The Philippines, Chile, Japan and Indonesia hit by earthquakes

According to RBC with reference to the National Geological Survey of the United States, March 14, 2010 on our planet, there were several significant earthquakes. In the Philippines, the earthquake had a magnitude of 5.0. The epicenter was located at a distance of 280 km south-east of the Philippine city of Davao on the island Mingdao. The earthquake was located at a depth of 122 km. Information on casualties or damage were reported. In Chile, an earthquake of magnitude 5.0. The epicenter was located at a distance of 100 km north-west of the Chilean city of Temuco. The earthquake was located at Read more [...]
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On Primorsky Krai struck a powerful snow cyclone

A powerful cyclone hit tonight on Primorsky Krai. In Vladivostok, Nakhodka and other cities marked precipitation — snow and rain. However, the temperature is kept at about zero degrees, glaze observed phenomenon. Temporarily halted the movement of coaches on the route Vladivostok-Nakhodka, where two mountain passes, other vehicles on this road goes.

According to the maritime weather forecasters, the weather will last two days, March 16 expected cooling to -8 … -10 °.

Source: Conduct

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Evacuation in Fiji because of the hurricane

Destruction caused by the cyclone in Fiji. Photo © AFP Cyclone fourth category covered the northern part of Fiji, suffered considerable damage buildings on the coast, thousands of people were evacuated inland, said on Monday the Agence France-Presse, with reference to local authorities. Fiji authorities ordered the evacuation of about 6 thousand. Man with several northern islands because of the collapse in the region of the cyclone, "Thomas." It is reported that in spite of the wind gusts up to 280 km / h, accompanied by flooding and damage, the local population has been prepared in advance Read more [...]
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Earthquake in the Republic of Sakha

away close Magnitude: 4.2 Time: March 14, 13: 33: 54.1 UTC Depth: 15 km Coordinates: 57.16 N 123.03 E The earthquake occurred at the junction of tectonic plates Source: EMSC Read more [...]

In Brazil, for the first time in many years, was a heavy snowfall

July 25, 2013.  The coldest in the last decade cyclone came from the Antarctic caused heavy snowfall in more than 100 cities in the south of Brazil. In the state of Santa Catarina beaten temperature record — there thermometers showed minus eight degrees Celsius. For many people in the country that have seen snow only on TV, it is a real event. — It's amazing - the snow in our city! — As if we are in another country, on another planet! Meanwhile, the authorities of the country, which covered the abnormally cold front, a blizzard was a real challenge. With some settlements Read more [...]
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Half a million homes in the northeastern United States without electricity

500 thousand. Homes remained without electricity in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states of the USA as a result of heavy rains that continue there the second day in a row, according to the American broadcaster CNN en. Bad weather and strong winds, which reached last Saturday hurricane values, caused flooding and disruption to airport operations. Despite the fact that the wind is now verse, rains continue in the vast territory of the Atlantic coast of the country - from the south-eastern state of West Virginia until the state of Connecticut, in the northeastern United States. According to the Read more [...]
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Seismic activity in the Asia-Pacific region will continue for several years

Seismic activity in the Pacific mobile belt, which includes the regions bordering the Pacific Ocean, including the mountains of Kamchatka, Chukotka, North and South America, will last several years, told RIA Novosti on Friday, head of the laboratory of the Institute of Seismology and seismography Tectonics and Geophysics FEB RAS Vladimir Bormotov.According to the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center (Honolulu), March 12, at 17.40 Moscow time in the central Chile earthquake of magnitude 7.2. Hydrographic Service of the Navy announced the country's tsunami threat, the threat was later withdrawn. Strong Read more [...]
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Strong winds in the United States. Video

In the north-eastern United States are heavy rains, gusty winds knocked down passers-by and fells trees. Element has already claimed the lives of three people, about half a million people were left without electricity. The biggest shock assumed New York and New Jersey. Almost two days at Kennedy expected departure to Moscow about 200 passengers "Aeroflot". Now they are on their way to Russia. Source: NTV Previous News: · Half a million homes in the northeastern United States without electricity Read more [...]
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Residents of Chile for a few hours without electricity

Virtually the entire territory of Chile remained today for a few hours without electricity due to an accident in the power supply system. As the Minister of the Interior of Chile Rodrigo Hintspeter Delhi, the accident occurred due to damage to the transformer capacity of 500 kW in the central power supply system of the country. At 20:40 local time, remained without electricity for settlements in the 3500 km of the Chilean territory — from the region of Atacama in the north to the south of the region of Araucanía. Hintspeter said that "it is not a power outage due to a series of Read more [...]
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Tornado in Oklahoma. Video

Powerful tornado kick experienced by the residents of the American state of Oklahoma. Element destroyed several homes and damaged power lines. However, the so-called Storm Chasers, or hunters hurricanes, this tornado was a real success. They managed to get close to the giant vortex very close. Hunters hurricanes in the United States called the people who for a spectacular shot literally chase storms and tornadoes in specially equipped vehicles. Source: NTV Previous News: · Half a million homes in the northeastern United States without electricity · Strong winds in the United States. Read more [...]
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In the United States the flood gets to Washington

The number of flood victims in the United States amounted to nine people. The second day of about 300 thousand people in the country remain without electricity. Now the water gets to Washington. Storm hit the northeast coast of the United States on Sunday night. Heavy rain accompanied by gale-force winds. According to meteorologists, the cause of the disaster was not only heavy rains, but also unexpectedly snowy winter. With the onset of spring snow began to melt, and, according to weather forecasts during the week warming continues - new river can get out of its banks. However, authorities Read more [...]
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Element in Georgia left without electricity for more than 100,000 families

Because of the strong wind, rain and snow in the regions of Georgia are disconnected from the electricity 128 thousand families, the correspondent of the newspaper VIEW in Tbilisi on Tuesday. Particularly difficult situation in Kvemokartliyskom region south of Tbilisi, where the river overflowed. Damaged electric poles, flooded substations. Brigade electricians working in emergency mode. Different regions have mud flows, damaged part of the motorway. Flooded ground floors and basements of many houses, including Tbilisi. Source: View Read more [...]
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Winter 2009-2010. Results of

This winter will be remembered in many parts of a long time. Beijing covered with snow, this snow Celestial had not seen for 60 years. Not better things in Korea, in the history of meteorological observations, which are conducted on the peninsula since 1937, this amount of snow is not excluded. Absolutely all of Great Britain, too, was under the snow, according to calculations by economists such winter foggy Albion will cost more than a billion pounds. Freeze in Florida orange groves and tropical fish are dying. Record-low temperatures recorded in Cuba and in Europe. Meteorologists around the Read more [...]
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Called the city, which can be destroyed by earthquakes

According to the Italian edition of La Repubblica, scientist Roger Baylhem University of California, USA, from the analysis of recent seismic activity of the earth's crust, noted on the world map of the city, which can be destroyed by a major earthquake in the next 40 years. In the list of cities, which may soon not be hit densely populated metropolises such as Tehran, Istanbul, Kathmandu, Karachi. In Europe, the danger of strong earthquakes exposed Lisbon, Athens, Messina. The strength of the aftershocks in this city can reach 7 on the Richter scale. Especially scientist emphasizes the danger Read more [...]
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In eastern Georgia floods. Video

The difficult situation in Georgia under the water were several villages in the east of the country. In the disaster zone - dozens of homes, according to NTV. The reason - the melting of snow in the mountains and heavy rain that does not stop a few days. Flooded basements and first floors in dozens of villages, crops and pastures. Washed out roads, damaged bridges and power lines. Channel overflowed the largest river of Transcaucasia - Chickens. More than a hundred thousand people were left without electricity. From some areas is conducted evacuation. In the Georgian capital, rapid flows Read more [...]
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More than one million people in China suffer from water shortage due to drought

July 25, 2013.  About 1.15 million people living in the provinces of Hunan / Central China / Guizhou and / Southwest China /, because of the intense and prolonged drought are suffering from a shortage of drinking water. This was announced today Xinhua News Agency reported. According to the agency, because of the continuing few weeks of dry weather, local farmers may lose their crops in an area of ​​697.9 thousand hectares, and about 436.3 thousand head of cattle. In the affected areas, the provincial government of Hunan has sent 2.5 million people and 13 thousand water tanks. In the coming Read more [...]
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Sakhalin recorded several earthquakes

The apartments residents Nogliki swinging chandeliers On Sakhalin Island on Tuesday was recorded four small strength of the earthquake, reported «Interfax» in the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in Sakhalin region. "The first earthquake of magnitude 4.8 at a depth of 33 km occurred at 18:11 Sakhalin time (11:11 MSK) in the Pacific Ocean 209 km south-east of the island of Shikotan. In settlements Kuriles it was not felt, "- said the agency interlocutor. According to him, the second earthquake of magnitude 5.7 at a depth of 15 km recorded at 19:45 (12:45 MSK), Read more [...]
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In Dagestan, the evacuation due to the threat of a dam break

In Dagestan, is currently under evacuation of residents from a number of localities in the Derbent area was under threat of flooding, reported RBC in the press service of the Southern Regional Emergency Center of the Russian Federation. As a result of heavy rains raise the water level in the rivers, so that the risk of a breach was the dam of the reservoir near the village Gedzhuh. A decision was made on the emergency evacuation of water from the reservoir. All under the threat of flooding were about 132 houses, which are home to more than 300 people. To date, evacuated about 60 residents of Read more [...]
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Scientists predict an unprecedented drought in Australia

Australian scientists insist that global warming - it's a reality. At least in Australia. According to the calculations of researchers over the past 50 years, the average temperature on the continent increased by 0.7 degrees Celsius. According to forecasts, the country expects an unprecedented drought.Australian scientists have published a new report on the state of the climate, according to Reuters. The report came a few months after the discovery of errors in the forecasts of researchers concerning the extent of global warming. UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in January acknowledged Read more [...]
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Chilean city of Concepcion moved 3 meters

A powerful earthquake in Chile has led to the fact that the city of Concepcion, located 400 km southwest of Santiago, moved to 3 meters in a westerly direction. Precise GPS-measurements geographical coordinates indicate that the capital of Chile - Santiago also shifted by 28 cm to the west. Moreover, even the capital of Argentina - Buenos Aires, located 1,300 kilometers from the epicenter, moved 2.5 cm to the west.Arrows indicate the direction of displacement of the earth's crust. Photo source: University of Hawaii Source: Nature Previous News: · The earthquake shifted the Chilean coast · Read more [...]
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