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Flooding in north-eastern Greece. Photo

In the northeastern Greek region of Evros due to flooding in the basin of the river of the same name declared a state of emergency. As a result of heavy rains that began last weekend, inundated more than 12 hectares (of which 4.5 thousand cultivated land) in the area where the borders of Greece, Turkey and Bulgaria. Water threatens two Greek villages of Poros and Lavar, whose inhabitants had to be evacuated. There were no casualties. According to the statements of the Greek authorities, the situation is under control, you may have to evacuate another village. But, according to the head of the Read more [...]
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Tornado in Australia. Video

Australian farmers have been very enterprising people. They removed the camera, like a tornado hosts in the field, uprooting kukuruzu.Zatem "intruder" closer to the tractor, standing near the house and destroyed it. Then he went to the house of a farmer, intending to deal with nim.Neizvestno what happened to the farmer's house. We only know that the amateur operator managed to hide in the basement. Source: ZMAN Video under the cut.Read more [...]
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In Kamchatka volcanoes intensified

In Kamchatka during the week recorded increased activity of the volcanoes Kluchevskoy, Karimsky, Shiveluch and Nameless. Threat to human settlements is not. Interested service informed of the dangers that may be gas-ash plumes from eruptions for aviation. Itar-Tass reported today in the group Kamchatka Volcanic Eruption Response Qwerty. Shiveluch volcano during the week was recorded high seismic activity. Giant threw ash to a height of 5.1 km above sea level. 11, 13 and 17 February plumes from the eruption stretched over a distance of up to 70 km in the north-east and north-west from the volcano. Kluchevskoy Read more [...]
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Strong earthquake deep in the Far East

Strong earthquake deep in the Far East

Magnitude: 6.9
Time: February 18, at 1:13:18 UTC
Depth: 573.8 km
Coordinates: 42.581 ° N, 130.537 ° E

Source: USGS

Flooding in the northern Mexican state

July 23, 2013. Northern Mexican state of Chihuahua has suffered from flooding caused by spills of local rivers. After a heavy downpour water in rivers and Nogales Kakauateles exceeded safe levels and flooded coastal areas. Flood victim was a man, another Mexican was able to pull out of the seething stream using a rescue helicopter.As reported by the weather forecasters, three hours in Chihuahua had the annual, or even 1,5-annual rainfall. Therefore, the flood was a disaster for the Chihuahua International Airport, which was forced to close and cancel all flights due to the complete immersion Read more [...]
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Flooded the South of Spain. Video

On Spain hit flood that filled the south. More than just hurt the town of Jerez, which was cut off from the outside world. Roads are covered with water, in connection with which they were blocked and can not drive the train. The local airport has suspended its work. The water crept up to the terminal building so close that the airport was forced to turn off the electricity in it. On the runways of the flow of water carried a pile of stones and tons of mud. Dozens of flights canceled flights, said "Russia 24". Source: Conduct Read more [...]
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Siberian temperature drops

Cyclone passed through the Siberian region, in addition to snow and gale force winds, brought a significant increase in temperature. On Thursday afternoon in the southern regions of both Western and Eastern Siberia, the air temperature reached -1 ... -6 °, and in the southern part of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the thermometer rose to as much as two degrees, and it's in the middle of February. Altai and all breathed in the spring, in the Gorno-Altaisk and Kyzyl-Ozeki temperature rose to + 7 °. As a result, the average temperature for February 18, were at 8-12 ° above the typical values ​​for Read more [...]
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Australia plunges into the ocean

The water level on the west coast of Australia increased by 8.6 millimeters per year. The average rate on the planet is 3 millimeters. Details of the results of observations of climate scientists BBC News. Researchers from the Organization of Scientific and Industrial Research of the Commonwealth (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation - CSIRO) does not exclude the possibility that accelerated flooding in Australia can be attributed to human activity. Residents of coastal areas and areas located is low relative to sea level, can experience the effects of raising the sea level Read more [...]
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Residents of Buenos Aires are drowning in the streets. Video

The Argentine capital is on the brink of disaster - so rescuers describe what is happening now in Buenos Aires. The town was almost completely flooded. Drive through the streets impossible in many areas cut off electricity and showers, because of which there was a deluge continues.At least two people were killed in floods in Buenos Aires. Search continues for eight year old boy, who, according to witnesses, blew a stream of water. From the middle of the day the city was literally paralyzed. Heavy rain began suddenly, although it warned about the day before. The air temperature dropped sharply Read more [...]
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Severe flooding on the island of Madeira, Portugal. Video

As a result of the floods and mudslides on the Portuguese island of Madeira, 25 people were killed. Another 60 people were injured. At the same time, according to unofficial sources, the death toll could be and 31 people. Earlier, the Ministry of Internal Affairs reported on 5 dead. Another 60 people were injured. Data on the presence of foreign tourists affected yet, reports BBC BBC. The armed forces of Portugal brought to eliminate the consequences of the severe floods in Madeira, where as a result accompanied by squall torrential rains killed dozens of people. Recall, last night, heavy Read more [...]
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Disabling NPPs

Discovered an interesting trend - disable NPPs. Like the news is not particularly publicized. Let's see when and where shutdown nuclear power units. Period - 2009.Balakovo Power unit N4 Balakovo NPP stopped for preventive maintenance, the press service of JSC "Concern" Energoatom ". Reactor shutdown made in connection with the application for elimination of observations of thermal mechanical equipment of the second circuit. Repairs will last until 24:00 MSK 20 January 2010 Nuclear power plant near New York - emergency shutdown of the reactor Yanar 11 2010 Near New York occurred emergency Read more [...]
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In Western Siberia, the weather anomaly. Video

In some areas of the Omsk region at night the temperature drops to -50 °. This winter there have already recognized the coldest in the last 40 years. A similar situation is in the vicinity of Tyumen. Be on the road in this weather - a serious risk to life.For the freezing of the driver on the track to meet the crew of rescuers - means to survive. In the arsenal of every mobile location heating necessarily have warm clothes and hot tea. With the onset of winter just to the south of the Tyumen region emergency workers rescued thus almost 100 people. Rescuers are recognized: errors drivers Read more [...]
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Earthquake in Denmark

Magnitude: 4.6 Time: February 19 21:08:56 UTC on Depth: 10 km Coordinates: 56.891 ° N, 7.561 ° E The epicenter of the earthquake was recorded in the North Sea about 143 kilometers from the city of Aalborg. Tremors were felt in the west coast of the Jutland peninsula. Several buildings were given a crack, there is no serious damage, no one was injured, said the representative of the local police. Source: USGS, EMSC, RIA Novosti Read more [...]

Another earthquake in Primorsky Krai

Magnitude: 4.5 Time: February 21, 07: 29: 08.9 to UTC Depth: 553.2 km Coordinates: 42.586 ° N, 130.745 ° E Source: USGS Just recently, on February 18 in the same area was recorded deep earthquake. Read more [...]
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Earthquakes in Poland and Germany

Magnitude: 4.6 Time: February 20 16:36:07 UTC on Depth: 2 km Coordinates: 51.50 N 16.06 E In addition to this 4.6 magnitude earthquake was recorded two more with a small magnitude - 2.7 and 3.7. Their coordinates: 50.27 N 18.54 E and 51.47 N 16.20 E respectively. By the way, in Germany, have also been reported with a minor earthquake of magnitude 2.1. Its coordinates: 49.60 N 8.50 E Source: EMSC Read more [...]
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Almost 6,000 people are still missing after the floods in India

July 23, 2013. On Monday, the Indian authorities released figures on the number of people who are still missing after the massive floods in the north of the country. This number is 5 748 people. According to the chief minister of the state of Uttarakhand Vijay Bahuguna, families of people reported missing, may be eligible for financial assistance from the state. In addition to compensation from the federal government, the state government will pay each family that lost people, 150 thousand rupees (2.5 thousand dollars), according to Reuters.With more than 4.6 thousand of those that were Read more [...]
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Landslide in Sochi

Due to the vanishing of debris landslide in the area ferrying Chemitokvadzhe - anchor slot in the Big Sochi movement stopped 12 passenger trains heading to Adler in the opposite direction. "Debris Flow weight came off at 4:30 MSK just before a passenger train Vorkuta-Adler. The engineer could stop the locomotive. At the scene, sent about a hundred specialists North-Caucasian railway and recovery train "- told in the administration of the railway station Adler. The reason for the vanishing of debris landslide I became heavy precipitation. Source: Newspaper Read more [...]
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Photos from the

This giraffe died as a result of drought in the Vajra, Kenya, October 9. In Kenya, there was no rain for several years. Crops and animals die, and people are slack. Lack of resources in Kenya and neighboring countries is fueling conflicts intra - group fighting over pasture and water. Proliferation of weapons only exacerbates the situation. (Stefano De Luigi / VII for Le Monde) Some pictures recently occurred natural disasters and their consequences. Photos from the past here, here and here. Photos are clickable.Snowbound Friendship Arch in Chinatown in Washington. Snow, wind and slush covered Read more [...]
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Flood in Madeira. Photo

Man helping move a flooded road. By Monday, the number of victims of the floods in Madeira reached 42 At least four people are reported missing. (Octavio Passos / AP) Not experienced in the history of the Portuguese island of Madeira in the Atlantic Ocean rains hit the island on Saturday. 8 hours on it collapsed monthly precipitation. Streams of water picked up and carried away houses, cars and people. More than 40 people were killed and about 120 were injured as a result of the strongest in the last 17 years floods and mud opolzney.Dlya salvation of locals and tourists, as well as to combat the Read more [...]
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Hurricane in eastern Georgia

The eastern Georgia on Monday hit a hurricane, which uproots perennial trees and tear the roofs off houses, damaged power lines. Smashed bus stops and billboards. Hurricane winds in the capital of Georgia, David the Builder in the alley, pulled out a tree that fell on a car "Mercedes". As a result of this incident, killing the driver of a motor vehicle. Strong winds seriously damaged building in Gori. Remained without a roof high school Gori №5. In different districts of Tbilisi hurricane wind knocked out as high-and low-voltage power lines, said in Tbilisi Electricity Distribution Company Read more [...]
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