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In Morocco, floods and mudslides

More than a dozen people are still dead in different parts of Morocco as a result of flooding and mudslides caused by heavy rains that struck the kingdom in the past few days, said Wednesday the Moroccan agency MAP. The authorities added that hundreds of people were affected, flooded or destroyed hundreds of homes. Bad weather bothers Morocco over the past three months. The country's authorities have declared that the rains and floods caused by them have caused serious damage to agriculture, in particular, the main export crop Morocco - orange trees. Manufacturers say that this crop were missing Read more [...]
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Meteorite exploded over Slovakia

In the skies over Slovakia meteoroid exploded. The country was in a panic. Last week, in the late evening Slovaks frightened green glow, which appeared on the horizon in the east and the central part of the country. As the «Slovak radio», light moving object was accompanied by an explosion. It was not any military exercise or an attack from outer space. According to the Ministry of Defense and allegedly Slovak astronomers in penetration into the atmosphere of a meteoroid that exploded from overheating at about 30 kilometers above the earth. Source: Tomorrow Previous News: · In Budapest, Read more [...]
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On the island-volcano Stromboli eruption account

Northeast crater of Stromboli, which is part of the Aeolian Islands, was activated, resulting in an impressive erupted lava flow, but do not create problems for the population. Volcanic activity on the island of Stromboli has been featured in the early hours between 5 and 7, three turbulent eruptions. In the latter, the most intense explosion occurred intensive release lava material that has accumulated mainly in the cavity Sciara del Fuoco, leading to the sea. Population and property damage caused was not. Eruptions are constantly monitored by the Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology of Read more [...]
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Active volcanoes Shiveluch and Kluchevskoy

The northernmost active volcano in Kamchatka Sheveluch Thursday started to throw a column of ash to a height of five kilometers, the representative of the Kamchatka Branch of Geophysical Survey of RAS. "Intense plumes from the crater of the giant watch specialists Kluchevskoy vulkanostantsii located 40 kilometers from the volcano," - said the agency interlocutor.During the day in the vicinity of the volcano seismic record up to 40 local earthquakes. The satellite images of the area of ​​the active dome erupting giant thermal anomaly was observed at a temperature of more than 37 ° C Read more [...]
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Earthquake in the Far East. China

Magnitude: 4.6 Time: March 10, 10: 55: 00.0 UTC Depth: 33 km Coordinates: 46.61 N 131.65 E Source: EMSC Previous News: · Earthquake in the Tatar Strait, Sakhalin · Another earthquake in Primorsky Krai · A strong earthquake deep in the Far East · Another earthquake in Primorye · Earthquake near the Primorsky Territory Read more [...]
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Three tornadoes in Arkansas

Several powerful tornadoes struck the American state of Arkansas, three people were injured, according to CNN on Thursday with reference to the National Meteorological Service. According to the service, the first tornado struck the area Selayn (Saline) in the central part of the state on Wednesday. As noted by the representative of the Arkansas Department of Emergency Action Renee Preslar (Renee Preslar), as a result of rampant disaster affected 22 houses. According to one of the residents of the district, at the approach of a tornado was heard a terrible roar. "It was the most terrible roar Read more [...]
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Transparent seismic in Turkey



March 8 in Turkey earthquake.
As can be seen the earthquake is still going on.
Draw conclusions gentlemen.

Images are clickable.

Source: EMSC

Previous News:
· In Turkey, a strong earthquake. Video

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Castle with duck egg in China

Hail that hit in the evening on March 5 at the ancient village with a thousand-year history Heping, in eastern China, caused direct economic losses in the amount of 110.38 million yuan (about 16.2 million dollars), according to news agency "Xinhua" on Tuesday. The history of the historical and cultural village government level Heping, located in the city of Shaowu in northwestern Fujian Province, is rooted in the era of the Tang Dynasty (618-907 years). There still remained a large number of houses built during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911 year). "This degree is for settlement Read more [...]
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In Africa, the ocean is born — the Afar Triangle. Photo

Cleft in the Afar triangle signal to the birth of the ocean. Tim Wright / University of Oxford Geologists from the University of Addis Ababa in Ethiopia amazed - Afar in the desert with amazing speed cavity is formed, which can be the seat of a new ocean. September 26, 2005 in the desert of Afar, a series of earthquakes, which initiated the formation of cavities. Since then, geologists have observed previously unseen seismic processes - within a few months the ground sank to the level of 100 m below sea level. Abnormal portion of desert geologists call "the Afar Triangle» (The Afar Triangle). Read more [...]
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Landslide in China killed 17 people

The landslide in China killed 17 people, another 11 remain missing. According to statements by the local authorities, the incident occurred in one of the settlements of the Chinese province of Shaanxi in the northwest of the country. According to Chinese news agency "Xinhua", only a landslide covered the 15 dwellings with 44 people who were inside. At the scene, rescue work underway. Source: RBC Previous News: · In the United States on the freeway came down the mountain landslide. Photo · Landslide in Uganda. Africa · New landslide in Indonesia. Three people died · Flood in Madeira. Read more [...]
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Earthquake in the Afar Triangle

Earthquakes for the period from February 24 to March 10, 2010 Source: EMSC Comment: These earthquakes are interesting in that they occurred at the junction of three tectonic plates. In 2005, this region has been a series of earthquakes. As a result of geological processes formed a cavity depth of 100 meters below sea level. Geologists call this section - "Afar Triangle." Previous News: · Earthquake in Ethiopia Read more [...]
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Chile — 7.3

On Thursday, March 11, an earthquake in Chile, the strength of which reached 7.2 magnitude, reports Reuters. The epicenter of the quake was located 180 kilometers south-west of the capital Santiago, their focus was at a depth of 12.5 kilometers. On the consequences of the earthquake information is not received. The number of aftershocks that occurred in Chile after the devastating earthquake on February 27 approached by the two dozen. However, experts have stated previously that the most powerful of them are the so-called "aftershocks", and are independent of the earthquake.The Government Read more [...]
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Cyclone in Primorye beat 13-year-old record

July 24, 2013. All online services Primorye are on high alert. On the region hit a new cyclone. In southern edge downpour continues with few interruptions for more than 12 hours. Rain accompanied by gale-force winds. Go on holiday to the coast residents is not recommended. Flooded several streets in Vladivostok. Source: Conduct  Flooding caused by cyclone podtopilo in Primorye and Yakutia dozens of homesJuly 25, 2013. After Primorye to hit a powerful cyclone, bringing with him the heavy rains in the village were flooded Ternei 30 farmsteads. Water at the confluence of Fork and Read more [...]
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Georgia swept hurricane

Georgia swept hurricane. Ripped off roofs from dozens of buildings. Knocked down hundreds of trees, damaged power lines. And due to the rapid melting of snow in the mountains and constant rain in western Georgia overflowed two rivers - Kvirila and Rioni. Near Kutaisi Kvirila destroyed the bridge, and not quite as land locals. High water levels and landslides threaten village to village in a few areas of western Georgia. Source: Conduct Read more [...]
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Weather anomalies in the south of Europe. Video

On the coast, where in mid-March are usually already beginning to bloom tropical plants, and now blizzard blizzard. Vagaries of nature become a real disaster - under the weight of snow torn power lines, huge traffic jams on the roads are closed, many government offices and schools, 10-degree weather - at this time and in this region the phenomenon almost unheard of. It seems that this could not have imagined even a surrealist painter that came from these warm edges. In Barcelona, ​​nature has arranged this phantasmagoria. White flakes raining from the sky, still, the sidewalks were covered Read more [...]
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Countries prepare for earthquakes

2009 turned out to be plentiful on various exercises in case of an earthquake. See: · Israel and Jordan held joint exercises (November 10) · In Alushta (Crimea) have been teaching in the event of an earthquake (September 22-25) · Across the Japan earthquake was your training (September 1) · In California held large-scale exercises, more than 6 million (!) People (16 October) · In Kamchatka prepare for zemeletryaseniyam and tsunami (November 12) · After the first day of September in Japan took another training, this time only in Tokyo with 2 thousand volunteers (November 18) · Almaty Read more [...]
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Australian Melbourne flooded. Photo

In Australia, as a result of torrential rains which began partially flooded the city of Melbourne, according to Sky News. Weather Service warned people in advance of a strong cyclone, but for the majority of the elements played out was unexpected. According to the channel, in the first 18 minutes fell to about 19 mm of rain. Showers accompanied by strong winds and hail. In many homes, hail shattered windows. In one part of the city a gust of wind blew off the roof of the railway station. The region declared a storm warning. Source: BBC, SkyNews Read more [...]
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Severe storms in Australia instantly flooded city. Video

Sixth day of March in Australia as a result of torrential rains which began partially flooded the city of Melbourne, reported Sky News. Weather Service warned people in advance of a strong cyclone, but for the majority of the elements played out was unexpected. In the first 18 minutes fell to about 19 mm of rain. Heavy downpour sopravozhdalsya wind and hailPrevious News: · Australian Melbourne flooded. Photo Read more [...]
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Flooding in Jeddah (continued). Photo

Previous news with photos of major floods in Jeddah here and here According to the latest data, the number of victims of the catastrophic floods in Jeddah has increased to 118 people, said on Saturday the Saudi News Agency (SPA). Among the dead whose bodies were discovered recently - a woman from Sudan at the age of 104 years. Fifty people are still considered missing. More than 22 thousand people moved from the areas of the city most affected by the floods, to temporary housing provided by the city authorities. Meanwhile, the local media continues the discussion of the causes of the tragedy Read more [...]
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