-governmental Spanish organization Accion contra el Hambre. "Lack of food due to a severe drought in the region caused by the El Niño phenomenon, threatens hunger 77% of the population of Central America", - stated in the document. El Niño ("baby boy" in Spanish, as it is called Peruvian fishermen) is a warm current and causes a warming of the surface, which leads to climate in the eastern Read more [...]
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Weather in the world. Photo

Girl hiding from the heavy snow under an umbrella with a flag of the United Kingdom passed by the Houses of Parliament in London on January 6th. Due to the heavy snowfall had closed airports, major roads, as well as hundreds of schools, besides shooting was suspended soap opera «Coronation Street». (AP / Alastair Grant) The first week of the new year was surprisingly frosty worldwide. In Britain, a strong frost, snow and ice disrupted airports and schools. In Spain, due to the heavy rains and snowfall in the south-west of the country were flooded roads and houses. In the United States, farmers Read more [...]
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Snow storms and frost in the USA

osulki frozen to Oranges January 6 in Lakeland, Florida. Farmers pollinate plants to protect from frost. In this area, the scale of the thermometer fell to -6 °, and farmers do their best to save the valuable harvest of fruits and berries. AP / Chris O # 39; Meara Snowstorms and sleet in large parts of the United States have led to chaos on the roads, canceling hundreds of flights and loss of life. According to the report of the international airport of Chicago (Illinois), have been canceled about 130 flights. Arrival aircraft is delayed, on average, an hour flight - for half an hour. About Read more [...]
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Woke up the volcano Piton de la Fournaise

On the French island of Reunion in the Indian Ocean, the eruption of the volcano Piton de la Fournaise - the largest and most active volcano in the world. Over the past three years, there was about 10 eruptions, during one of which is from the crater of the volcano emerged more than a hundred million tons of lava. The current eruption - the third since October 2009. So far, the lava flows are within the central crater of the volcano - Dolomё, where they form the lake of fire. Frequency tremors and eruptions gradually increase the intensity. Due to the increased risk of all the tourists who Read more [...]
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In Ukraine without electricity more than 200 settlements

In Ukraine, due to snow and squally wind tonight energized over 200 settlements, the Ukrainian Ministry of Emergency Situations. Hardest hit Poltava region, in which no light is 141 town. No electricity in several villages and towns in Kharkov, Kiev and Lugansk regions. Restoration of the power supply system power companies engaged teams. By the morning of January 8 provided the movement of road, rail and air transport. On clearing the roads from Ukravtodor involved over a thousand pieces of equipment and more than two thousand employees. Source: RBS Read more [...]
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Italy may flood of the Tiber

Prolonged rains can cause spillage of the Tiber River, which will lead to the flooding of certain areas of Rome. The water level in the river had risen to 11 meters. In addition to the civil defense services in a heightened state of readiness to deal with the elements given military units. Prepared plans for evacuation of patients and staff in several hospitals, located on the island of the Tiber in central Rome, as well as in urban areas, located in a valley near the river. On Friday, were closed two bridges over the Tiber - bridge in Testaccio district and the Milvian Bridge, a popular place Read more [...]
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Scientists have discovered underwater oases methane

July 17, 2013. During the shooting of the seabed in the autumn of last year, the scientists on board the survey vessel noticed bubbles rising from the depths. Phenomenon has aroused interest marine biologists, and they sent to their place of interest expedition. Here, they found out that the seabed in the form of methane gas bubbles coming out and the vicinity of this space filled with a variety of life forms. A study by researchers revealed that on the ocean floor at depths of up to 1.6 kilometers inhabited by whole colonies of bacteria that are used for life energy of destruction of methane. Read more [...]
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Flood of homeless 30,000 Kenyans

More than 30,000 Kenyans made homeless by the floods, according to the local office of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. "The situation has caused us serious concern, especially because of the possibility of initiating the spread of cholera, as it was in the northern parts of the country in early December of 2009," - express opespokoennost UN officials. According to the police at the moment, floods have claimed the lives of 34 people. Severely damaged fields with crops, killed tens of thousands of pets that people have thrown to escape from the elements. In addition, Read more [...]
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In Bosnia and Herzegovina, flooded thousands of homes

Flooding in Bosnia and Herzegovina has flooded thousands of homes in the mountainous regions of the country. According to local authorities, the situation could worsen high probability of landslides, reports Associated Press. Element also affected the central part of the country. In Sarajevo, the population of some areas was forced to escape to the upper floors of buildings from the elements. In the south, in the city of Mostar, which was founded in 1452 and whose objects are recognized monuments protected by UNESCO, due to flooding closed public institutions, schools, shops and restaurants. According Read more [...]
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