Earthquake in China (recording with CCTV cameras)

Chinese authorities issued a recording of CCTV cameras, depicting an earthquake of magnitude 6.6 in Gansu Province in the north-west of the country in the morning on 22 July. According to the latest reports, the accident killed 95 people, injured thousands.

Source: RT

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Thailand is a long heat and drought

The dry season of 2010 will be hotter and longer than usual, cause severe drought and jeopardize the rice harvest, said Friday the chairman of the Foundation of the national system of prevention of natural disasters in Thailand Summit Dhammasarot, quoted by the newspaper Bangkok Post.Usually hot dry season lasts in Thailand in mid-February to mid-May. This year, the heat came in early February and can last until June, said Dhammasarot, former director of the National Center for Disaster. "This year, all provinces should take care of creating additional reservoirs to store water. Problem must Read more [...]
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Ukraine is waiting for an earthquake of 9 points

Romanian scientists are sounding the alarm - after the earthquakes in Haiti and Chile no less destructive shaking (9 points) can occur at any time in Ukraine! Mountain range on the border with Ukraine (Vrancea zone in the Carpathians) has almost the same activity as in Chile, according to experts of the Romanian Institute of Physics of the Earth, justifying his gloomy prediction. "The earthquake feels even Moscow ..." - said the director of the Romanian Institute of Physics of the Earth George Mermuryanu. According to him, the expected shaking can outdo the one that was in 1977, when the Bucharest Read more [...]
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Photos from the # 7

Boy goes through the mud in Budude, Uganda, after he came down here landslide, which killed dozens of people. 50 students were gone. (James Akena / Reuters) Some pictures recently occurred natural disasters and their consequences. Photos are clickable. Photos from the last one, two, three, four, five and six.Music teacher Claudia Vergara crying from a broken piano on the site of his former home in Constitucion. In a strong earthquake 8.8 magnitude in Chile hundreds of people died and thousands were left homeless. (Luis Hidalgo / Associated Press) A man in a helmet with the Chilean flag Read more [...]
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In Turkey, a strong earthquake. Video

In Turkey, recorded two major earthquakes and dozens of smaller on Monday night. Earthquakes have been recorded in the Eastern Anatolia region of Elazig. The power of two aftershocks of almost six points. It clarifies the ITAR-TASS news agency, the epicenter of the earthquake was located at a distance of 45 kilometers from the town of Bingol, 70 kilometers from the city of Elazig, and 625 kilometers from Ankara. The earthquake was located at a depth of 10 kilometers. According to the USGS, the quake was recorded at 02:32 Greenwich time (5:32 Moscow time). According to recent reports, a powerful Read more [...]
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Israel covers the dust storm and haze

The Ministry of Environment has warned that tomorrow, March 9, Israel will cover dust storm and haze. It is reported by the radio station "Kol Yisrael". Cause of bad weather and dirty air will be the storm that is coming to Israel from North Africa. Haze begin at noon and will last until the end of the day. Ministry for the Environment advises pregnant women, children and people with asthma and other respiratory diseases to try not to go out in the evening. Source: Cursor Info Read more [...]
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URGENT! Dozens of earthquakes in Chile! Video

Localisation USGS Off the coast of Chile, an earthquake of magnitude 8.8. Its epicenter was registered 90 kilometers from the city of Concepcion in the central part of the country. According to the USGS, the tremors caused a tsunami, which can pose a threat to coastal areas. Tsunami threatens local coastal settlements, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Hawaii (USA) and the Antarctic, said the center of the Pacific after the analysis of sea level change. Pacific Centre called on the authorities of these countries to take action in connection with the threat of tsunami waves which Read more [...]
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Statistics on Chile for five days

Feb. 27 off the coast of Chile, an earthquake of magnitude 8.8. This was followed by dozens of earthquakes and aftershocks. In total, during the first five days was recorded 180 aftershocks, then the activity began to subside. But so far recorded earthquake above 6 points. Source: USGS Also, watch the news on the topic: · Earthquake in Chile. Photo · Earthquake in Chile. Picture 2 · Earthquake in Chile. Picture 3 · Earthquake in Chile. Picture 4Coordinates: MAGNITUDE UTC DATE-TIME LATdeg LONdeg DEPTH km Region February 27 MAP 8.8 2010/02/27 06:34:15 -35.846 -72.719 35.0 OFFSHORE Read more [...]
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Beijing has covered spring snowfall

Heavy snow was falling asleep the eighth of March the Chinese capital. Due to bad weather closed to traffic 11 highways. In Beijing airport due to snow canceled 49 flights and delayed another 28 Monday morning were cleared three runways, but some aircraft simply iced. Authorities appealed to motorists with a warning to be careful on the roads, and on the possibility to use public transport. Note that even just a day ago, the people of the country marked the beginning of spring. However, meteorologists warn that the spring snowfall may last until early May. Source: True Read more [...]
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Unusual shallowing Mekong stop cross-border trade in Thailand

Unusually strong This year the seasonal shoaling Mekong stop cross-border trade between Thailand and China, said on Tuesday the Thai news agency TNA. Trade between northern Thailand and southern China shut down for the past two weeks, since the river is completely dry cargo barges and both sides are "trapped" in the river ports of Chiang Saen (Thailand, Chiang Rai Province) and Guanglie (China, Yunnan Province), the agency said. "The depletion of the Mekong - the usual thing for this time of year. The dry season is always doing cross-border trade in the area more difficult. However, usually small Read more [...]
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Heavy snowfall in northern Spain

Heavy snowfall hit on Monday at Catalonia (north Spain), blocking many roads, including in Barcelona, ​​Spanish media pass. More than 142 thousand students in this autonomy could not on Monday to go to school because of the snow. More than 60 roads, including a number of national highways and railway lines of suburban trains in Barcelona are closed. Snow machines can not cope with unprecedented for the area with snow. In some areas, dropped a day over 25 centimeters of snow. In Barcelona a 18:50 reversed movement of all land lines and many buses suburban trains. Urban services are hoping Read more [...]
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China. Flooding

July 24, 2013. No comment.

Source: Conduct

Amplification of seismic and volcanic activity

Elchin Khalilov, in the center of In the media and in some academic publications began to appear different people disturbing statements about approaching some global geological catastrophe. Press office of the World Organization for Scientific Cooperation "Science without Borders» (WOSCO SWB) asked to comment on the situation of the famous scientist - geophysics, a specialist in the field of seismology and geodynamics, Vice-President of the International Academy of Science H&E (Austria, Innsbruck), Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, doctor of geological-mineralogical Read more [...]
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Earthquake in Turkey. Killed 51 people

As a result of a strong earthquake that occurred on Monday in Elazig province in eastern Turkey, killing 51 people and not 57, as previously reported, said Health Minister Recep Akdag. Similar data are read out and the crisis committee of the Governor of the province. According to reports, 34 people were injured. Previously, local authorities reported nearly 100 injured. All the dead and injured - local citizens, residents of three villages in the province, according to lists released by the authorities of Elazig. At the request of the provincial governor Muammer Erol, to the present time Read more [...]
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Rising prices for meat products

Pastoralists are cutting production as the government banned exports in an attempt to control prices in the domestic market since 2005, is also the number of cattle has decreased significantly over the last year due to the terrible drought, which caused great damage to pastures. The following year, as the representative of the Institute, the number of cattle on the backyard could be reduced by 4 million. Goals relative to the current year, which means that the amount of slaughter decreased by 30%. It is expected that in 2010 the price of beef will rise after this year before the holidays, they Read more [...]
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The earthquake in Turkey. Video

First funerals of victims of the earthquake will be held on Tuesday in Turkey. According to recent reports, 57 people were killed, more than 70 wounded. The first tremors of magnitude 6.2 was recorded on Monday. In just a few minutes to six villages in ruins. Damaged hundreds of homes. A day after the land has ceased to strike the province of Elazig, the site of the tragedy began to work heavy construction equipment. Excavators and loaders apart the rubble where people do not have one already. In the most affected by the quake Kovandzhilar county has a regime of full-scale rescue operation. Effective Read more [...]
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The earthquake shifted the Chilean coast

A powerful earthquake that struck Chile on February 27, traveled coast. According to experts of the city of Concepcion is most affected by the quake is now more than three meters to the west of its former location. And the country's capital Santiago moved 27 inches to the southwest. Such precise data managed to get after studying areas affected state from the satellite. The results of studies also confirmed NASA officials. Chile moved because of the strong quake. Effects of the earthquake felt by several other areas of South America. There is a widespread movement areas. Source: Previous Read more [...]
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Tornadoes in Oklahoma. Video

According to the American state of Oklahoma swept powerful tornado. Element destroyed several homes, snapped power lines, caused considerable damage to farmland. No injuries were reported. Source: Conduct Read more [...]
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Dried up the highest waterfall

Anhel (Spanish. Salto Angel) - the world's highest waterfall, the total height of 979 meters, the height of the continuous fall of 807 meters. The world's tallest Angel Falls in southern Venezuela suffered greatly due to the unprecedented drought. Hoil Bernal guide Kainama National Park, where there is an Angel, said: "There is no water. It's the same as if the walls of your house in the middle of a thin stream of water flowed like a thread, which is sewn clothes. " From December to March the volume of water passing through the world-famous waterfall, always decreases due to the dry season, but Read more [...]
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In the United States on the freeway came down the mountain landslide. Photo

In the American state of Colorado is one of the highway landslide. The authorities promptly blocked traffic on a highway. Motorway struck huge fragments of rock. On the affected local authorities are not reported. Work at the scene reconstruction team. Dozens of engineers and rescue workers using special equipment clearing the way for the stones. Source: True Read more [...]
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