Earth | The survival encyclopedia - Part 20

Storm in the Stavropol region. Video

We already reported about the gale-force wind in the Stavropol region. Now we have a video. Look.Source: NTV Read more [...]
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Dixie in the dark

Hundreds of thousands of people remain without power after snowfall in the southern United States. ITAR-TASS news agency, more than 125 thousand. Consumers do not receive electricity in Texas, more than 100 thousand. Persons deprived of light and heat in South Carolina. Ragged snow adhering power lines in some areas of Alabama, Mississippi and Arkansas. There are no light tens of thousands of people. Canceled more than two thousand flights at airports in Dallas (Texas) and Atlanta (Georgia). Settled there cold weather and strong winds causing severe ice accretion on the runway. Ice on the roads Read more [...]
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In Yakutia, flooded houses, is evacuation

July 23, 2013. In the past few days in some areas of Yakutia continued heavy rains. As a result, the water level in the river Dulgalah more than 40 centimeters higher than the critical level. Flooding has caused flooding of 14 residential houses in the village Sword. Made the evacuation of residents and the personal property of people. In operation involved two boats rescue Yakutia, 10 motor boats and five vehicles belonging to local residents. Resettlement of the population is located in private houses, standing on a hill, and in the camp, which includes seven tents to 15 seats each. The village Read more [...]
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Giant waves washed away 13 people in California

Two six-meter waves washed away the audience with concrete parapet on the stones located behind the Mavericks Beach in California, as a result 13 people were fractures and bruises. About 200 spectators watched the windsurfing competition in California. None of the athletes was not injured. The grand prize of 50 thousand. Dollars won by South African Chris Bertish. Source: BBC Previous news on the topic. Huge waves in France and China. By the way, during a solar eclipse were fixed 6-meter waves in Indonesia. Comment: This is becoming a trend. Read more [...]
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Heavy rains flooded the city of Mecca

Strong rains accompanied by thunderstorms and strong wind hit the Mecca on Saturday evening, according to the Saudi news agency SPA. Flow of rainwater flooded the streets in some areas of the city, where in some places the level reached 0.5 meters and above. Traffic was paralyzed in some areas broken power supply. Torrential rains that lasted more than 4 hours in a row, led to landslides and the destruction of several non-residential buildings near the ring road. Head of the Civil Defence Forces city of Mecca, General Jamil Arbain said that as a result of rescue 48 people were evacuated from Read more [...]
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Without electricity

Weather impact on humanity, each time getting stronger and stronger. Winter 2009-2010. Thousands ... hundreds of thousands of people remain without electricity due to severe frosts, snow and gale-force winds. Let's look at the situation in the world more. These reflect the weekly news situation, February 8-14. Ukraine Snowfalls and strong winds left thousands without electricity for more settlements in Ukraine. As of 7:00 (8:00 MSK) due to severe weather conditions in 12 regions of Ukraine 1000 41 de-energized town: in Nikolaev (region) - 341, Odessa - 221, Vinnitsa - 141, Kirovograd Read more [...]
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In Turkey, the rain, mud, wind …

On the western and southern coasts of Turkey, including in the resort of Antalya, many highways were flooded due to heavy rains. Drivers are forced to leave their cars and get them out of the water has to have with the help of heavy machinery. Heavy rains have caused many accidents. Part of mountain trails closed due to numerous landslides. Hurricane winds snapped power lines, no light left thousands of residents.Antalya was dominated by bad weather on Monday (February 8). This resort hit powerful showers. In the city from hurricane places felled trees, caused damage to many greenhouses. Read more [...]
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City in Sicily may disappear due to landslides

Large landslide can completely destroy town of San Fratello on the Italian island of Sicily, which is home to about 2 thousand. Man reported Monday local media. This small city is home to two thousand. Persons. About 1.5 thousand. Of them have already been evacuated, and the rest are located on the outskirts of San Fratello, to monitor what is happening. Local media noted that due to heavy rains on a hill near the town there is a formation of the landslide. In the worst case, all the houses in San Fratello threatened with destruction. Source: Interfax Read more [...]
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Black dolphins washed ashore in New Zealand

Pilot whales or dolphins black - marine mammals of the order Cetacea. At a length of 8.5 meters, completely painted black, except for white spots under the chin in the shape of an anchor. At least 28 pilot whales, also called black dolphins jumped in the shallow water in the south of New Zealand, near Stewart Island, reports Agence France Presse. Local authorities and volunteers have done everything possible to save the survivors of mammals, but the strong wind and storm prevented people to help them. To rid weaken whales from suffering, it was decided to euthanize them. This is not the first Read more [...]
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In the Odessa region killed up to 80% of the vineyards and fruit trees

Abnormal lowering the temperature to -30 ... -32 ° on the surface of the snow in January and February 2010 resulted in a massive loss of vines and fruit trees in the Odessa region, said during a staff meeting Head of the agro-industrial complex of the Odessa Regional Administration Anatoliy Nowakowski. According to experts, technical kind of grapes were killed from 40 to 80% depending on the grade of hardiness, the majority of table grapes were killed by 100%, according to forUm with reference to the "Bridge of Odessa." The situation around fruit trees, similar to the situation with vines. Fruit Read more [...]
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Strong earthquake in eastern Indonesia

Powerful earthquake occurred on the morning of Tuesday, February 16, in the eastern part of Indonesia, reports AFP referring to the USGS (US Geological Survey). American seismologists estimate the earthquake magnitude 6.2. The epicenter of the quake, according to their data, located 295 kilometers from the Indonesian Tanimbarskih Islands and 383 kilometers east of Dili - East Timor's capital. Local authorities have not communicated any information about the victims and the devastation caused by the earthquake. Warnings about the danger of a tsunami has been reported. Source: Tape Read more [...]
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Four earthquake near Japan

1) Magnitude: 5.3 Time: February 16, at 1:57:16 UTC Depth: 10 km Coordinates: 40.44 N 143.68 E 2) Magnitude: 4.7 Time: February 16, at 3:27:51 UTC Depth: 33 km Coordinates: 40.45 N 142.92 E 3) Magnitude: 4.8 Time: February 16, at 3:32:00 UTC Depth: 33 km Coordinates: 40.33 N 143.65 E 4) Magnitude: 4.6 Time: February 16, at 5:30:54 UTC Depth: 33 km Coordinates: 39.90 N 144.46 E Source: EMSC Read more [...]
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In Mexico, crashed and exploded unknown object

On Wednesday, February 10, in the skies over central Mexico swept the fireball, which fell in the end at the border of the states of Hidalgo and Pachuca. According to the locals, was witnessed by "a bright flash followed by a crash from which shook homes and buildings." What it was - a UFO, a military strike, meteor, space debris?In the first minutes after the outbreak of the population there was panic. It has been suggested that there was a falling meteorite. The police, who had left the scene, decided that the approximate time of the fall of the celestial body to be considered Feb. 11 15:30 Read more [...]
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Flooding in North Korea

In the DPRK, the victims of the floods began 8 people July 23, 2013. In North Korea, a series of floods, which have claimed eight people. This is with reference to local media reports ITAR-TASS. Hardest-hit province Pyongan-do-do and Pyongan. 4,5 thousands of homes destroyed, 17.7 thousand people were evacuated. Floods caused by the rainy season. Last year at this time, killing more than 300 people. Source:,  Flood victims in North Korea began to 8 people July 23, 2013. As a result of severe flooding caused by heavy rains, from 20 to 22 July in North Korea killed eight Read more [...]
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Powerful hurricane in Yalta

In Yalta, eliminating the consequences of the hurricane. "This hurricane in Yalta not even remember the old-timers - wind gusts reached 35 meters per second," - said in a submitted message City Hall. "Affected schools in the village Koreyiz - quite badly damaged roof. In total, according to preliminary data, 50 houses suffered roof Yalta. Their repair will be associated with the most costly city to eliminate the effects of the hurricane, "- said the press service. Because of the strong wind that knocked trees on gas pipes, gas pipeline accidents have occurred ten. "At the time managed to turn Read more [...]
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Earth plunged into darkness. Video

Global warming - is not the only threat to our planet. Earth, as scientists say, threatens global dimming - in the truest sense of the word. Source: Russia 24 Read more [...]
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Slowing rotation of the Earth!

Scientists say they have found the slowing rotation of our planet, and predict that the Earth will stop spinning after three years! The slowdown will lead to an increase in days and can cause everything from disastrous floods, earthquakes, and mass starvation. "This is certainly now the most serious and urgent problem facing humanity," said geophysicist Joseph Jankowski, who first discovered this phenomenon.Scientists have long believed that the Earth's rotation is slowing down. It is believed that three billion years ago, the night lasted about 13 hours, and now one full rotation of Read more [...]
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New snowfall in New York City

Another snowfall hit the business capital of the United States New York, where on Tuesday, according to the national meteorological center, in some areas during daylight hours has dropped up to 10 inches of rain. However, in contrast to the snowstorm that covered the city six days ago, the current snowfall paralyzes life is not a metropolis. After a three-day weekend in connection with the Day of the president of New York on Tuesday returned to a normal life, despite the bad weather. Additional load fell to the utilities of the city. According to the New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, one Read more [...]
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Fires in China due to severe drought

The number of fires due to the strongest in the last 60 years of drought in the south-west of China increased by more than 600% compared with 2009, according to the Xinhua News Agency on Wednesday. "The great drought" continues in Yunnan since last July. Dried wood light up the slightest spark. According to statistics, from November till now there was 84 forest fires, which is 611% more than the same period a year ago. Last of the strongest fire occurred on Tuesday in the wooded mountain Wugong. To extinguish the fire came about 300 firefighters, three firefighters were killed. In addition, Read more [...]
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In Italy and Turkey floods

Mostly sunny, with a few interruptions, not stopping for almost 2 weeks, caused severe flooding in the north of Italy and north-west Turkey. Italy declared a state of emergency. There is a mass evacuation. Washed out roads and bridges, broken power lines. Flooded many houses; people move only by boat. Efros village that in Italy, completely disappeared under the water. Damaged motor road at the border between Turkey and Bulgaria. The culprit was a disaster cyclone, which yesterday moved from the Mediterranean to the Black Sea. Already marked by a series of Mediterranean cyclones exit to the south Read more [...]
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